The Search | 2019 LCS Summer Finals Tease (Team Liquid vs. Cloud9)

The Search | 2019 LCS Summer Finals Tease (Team Liquid vs. Cloud9)

In the beginning, I was looking for status. I was looking for people to recognize me as a great player. People recognize me as a great player now. I was looking for a lot of titles. Now I have the most titles, like,
I was looking for a lot of things, and I got them all, and now… at its most basic form, I’m just looking for competition. There is no defense, Svenskeren shows up, but the base will fall. Back-to-back sweeps,
TL’s the best team in North America. The last time I was in the Finals was one year ago. It was against Team Liquid. We basically got smashed 3-0. I’m here because I’m just sick and tired of losing. The last two years every single time we made Finals, lost… In Quarterfinals… lost in Semis, I don’t wanna see another team raise that trophy. I want to be the one on that stage in the final moments, winning it all. With our addition of Nisqy in the roster, and TL’s addition of Jensen, basically, we won out on this trade. A lot of people were still thinking of, like,
“Oh, I’m the replacement for Jensen.” Personally, I don’t think I like being compared to him. If people compare me to like, Faker, then sure, you know, he’s the greatest mid laner of all time, right? But like… Jensen’s like… he didn’t even accomplish, like, a lot. I think Nisqy’s a bit too overconfident
for how little he has accomplished. I don’t think he’s ever played in a finals before,
so I think he should… you know, maybe like… get an ego check or something, but I mean, I’m sure I’ll give it to him at the Finals. Jensen makes it happen. Team Liquid show why they’re the best team in North America. Pops ’em like a balloon! Team Liquid, ties the record! It’s three LCS titles in a row. Four in a row, if we’re able to do it, I think… we’ll be the only team to ever do it. If TL does manage to get the four titles in a row, I don’t think you can ever argue that they’re not the best team NA has ever had. We’d just solidify ourselves as the best team that’s ever been playing in LCS history. My mission right now is just to stop TL from winning their fourth. I think competition just drives my life, and… being a part of Finals, it’s just— that’s just what it is, it’s like the ultimate competition. You know, I’m not gonna say that I’m gonna be happy if we lose. But I’m looking for a competitive series. I wasn’t happy that Clutch took us to five games. But it was fun. And I hope Cloud9 makes it fun.

100 thoughts on “The Search | 2019 LCS Summer Finals Tease (Team Liquid vs. Cloud9)

  1. Omg they had the camera shakes on point, also all this NF tracks are hyping me up for his tour and I’ve never love riot so much for putting NF out there <3

  2. Imagine the hype music being more hype than the age-old rivalry in the finals. Honestly, I feel like half these people would watch NF then leave if he performed at finals. They wouldn't even stay for the match.

  3. Longtime C9 fan. But I gotta say DL just earned a huge amount of respect for me. Let's make it a fun series! C9 3-2

  4. Any team that has 3 straight titles for some reason will lose the next one but then again this is the Liquid going for the 4th meme so they might win

  5. Who ever decided to use NF song The Search was a genius. Love this song and his new album. So glad they using him. His songs has such a great message. Love it. Hope to see him or other Christian artist songs in upcoming videos.

  6. I wonder of Svenskeren will leave C9 for TL like Jensen did. Frustration from not winning titles was the same reason Jensen switched

  7. Went to see the finals and the battle of C9 vs TL. Was rooting for C9 since I’ve watched them back in middle school winning back in the years but welp, TL won. Sad but it’s okay. I love seeing them though! All do respect to both teams, win or lose, at least they made their journey this far, I know they are the best of the best and they have a good time. If they have a good time, I am too.

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