The Secret to Camping Lanes Effectively

The Secret to Camping Lanes Effectively

Hey, everyone! In this video, we’ll be looking at you can
land brutal, repeat ganks onto lanes just by understanding a simple trick surrounding
wave manipulation–let’s jump into it. So, here we are with our Challenger jungle
expert playing Taliyah, and right away she sees this in the bottom lane. And, a wave like this is often a very good
sign to gank. So, let’s see what happens As we saw, Taliyah walked straight in and
caught the blue bot lane in a very exposed position, leading to simple, successful gank. Let’s watch this wave for a bit before I dive
into this idea. And, that’s our very first tip for you in
this video–to time your ganks on lanes that look like this. But, as I briefly mentioned earlier, you do
need to be careful with these ganks where the enemy team has more minions early in the
game. For example, if MF had lower HP like here,
Shen could just Taunt flash onto her and insta kill her, then you’re just 2v2 in a bunch
of minions and likely dead. Now, the next main point for this video is
coming up right away as we see Taliyah and co shoving this wave into tower while harassing
Shen And, everyone knows to do this, right? But, what’s important is to understand and
capitalize on the situation this action creates. Alternatively, Lucian will auto attack freely
and use abilities to push the wave. In either one of these scenarios, we have
an ADC missing both Summoner Spell’s from the previous gank, pushing up in lane shortly
after returning from base. So, right here one of two things is very likely
going to happen. If Lucian just last hits the wave, his next
blue wave will arrive sooner since it’s closer to the blue base, meaning that the blue minions
will start fighting sooner and, therefore, push the wave slowly. And, to
be specific, Lucian is very likely going to be in an incredibly exposed, gankable position,
in 25-30 seconds if he pushes, and ~45 seconds if he does not. So, let’s see how our Challenger player utilizes
this information! After the gank, Taliyah runs back into her
Jungle and clears Gromp before starting a recall. However, Taliyah notices that Lucian pushed
the wave, as we can see here, so he’s going to be in that exposed position very soon. So, instead of basing, Taliyah capitalizes
on this window of opportunity by running straight back to the bottom lane, catching Lucian in
that super dangerous position once again. After the gank, Taliyah once again pushes
the wave in, and, we have another chance at this same strategy again now, right? So, Taliyah resets this time with low HP and
mana but then runs toward the Raptors, which he finds counter jungled, then runs down to
kill the Wolves. And, this is Taliyah both experiencing and
trying to deal with some of the weaknesses of this strategy. Jumping back into the game, after wolves,
Taliyah sees the blue bottom lane once again pushed and moves down. Anyway, let’s see what happens here. So, the red team finds a good gank blowing
both Shen’s flash and Lucian’s Heal. The red team retreats and the blue team overchases,
leading to another engage. So, throughout the course of this video, Taliyah
has ganked bot lane 3 times in roughly 3 minutes, picking up 4 kills while only losing 1, blowing
tons of summoner spells, and giving MF a large CS lead Taliyah did this by recognizing that the wave
would bounce back after shoving it in roughly 30-45 seconds later. And, this is a strategy you can super easily
apply in your own games. So, that’s our mission for you this week:
to attempt this strategy of bouncing waves off the tower after a gank, and following
it up with a repeat gank. As always, join our Discord group if you haven’t
already so you can send in your gameplay for personalized feedback. Thanks!

94 thoughts on “The Secret to Camping Lanes Effectively

  1. please add support guides too. supp is really strong in s8 and roaming and lane winning has tons of concepts people do not udnerstand. thanks <3

  2. This works aswell for roam? As aurelion sol for example, if enemy is under tower u see a wave like this u jump there and get a double right? Can we get a video about roams aswell?
    If with aurelio u know i like you <3

  3. Can you do second video about mirror assassins. at one side fizz or talon please, and high elo performances.

  4. “Everyone knows to push after a gank”

    Uhh…yeah sure lol

    I’m Bronze and if I do that I might get an afk ADC or Mid lol. Even if I don’t tax or take cs

  5. If you are really ahead, after the first gank bot, assume they will take your top jg and go take there red side. You can come back after that.

  6. Can u make video about wave menagment, when to push, when to freeze and how for toplane? I would appreciate it even more if it was as a range champion like gnar if it makes any difference. Thank u in advance 🙂

  7. Tip 1 walk in a lane for experience right when the enemy is almost dead and you aren’t even needed and be sure to steal an assist or kill lol ?

  8. I often see junglers gank my lane at top when i have 15 -8 cs under tower. Should I ignore the gank and take the farm?

  9. Question, will taliyah be viable still next patch, where they are gonna nerf he Q CD, how hard will that affect her early game?

  10. This does imply that the enemy jungler does not counter gank and that other lanes don't necessarily need a gank/do well. Yes, this can be a successful strategy if you can count on your other lanes not going 0/5 at 5 min. Also, The Lucian kept shoving the wave when he had no vision and knew he was being camped. Lucian's deaths could've been avoided by playing safe and it would've put the Taliyah behind with missing camps and no kills. Still, a nice video though keep making these. ( Explaining what the Lucian could've done and why in this case the strategy was successful would add more interesting info to your videos)

  11. l watch only 2 ganks and in both scenario lucian was dead even if jungler didnt gank so lm not gonna bother watching more 😀

  12. My teammates keeps pushing the lane and complains when I cannot gank too often, they also blame me when they die when they got ganked by the enemy even if I was there helping them.

  13. in my server if you land a successful gank and push the wave the laner quits saying i stole their CS ROFL! the toxicity of Garena Servers…

  14. Hey, I really enjoy your videos but might a suggest something? I noticed your videos usually focus on the early game and laning phase, but can you do mid and late game tips for team fighting, split pushing and etc? It really helps lower ranking players since games are usually longer and way more throwable

  15. that first tip example with tal, was absolute garbage. The lane did the work before taliyah even arrived. The strategy idea is still great, but the example was poor.

  16. Do a counter jungle video, when for example all your lanes are winning. Therefore your jungling position is to defend, rather than attack.

  17. 1:52
    "Successful gank" – she didn't even get an assists 😉

    But I get it that it's the idea that's important here.

  18. Sorry… i usually love your analyzes and breakdowns, but this one just seemed forced due to need of content, and not very relevant, as this breakdown was only caused by Lucians extream slobby positioning.

  19. What do you do when your lane outright refuses to use any of their spells to allow you to close the gap?

  20. It is funny that you make really good content, good editing and you give valuable informations about the game, for people to improve and stuff, and you get only 20k views and 196k subs. But in the other hand, there is channels like NightBlue, posts shit and clickbait videos constantly, with very little editing and stupid humor, gets 2.500.000 subs and 500k views every video. There is something wrong with this shit. I really hate humanity.

  21. regardless in all those cases you have to know where the enemy jungler is. its easily countered but of course jungler goes top and dies along singed lol

  22. I've climbed from S5 to Platinum this season and so many of your guides are just so easy to utilize in-game that I've had to facepalm for not figuring out myself. I consider my game sense in CS:GO top-tier and I've always managed to figure out what to do in any given situation by myself extremely quickly. Reaching Global is easy for me and I can hard-carry (30, 40 bomb) most games. But in League it just doesn't "click" in the same way. Definitely appreciate the videos and hope that one day I'll achieve the same level of awareness in League.

  23. what that first gank was a fail. she used time to rotate bot and didnt recive a assist she followed up on a champion that was garenteed dead

  24. You said an extra hand doesn’t hurt, but showing bot gives nocturne free reign of taliyahs topside and she has raptors and Krugs up

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