1. Ahhahahhahahhahhaha… the best times in trips is when we get lost! It’s like a total new adventure inside another adventure… loved it!

  2. Seth, você pretendem adicionar legendas em Inglês também? A única opção que tem é a 'gerada automaticamente' e nem sempre a legenda está correta (vi que seu canal tem legendas em PT-BR, mas quero aprimorar meu inglês e acho que o seu canal pode ajudar bastante e ainda mais com legendas em inglês)

    OBS: Desculpe repetir o mesmo comentário do vídeo passado haha, é que acho mais fácil de você lê os comentários dos vídeos mais recentes.

  3. This is not a story of bad planning or anything but, back in Turkey there's this city Mersin, and there's a beach that has a castle island named Kızkalesi, it's kinda far from the coast so usually you'd have to take a boat there, I've just met this Australian, that's a good friend of mine nowadays, and we decided on swimming all the way there, hehe it wasn't the greatest idea, but we went anyways, I like to say that we were out of money and that's why I didn't take the boat (which wasn't quite the case), we had some cheep wine on a coke bottle, I was basically dead and drowning when we finally arrived there, at the end we were on our trunks (yep, alla your amigo gringo videos), on the top of the castle, drinking, sungazing at the sunset, and the boat guy took us back for free (Okay this story sounds more like travel porn, :/ ), I have more stories, but they are way too long for a comment hehe (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑

  4. Great video. I haven't traveled quite enough for cool stories although I did get on the wrong bus transferring between the domestic and international terminals in Sao Paolo and there was a language barrier so it took 3 people trying to talk to us to get to the right place makes for a funny story now. (i tried to learn Portuguese but it's a very slow work in progress)

  5. I like doing both: planing and improvising. I plan a lot, but I keep enough room on my script to be surprised.

    Good memories I have: playing chess at an unknown square in Buenos Aires with some local guy I bumped into and practicing my spanish for a change; having a long talk with an elderly couple on a train to Coney Island and ending eating the old lady's homemade chocolate chip cookie that she insisted I had to taste; travelling by car in the contryside of Pernambuco and, in Triunfo, finding some kind of farm that produces all sorts of sugar cane sweets and candies.

    But I love visiting a very planned place and find out it's more exciting than I predicted. Because what my little experience says is: there is always more to the picture than we previously imagine. It is possible to have fun even at Times Square.

  6. We were biking in the Camargue (a part of France south of Arles) and we still hadn’t gotten to what people told us was the best part – around Aigues-Mortes. Because it was still quite far away (by bike), we decided to rent a car and see it by car. To our surprise we found it quite uninteresting and we learned that, although you can cover more territory in a car, you see a lot more from a bike. We learned to walk and bike whenever we can (on vacations) rather than drive or take a tourist bus.

  7. I am SO used to see Seth speaking Portuguese that now it sounds weird hearing him speaking in English, lol! ?

    Great video, Seth! I'm sure you're going to make pretty nice stuff in this new channel. Keep up the good work. ✌️☺️

  8. É importante planejar pra não acontecer coisas desagradáveis ou perigosas. Existem muitos problemas pra quem viaja e um bom planejamento evita que sua viagem não seja alvo de golpes ou mesmo transtornos culturais.

  9. I was walking in London around 2am, taking some photos and looking for some place to grab something to eat. There was no one in the streets and suddenly I see a guy standing in the dark 50m away from me, wearing jacket and a ski glsses (My heart jumped out of my chest – I live in Brazil, so I'm always afraid of what'll happen in the streets, mainly at night, then I remembered that I wasn't in Brazil and chilled a little) and I started to staring at him, waiting for some kind of sign so I could run or something like that. After 50m the fear was gone and the curiosity took place on my mind – "WTF is this guy doing wearing a ski glasses?" – and I could't stop to staring at him. 5m, he didn't move a cm but I noticed that he wasn't wearing a ski glasses it was just a thick fabric covering his face (because of the cold weather, I suppose) so I stopped look and kept walking… 5 step after I passed by him I heard his voice loudly "HEEEEEY, YOU NIGGA, MOTHERF****R, RACIST WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU? PIECE OF SHIT! FUCK YOU, YOU ASSHOLE…".
    The fear was back… I almost peed in my pants and I felt like running, but I didn't. Instead, I walked slowly and I noticed that he was following me and yelling at me even more… I stopped at a crosswalk (red light!!!) and he stopped by my side… So, suddenly I made a "BAD FACE + the REALLY, NIGGA? I'm black too!" and gave him "THAT" look and he stopped yelling and went in a different way… JUST LIKE THAT! – P.S.: I didn't noticed that he was black until he was beside me, cause it was dark where he was and he was covered.
    After that I found a 24h grocery store, my hand and my legs were shanking and I was very nervous… At the end I noticed that I forgot my wallet at home and I only had like 3 pounds, so I bought a coke and a biscuit, ate it and then took a Uber back home.

    P.S: sorry about grammar mistakes, I'm not a pro.

  10. Having some spare time to walk and explore during your travel is the best! If you plan only "main" attractions you will have time to walk from one to the next, discover new places, and to explore some unplanned restaurants, too. I 'discovered' Neal's Yard in London randomly walking around Camden Town and same thing with Cafe Lotus Garden in Ubud, Bali! And the best thing is that usually these discoveries are free! 🙂

  11. Seth, seu novo canal está MUITO bom e super original. A viagem como experiência de vida e não como apenas mais um item de consumo.

  12. Pode ser em português, espero! Para mim foi uma visita ao The Cloisters em NYC que planejei mas tinha tudo para dar errado. Primeiro saí do metrô na estação 108 ou 109 pensando que já estava lá, nada pois deveria sair na 190… Aí peguei um táxi, que não sabia onde era e, se não usasse o wazer no Brasil em inglês, não teria entendido quando alguém explicou que bastava seguir naquela avenida até a rotatória; pois o motorista quis levar-me de volta ao metrô sem nada cobrar. Mas não, expliquei a ele como meu pobre inglês e…. chagamos na rotatória. Era outono em NYC, abrir a porta do The Cloisters mostrou que aquele prédio era real! Sem mencionar que ao descer para andar inferior descobri que os degraus da escada estavam gastos no meio!!! Puxa, mas eram antigos e tinham sido gastos! Nossa! Imagine quantas pessoas subiram e desceram por eles. Foi demais!!!

  13. Decepcionado! Quando eu morava no Japão , fui viajar para Indonésia, ouvi dizer que o café da Indonésia é o melhor do mundo, mas todos os dias no café da manhã eu comia de tudo ,mas não consegui tomar o café ,porque eu achei horrível! Um dia quando sai do café e fui passear no jardim do hotel e sai reclamando do café ,eu escutei alguém falando em português “Que café Horrível!!! O hotel era 5 estrela ,mas o café não!rsrs

  14. Seth, I really get you, to have this feeling of merging into someone else's culture and lifestyle, but you gotta be aware that, as being a journalist, your sense of always finding a good story compels you to dodge from the planned. For regular people, in a strange place, it becomes hard sometimes to put oneself at risk, specially if you travel with your family (which is my case). But when you travel alone for sure the less planned the more the fun.

  15. Yeh!!! Os melhores passeios que fiz em Ibiza-ES foi quando saí de carro sem direção, conhecendo e parando em qualquer lugar da ilha que me chamava atenção, curti mais que ir para baladas ou pontos que todo mundo vai…

  16. Great stories, great advice. Even as a long time “travel skeptic,” I’m really enjoying the new channel.

  17. My wife and I were vacationing on an island and had a famous journalist drop in for dinner and then stay the night because he couldn’t get back to his hotel!

  18. se voce nao planejar pelo menos o trajeto direito no Brasil …
    voce pode entrar na favela…e morrer ! e no ceu nao vai ter pão.

  19. Oi Seth, tudo bem? Aqui é Késsya, te acompanho no Amigo Gringo, no Patreon e tenho um canal sobre dicas de viagens que inclusive te convidei para uma entrevista que você muito simpático aceitou, mas eu demorei tanto pra achar um software que prestasse pra gravar pelo Skype que até fiquei sem graça de retornar o contato… heheheh mas enfim…

    Resolvi comentar nesse vídeo pelas diversas coincidências, me explico… no meu último vídeo falei exatamente sobre como faço meu roteiro de viagem. O foco do Vem na Mala é incentivar pessoas a viajarem (gastando menos), que seja pela primeira vez ou viajarem mais, perderem o medo de coisas básicas como solicitar um visto ou encarar um país com outro idioma, etc, já me vi nesse perfil e sei a quantidade de gente que sempre acha que mal consegue visitar um outro estado no Brasil. Pensando nisso, pra quem tem pouca experiência em viagens, principalmente internacionais, ter um roteiro ajuda bastante, e longe de mim estar defendendo um roteiro engessado, onde se tenha definido até restaurantes, mas tão ruim quanto ter tudo planejado é voltar de uma viagem frustrado porque não sabia da existência de um lugar óbvio e que era a sua cara, ou passar horas em filas porque não se programou para passeios clichês, mas “obrigatórios” para uma primeira visita a Roma, por exemplo, como será o meu caso esse ano. Deixar o roteiro mais livre realmente rende surpresas, boas ou más, mas para mim o segredo é ter ideia do que te espera, se programar para o que pra você é fundamental, deixando tempo livre para “caminhar sem destino” ou se permitindo quebrar o roteiro se aparecer algo mais interessante. Mas já vi muita gente não se planejando antes da viagem e perdendo tempo pesquisando o que fazer quando já deveria estar curtindo alguma coisa. Entendo também que vai muito do perfil do viajante, se você viaja bastante, ou está retornando a Roma, a NYC, etc… a conversa muda totalmente. De maneira nenhuma esse comentário é uma crítica, é apenas um olhar um pouquinho diferente.

    Parabéns pelo novo canal e sucesso sempre! Abraço Késsya.

  20. I've had a few unforgettable surprises while traveling, but here it goes the most recent. I went to France to walk from one city to the other – I had planned to do it in 4 days, but walked too fast and managed in 3 days instead. I did not book any hotel, I didn't read about any of the towns I'd walk by; the only thing I knew was how to get to "City 1" and that I had to take a bus or a train from "City 2", 4 days later. I had a backpack and that was it.

    So day 2, I got over excited and walked 31km. Only to get to the ONLY sleeping possibility in that….. what is it called, when there's only 2 buildings in the place?! That can't be a town…. anyway, it was fully booked and that meant I had to reach the nearest "town" which was 4km away. I remember the feeling, the tired feet, with blisters, the sore shoulder…. up and off I went to more 4km. On the way I met 3 people and one of them was also trying to find a place to sleep. We saw a sign with a phone number to a sleeping place, a "refuge" as it's called in France. An old lady told us she would pick us up on the road and she took us to a house she owned, where we could spend the night. I even got a room for myself, it would have been enough with a mattress on the floor….

    In the morning she served great breakie with homemade jam with berries from her garden. Oh, France! I'll never forget your hospitality! And after that, off I went again and continued my journey through the beautiful French countryside 🙂

  21. Hi, Seth !! In Brazil, as a resident and eventually a traveler I realized that in Rio de Janeiro you can not get much of the way out, but in São Paulo there are always new and different things … we have an architectural tourism here … we have many buildings designed and built by foreigners … And the gastronomy comes from all over the world …

  22. Eu gostei do seu canal e bom pro listening o ruim e que não entendo talvez pq fala de lugar steave Kauffman eu entendo bem vc podia falar sobre filmes

  23. Sempre que eu e minha esposa viajamos, a gente procura conhecer o lugar onde os "nativos" vivem, porque o turismo maqueia muitas coisas e as vezes você perde algo incrível do lugar que quem mora lá conhece mas você turista não, acho q seu vídeo fala exatamente sobre isso.

  24. Great Seth, I lived in the village, Manhattan for 5 years…and that's exactly what I did…talking to the homeless is great too, they recommended the best croissant and bagel shops to me… I remember them to this day! Cheers, from Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil.???

  25. Adoro ouvir essas histórias de viagem, lugares, só sonhando com as viagens que faria se pudesse!!!

  26. Interesting tip, I admit that I'm afraid to do unplanned things, thieves among other bad guys mainly in place where we do not dominate the language and we are very far from home. my advice not to do this in rio de janeiro

    but I have an interesting story, I would embark on a cruise in miami and the day before I spent the night in a small hotel in a neighborhood a bit away, I was hungry and checking google maps I saw a well-liked restaurant very close, I ended up knowing a great mediterranean restaurant with a wonderful decor, something totally off the radar

  27. Could not agree with you any more, Seth. That's why I developed this app in Korea to get people to explore again. It's literally the Uber for local guides. You wander into any neighborhood in Seoul, book a guide on the TripRadius app and that very person will come over to you in just a matter of minutes. They know the area better than any guide book because they are the ones that live or work there.

  28. I always heard you speaking in Portuguese and when you speak in English seems that you are a Brazilian speaking in English and not an American, it's kinda weird

  29. Me and my wife have a quite of discoveries. But Definitely our best travel history is when we were in Bergen, Norway and totally forgot to have lunch. So we head to a square where certainly would have a kebab open, but in the way we found a restaurant opened, with clients. That’s it. It was a Ethiopian restaurant. Nobody inside spoke a word of English. We did not speak neither Norwegian nor Ethiopian. And we discovered the Ethiopian food. One of the best meal that we had. Additionally, there is the ritual of eating ingera.

  30. Seth, I loved this channel!! I already loved your videos in Amigo Gringo, but what I like the most here is that I have the chance to hearing you speaking English!! As being Brazilian, I really admire you mastering our Portuguese language and giving us so many funny tips about NYC, but I have to say that this channel will rock with your tips about traveling!! And it will also give me the chance to improve my English!!! Good luck!!!

  31. With all due respect, you know I have a crush on you, don’t ya? ?
    You are awesome. Loving every single video?

  32. Estava andando na 5ª avenida em NY num frio de 0 grau, quando passei em frente a Catedral, estava para iniciar uma missa, então resolvi entrar para me aquecer e fiquei assistindo toda a missa, foi um surpresa muito agradável, pude observar a beleza da arquitetura, o belo canto do coral, os costumes do fiéis locais, etc.

  33. i traveled to Córdoba in Argentina last year and there i met many people of over the world. Best experience!

  34. Geralmente o que eu nao sabia que estava lá e descubro, são os insetos: nos mercados, restaurantes, na comida. Bugs simply love me!

  35. We were in Marrakech in one of those regular van tours: we visited beautiful sights, famous Game of Thrones sets, abandoned places, we slept in the desert etc etc etc. We also bonded really well with our guide. During the trip back to the city, he deviated from the route and took us to a simple neighborhood – no sights, no monuments, everyone was finding it a little bit strange. It turns out he was taking us to his family's house. We met this people's house, sat with them, had a wonderful moment and drank some tea. It was just amazing and completely unexpected.

  36. Hey, in the last video you criticized people who travels to show other people, for me you did this in this video! Kkkkkk dont hate me! I love your videos and I am inscribed in Amigo Gringo too and I follow your tips when I went in New York (for exemple, I went in Murray's Bagels). So… I think we like show our discoveries. It is not bad if you show and talk for a people who want to know (like me when I watch your videos here).
    Ok… in conclusion I think I really sad because I like plan my trips and show them for everybody! Kkkkkk

  37. Me and my husband went to the south of chile and argentina (patagonia) recently and the smartest thing we did was to rent a car. After that there were many surprises, like the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in the middle of nowhere in patagonia, had we been on a touristic bus no way it would have stopped to take the time and apreciate it.

  38. Great channel!!! It’s so fany to hear you speaking in English! Looks like you make such an effort haahaha!
    Um abraço!!!

  39. Velhinho, vou te contar uma boa. Estava eu, cruzando a Bélgica de bike no meio do outono, no meio do nada, um dia nublado, e eis que surge no meio da minha rota umas 6 construções juntas parecia que tinha comida ali, mas nem dava para saber se estava aberto. Eu não sabia se ia ter outro lugar para comer, e parei. Nessa hora, encontrei um senhorzinho, tb de bike, muito entusiasmado com o lugar e que me recomendou entrar ali. Resumindo, era uma cervejaria, super antiga com museu e tals, ótimas cervejas e baratinhas. Pedi uma recomendação de cerveja. Pedi. Pedi algo para comer e dai para frente teve conversa no balcão com um local e….. não ganhei um concerto dessa vez. Mas ganhei um na Holanda, rsrsrs. Às custas de ter passado por Bruges e Antuérpia ser ter visitado sequer uma atração turística. No regrets bout that.

  40. Cara, na Califórnia, saindo da região de LA para visitar o General Sherman, topei com um oceano de extratores de petróleo. Totalmente inesperado. Super legal tb. Eu saí num carro alugado e programei o google maps para "general sherman" e depois Fresno. Tudo no caminho foi muito bonito e totalmente inesperado.

  41. Interesting video! We are definite planners only because we have such limited travel time (2 wks tops!) and we don't want to miss anything, would love to be able to meander some day!

  42. I think the thing that first comes to my mind is the day my dad almost got arrested for "suspicious activitys near a vehicle" when we were going from Miami to Orlando hahahahahahahahahaha
    We rented a car in Miami, and stoped in one of those food courts, and my dad didn't knew how to turn off the car. A women started yelling something to him, but he doesn't speak a word o english, so he just entered. Out of nowhere, two police officers came to my dad, and said they wanted to talk to him. (again, he doesn't speak a word of english) He tryed to say in portuguese that he was going to ask me to translate, and the officer held him by the arm and said "Sir, DON'T MOVE". My mother saw what was happening, and screamed "GO HELP YOUR FATHER". We explained that we eren't being able to turn the car off, and he was trying to find out how to do it (it was just press the start/stop button…), and everything was fine.
    That was the craziest, most idiotic thing that happened to us during a trip. At least, my dad learned how to turn a start/stop car off hahahahahahahahahaha

  43. People everywhere love tourists and hate them both. They hate tourists acting like way too many tourists do, and love tourists who are acting like real human beings that have simply stumbled somehow into unknown territories for themselves. You cannot plan if you want to be loved. You just go and play it by ear a lot. People will like you if you give them the chance, but you cannot accomplish that if you are in too big a rush.

  44. Great 7 . Sou assim também e me lembro mais desses momentos inesperados do que daqueles que todo turista deve ver e que eu , claro vejo também. Valeu amigo. Beijos.

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