The Sims 4\\ Let’s Play\\ Get Famous EP 26\\ Birthday, vacation, something unexpected at the end

The Sims 4\ Let’s Play\ Get Famous EP 26\ Birthday, vacation, something unexpected at the end

hey everybody how’s it going we have
another episode of getting famous today so got some things going on
first off today is mostly well it’s 829 in the evening and it is the day that we
are supposed to be aging up a little miss Lily here so we are going to be
doing that momentarily um well after Kayla gets the garbage taken out umm
which as we know it’s gonna take her like a bazillion years um okay what’s
the O with this who is this person can’t get you out of my mind lately want to go
on a date and get some dinner at wild Brumby’s steakhouse um no I don’t even
know who you are but you know thanks for asking so anyways um certainly jumping
around here apparently uh so yeah I got the slice of life mod updated so
apparently now we have menstrual cycles um which is causing Kaylee to be
emotional at times um and apparently it has given her allergies so um yeah
that’s interesting okay alright so what we’re gonna do is we are gonna jump
right to getting miss Kayla our Miss Lilly
upgraded upgraded Wow um aged up there we go after I can’t Lee goes and gifts
are some snuggles I wanted Adrian to be here um but
unfortunately he had to work so that wasn’t really an option um I’m gonna fix
these things here a little bit um so yeah so he’s gonna have to miss that but
I mean it’s fine I don’t think he’s gonna be that upset about it
so yeah all right let’s let’s see how adorable lily is gonna be once she ages
up to toddler I’m super excited for her of course we have to get through the
cuddling first I forgot about that already
all right let’s do a little fast forwarding here not we we can get to it
okay all right so and age up here we go Lily aged up yay all right
I feel like Lily is going to be Little Miss independence or possibly a charmer
she’s probably she could be a charmer actually you know what I think she’s
gonna be a little miss independent all right there we go happy birthday Lily
why do they always give the little girls boy haircuts I mean seriously
come on now okay all right first things first we need to get Lily her own bed
okay so now that we’ve done that let’s wait hold on hold on hold on okay let’s
get her situated in casts well now that we have miss Lily all taken care of
let’s see what does she need I don’t really see anything that she needs yet I
know first things first we are going to start with a potty training like right
now because that is super important although it looks like Lily’s um not
really wanting to know I don’t think so mommy I’m playing because this is more
fun I don’t know what this potty training thing is that you’re trying to
convince me to do okay come on now that-a-girl
all right Lily let’s get you potty training
I like how she just like totally stands in her way wait what oh okay
Adrian gets to pick a branch for his career so we’re gonna do chef I already
planned on that so all right and it looks like Adrian has been promoted to
head caterer he will now make an additional $9 per hour for a grand total
of 52 dollars per hour he has also received the following bonus 691 dollars
positronic pearl magnetic knife rack and his next shift is Friday at 3:00 p.m.
all right he’s got five vacation days available that’s good all right because
I am thinking I don’t understand why he is always uncomfortable all right so
he’s good there I guess we’ll have him do that and shower needs are not really
needed I’m not sure what it was just oh goodness
okay all right so what we’re gonna do is after lily is done on the potty I think
we’re gonna I’m gonna adjust her needs so that she wants to go to sleep and
then I’m gonna fix everything else – for real quick okay Adrian seriously why
are you like always sick I don’t understand seriously and obviously that’s not helping him
money cuz it did nothing for him yeah I don’t know okay
now I kind of forgot what we were doing um all right so it looks like lily is
still doing her thing here okay come on kid it takes some forever sometimes oh my
goodness okay you all right Atta girl really good job mommy’s so proud of you
such a big girl huh okay let’s see oh good job Kelly for being such a good
mommy and good job Lilly all right let’s wait
did I fix Lily’s food me yeah I did okay let’s make her tired so that way we can
have Kaylee just go ahead and read her to sleep hopefully she can cuz we got
some stuff kind of in the way I don’t know we’ll see it looks like it’s working so far so
that’s a good thing yep okay awesome just gonna put that
there okay good deal by potty guidance whoops all right good
deal okay so we are gonna have Kaylee go to
sleep and then I’ll see I don’t know why I keep needing to do that but angel
that’s disgusting seriously why can’t he go okay
whatever I’m not gonna worry about it okay everybody needs to go to sleep and
so I’m just gonna go ahead and fix this and sleep angel back there jumping in at
the shower okay fast forward we’ve got the kids to bed all right
eats and everybody’s a wink so here we are again
oh my everybody Kaylee’s awake so let’s see about getting her some breakfast um
let me see oh wait I totally just yeah I did okay um that’s got four days left
that’s got two days left we should probably do that then we’re also gonna get her some
orange juice I think he is having issues you know what we’re gonna do this and
this because because you know they’ve been they’ve been pretty busy with work
and with the kids so I think I think it would be good for them to go on vacation
ah that’s okay take a vacation nope kids are not coming it’s just gonna be
him and Kaylee alright here we are and it looks like they’re both having issues
okay so and they are taking a vacation in Selvadorado
assuming I’m saying that right oh and everything’s pretty foggy right now oh
wait no no he is on vacation okay so this is a honeymooners Haven if I
remember correctly um it is by shoot who is this by well let me tell you here in
just a second okay I know who this is by I can’t okay yep honeymooners Haven and
it is by crystal gamer one and this place is fantastic let me tell you all
right yeah I’m tired of giving you medicine and having it not work so
you’re just gonna have to deal with that buddy okay let’s pick a bungalow here I
think there’s just the two I know I’m like zooming in and out a ton I’m sorry
about that you guys oh hold this one back here over by the
yoga they got their own little coffee coffee maker here hmm okay he’s gonna claim that one she’s
gonna claim that one all right and everybody is good wait so that’s okay
all right so I think we’re gonna have Adrian come and actually I think they’re
both gonna come get massages okay a hire massage therapist for that one
and then okay I guess we can only do one at a time all right we’ll see how that
works all right well I guess we want oh well all right then why do they look so
stiff wait who’s that guy so he’s part of the staff okay
well alrighty then but I don’t understand why they’re so stiff looking
feeling the love from being passionate it feels like heaven for Kaylee love is
in the air well fantastic I’m excited for her I’m talking about the Apocalypse
feeling optimistic okay oh my gosh you guys I did not even
notice that this picture these the pictures move on the clocks just let me
know what kind of massage you want and we can get started oh yeah yeah okay all
right so I guess she’s gonna have to wait for her massage alright so she’s
doing that and then let’s okay so she’s done there um now I know that there is
some private hot tubs yeah here we go there we go okay so that’s kind of cool that like there’s
actually staff here that’s really nice with that um hotel resorts mod by Kawhi
Stacy that’s really cool okay are they what are they doing okay so they’re just
not going to go do that I guess I fine how about this one can we do this one okay
I mean I didn’t really want to do that in the public one wait what what why are
they getting out really I don’t know what’s going on okay all right so let’s have them go up
to the room or their bungalow I should say let’s see which one did I pick for
them I think it was I’ll say I don’t think it was that one was it I’m pretty
sure it was this one over here yeah cuz it was I was complimenting her
appearance that’s cute okay let’s see yep that’s the one
all right let’s go have them do some things because I mean they are on
vacation a nice romantic getaway it’s a lot to fast forward so we can get them
here a little faster because otherwise it’s gonna take them a while
okay wait where oh okay so they went to the wrong room
that’s odd okay I guess they just picked whatever
room they wanted to I mean sure whatever but okay so he’s asleep I’m not
sure what’s going on this is acting really strange
okay all right Oh care for self care for self I don’t
know why I can’t click on them okay okay oh I mean that’s a good thing feeling confident okay let’s see we’re
gonna pollicis just for a second all right so they got that done he is
feeling super flirty okay um all right where is Caylee at okay she’s right
there so let’s get her into a group here okay
and then they are gonna come sit over here all right
wait what are they doing okay okay that is actually perfect because okay there we go all right so there is one screenshots oh my god are you kidding me did she just oh my gosh you guys she turned him down
ah camera I can’t I can’t believe she just turned him down like seriously I was so sure oh okay this camera is driving me insane
I don’t understand why she turned him down
I mean he’s he’s taking that like a trooper you know I just uh I’m so
heartbroken for him right now though I just I can’t believe she did that
I mean timing is everything are you serious right now they’ve been I mean
they’ve been dating for a while now okay I just want to make sure they were at
least boyfriend and girlfriend which they are I just oh man okay
well maybe she apologizes wait what seriously Kaley you are ridiculous
she just turns the man down and now she’s like oh well hey let’s have makeup
sex like seriously look at her she’s so full of herself right now I’m just so
upset with her ah okay well that’s super super annoying
and I am so upset with her right now that I feel like we need to end the
episode because I’m just gonna be sitting here upset so yeah what does she
think she’s too good for him now because she’s a 3-star um Oh almost 4-star holy
cow when did that happen yeah does she think she’s too good for
him now because she’s almost a four star actress I mean come on Kaylee he’s been
with you since before you were even like a one-star I can’t believe that I don’t know maybe
if I would I had her do it instead oh poor thing rejected a few things hurt
more than being rejected by the some you love ugh Adrian I’m so sorry oh okay I
don’t know what some needed to take it take care of themselves more but okay
well we are going to leave them here so actually gonna pause this right now
um I still can’t believe that okay anyways you guys that was disappointing hopefully I don’t know hopefully at some
point he’ll be able to convince Kaylee to actually get married I don’t know I
don’t know what her problem is but that was just crazy I don’t know but thank
you so much for hanging out with me and I hope that you enjoyed this episode and
this horrible ending I hate to end it like this but what can he do right so
already guys I will see you next time thank you again for being here and if
it’s your first time here feel free to hit that subscribe button and that way
you can keep up with Kaylee and Adrienne story and follow me over on Twitter for
channel and video updates and be sure to hit that Bell for notifications also so
you guys have an awesome day and I will see you guys next time bye

4 thoughts on “The Sims 4\\ Let’s Play\\ Get Famous EP 26\\ Birthday, vacation, something unexpected at the end

  1. Lol Angel drinking out of the toilet. I like how the minute they go on a vacation they look distressed. Cute romantic get away they needed it but yeah it was a bitb glitchy. I notice my game in general has been glitchy . Oh my gosh!!! Why did she reject his proposal! I've had doubts about them for a while but still did not expect this; also really a wohoo right after that??

  2. The man with the weird shorts on made me laugh. What the heck was he wearing? Haha Btw, I cannot believe he rejected him. They were feelin each other.

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