The Situation RETURNS | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

The Situation RETURNS | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

– [Snooki] We have to do
something, who do you call?! 911! I won’t be able to live with myself. Oh my God! – [Pauly D] Where’s
Angelina, she’s needs an EMT. – [Snooki] She’s the (beep) worst. – She’s an EMT. – [Vinny] It’s an accident,
you have no control over it. – Oh my God, we’re gonna get arrested. – Better go six feet under. (women screaming) – Where do we go from here? (tense music) – [Snooki] Well, we’re not
getting our deposit back. – If someone’s not understanding you, in such a way that you
feel like you’re drowning, you need to run the other way. – [Both] Oh my God! – Spirit made me feel like, if you don’t make this happen
then it’s not gonna end well. – But it’s like the worst. – [Snooki] Finally divorced Jenny! (beep) – [Pauly D] DTF Wagon! – [Group] Yeah! (group cheering) – My dear brothers and sisters, today we are celebrating. – [Group] New Orleans! – [Snooki] Whenever I drink
wine, I’m just a better person. (women cheering) – I don’t think she can do that, right? – [Announcer] Nicole to the main stage. Nicole to the stage. – [Group] Whoa! – If I’m DJing her wedding, I’m not giving her the
divorce party for free. She has to pay me for both. (horn honking) – [Angelina] Oh, Chris,
(beep) you’re an idiot! – [Deena] I can’t wait to see Mike! – [Officer] Can I help you guys? – I’m picking up my husband. – [Officer] Okay. – You popped your cherry! (group cheering) – Situation is free, baby! Life could get no better. Yep, we free! – Where to? – [Mike] Back to the Jersey Shore. – Aw. – I wanna bowl. – That’s how you do it! (Snooki screaming)
(glass breaking) ♪ Hallelujah ♪ – [Group] Oh my God! – [Mike] BDS is in the building! (women screaming) – Oh my God! – [Snooki] Mike! – [Mike] What the hell? (loud thudding)

100 thoughts on “The Situation RETURNS | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

  1. The whole gang is back together. Mike truly is the heart of the show. Look at their faces when they saw him. Awwww. So sweet. You can see how much of family they have become. Can't wait to see it.

  2. This show was a straight dumpster fire without mike there. So glad he’s coming back. And Jenni needs to go, she’s completely ruining the show with her “I’m better than everyone” attitude, when her whole life is a mess.

  3. Mike look so good and healthy💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌🙌… watch how he loose all that from eating snacks

  4. Mike was the only calm one out of everyone in almost all the recent situations he just sat there, listened and ate food😂

  5. Did Mike really go to Prison and de-age himself?

    And I think it’s crazy they go from at one point, everyone in the house can’t stand Mike, to this next season EVERYONE MISSES MIKE AND JUST GO CRAZY, HAPPY TO SEE HIM AGAIN….

    This proves that Mike was right from season 1 all along “we call this Sitch’s house.”

  6. Was I the only one who fuc with mike since day one even when everyone hated him? Solluminati voice" That's my guyyyyyyyy cha kno I'm saying"

  7. I'm so glad he's out and the whole family is back together! I'm so glad they were there for laurens while he was away. I love this show, and I'm glad they still film it!

  8. I really like Mike now and I thought I’ve never said that 😂 but I feel like he changed a lot and his wife is the only person who could do that although jail also helped 😂

  9. Ehhhh….this guy is old news.
    He hasn't been relevant since 2011.
    I think that his downfall started with choking at Donald Trump's roast XD

  10. Omg they are coming to New orleans ?? Wish I knew exactly when because thats my state where I am from and would love to meet them DANG!! Lol

  11. Glad he is back, but i think he should have went home with his wife,she has been alone for a long time make good choices mike.

  12. Can I just say that I love "jersey shore" but i think they shouldn't film anymore cuz 1. They never have all 8 of them in the same place, one or 2 of them is always missing. 2. They are in like 4 different houses in a season. 3. It should be called "Vegas shore" cuz that's where they film the most. Also, the episodes drag. Whenever there is a big event, it takes like 3 episodes before it happens and all they do is go out to eat. If anything, this show makes me hungry everytime I watch it. I'd rather the old Jersey Shore. They should just stop

  13. I still remember the time Angelina farted loud asf in one of the episode back then. Ever since then I thought she was nasty

  14. I just realized how old Pauly D is, and no offense or anything, but that hairstyle is so cringe. Pauly D is my favorite, though, so no hate.

  15. Please do not bring god and Jesus Christ into these fake people! MTV makes them fake ! If there wasn’t mtv they would be lipless … 😂

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