The Tent is Up! Camping – Day 1

The Tent is Up! Camping – Day 1

– We’ve got a tent. We have a home. How do you feel about it? Are you ready for camping? (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone, and welcome to our first day of camping. We’re not camping yet,
we’re still at home. See, home. But, oh, my goodness,
there is so much stuff that you have to bring with you camping, and I don’t know how we’re
gonna fit it all in the car. Jessica and I have been working
on this puzzle all morning. And while we were doing that, we gave the kids something to color in, which is their new journals, and it’s kept them nice and calm and quiet while we were doing our packing. And I wanna check in on them and see what they did with their journals. – This is my journal. So this is a kinda car. I just did that school bus
because that made more sense. And that is, like, a tiller. And that is a motorcycle, and
that’s the Incredibles sign, and I don’t know what that is. – [Chris] That’s the Incredibles sign? – [Parker] Yeah. – [Chris] I like it. – I tried to make Jack-Jack,
but it didn’t work out, so. I just made the Incredibles sign. – [Chris] What is this? Is this a campfire? – Yeah, this is a campfire. This is a airplane. This is a car. I tried to make it a car. – [Chris] I can’t wait to see
what you write in your journal on this trip.
– Me, too. – [Chris] It’s gonna me cool.
– Yeah. – [Chris] Whoa, look at this one. Is that Dash? That is awesome. You wanna tell me about it? – So, it’s Dash and the Incredibles sign. And then can I show you
what’s inside of it? – [Chris] Yeah. – So, this is what it is, and you say your name. And it came with all this stuff. It came with this. – [Chris] You can put,
like, stuff in there? – Yeah. Like, something for holding things. – [Chris] Cool. – And then, and then we have stickers. – [Chris] Are you excited to fill this up while we camp? – Yeah. – [Chris] Whoa! That is so cool. Look at that. That is so neat. It looks just like the place we’re going. – It’s supposed to look like that. So, I drew a campsite, and it’s supposed to
look kind of like ours, ’cause there’s, like,
a whole bunch of tents, and the golden, the golden, fool’s gold,
instead of sand on the beach, and water, and I’m gonna add a new fish every year that I go camping, but this is this year, I wrote 18 over it, ’cause it’s 2018. And I’m gonna write 2018, and then next year I’m gonna write 2019, and then all the other
years I use this journal. – [Chris] That is so cool. – I’m excited about cooking
s’mores and playing in the lake. – You might be hearing
this guy in the background. He’s playing with a train. Are you playing with a Duplo train? (Duncan babbles) Yeah? Were you making it go all over the floor? Oh, that sounds like it’s malfunctioning. Is it malfunctioning? Let’s see it go. Whoa, there it goes! Go get it, go get it. Good job. Oh, ya got it. Good job. Oh, my goodness. This car is so full of people and things. Look, Bailey’s back here, trapped. There’s stuff all the way up
to the tippity top in the back. Parker’s right here. This a packed car. But I think we got everything in here. I’m sure we’ll get, like,
halfway down the road and go, “Oh, wait, we forgot this,” and then turn around and come back. But for now, I’m gonna celebrate and say that we got everything in here. Celebrate! You gotta get buckled? Alright, is everyone buckled? – [Kids] Yeah!
– [Chris] You ready to go? – [Kids] Yeah! – Let’s go camping!
– Yeah! Camping!
– Camping. – [Jacob] Yeah! – Camping!
– Yeah! – Camping! You going camping? Are you going camping? Are you ready to go camping? Yes, he’s ready. Jacob’s ready. Parker’s ready. Bailey’s ready. Let’s go camping. – Okay, I’m warning you right now, I packed zero makeup
(laughs) for this trip. So if you don’t like to see my face, don’t watch the box. (laughs) But you’re gonna see a
real face here, people. All the whole time. I often don’t wear makeup in my vlogs, but definitely all of
camping, not even an option, so get ready for that. – I also didn’t pack any makeup. Just so you know. (gentle music) And we’re here. We’re in the place. We’re at Shaver Lake, and
now we gotta figure out where we’re gonna put our tent, but we are parked, and we’re looking around, we’re exploring. Where should we put our tent? Scout out a good spot. – Wait, is this– – This is where our fires’ll be. This is where we’ll cook our dinner. This is where we’ll eat our dinner. So we’re a little confused, because we don’t know
where the boundaries are. – (laughs) We can’t figure it out. – We don’t know, like, where we belong. – Yeah. I don’t wanna set up our tent in a spot that, like,
belongs to somebody else. – Our car is there.
– Our car is there. – And it looks like we
have all this space. – (laughs) I don’t think
we have all this space. We don’t own nature, Christopher. – No, but we’re gonna be one with it for a little bit. – This is perfect spot (mumbles) to play hide and seek! Ready or not, here I come. – What? – [Chris] I don’t think so. I don’t this is the perfect
place for hide and seek. – Why? – [Chris] Because if you get lost, you’re really lost. Oh, my goodness, look at this place. Alright, let’s find a
good spot for our tent. (playful music) Alright, we set it up backwards, so we’re gonna spin it around. (playful music) Alright. We’ve got a tent. We have a home. How do you feel about it? Are you ready for camping? He’s, yeah. ♪ I have a home in the foam ♪ – [Chris] Oh, my goodness. You’re already attracting
bears with the chips. – [Bailey] Duncan. – Hey, can you guys find any bats? (playful music) It got dark. And I still haven’t set up the beds. – I’m helping my dad. – You wanna vlog for a little bit? That would be super helpful. – Yeah. So, camping, it’s, like, so you’re going on a trip? Vroom, vroom, vroom in your car. If you don’t have a car, buy one, because that takes a lotta money, and if you have money, you can buy one. So, and… Vroom, vroom, vroom to the camping site, and then you make your tent, then you put your stuff in it. At nighttime, you go to sleep. Fun! My dad is setting up a mattress. (air pump whirring) So, you get something, and then you get a blow mattress, and you blow it up. ♪ You see the light in the chandelier ♪ ♪ You can see a (mumbles) ♪ ♪ You can see every ever seer ♪ Yeah, yeah. Psst, psst. ♪ My baby’s crib ♪ ♪ He don’t want to sleep in it ♪ ♪ Oh, yeah, my blow up mattress ♪ And can I blow up my mattress? – Sure, you gotta flip
this switch right here. There it goes. Okay, now you gotta make
sure it’s all opened up so that it can fill up. Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. (strumming guitar) We learned what a malfunctioning
train sounds like. We learned that I do not own nature. And finally we learned that
if you’re gonna go camping, Parker recommends you buy a car. If you have money, you can buy one. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see ya next time. (Parker laughs) You are the dirtiest baby that has ever been. (laughs) What? Have you been rubbing it in your hair? No. (Chris laughs) Why are you doing this?

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  1. Hi Ballinger family I am camping right now too. We are in the Rocky Mountains and it is awesome. When Parker and Duncan get a little older I would really recommend bringing the family there. Yesterday we went horseback riding and today we went swimming in the river , there are a lot of cool things to do and places to explore.

  2. “Well you go on a trip in your car and if you don’t have one….. GO BUY ONE case they cost lots of money” -Parker ballinger 2018

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  4. THis is such a cool family! and from what i have learned from comments is that you
    need to have a lot words so i am just writing down random things
    so people will think my comment is long so i can get likes! ?

  5. We stan a supportive husband, Chris Ballinger, also not packing his makeup for the camping trip. Standing in solidarity with Jessica, love it.

  6. My family has that exact same tent! Well we did but our last camping trip ended in a freak storm that flooded the tent and bent some of the poles and drenched all of our stuff lol. It was fun while it lasted!

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  9. I love that you let your kids embrace them selves as a kid I know that it's important for kids to feel ok with there choices boys can like pink girls can like blue I'm a girl and I love blue black and purple

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  11. Oh my gosh Jacobs journal cover is incredible (no pun intended)!!!! He definitely gets his drawing skills from his dad!!!

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