The TOP 5 Travel Destinations 2020

The TOP 5 Travel Destinations 2020

The top five travel destinations of
2019. Discovering unique travel destinations around the world has become more accessible as ever. Thanks to the Internet. I am Sven Koster a traveller
and living in London. In this video I’m going to share you the top five travel
destinations for 2019. Every location on my list I have travelled to or lived in.
Experienced first hand. These are my top five travel destinations for 2019. Number
five on my list is Russia. Winter period in Russia gives you fairy-tale
landscapes. Normally packed tourist places are now open for you to explore on your own. In for example the biggest museum in the world… The Hermitage. The Hermitage
is big. Festivities are going on to keep up the mood. Cities are beautiful
lit in the dark and if you thought that you can’t get any food in Russia. St.
Petersburg is maybe one of the best places in the world to have delicious
affordable but also high-class cuisine. From the cold in Russia we are moving
on to the tropics in the Philippines. The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country
in the Western Pacific. Compromising of an impressive number of more than 70,000
islands. The country might be famous for its beautiful tropical beaches, brilliant
diving locations, and snorkel opportunities Don’t forget inland you are able to
discover world’s most beautiful rice terraces at Banaue rice terraces.
Volcanoes such as the Taal and Mayon volcano or terrific landscapes such as
Chocolate Hills. Number three on my list is Tanzania. Tanzania is an East African
country known for its vast wilderness, for its plains in the Serengeti
gradually giving way for the tallest freestanding mountain on earth the
Kilimanjaro but also known for tropical beaches on Zanzibar. I would recommend to
visit Tanzania in the end of January or during the dry season in late June
till about October which is the best time to view wildlife. The best way to
experience any new destination is by fully immersing yourself through the
eyes of a local. For the more daring you are able to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
However, don’t forget Mount Meru the fifth highest mountain in Africa next to
Mount Kilimanjaro. The climb is more challenging and the sunrise view is breathtaking. You will see the savanna stretching out and the Sun slowly
lighting Mount Kilimanjaro Coming in on number two is Peru. Rich for its
biodiversity preserved Quechua culture and beautiful archaeological
ruins. Peru is full of wonder and discovery. There are two main native
cultures in Peru the Quechua and Aymara. Both of which are descended from the
Inca. Today Peru has a strong mixture of Spanish and Native influences. Of course
you have to visit the wonder of the world, Machu Picchu and there is also the
incredible Lake Titicaca. One of the largest lakes in South America but also
don’t forget to visit the rain forests, deserts, high mountain areas and beaches.
Peru is able to offer you every ecosystem that exists on this planet
Earth. Best time to visit Peru is from May to September when you avoid heavy
showers and hopefully experience great weather on your trip. I can’t avoid to
put China on my list. China is a truly timeless place where aging traditions go
seamlessly with modern life. It is a remarkable unique rapid developing
country set with beautiful landscapes magical seasons and parallel
technological innovations and a vibrant culture. There’s too much to do in China
but there are some recommendations. Beijing with its Great Wall is an
obvious must-see. This growing Metropolitan offers a seamlessly
unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining. Sichuan
province is also recommended. This province is famous for its spicy but oh
so delicious food and of course for its pandas. And what we have learned today at
least is that a female panda doesn’t really want to have sex with a male
panda. You are able to find the panda here in the wild but if you’re
less lucky you’re able to see them in Chengdu’s breeding centre. China is
known for its beautiful nature but it’s also famous for its West Lakes made
during the old Dynasty times. The most famous one and arguably the prettiest
one is the one in Hangzhou. So the first stop by the West Lake is the broken
bridge. Which is just there somewhere behind me. Snd the best place to visit
this year is Sri Lanka this beautiful paradise is becoming increasingly
desirable for travelers with its incredible scenery amazing wildlife
mythical temples and rich mix of fascinating cultures. Recent innovations
to the transport network are making Sri Lanka more accessible than ever.
It even has maybe the world’s most beautiful train journey in the world. Sri
Lanka is known for offering you some incredible experiences explore thousand
years Buddhist monuments and hike through lush green tea plantations. Spot
elephants at different national parks around the country or go for whale
watching around Sri Lanka’s coastlines. Your Sri Lanka bucket list has to include a
visit to the mystical rock fortress, Sigiriya. The ruins of this ancient
civilisation rise over 200 metres above the surrounding jungles. It is truly a
miracle place to visit make sure you are early to avoid the tourist crowds. That
is my list of top travel destinations for 2019 but don’t forget to tell me
your travel destinations for 2019 and if you have visited one of those places,
please leave down your stories in the comments below and then as always hit
that like button smash that subscribe button and I hope to see you in the
next video

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  1. Well that’s quite a list you have there. I hope 2019 lasts long enough for you to realise all those dreams. Happy travelling. ( says she from Hong Kong Airport)

  2. I love how you edited this video! Amazing destinations! I've never been to any of them My travel destination this year is Japan. I usually have one bigger trip in a year.

  3. Great video! Peru has been on my list for so long. Thanks for all the beautiful scenes – they are TV quality!

  4. Amazing shots dude !! Have you explored India ? I am your new subscriber as iheartplanet – please sub back

  5. Tanzania or maybe Peru, not sure, but all the places look amazing! Such a great video man, loved it! What equipment do you use?

  6. As always the editing and camera skills are amazing. I especially loved the lion king soundtrack lol but hearing why you picked these destinations and what you enjoyed about each one was great and I can only hope to see them for myself. Great suggestions.

  7. This is really cool, well thought and summarized πŸ™‚
    I feel that the music sometimes overpowered your voice a bit so it distracted me. Also… where’d you get all the footage from?

  8. Great list. Sri Lanka has been on my bucket list for some time now. That train ride looks amazing. Some of our family favorite destinations are Amsterdam, Italy, and South Africa πŸ™‚ Where are you going next?

  9. Wow, amazing shots. Thanks for sharing your list. I'm looking forward to going back to the Philippines soon to explore more of the country.

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  11. Really great list, just returned from Russia and can vouch for it as a top destination. A word of friendly adviceβ€”if you use other YouTuber's content, it's usually best practice (and common courtesy) to at least link their original video in the description. I recognized Sam Kolder's Beijing vlog in quite a few scenes, not sure if there are others sourced here. Nothing wrong with admiring others' work, just always good to give credit where credit is due πŸ™‚

  12. Really interesting selection of locations. I would definitely agree with visiting the Philippines, I loved it there and I hope to go back soon. I actually went to see the Chocolate hills in Bohol, they weren't so brown for us sadly. New sub here. Great videos.

  13. woooow. what a great compilation of your travels i also like how the places are all different and unique to one another with each having their own unique set of activities and things to do.. also very happy and touched that my home country (Philippines) made it your list hehehe. makes me pretty proud. haven't been to any of the places on your list except of course Philippines but hoping to visit all of them as the years go by!

  14. Such an interesting video, love the diversity of the countries that you have chosen. Coming from Russia ourselves, we really appreciate you including it in your list, encouraging people to visit our beautiful country! Also all the other countries you have chosen are also must sees, you have covered all the continents! P.s such cute pandas in China. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

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  22. That drone shot in Russia was so amazing. How close were you to the Lion? I did not know female Pandas do not like to have sex. How did you learn that?

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