The Tour – Episode #1

The Tour – Episode #1

2017 HCT World Championship
January 21, 2018 Crucial moment in this game here. Fr0zen has two forms of card draw,
but two forms of alternative uses as well. Any Mana Crystals can help him
jump ahead of Tom’s ramp. Where are his Ultimate Infestations? He chose not to keep them. And now Tom has all the time in the world
to establish his board presence. Things are looking dire
for our USA player. Fifteen, 25, 30, 31… Thirty-four, plus burst in the hand. Ultimate Infestation is finally drawn. I think it’s too late. Fr0zen takes off the headset. tom60229 is the 2017
Hearthstone World Champion! We have a new member
in the Hall of Champions, tom60229 from Taiwan
takes the Hearthstone Championship. Three months later… HCT Taipei Tour Stop
Taipei, Taiwan – April 29, 2018 Blizzard Arena Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan Hello, everybody,
and welcome to the HCT Tour Stop: Taipei. As we enter into the Year of the Raven,
the first Tour Stop of such, and we have some truly fantastic players. These players, as I said earlier,
battled through over 1,000 online players to get to this stage,
so already they put in so much work. They’re playing for those 191 HCT points,
$15,000 worth of stuff. So, what do you think is going to be…
Who’s going to win? THE TOUR How happy are you? So I’m in Taipei
with Falcone, L0rinda, and Darroch and we are the casters
for the Tour Stop here. Who’s going to win? We have our favorites
for each of these four quarterfinals. -Okay, go on, then, hit me.
-So Malygos, Staz, that’s their match. -Where’s Malygos?
-Yeah, that’s our match. So Malygos and Staz. It’s super control for Malygos
and all four control… Staz’s just wins. Warlock never wins a game. Wait. Are you sure?
We put Staz behind. That’s the conclusion
we came to this morning. Strong statement. I don’t know how he beats the Paladin,
Warlock wins the game. Obviously, Quest Warrior gets banned. The Warrior gets banned. The Control Warrior gets banned,
we were thinking? Yeah. This will be, I think,
the first APAC Tour Stop for Season 2. What, you think
the Control Warlock can’t win a game? I think it can win a game, but… It absolutely can win a game. It absolutely can win one. This is also the first Tour Stop
covering the new expansion, so it’s really exciting. Shipping is full Aggro
and Tredsred is full of Control. -So that should mean Tredsred…
-Yeah. And therefore,
Katsucurry beats the full Control lineup. So Katsucurry is the winner? I mean, if we go in at 51% favored, sure. There’s no Big 6 caster for HCT Taipei. Kibler, Frodan, Sottle, Raven, TJ and Admirable. They’re known as the Big 6. I guess because they get to do
all the playoffs, all the Seasonal Championships,
and of course, the World Championship. Now moments away
from beginning the Grand Finals. Let’s go ahead and meet our players! The first, from Taiwan, please welcome to the stage tom60229. This is Tom’s
second World Championship appearance and he wants to make this one count
with a trophy. Basically, the Taiwanese are used to… using their English names
plus something random… as their gaming alias. We don’t get to use
our English name often. I like to add
my student ID number because… the probability of having the same ID
as another Tom is slim. That way,
the account name is very familiar… and it’s easy to remember. Taipei, Taiwan
April 29, 2018 I’m not sure I’m taking the game
seriously enough right now. You know, it’s difficult. I’m going to play each season. It basically comes down to points, right?
Theoretically, I should have enough. Hopefully I’ll get into
all the seasonal championships. But I won’t be headed to 2018 Worlds
with the most points. Or, it’s unlikely… It’s my favorite cup. Murloc. Basically, I hang out in here
the most of the time. The most relaxing environment
to play Hearthstone in is at home, with a stable net connection. Here’s my trophy from Worlds. Oh and here’s a trophy I broke… It broke on the way back from…
I can’t remember which SEA tournament… Mineske Esports Arena
Kajang, Malaysia 2016 HCT Malaysia Major
December 11, 2016 Malaysia, yeah it was Malaysia. But unfortunately,
the key got damaged on the way back… right here, in the middle. Yeah! Well done, let’s hear it for Tom. Very well played, Tom. That’s a bunch of points, as well,
and nice exposure, and I’m sure anybody watching
will be looking out… My first international major cast
was Malaysia back in 2016. Casting within HCT
has been such an amazing opportunity because I’m actually spending
most of my time as a student. I study molecular biology,
and it’s really, really difficult. Hearthstone is something
I would be doing anyway. Like with my free time, playing. I think NV has a pretty solid read that there is neither Shadow Word: Pain
nor Shadow Word: Death in Tom’s hand because he couldn’t kill the Holy Champion
in either state that it was at. And now,
he’s just going to keep the pressure going -and that is a very clean answer.
-What a draw. I started out in the Philippines
in the local scene. So I would be a player there, that’s actually
how I got my start, casting. The owner of the board game café
where I would play every week asked some of us that were
better at English speaking, I guess, to see if we wanted to cast. And I was so down for it. I have mostly been doing APAC events. I’d love to be able to do… Personal goal, I’d love to be able
to do a DreamHack. Welcome back to the HCT Taipei Tour Stop. This is Jia, my name is Falcone and we’re going to take over
for this next series, which is going to be TaSa versus Staz. Now, Jia,
you can tell me a lot about Staz, right? Staz, of course, from the Philippines. Best known for winning WESG 2017, and hasn’t had
too much of a performance this year, but I believe he’s the only Filipino to qualify for playoffs
of the past season, but this incoming Season 2, already off to a good start
making it here to Taipei. Yes, Staz and Switch
both doing a great job of representing, but I’m sure you’ll talk a lot more
about Switch later on. In the meantime… In the Philippines,
I’d say esports isn’t as prominent as it is in other Asian countries, but there is a significant
Hearthstone scene which is on the rise. I’m definitely rooting
for Staz and Switch. Two Filipino players
who have been in the scene for as long as I can remember. I really want to see them do well. I am super-shameless
about showing bias as a caster. I mean, I’ll say
if I think the play is questionable, but I’ll openly say,
“I am cheering for Staz”. He’s from the Philippines,
people underestimate our region. Let’s go. Only three health for Malygos. Hellfire is entirely useless. This has to be a Dark Pact
or a Spellstone. It’s a Voidlord. Staz takes the series with a huge round of applause
from the audience again. Hearthstone is just what is lived
and breathed here in Taiwan. They love it. Despite the game’s popularity in Taiwan, before Tom won the championship… Older people,
including some members of my family were often against spending too much time
with the game. But after Tom won Worlds, they would ask,
“Why didn’t you win?” I started with little support from them,
but their minds are changing. Now they encourage me to practice,
but not enthusiastically. It’s a little better. I just want to do my best and try
to keep the championship in Taiwan. Personally I’m happy to contribute
to the growth of esports in Taiwan. Tom, the reigning World Champion,
is a Taipei resident. In essence, in my opinion, Tom is like an ambassador for Hearthstone. National Intercollegiate
Athletic Games 2018 National Central University
Taipei, Taiwan Today’s event is the
National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. A competition for students
across Taiwan’s universities. This is the first year that esports
have been a part of this event. I’m presenting onstage as a spokesperson
for the first time. In January of this year,
he became the Hearthstone World Champion. Welcome the champion Tom60229
to the stage. Hello, everyone,
I am Tom60229 from Flash Wolves. I would like to remind all the players that it does not matter
what happens today. I hope everyone will do their best. It was a special experience. If only I didn’t have to wake up so early,
it would’ve been perfect. This is me and my older brother.
We were abroad. I don’t remember which country exactly. This is me with the oldest
of my younger sisters. I was an average student, I was in the Media Club
my senior year of high school. I played baseball when I was in college. Spent most of my time studying.
Later on, I won the competition
and became a professional player. We invite the winner of the
Hearthstone World Championship, Tom60229, welcome! Both of you, please place the key- the symbol of our championship-
into its display. I’ve always been a competitive person. I started playing tournament chess
when I was age 10. I think it’s important to be flexible. I was a competitive player. When I know that my opponent
always plays a certain style, it makes it much easier for me
to counter their style and get an advantage against them. Have you seen Rage’s version?
Have you tried it? -No, I never try Rage decks.
-Yeah, Bogshaper. I’ve never tried Rage decks. Rage decks rely heavily on… He knows exactly what he’s doing
and is really good at it, and his opponents have no idea
what the hell is going on. Rage is a great player,
and his decks are just godawful. But he posts them all the time though. Well, I mean, that’s his brand. -Brand of fake decks?
-Yeah. That’s… No, no, no. Because he plays them,
I watch him play them. They’re real decks for exactly one person. -One person?
-Yeah. Him. So my prep for this tournament
is the same as for any other tournament, and I think the biggest skill
is deck building. I don’t really play as much Hearthstone
as I do analyze my decks. Everyone is going to have these decks, so how do I make my decks
do what they’re trying to do, but better? Jiufen Old Street
Jiufen, Taiwan I love Taipei, it’s a lot of fun. This is my first international trip and it’s just so awesome. What’s going on there? It’s to swat away flies. Is that really what it’s for? I would imagine so. That’s cool. All right, food! I’m a big foodie. You can ask Falcone. Jia, you need to lead because you need to tell us
where it’s good. Follow your nose. I am definitely somebody that looks forward to food the most
when I’m traveling. Especially within Asia, street food
is a big part of the culture in general. So, if I can go online and search for where are the best streets
to find it, then I will do that. Anything grilled on a stick. Meat, fish… I’m down for that. Are you going to have
those last two dumplings? Classic Jia. Casting within HCT
has been such an amazing opportunity. I get to travel and meet new friends. It’s been incredible. Wind in our hair, thinking about Hearthstone. Jia, what’s your favorite
Hearthstone card? Flametongue Totem. Jamming it between two things
and trading off. You’re one of them Even Shaman players,
aren’t you? No, I mean, I don’t play Shaman right now.
I can’t. But back when Shaman was good, Flametongue was my best buddy. Can’t play it because it’s not top tier? Yeah. Are those just cats chilling? -They’re just chilling.
-That’s adorable. One of the best things about
playing competitive Hearthstone is… I can get free plane tickets
and hotel stays. The first time I went to another country
was for a competition. Amsterdam, Netherlands I enjoy that a lot. 2017 HCT World Championship
January 21, 2018 Let the games begin! As the Hearthstone community
comes together again, as we find out who will succeed Pavel and win the 2017 World Championship. 2017 HCT World Championship
Players’ Room Who is going to be the World Champion? Before the game, I felt that… my chance of winning was about 50-50. Two legendaries to one. If I draw Jaina and you don’t,
what happens? Can I win? Probably. It’s not like you can’t win
these matchups. What do you mean? How do I win the Mage Mirror? I don’t think it’s like super one-sided. -I have two Intellects.
-Yeah. Those suck. -Don’t play them.
-Two Archanologists. -Yeah, those suck.
-Don’t play them. I think Fr0zen’s decks
were stronger than mine. I watched some of his matches
and his Druid… Against my decks,
his Druid might be the weakest. Wow, he is very excited. So when it was 2-0, I wasn’t super worried because he hadn’t played his Druid yet, so I know
I still had a pretty good chance. Tom60229 from Taiwan takes the Hearthstone World Championship. Taipei, Taiwan
April 29, 2018 I got the nickname “Big Brother” from a streamer named Roger. He likes to talk a lot. Randomly, he started calling us the “Five Tiger Generals.” I happened to be the oldest
so I ended up with the nickname. Big Brother is here,
he has arrived. Wow! Big Brother! Big Brother!
Big Brother! I will talk to you guys later. The biggest change after winning
is probably the press. There were a lot of media,
interviews, etc. My name appeared on the newspapers. The biggest change is probably
I feel like a lot more people know me. Everybody needs to be in the picture? I don’t think it is possible. Okay, ready? Three, two, one. Welcome home, the hero of Taiwan. Indeed, the feeling was very good, but… Personally, I don’t feel that
I have changed a lot. Switch may have found a way
to get this done. He can’t find a way where he survives. And yeah, as we can see, it really is the only play
that gives him any chance. I’ve gotten so many opportunities, being at the right place
at the right time. -Left in a position where Spellbreaker…
-Spellbreaker! Off the top, will provide lethal for him. He was so close anyway, but taking an unbelievable matchup
there at the end has put himself through to the finals. This is incredible. A two Filipino player final
here at the HCT Taipei Tour Stop. Some beautiful Hearthstone. With a Filipino caster
who’s going to be delighted to be casting that particular matchup,
I think. We will find out about that
in just a moment, we’re going to give Switch
a moment to catch his breath, and then we’ll have the final. So, ban predictions… I’m always looking to build
and improve upon my previous work. If you’re packing Mage and Face Hunter
you won’t really ban Cubelock, will you? Mage is just going to
annihilate the Rogue. Cubelock is… Could go either way. Keeping up with new strategies, and the changing meta,
cards rotating in and out… -Let’s consult with a pro.
-Yeah, I actually couldn’t tell you. Working with different people for one, helps you grow as somebody
who can think on their feet more quickly and relate to someone, create a dynamic. Welcome back to HCT Taipei
where it’s the Finals. I just had the pleasure of watching
that last series with a giddy Jia,
I think it’s fair to say. Jia, what’s going through your head
right now? I could not be happier! I am thrilled that we got
an all-Filipino finals between Staz and Switch and… For me, I really, really like
the challenge of explaining something complicated
going on in a player’s head. So the quest completion
delayed by one turn. This is slightly scary
against any form of AOE, but even if AOE were to come down, Staz would have
most of the board initiative. No chargers in hand yet, but I think
it’s looking pretty good for Staz. Being able to be articulate about it to a viewer who might be ranging
anywhere from rank 25 to Legend. I think Warlock against Hunter
has a better chance of winning. The chance is comparatively high. The shooting rate has at least 40%,
but as for Rogue… The rate is close to 0%. Not that bad. It’s between 10% to 20%. In Taiwan,
I have often been a commentator, so it is not a difficult task for me.
I just need to do the talking onstage. Criticize players. Let’s talk about one minor detail. If you’re using the Quest Rogue deck,
you must pay attention to the details. When he is about to complete the quest,
if you have a few cards like this, remember to kill off
the attacking minions. And then you will win. The way the decks line up, I don’t think
he ever gets there is the thing. -That’s it! That’s going to do it.
-Wait! Oh, my gosh. What? Took a little bit of a risk there
starting a turn with a tap. Switch saw the out, he knew that
he couldn’t wait with the Voidlord. He knew Staz would get there eventually
if he gave him the window. So he went for the Dark Pact out,
he got it. So we’re almost certainly going to see
a lot more of both of those players. Jia, do you have any final remarks
about this tournament? I am just happy. Congratulations so much to Switch. There’s just so much love and appreciation
for Hearthstone in that room. The Hearthstone community
is probably my favorite community out of any game I’ve ever played,
just because everybody is so friendly, everybody is so welcoming. It’s a bunch of smart, cool people
that you want to hang out with. Next Time on The Tour Seventeen in play,
not even counting the bow… And Hunterace… Second place in Germany, second place in Toronto, third time’s the charm for perhaps the very best player
in the world right now. That beautiful trophy is his. We have our Champion for HCT Seoul. Hunterace from Norway. What an event. I’m the champion now of HCT Seoul. It’s so unexpected, I played my heart out. I was really confident in my decks. And you know, all that makeup
to make me look like Hunterace really was worth it
from an investment perspective. It cost about $6,500 though, so, I think I broke even.

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