The Tour

The Tour

My name’s Lieutenant Lindsay, I am one of the JO’s onboard the mighty Texas. Today I’ll be giving you a slight preview of what life is like for 120-130 people on board this mighty war ship. So, come on with me. Right now we’re in the ah, the galley. This is where the world’s greatest Chefs create the best pastries and desserts, having spaghetti this evening as you can see, and lasagna, both. It’s a known fact that submariners have the best food on board. Steaks, crab legs, what are some of your favorites? [ Um, lobster tail, crab legs, prime rib. ] Nothin but the best, nothin but the best. This is the point right here where the crew grabs their plates, spoons, knives, and forks. Soup of the day, all that stuff, it’s right here for you to take. The dessert’s always laid out right here, along with the fruit. Gotta eat healthy. Gotta eat healthy while underway. Looks like you’re makin some punch. [ Nah some bug juice. ] Some bug juice. The most important piece of equipment in the galley, there have been many dance-offs in this galley. Many dance-offs. Many men have shown their true value, showing their moves and showing their groove. Alright here we are in Crew’s Mess, this is where the crew both relax and enjoy life onboard a submarine. As we know it everything’s bigger and better in Texas and that’s certainly the case here. Two large flat screen displays, all these are for their enjoyment and entertainment. Some of the finest upholstery in the Navy, Texas red and black. Doesn’t get any better than that. There’s one thing I gotta point out, it’s the coffee maker. This is almost like the blood and the veins of submariner. Another thing right here, is our homemade cow. This is where we get our milk from. And then last but not least, one of the most important quality of life items on a submarine, ice cream. We have a ice cream soft serve machine here. One, two, three flavors of bug juice and then we also have our tea. For [inaudible] guys this is their den, this is their room, this is where they come and relax. Give you a quick preview of the bathrooms, we call ’em heads onboard a submarine. This is for all the Officers, with the exception of the Executive Officer and the Captain, use this head. We have one stall, vacuum flush just like an airline, uh we have one sink, it’s all push button. And then we have one shower. It’s big enough to get the job done. Really, it’s just enough to get the job done. So, uh, continue on our tour of the mighty Texas. So here we are in work department upper level. Uh, as you see there’s a lot of six man berthing space on board, this is where a lot of guys will sleep and catch up on their rest when we’re underway. Alright. And to our surprise we have one of the greatest sonar men on board, Petty Officer Dunn. Uh, as you can see we’ve got three bunks forward and three bunks aft. How could you describe living in one of these six man bunks? Petty Officer Dunn: Well these six man bunks, a lot of people call like a coffin, I just call it cozy. Really nice to sleep in here. Comfortable. So, on the submarine our major access while in port is the plug trunk. Plug trunk has a lot of purposes, besides just ya know access it can also be used for, ah, dry deck shelter which is DDS Operations, SEAL units, and um, advanced SEAL delivery vehicles. Last but not least, I have to point out the engine room. Uh, that’s where a lot of hard work goes down on the boat. Couldn’t take you back there, but if you could go back there you’d be both amazed and impressed by the high caliber of Sailors back there, as well as highly dedicated they are to getting the submarine mission done. So, hope you ah enjoyed a brig visit to the mighty Texas, again the mighty submarine in the world’s mightiest Navy. Uh, hopefully one day I’ll see you in the ranks of the war room on board the ship but until then, there’s a lot of work to be done to get this boat back out to sea and accomplish the mission that we’re supposed to be doin. I’ll see you next time.

25 thoughts on “The Tour

  1. there's sailors, and then there's submariners. They are apart of a different navy, takes a lot of mental fortitude to be one.

  2. this man is awesome and I found this awesome video never thought I see this about inside the submarine not sure about ships am sure its different, I am civilian I worked on a cruise line with passengers so crew quarters were narrow like this and bed was narrow too but that's life at sea I wonder if there are civilians working onboard navy ships and submarines preparing food for them in foodservice or in general something other than that?

  3. Sorta liked it. We couldve been shown more w/o any security issues, but, it is what it is. What absolutely gobsmacked me, was his saying g'bye, and turning away, and walking off. In my day, when we had Visit Ship honors, we were in charge of our group, usually 4-10max, but that many was rare. Anyway, when it was time to depart, they were escorted from the ship, to the pier.
    This JO left these poor people alone, to figure out how to get to the top side ladder, that they came down on, and make their way across the brow, to the pier.
    While this may have been "In The Script", and there may have been someone who they were handed off to, it surely gave an unprofessional appearance, and left a hole as Big As Texas wrt security of the sub.
    Perhaps that Career JG shouldve had a set of orders cut to go TAD with the Zoomies in Alaska.
    Ok, Im finished with my rant. Y'all take care and be good to each other.
    And God Bless Texas, USS too, and the USA!
    Oh! BTW…I had a submariner friend I was on Recruiting Duty with. He told us one time there are only two things in the ocean…
    The Sub……. and Targets..

  4. Non qual, no dolphins. LTJG vs LT? The word submariner is pronounced SUB MA REENER, not SUB MARE ENER. A SUB mare ener indicates somethin below a Mariner. Even on the old diesels there were at least 3 heads(toilets). One in the forward torpedo room. One in the forward battery compartment, and one in the after torpedo room. The crew size was about 75/80, 23 years of boat life and I wish I could do it again, but they don't take 82 year old Sub ma reeners. One who served on submarines. It is called a boat, not a warship. How things have changed!

  5. The flat screens are for the good and enjoyment of them(sic). Them, as in "white folk," "enlisted folks", "subordinate to me folks," ??? Wow!

  6. Cannot believe that an officer of the US Navy still hasn't learnt to speak properly. Not a tone of professionalism in his voice, still sounds as if he is in the ghetto. PS. Speaking from experience, compared to Aussie Navy the US Navys food is crap.

  7. The cactus atop the soft-server looks friendly and kissable. In a collision or quick dive it will become a dangerous projectile.

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