The tourist information desk

“Edinburgh, at last!”
“Yes, that’s right! Where shall we go first?” “Let’s go to the tourist information desk!”
“Can I help you?” “We’d like some information about Edinburgh
Castle.” “We are here now. The tourist office is on
Princes Street next to the” “railway station. Edinburgh Castle is on the
other side of the railway” “line. You’ll have to go up The Mound, then
turn right, walk along the” “High Street until you get to the top – that’s
where Edinburgh Castle is. Arthur’s Seat’s another place to visit.”
“You’ll have to go along South Clerk Street . . .”
“Excuse me, can you please speak more slowly?” “Oh, I’m sorry! You don’t speak English!”
“Yes . . . No . . .” “Just give us the map. Thank you very much.”
“Did she speak English?” “Yes, she did. She spoke English with a Scottish
accent. Let’s find a place to stay!”

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