The Tourist Lane

The Tourist Lane

excuse me sir, are you a New York City resident? no? can you go in the tourist lane tourist lane please so you can take pictures and go slow please stay to the right hand side New Yorker? go to the New Yorker lane you can live your rapid lifestyle excuse me ma’am, if you’re gonna stand can you stand in the tourist lane? that’s for slow people, thanks you look like an artsy guy, you’re definetly from New York City, right? yup, just stay in the New Yorker lane excuse me sir, if you’re a tourist, step to the left hand side we’re trying to increase traffic flow statistically tourists walk slow, statistically you’re slow excuse me, New York resident? stay to your right you’re quick, you’re a New York City resident keep it up, keep a pep in your step you know how it is, New York City resident walk on average, twelve miles per hour you’re basically running, it’s like a sprint you got people who walk at regular rates so you got to average it out to twelve miles per hour sir, you’re definitely, a tourist, correct? Yeah, yeah? don’t feel threatened, I don’t have a gun today could you just, when you get down here, use the tourist lane, so you can go slow, take pictures go to sleep, whatever tourists do, just stay on the left hand side, that’s all New York City residents, definitely, right? just stay in the New Yorker lanes, you can go quick New Yorkers please stay on the right hand side tourists please stay on the left hand side as a New Yorker I appreciate this good, good, thank Bloomberg, send him a card he might go for four terms, you heard that? excuse me, I’m with the Department of Transportation basically, we’re trying to, this is a test block, obviously we’re trying to implement this by the end of the summer and have it in every block of New York City are you both New Yorkers? yes, we are what do you think of the new initiative? (laughs) it could definitely speed things along there’s a lot of pedestrian accidents, I don’t know, if you know that but there’s a lot of pedestrian accidents between tourists and New Yorkers really? Yeah, so we’re basically trying to find the best way to make everyone safe

100 thoughts on “The Tourist Lane

  1. Oh, I miss New York when I watch this!  Inspire the troops in Portland, Oregon, please:  out of the bars, onto the streets!

  2. Haha 🙂 I've lived in NYC for 6 years and got used to the NY tempo. So after returning to Europe it took me a while to slow down. I remember people asking me a lot why am I hurrying all the time, why can't I just walk in "normal" speed like them 🙂

  3. This is good idea only for entertainment or flashmob. Not good idea for our daily life. So how about an overseas student who staying in New York..

  4. We divided a New York sidewalk into Tourist and New Yorker lanes.  Check out this classic video we shot 4 years ago this week.

  5. I walk fast but in random, ever-changing directions. I would probably get run over if I went to New York.

  6. So if I am a commuter working in NYC living in NJ , I am not a tourist ( working ) , but I am also not a new yorker( living ). So do I walk in the middle or something ? =p

  7. I would have pointed out that they are in fact slowing traffic down by blocking the side walk to ask people where they're from.  Kind of condescending of them, not the usual playful stuff I've seen so far.  Not a knock out, but I don't fault them for trying this.  

  8. mmm, I know it's suppose to be funny and most of the time improv does something heart warming, but this was so ..meh, why bother doing that?

  9. Oh man do I wish this existed…I mean just during rush hour. I am very aware I am a tourist when I visit other parts of the world…Hey I would like it there too, so I can seek away and find the locals 🙂

  10. How dare you to force people on street … are you some sort of NYC authority or is the sidewalk your property? No? Then mind your own bussiness…

  11. In LA, there are out of towners that slow down traffic by driving less than 70 mph on the fast lane. I'm looking at you, people from Oregon and Arizona.

  12. Waited for someone to knock them out. Unlawfully blocking someone's way is can be considered assault. That was not funny, I would have walked where I wanted to.

  13. This is less like segregation and more like the lanes on the freeway, the innermost lane is for faster and more maneuverable cars while the outside are more for semi trucks and larger vehicles it helps organize trafic and prevent accidents

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