The Tourist – Movie Review

The Tourist – Movie Review

the tourist atop angelina jolie johnny
depp i believe that in three months when someone says how did you see the tour i will say i don’t and you calm you know what was the truth
is worse and i will find out of the ok bad as everyone says exactly right so
matter would first ad concerning that is the tutorial tourist in this film s angelina jolie is a sort of fend for powell who acts like he is national criminals suddenly russian
mobsters rafter and their polls after an they all thank you she’s due in this place to help her to
hell with her boyfriend i don’t know who that is right her off screen boyfriend
who is this international embezzle ur stole from
some rich guy mafia had it’s in venice medicine beautiful concealed drilled maybe we can machine should feel stevie watching cuny any schools humorous she lashed i need help to mention confronted him with his old self one of those who mind don’t strike break victory was truces to distract us and so are you crawford now you will be with us you wish to inform soon boundaries oakridge launch of the situation cellular that’s the first you see
johnnie depth and and and and uh… is originally did you see committed all
the world for many of them haart read on cement harmonies printed out it was the bad guys in the
first then we’ll stop really does and victor maitland very glad to be
known as an actor greatly exactly usually happens to her at her features and he says something like and uh… and he says i’ll kill you the anywhere says that uh… minute run
some controls non-it right aseem competition and then he says why ken would be a nice trick looks like he’s a great legacy what i
saw a grows the steven burke off israelis not
surprisingly of course an acclaimed british stage actor but he plays similar guy who looks
pretty good for twenty six years later steadily isn’t a look at them and
i think i think the uh… yeah but as soon as i thought this instantly
i thought spectrum after may twenty two thousand
haha said they were exaggerated but so what you’re you’re you know kinda disappointed this movie but i have
seen it’s not as bad had as it sounds is it seems as a lot of
the review sec there is the biggest public this movie
is the stunning lack of chemistry between angelina jolie gap really disappointed but aside from that you know lead then is is beautifully shot and i found
the story surprisingly intriguing it’s it’s almost a really cool kinda hitchcock kinda enough somewhere between north and or
north by northwest to catch a thief it’s it’s at that feel to it that it’s you know kind of a
wrongly accused man beautiful scenery much hitchcock but i
thought sort of it’s like a fun place to movie where they’ve been rob a bank or steel
bar towards your a but they’ve been sort of a guy’s identity estimated ryan router whodunit but a who
is that uh… rights hangout but but i agree on the chemistry of the email
because i liked the story you know i was kind of fun but chemistry like you have
a tough time believing as rapidly as they tell you these people fall in love that part of that i’ll go i’m not the same thing like that and enjoys it but very interesting
characters isn’t really knows that she is like the elegant glamorous and patel
feet only works if in the walk in the way she carried herself she is stunningly exquisitely word yes and she’s photographed beautifully fish
is playing at that website died at the fully different at a guy’s slutty
account like tied up a little slugging a little self-deprecating i kinda like a
right except that i never bought you know he’s supposed to be this kind of
schlup of a math teacher from madison wisconsin right he shows up he’s got nearly shoulder length hair the seem
like you know style beer i think that there is no way absolute like joe and intellectual he was a college campus i guess okay and let me action right for that
region military just started we wondered holy not educated as far as let me cathay florio hinkle bond daughters mark
because nobody has done that yet really i was at least and actually i was part
of your family totally his his the fact that he’s the director totally you need to forget director also
hit right because that he did on lives of others excellent german fell one
point language oscar couple years ago three years ago and if you walk in assuming i’m gonna
see a movie that is really meaningful allied altering invalidity massively
discipline i think that’s what’s happening hardly arrives whereas right
now the scores of like seventeen percent experian i think about that it’s not that track and i think a lot of
people are expecting something better based on his track record n out of the
cat last and really hoping for this epic
movie really it’s kinda you know it’s a light flyleaf suddenly it’s forgettable
but it’s fun bright line well-manicured action stamp panic and that’s one of them pretty people
went in venice and in a different movie i’m okay with that beyond florent angle bond honors mark we also
have shocking i know right saint during that time as they get and
he also co-wrote the script in kobe worked over the script with chris from
quarry but usual suspects doing fellas broke off the park gadi shot it take me away the game i
like in less than a type of prayer john c l_ oscar-winner for the english
patient without august and i think people i think people walking in this expecting
this movie is going to matter is not what i love the skate it does
look good because look at it looks great something an yeah i i thought it was you
know i i get up and crushing johnny depp i think brought many of us through criminals of their jobs not having
lovely some petroglyphs but talent can be said but johnny depp you know it’s like that
in this thing movie at we were talking earlier today i think this is a in common with nightingale earlier this year it will also cast as
people trapped in which i thought was sort of delightful margaret with tom cruise the way sort of
tom cruise yusof predicted guys you forget as a movie star you haven’t
forgotten jumped up you know is a movie star but there are moments here when i
look at it and i was like feed movies that screen i don’t know if you say people a bit
disappointed with his performance and he’s getting a
little ripped on the tomato meter on it delightful i mean it wasn’t really
challenging but i thought see i felt like he was doing a little bit of that
car on doing the quiet leading man thing
that he did nick of time where he’s just he’s almost as blank slate i felt like
there’s times the new york really see anything orlando raises her hand westpac
quietness lionhead corning right which works for scissorhands great
that’s that’s exactly what they care agrees to be sometimes he does that i feel like he’s downplaying it too
much really this is supposed to be a you know this math teacher who’s getting
shot up and people are aftermath there is there’s this level of i’m in a
panic that you never really see well but of course fees and write but
yeah got i think that i don’t know why i say hello to pretty much got three
months and i think that when you play seven years from now a little less sort of back and forth we got sports geniuses
free just pick a topic and then you go back and
forth and try to continue to to name it compton named things in the
category when you know johnny depp movies you’re going to forget the torch
is one right anti-white i’d typically will so but still he was fun and the like
terribly sorry and given that we have called this like heady awards the study out of time here
it’s a nice escape you don’t want to go see the king’s beach or something
heavier dar spiritualists brain fifty-some-odd and that weighty its
weight product acquisition is not waived early right because i don’t see it
became a phenomenon golden gloves maybe is a model
nominations this choice for like you like hottest angelina jolie has not
looked better than this awhile she’s standing she really does look fantastic
i want to get out there watching lekha along that line exacting represents great right permits perfect at all times saxophones tuesday denom return even
several woman graph financial integrity but women crushes they’re just crushes number five not-so-distant i’d it’s average it’s you
know it’s divorce ways to spend two hours got unified it’s i don’t regret
saying oh it’s short for two hours they barely get got eighth victory here
in five minutes away like but can’t knock down the credits a semester sunday
night because i was a little late and audio energetic uh… and that i was
here salary annette that’s that that is something that might
work uh… i find it could take a minute ad
for nike six point one so yeah i mean blood as those a little
better than average would expected what it so that pulls us to a
five point six over already

73 thoughts on “The Tourist – Movie Review

  1. OK. I'm going to say it…. And I say this as a true blue Angelina fan. She was the first woman I ever thought I'd go gay for, back when I was a teen, but she is NOT aging well at all. She's not even old yet, and she just looks like a dressed up skelator now. Just bony, shapeless and pale with a lot of weave and makeup.

    I hate saying that, but its true. Sorry.

  2. @Psycho5275 She still looks DAMN good…but I have to agree. She looks like she hasn't eaten anything since she shot Tomb Raider

  3. You guys are retarded… who the fuck rates something 6.1… that is so fucking retarded it's sad. 5.8? WTF. Rate by .0 and .5 like normal critics my god..

  4. @Xmenfan246 Yes, but she doesn't seem to have any muscle tone anymore, like she doesn't have a figure… its just saggy skin hanging off bones.

  5. @TrueMusou no she was small in tomb raider too look up hackers, foxfire, gia, tomb raider, girl interrupted, original sin and you will see has always been skinny with huge boobs and nice legs but small arms and shoulders.

  6. I rejected this movie the minute that Depp was telling the clerk someone was breaking down the door and the clerk responded with "is there a problem with the door sir?"

    Absolute stupidity.

  7. who ever is in charge of camera angles on this show needs to rethink the whole things , it doesnt work with the new set

  8. Do I really want to spend $8 (or more), plus the cost of refreshments to see something 'pretty to look at'? The film will make back its money in spades on DVD, but I think it's going to disappear pretty quickly from theatres.

  9. @juliact I have gotten to the point with Angelina that it seems I have to be reminded that she is beautiful, when I don't see it any longer. Everybody keeps saying how great she looks, but I can always take out the first TOMB RAIDER film to see her when she was amazing.

  10. this review affirmed all my suspicions about the Tourist. Some of the dialogue seems like it was written to be comedic but it fell really flat. Depp definitely wasn't aiming to give his character any comedic edge, which is a shame.
    Even from the clips and trailers Depp's acting seems stilted.

    Still, this is the kind of movie i like and it seems like something that would be good to watch on your laptop when you have two hours to kill when you're waiting in an airport or something.

  11. This is the kind of crap that plays at my local theatre instead of The King's Speech and Black Swan. I hate this town.

  12. why are they reviewing movies on the young turks? This is part of the "media mirage" that keeps us all in the dark about whats really going on in the world! I'm quite angered with the turks right now. I thought they were here to shed light on the truth!? Not talk about some garbage fiction movie!


  13. @MrDimebuck This is called What The Flick. Not TYT. It's a Separate subscription… fuckin unsubscribe instead of getting your panties in a bunch about it, idiot.

  14. @MrDimebuck

    Deliberate fallacies or complete fail.

    This is a separate show on a separate channel for people who are interested in film reviews.

    Pathetic comments are mildly entertaining.

  15. Angelina Jolie is always a "fem fatale" and it's getting really old. She's the exact same person as she was in every Tomb Raider movie, Wanted, Salt, and now this.

  16. @chasington89 That's so no true. Here, she's supposed to be this elegant, classy and misterious lady…and that's not the kind of person she was in Tomb Raider nor in Wanted. Even in Salt, she was a different kind of kick-ass character…And she certainly wasn't a femme fatale in Changeling, Playing by Heart, The Good Shepard, A Mighty Heart or Girl Interrupted. I don't know why some people claim she plays the same person when she has a wide range of different characters in her resume…

  17. It may be a dumb movie, but 90 minutes of Angelina Jolie slinking around being stunning may be OK all by itself. But my girlfriend doesn't wanna see it, oh well…

  18. The wtf moment for me was the chase scene with the over-dramatic music playing where they're literally moving 5mph. I was kinda scratching my head

  19. This movie was so weird… it felt like literally nothing happened in it at all. Just Angelina Jolie walking around, looking hot, for 100 minutes.

  20. @UnicycleFilms It's obvious you haven't seen much movies with Jackie Chan and Jet Li as both of each won awards in China for acting.

  21. I don't know what these three are talking about. Angelina Jolie looks disgusting. She needs to eat badly. She hasn't looked good in at least a decade.

  22. The reason you didn't see the level of panic is because the math teacher persona was a cover up for his real persona, dude.

  23. The greatest piece of shit i've seen in a while. Fuck this was bad i thought Johnny Depp (great actor) and Angelina Jolie (Beautiful, good actor) this could work out but it's shit. Proper shit fucking shit.

  24. @levantos Jesus! I just noticed how many negative comments I got hon here, lol! I had to go back a month or so to see what I actually wrote that deserved such terrible comments. If memory serves me correct, this video was under the banner of TYT, a place I go to get the truth, not to hear about some movie that may or may not suck. Sorry to have offended, 'twas not intentional, please forgive.

    Sorry to spaik007, noname6317, madpat2007, theblahs and of course levantos.

  25. I am not a particular fan of Angelina Jolie or familiar with her work, but in this movie I guess I could pick up on the charm attributed to her in it, and Frank and Elise did have nice chemistry in my opinion. Frank, of course, was sweet and charming. : ) Wish the ending would've been a little different, but it's a very classy and beautiful movie in beautiful locations, plus not as violent and "action" as I'd thought.

  26. @chroniclesofhensley I have to disagree. Matt did say that he thought that 'Sucker Punch' was "a steaming bag of dog shit" and he did say he "fucking hated" The Tree of Life, despite the fact that the majority of critics liked that particular film.

  27. WTH are you talking about, Angelina Jolies looks AWFUL in this movie!
    (Well, you know, us much as Angelina Jolie is able to)
    Her makeup is too heavy, her hair color is off, and they keep giving us shots of people staring at her.

  28. Saw this movie solely based on your reviews. Must admit I saw the end before the beginning so the whole plot meant something totally different to me. Absolutely loved it. Hope Hollywood continues to make gorgeous, smart movies like this one.

  29. Not to say they look bad, but neither of them are looking their healthiest in this film. He looks like he needs more exercise, and she needs to put on some heft

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