The Travel Writer | Black Books | Season 3 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

The Travel Writer | Black Books | Season 3 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

28 thoughts on “The Travel Writer | Black Books | Season 3 Episode 5 | Dead Parrot

  1. If you'd like to see more of our travel writing friend, then go check out the first season of Green Wing (there is a second season, but watch it at your own peril).

  2. 18:25 The setting, limited lights, the setup and the soundtrack – ALL of this reminds me of the swedish/danish heist classics of the 1970s-1980s, I'm talking Jönssonligan or Olsenligan 😀

  3. Manny Mancrush . George Castanza had one on some dude one show !!
    I made NACHOS … With …
    Hamburger fried with Paprika, garlic , spices . Black olives , Jalopenos , Green onion, purple onion, Cheddar cheese , sour creme , tomato ,avacado , small tortilla chips ,IPA BEER .and best of all . Jealous neighbor , knowing I made a shwack , and he don't get more than a sniff . He mooches weed , where as I have a snatchload of it .

  4. Seasons 1 and 2 were hilarious. Sadly in 3 they changed the characters to make them more extreme and less likeable. Should've stopped after 2 series – I don't know if the writers were different or something but Fran and Manny at each other's throats, Bernard being a cold killer, and everyone being weak and giggly was not how they were best portrayed.

  5. There was going to be a joke and an anecdote and another joke — quite a good one, actually, about rice.

  6. arrrr….too good.

  7. You always run into tossers like him when you travel – "Oh, you're only spending time in the Punjab are you? Well you can't really say you've been to India unless you see Kashmir. The war does make things a bit tricky but when I went…."

  8. Graham Linehan co-wrote and directed the first season. As much as I love Dylan Moran, Linehan’s absence really shows in seasons 2 and 3. I think they should have called it after 12 episodes at the latest. The old Fawlty Towers rule. Especially since Bernard owes a lot to Basil anyway, in his utter disdain for the customer.

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