The ULTIMATE Chinese Noodle Tour – 5 CITIES!!! Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu + MORE!!!

The ULTIMATE Chinese Noodle Tour – 5 CITIES!!! Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu + MORE!!!

– Look what we found here guys. This is the ultimate
satisfying bowl of noodles. One of the bowls worth flying for guys, and that’s what’s so
fun about food ranging is that you can travel new
food all over the world. Alright, check it out
guys, it’s Trevor James, and today’s video we’re bringing you for the ultimate noodle adventure. Five bowls, five flights, five cities. And I got to give a huge
thank you to OnePlus for sponsoring this episode, and making my noodle dreams come true. For all you viewers, the OnePlus 6T is exclusively available
through T-Mobile in the U.S. It’s gonna be the most
amazing noodle adventure, let’s check it out. If you love noodles, you’re
gonna love this video ’cause we’re bringing
you for the ultimate, best noodles we’ve ever had. Flying all over just to
eat one bowl of noodles in each city, get ready for
the best noodles in the world. And first up, Beijing, let’s eat. This has been a long time dream of mine to bring you for this full on,
high speed noodle adventure. We’ve got a flight in
just a few hours from now to go to the land, the home
of hand pulled noodles. But first up, we’re here in Beijing. We’re gonna get some Beijing Zhajiang noodles, let’s check it out. Time is tight, here we go. Hi, aw, here we are guys. This is it for the Zhajiang noodles, and they’ve got a special Luzhu. We just got a couple hours
before our first flight. Here we go guys. Here we go, this is awesome guys. This is just amazing. And not only do we have the Beijing Zhajiang noodles, but we’ve also got this incredible Luzhu here. I’m just gonna bust open the OnePlus 6T, and get some footage. This is just incredible guys, look at this, Luzhu in 4K 60 frames per
second on the OnePlus 6T. Look at this guys, we’ve
got the most aromatic pork organ stew. Topping it off with garlic, and coriander, and this gorgeous pot full of pork organs. Just look at that bubbling
cauldron of joy, guys. Wow, look at that stock going right in. That’s the thick pork organ stock. And you can see we’re just chopping up the beautiful organs in the back. This is gonna be a delicious,
intense organ stew. Wow, and look at that. Wow, the intestines and the lungs. Just look at the action here, chopping up those intestines, and those are gonna go right into that pork organ stew, wow. So this is a Beijing must try dish, we’ve got garlic, we’ve got intestines, and then we’re gonna top it with cilantro. Oh, and there’s pita and tofu
lungs, it’s all in there. On the OnePlus 6T. Here we go. And right up here is the
reason why flew to Beijing. We’re gonna get a bowl of Beijing The Zhajiang noodles. We got a full feast here today. Wow, and just look at this guys. We’ve got our first bowl of noodles, the Beijing Zhajiang noodles. They give you this beautiful salty, Beijing fermented bean
paste, celery, radish, cucumber, bean sprouts,
and these beans here. Let’s just start here with that salty, fermented bean paste. We gotta eat quick ’cause
we got a flight to catch. So that’s gonna be refreshing, salty, hot. Oh, and just mix that up, look at that. And then we’ve also got this gorgeous bowl of Luzhu Pork organ stew, wow,
that looks really good, I love the camera on here. (slurps) Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! oh whoa, that is so satisfying. It’s all about that salty
fermented bean paste, it’s so aromatic. It’s definitely a little salty, but the cucumbers, the celery, the radish give it a cooling effect. Oh, and we’re just gonna
take a big bite there. Mm, mm, oh, that’s definitely intense
with intestine aroma. If you like that flavor, it’s good. I think I like the noodles a bit more, but this is also pretty hearty and heavy. Wow, that was just amazing guys. One bowl down, four to go, we’re going to the airport right now. And after a quick taxi ride, we were at the Beijing Airport, and on our way to
Lanzhou in Western China. Home of the amazingly
delicious muslim halal Chinese hand pulled noodles. Here we go guys, I can’t
believe we’re flying three hours just for a bowl of noodles. Tai has le Here we go, awesome guys, we just took off. We’re on our way to Lanzhou. We’re heading there for
famous hand pulled noodles. This is gonna be amazing, and we are just on our way right now. Oh man, oh, it is definitely really salty. And before we knew it, we were in Lanzhou getting up at 6:00am for the first bowl of noodles of the day before flying to Chengdu for lunch. Awesome guys, and here we are Just made it into Lanzhou last night, it’s 6:30 in the morning now, and we’re going for one of
the best bowls of noodles in the whole world. Right up here, Lanzhou is the home of Hui Chinese, Muslim Chinese
hand pulled noodles. And this right here, is one
of the best bowls of noodles we’ve ever had!!! And this is the meat station
here guys, look at this. All of this sliced We’re goin’ in the back, guys. Okay, I’m just gonna
get some footage here. This is amazing, I love using this phone. Wow, look at that guys, and what I love about this phone is that you can use it for
awesome, professional videos. Good enough for our YouTube channel, 4K, 60 frames per second. That’s amazing. Wow, look at that. And these are gonna be
some of the best noodles in the world here, this was worth flying into Lanzhou for. And here we go guys, we’re gonna start the
pull, this is the pull. So we pull it into clumps now, and it goes into these sticks, and those are hand pulled individually into the ultimate delicious
beef and radish stock. Oh, and here we go guys. We’re gonna get the kuan de
wide style noodles, wow. This is incredible, look
at those wide noodles, and that’s gonna go right
into the cauldron, awesome. They get boiled quickly here, and then they get right into the bowl with the most rich beef and radish stock. And you can see, we’re just
pulling noodles in the back, pulling clumps as we go. Here we go, right in the bowl, and here comes that
awesome onion, coriander, smokey chili oil, beef fat, and then radish stock. Awesome, and here we are guys. Look at those beautiful hand
pulled noodles in Lanzhou. Wide belt style, and you can smell that ultimate chili oil, the radish beef stock, the fattiness from the beef, oh. And at any moment in time here in Lanzhou, you know that there’s thousands of bowls just like this being pulled. And we came here a couple years ago, and I left a piece of my heart here because after the first bite, you’ll never forget this flavor. Just a slide on top, and
you can hear slurping in the background. (slurps) Mm. Mmmmmmmmmm, oh yes. That is the most
comforting bowl of noodles you’ll ever eat. It’s soothing, and soft. The beef and radish stock is so complex and full of flavor, and
the noodles are fat, and al dente chewy. And the chili oil is smokey, wow. Awesome, that was just
the best bowl of noodles. Bye bye. That was worth flying in for. Bye bye, thank you. Wow,
– Bye bye, bye bye. that was just incredible guys, and we’re going to the airport now, we’re going to Chengdu. And after a quick taxi ride, we made our way to the airport which had their own hand
pulled noodles as well. But we kept moving on our way to Chengdu to eat the best bowl of
Dandan noodles in the world. Awesome guys, we just landed. We’ve just got a couple hours to run out, we’re getting a bowl of Dandan noodles, and then catching a flight to Shanghai. Just landed, awesome, and here we are
guys, we’re in Chengdu. The land of Sichuan food, Dandan noodles, and we’ve just got time
for one bowl right up here, and then we’re heading
back to the airport. Let’s go check it out. And we’re gonna go into the kitchen, and see how they make them. This is it guys. The Wonton heaven! Oh look at this guys, we’ve got these individual little bamboo baskets of hand pinched Sichuan wontons. And just look at this
massive noodle cauldron. Beautiful noodles that go
right on top of chili oil to create the ultimate bowl
of dandanmian, oh yeah. And these are the Hongyou chaoshou look at that, wontons
right on top of the most fragrant, and slightly,
slightly sweet chili oil. This is our bowl of Dandan noodles. And look at this guys, we
flew in just for this bowl. We’ve got to go to Shanghai
in just a few minutes. We’ve got this ground pork saozi on top which is made with ground pork, and pickled mustard greens. And then on the bottom is the real secret, oh, look at that chili oil. That is the secret,
ultra fragrant chili oil. Oh, that is incredibly aromatic, look at the chili oil on the bottom, wow. This is it guys, that smells so aromatic. This is crazy, this is
absolutely crazy guys, this noodle spree we’re on. In and out of airports, eating noodles, and that’s the secret there, look at that. And then we’ve also got the most beautiful aromatic bowl of hongyou chaoshou
00:11:51,990 –>00:11:54,860
red chili oil wontons. And this chili oil is actually slightly sweet and fragrant. This is the meaning of life right here. (laughs) This is the
reason for life and travel. (slurps) Mm, oh yeah, oh wow. That pork saozi givesthis so much flavor with the chili oil, and also
the pickled mustard greens give it a slight earthiness,
what an amazing bowl. And I am just stuffed on noodles now guys, and we are going back to the airport to Shanghai for more. And before we knew it,
we were on the airplane to Shanghai for our next bowl. And this is just crazy guys, look at this. We started in Beijing just two days ago, we flew to Lanzhou, then
we came down to Chengdu, and now today we’re going
from Chengdu to Shanghai, and then tomorrow we’re
flying to Hong Kong. And here we are guys, Shanghai on the bund. Just look at this beautiful skyline, one of the most amazing
skylines in the whole world. We got time for one bowl of noodles, then we’re going back to the airport to Hong Kong to finish up our tour. I wanna give another huge thank you to OnePlus for sponsoring this episode, and making this whole
noodle spree possible. It’s an awesome phone, the OnePlus 6T, I’m gonna be personally
switching to it full time now because I’ve fallen
in love with the phone, the features, the speed, the camera, it’s a great flagship phone. We’re going to make our
way for our next bowl, and keep going, we’re
going to Hong Kong next. And here we are guys. Right up here is another
one of the best bowls of noodles to eat in the whole world. The sesame paste, chili
oil noodles at Weixiangzai here in Shanghai. Here we are, and it smells
like sesame in here. Look at this guys, we
just got the ultimate bowl of Majiangmian sesame paste chili oil,
scallion al dente noodles with a beautiful spicy
chili pork to add on top. We’re just gonna add that
beautiful spicy chili pork right on top, look at that. Ooh, this is a classic joint in Shanghai, super famous, super old, and you can just mix all that spicy pork throughout the noodles,
and you can really smell the sweetness of that
sesame, look at that. Oh yeah, and we’re just gonna mix that up. This is just incredible,
and just look at how thick that sauce is, wow, there’s
nothing better in life than mixing chili and sesame oil together. (laughs) Look at that, and
this joint is just packed. MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmm…. oh yeah, Oh, that’s it. Look at how thick that sesame paste is. It’s slightly sweet, and then
you got a slight spiciness from that spicy, ultra flavorful pork. That is perfectly Xiang and this joint is just packed, crazy packed for a reason
because this is worth flying for. And after devouring two bowls of those insanely delicious noodles, we made our way to Hong Kong
for our final plate of noodles. And here we are guys, the
noodles are calling us, the fried rice noodles. (laughs) It’s gonna be really good. And here we are guys, Hong Kong, another one of the great
cities of the world. Just got in last night, we’re bringing you for
noodle after noodle. We’re going for classic,
stir fried rice noodles, and just look at that glorious
skyline, let’s check it out. And here we are guys, the final meal, the
final plate of noodles. We’re here in Hong Kong
in one of the most famous Daipaidong street side eateries at Aiwensheng here. We’re gonna get some
delicious fried rice noodles, and a crab, and we’re gonna
get the biggest crab here. Oh, mud crab. Look at that. And this is it here guys, we just ordered some noodles, a big crab, and also some
mantis shrimp with vegetables. We’re gonna fry up the crap Bifengtang style, and then get our famous
rice noodles fried. The ganchaoniuhe Okay, we’re gonna fry up the
Ganchaoniuhe. Oh, here it is guys, the beef goes in. What happened next was a
flurry of intense precision, and heat control to produce the most deeply flavored noodles
by the breath of the wok. Smokey and perfectly cooked noodles, and a bifengtang style crab with breadcrumbs, garlic, and chili. Whoa, and there it is. Oh. Look at this, we’ve got a
classic Cantonese feast. We flew into Hong Kong
for these noodles here, these beautiful fried rice noodles with beef, onions, lightly seasoned, light soy sauce, hoisin sauce. And then we got this delicious,
ultimate mantis shrimp with bell pepper,
breadcrumbs, a delicious beef Bifengtang style mud crab with breadcrumbs, with chili, with onion, with garlic,
it’s all in there. And then some delicious fried Gailan with garlic. Oh wow, onions, garlic, lightly seasoned. Mm, oh yeah. Those are excellent rice noodles, a little smokey from wokhei The flavor, the breath of the wok. Thank you so much for watching guys. Gotta give a huge thank you
to OnePlus for sponsoring this journey, and making this
whole dream of mine possible. I love the OnePlus 6T, I’m
gonna be using it full time now. Love the camera, love the phone, love the video, beautiful phone. Love to hear from you down
below, please leave a comment, and make sure to click that subscribe, and little bell notification
button as well, thanks so much.

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