The Ultimate Denver Travel Guide // What To Know Before You Go: Denver

The Ultimate Denver Travel Guide // What To Know Before You Go: Denver

– This is Denver, Colorado,
known for its high elevation, beautiful mountains, Denver omelets, and possibly John Denver. But there’s way more to know
about Denver and even more to do, and we’re gonna
take you through it all. This is What to Know Before
You Go: Denver edition. Once you get into Denver
International Airport, you’re probably gonna wanna get out. So take the airport rail to Union Station. It’s just nine dollars each way and the trains leave every 15 minutes between six AM and eight PM. Otherwise it’s every 30 minutes. Super convenient, super easy. And do not just breeze
through Union Station. This beautiful space is
more than just a hub. It’s a 100 year old historic landmark with some of the city’s
top restaurants and bars like Citizen Rail, an urban steakhouse styled like a modern day rail car with a gorgeous open
kitchen and wood fire grill. You can go traditional with a perfectly cooked dry-aged
tomahawk ribeye for two or Colorado lamb chops with
lentils and Swiss chard or mesquite fired mussels
swimming in a tangy dijon broth. Don’t sleep on the cocktails, either, especially the Plunder’s Road made with citrus, mezcal
and clarified milk. Biking is high on the list of ways to get from point A to point B in Denver. Hundreds of miles of dedicated bike paths run through Denver and its edges, connecting you to areas like
Cherry Creek and Red Rocks. Biking along these paths makes it easy to pack in a lot of
destinations in one day. In spring 2010 Denver launched its bike sharing program, Denver B-Cycle. Starting at just nine dollars a day more than 800 new shiny red
bikes are available for sharing at almost 90 stations around Denver. If you have a need for speed explore the mile high city on a scooter. Scootours Denver offers
Vespa style scooter rentals and even guided scooter tours. Never ridden one before? They got you. If you can ride a bike, are 18 or older, and have a valid driver’s license, Scootours can easily train you to ride. If that’s not your speed, take a hike. Make a day trip to Boulder and hike through beautiful Chautahqoua, a relatively easy trail
with more amazing views of the Front Range. This is a popular spot so be
advised that it can get crowded but it gets major points
for being pet friendly. Speaking of animals if you’ve never seen over 500 pieces of taxidermy in one place, it’s time to check out Buckhorn exchange. This Denver institution
has been around since 1893, serving up some of the
best meats you can find and of course, rocky mountain oysters. If you don’t know what they are it’s best to just trust us and try them. They’re deep-fried goodness. Bull testicle goodness but whatever. Just order one or two
of these crispy balls with horseradish dipping sauce and dig in. But if that kills your appetite, it’s worth the trip just
to see the decor alone. Got beers on the brain? You’ve got to head to River North and tour the Great Divide brewing company. Open in 1994, this brewery has 16 taps of seasonal and year round brews and due to the small size
the tours are first come, first serve, open to the
public and best of all, free. More of a film buff? You’ll want to catch a flick
at the legendary Mayan theater. This movie theater opened in 1930 and is one of the country’s
three remaining theaters designed in the art deco
Mayan revival style. If you prefer outdoor activities,
you’ll find that Denver has some pretty sweet
city run golf courses. It’s just 10 dollars for the
green fee at Harvard Gulch. A par three in the
Platt Park neighborhood. Still have mountain lust? Take the Amtrack Winterpark
Express and hit the slopes. Dubbed the ski train,
this weekend only train runs from Union Station to Winterpark and has been in operation since 1912. If you book in advance you
can get the early bird price of 29 dollars each way and avoid all the traffic with
this easy two hour ride. Speaking of beating traffic
one of the easiest ways to get around the mile
high city is pedicab. These tricycle cabs cart
passengers all around town and the Mile High Pedi Cabs is the oldest company, started in 1988. Most drivers pedal hard for tips but typically it’s two
dollars per city block. With this roadmap, you’ll have no problem finding your way around this amazing city. Now go out there and put it to good use! Thanks so much for watching
What to Know Before You Go Denver Edition, presented by Expedia. Be sure to subscribe to
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  1. dumbass hoes this video is a guide to VISITING denver not a guide to live here ? so stop shooing away people here

  2. Expect to get contact high anywhere you go if you not a smoker. Really is like Cheech and Chong smoking out all over the state but Denver is really the Mile high.

  3. Just landed in Colorado be sure to drink because alcohol effects you different at altitude when you're done with that bike to Morrison haven't passed out yet try Boulder and a blunt still standing well then you passed the test and can pay 3k a month for rent welcome to Colorado

  4. Bob Seger and the silver bullet band ,
    Get out of Denver better go go
    Get out of Denver better go
    Get out of Denver better go go
    Get out of Denver cause you look just like a commie
    And you might just be a member better
    Better Get out of Denver
    Better Get out of Denver

  5. If you are white you will be welcomed
    If you are colored, people will hate you simply based off your skin tone.

  6. Food is terrible in Denver no variety, people are weird, defecation on the streets, legions of homeless people, crazies and drug addicts, cops are racist, too many homosexuals and deviants, satanic airport, liberalism, hordes of dogs on street, crimes, half the city smells like weed, school system sucks, multiculturalism pushed on you, RTD Nazis, dirty streets, parks are overrun by bums, public bathrooms are locked, theft, everything is super expensive. Don't move here !!!!

  7. This really is a bad list. If you're coming from the sea level and you get on one of those red bikes you're going to die. We're mile above sea level in the air is thinner here you'll have a headache in 5 minutes. Cut your coffee intake by half the first couple of days and you should be okay

  8. Other lovely places (seriously): Colorado Convention Center,16th Street mall,Writers square,Elitches gardens theme park,Coors fieldCasa Bonita,Cherry creek mall,Aurora mall,Aurora movie tavern and you must take the RTD

  9. Great Video, the Scootours idea was excellent, we went and it was the highlight of our trip. They said I was the first person to see this and show up. Very pleased.

  10. Citizen Rail shouldn't be a highlight of downtown food, I worked there and know how little that company cares for food quality and their employees, the dinner is okay, breakfast and lunch are awful

  11. The easiest thing you can do when coming to my city is remember… when in Colorado do as the Coloradans do. Respect our city, respect our nature, and each other. Don't be a dick and after you've gotten high, go back home

  12. Here’s a tip. Avoid West Denver and East Denver oh ya and the North and south sides could get pretty hairy as well. Other than that your good.

  13. CHAT-A-QUA? You obviously didn't take the time to learn how to pronounce the name which is "Sha-taq-wa"

  14. Best Suburbs to Live in the Denver Area?
    Quiet safe area not to far from coffee shops/shopping etc

  15. I just love it how most of the people watching this video are from Colorado (meeeeeee) also why do people thing we’re all hipsters who spoke pot and weed all day cuz that’s some shit.

  16. If you're going to do a video like this you probably should learn how to pronounce the places that you're sending people to.

  17. Im planning on driving down to Denver as a tourist and I plan on defecating on the streets cause im a tourist and I don't live there

  18. Been in Denver all my life. I'm 56. Does anybody remember Cinderella City and old Elitches on 38th? A lot has changed and I wouldn't mind moving to a smaller town nowadays.

  19. I just lived there for several years. The worst place I have ever lived and the worst people. The Coloradans are the rudest people in the country. As well as the laziest. If they tell you they are a native run for the hills they are garbage but they think really highly of themselves. I would advise people not to go there.

  20. Step 1: don’t go to Denver!
    Step 2: don’t use the public transportation
    Step 3: don’t rent those weak ass bikes!
    Step 4: people in Colorado drive like nuts don’t ride a scooter
    Step 5: don’t eat bull testicles

  21. Denver went from a beautiful destination 30,20 & even 10 years ago but now its a liberal shit hole! Finally moved out last year after over 30 years in the area. Truly sad watching it self destruct these past 10 years with its continued downward spiral under the current administration. It was like watching a close friend die from a terminal disease and nothing could stop it. smh

  22. Easily the worst list of all time and I love it. Send all the dummies to these shitty spots and leave the good spots for the rest of us

  23. lol all you people complaining about people moving here. Oh that awesome new bar, neighborhood, restaurant, plaza, city park, coffee shop, venue, etc. you love to go to. That’s popping up due to a rising economy that’s fed by people moving here. I just moved here because my job is in parks so I can agree at the same time that people who come here just to take advantage of legalized weed is obnoxious but its economic benefits is undeniable whether you like it or not

  24. -Overrated city
    -Lack of diversity
    -lack of culture
    -aloof, passive aggressive/boring ppl, socially inept, socially retarded, introverts. The people almost have the same mindset if the Pacific Northwest, more like the Seattle freeze (Natives)
    -airport far as hell from city
    -brown and yellow scenery
    -The “NATIVES” do not like outsiders /transplants, especially California’s and Texas. You will see alot of stickers such as “Natives” or “NO VACANCY”. They are bunch of lames and cornballs, I’ve never seen anything like this before. The natives are not the most welcoming people.
    -high suicide rate and mental disorder.
    – expensive as hell (rent), good luck finding a home out here $500k and for a shoe box and no land.
    -houses and businesses are very cookie cutter and lots of chain restaurants.
    -homeless and drug problem out here.
    -landlocked city.

  25. I was thinking to move to Colorado before but not Denver, but now I am so lucky that Im end up with better place…not a bad attitude place

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