– What do you think? What do you think? Yes. I’m all good for Muay Thai now. Nice and short. (indie rock music) All right, the ultimate
fitness destination in Phuket, Thailand. You might be thinking what it’s all about. It’s actually a street called
Soi Tai Iad here in Phukat. I’ll throw the spelling up on your screen, I’ll throw a map up on your
screen so you can see it. And I’ll step over here
just to get out of the wind. Now Soi Tai Iad is also
known as Fighter’s Street. And you might be thinking
well, I’m not a fighter, I don’t wanna fight,
it doesn’t interest me. But I think it’s been miscoined. This street is more than
just a fighter’s street. It’s actually a destination. It’s one very level street here which is full of Muay Thai training camps, fitness gym facilities, nutrition bars, and other facilities
around it, such as hot yoga and there’s a cold room
that you can go to. There are, I mentioned
before, protein shake bars and menus at various restaurants here that are catered specifically for somebody who’s wanting to track their calories and track their macros. And you’re wanting you
know, grilled chicken and steamed vegetables
and that kind of thing. And also crossfit and functional training and all different types of training, like MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and all the different
types os martial arts, K-1 and so forth, and of course, Muay Thai can all be found at various
camps along this street. So what people usually do is people from all around the
world will usually fly here from the Czech Republic,
from America, from Australia. Today I did a class, there was two other
Australians in that class. And somebody else from
somewhere in Eastern Europe. And people from all
around the world come here and they spend a week
to two weeks to a month, sometimes even two months
training here at any one time. And so you’ll find nutrition bars and you’ll find supplement stores. There are two supplement stores here that you can get all
your protein requirements and creatine and all those
other things if you need to. So I definitely recommend
coming down to this place and checking it out. There’s Titan Fitness. Titan Fitness has their own
camp, they got their own gym, they got their own kitchen
called Health’s Kitchen, they’ve got their own obstacle course. You can do a camp with
them, personal training, 12 week retreat with them where you learn how to become a personal
trainer, become certified. And you have access to a pool that’s part of the accommodation and all these other bits and pieces. And it’s just a great place to be to be around the right people, to be in the environment
with like-minded people. And also as well, real
quick, some of the gyms here also include as part of
the training regimen, a run up to the Buddha, which
you might see, I’m not sure, but if I point to it onscreen, the white Buddha is up on that hill there. And so usually you’ll do a
run up to that white Buddha and even be training on the beach as well as part of your training programme here. So have a think about it. If you have any questions, look, I have other videos that
I’ve done on this street. About 20, 25 videos on this street. I’ve been training at Tiger Muay Thai and various other gyms here. And I cannot recommend
this place hardly enough. If you want a place where you
can have a fitness retreat, meet new people, get shredded, be in the best shape
possible, that kinda thing. (traffic) Sorry about the buses. Then definitely check out
this place, Soi Tai Iad, I’ll throw it up again. Also known as Figher’s Street. You can also type in Tiger Muay Thai. That’s a good landmark here. That whole entire street. Then I’ll throw the map up again. Find accommodations
somewhere along this street and then stay here for
a week or two weeks. Over the weekend you can
get to Phi Phi Island which is literally a 20 minute
taxi ride from this street to the ferry terminal to
get to Phi Phi Island, spend the weekend at Phi Phi
Island, do some scuba diving, relax, have a few drinks,
and then come back and start training on Monday or Tuesday. There are also protein shake bars that you’ll find on the street here. Literally as you walk down the street here of what I call the ultimate
fitness destination, you’ll get to these protein shake bars literally where you pay
100 baht, 80, 90, 100 baht, which is less than three
Australian dollars, and you get a protein shake
literally in a bamboo hut. And you can pick out
the fruit that you want and it’s all there laying in front of you, you can select the fruit, mango, banana, whatever the heck you want, and you can put that into your shake. And literally have it on the
street in a little bamboo hut. That’s pretty awesome. And also if you’re
thinking about nutrition, like what meal plan you’re gonna be on. If you wanna go to the gym
and train and lift weights and do Muay Thai and MMA,
what about meal planning? Well there are so many places
here that you can go to. You can go to Tony’s Restaurant, you can look through the menu, and almost everything no the
menu has a calorie count. You know exactly how many
calories you’re consuming, protein, carb, and fat,
you know your macros. There’s a place they’re
just building now in 2018. In fact it’s just been built
literally just recently and you can actually go,
they do meal plans for you. You can buy these meal plans
and you can buy these packs and they cook it all the food and they prepare it all for you, and you can literally walk in
there and buy the containers that you want against the goals that you’re trying to achieve. If you wanna lose fat, build
muscle, that kind of thing, they can set you up on
meal plans accordingly. And they’re not the only place that do it. There are training camps
here that will set you up not just on a training plan
but also on a meal plan. This place has everything you need. (upbeat music) Hey guys, about to get a haircut here. About to get a haircut. Gonna cut this crazy hair down. So we’re going for the men’s, 300 baht. – Like it cut? – Nice and short. So go number two… So number two to the sides and back. And then really short on top. – Small fade. – Yeah. Number two. – Number two. – Yeah, and then– (imitates cutting) Short. Finished, what do you think? What do you think? Yes. I’m all good for Muay Thai now. Nice and short. That’s how it’s done. Hey guys, it’s about
11:00 in the morning here. I’m on Soi Tai Iad,
A.K.A. Fighter’s Street here in Phuket Thailand. Just had a haircut. As you can tell, I needed it. Cost me 300 baht, which
is 12 Australian dollars. Half the price that I would pay back home. So definitely worth
getting a haircut here. So did a morning Muay
Thai class, as you saw, had a protein shake for 100
baht, four Australian dollars. Had a haircut. And just walking around this street, checking out the fitness centres
and training centres here. Let’s do this on a beautiful hot day. (upbeat music) Right now I’m also at Chokchai Muay Thai. And Chokchai Muay Thai,
never actually trained here, but this is still off
one of the side streets here on Fighter’s Street or Soi Tai Iad or the ultimate fitness
destination in Thailand here. One of the places that you can train. And they’ve got all the
rings there that you can see or that you saw before at least. And it’s just a perfect place. It’s nice and hot right now and you’re training in
an open air environment, there’s a bit of a breeze coming through, you can’t ask for anything
else more than that. And I might even try to
get a private class here at this place, Chokchai. If I do, I’ll create a
separate video for that. So I’m gonna keep exploring this area and bringing you the very best to help you make a decision
about where to train when you come here to the ultimate fitness
destination in Thailand. (upbeat music)


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