The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Chicago || Gatekeepers

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Chicago || Gatekeepers

My buddy Justin here, lost a bet, so that means you’re getting something, and this should be fun. – Oh man, how to make the
best of a (bleep) situation. That was the first thing
that went through my head. – There’s a soft piece
of tissue right there. – So let me break it down for you. The past ten years, I’ve
been traveling the world, tour managing artists, and
showing them the best spots. I know that anywhere you go,
you need that solid connect. We’ve taken submissions from people claiming to have the keys to their city, now we’re traveling the country to take them up on their word. I’m Justin Lizama, and
this is “Gatekeepers.” So I just arrived here in Chicago, also known as the Windy City. When you think of the place,
you think of deep-dish pizza, The Sears Tower, maybe Wrigley Field. I’m gonna flip it upside
down because I don’t wanna be a tourist. I’m here to meet Vic Lloyd.
He is the founder and creative director of Fat Tiger
Workshop, a streetwear brand here in Chicago. I’m depending on Vic to keep me warm and show me some dope sites. – I’m Vic Lloyd, I’ve been
in Chicago all my life. I know everybody and
everything, pretty much. I get these calls all the time of people asking me what to do in Chicago. I know for a fact Justin’s
gonna love it. Gonna be fun. This is Chicago, the right way. – Sup man? – Wassup how you doin? – Justin. – Vic. – Good to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Welcome to Chicago. – Thanks for having me. Haven’t been here before,
so this is a great start. – Fat Tiger Workshop. So this
is like our shop, boutique, creative collective. This is like our little accessory section. We’re doin like a setup this weekend, we’re gonna be doing some custom things, just kinda set up with a heat press and- – I notice some Japanese art,
I notice some inspirations coming from a lot of different places. – We are heavily influenced
by tattoo culture, Japanese culture. My brand is Sensei. I grew
up doing martial arts, so that’s a heavy influence on me. Yeah, just been putting all that
stuff into everything we do. – A deeper thought with
art gives it leverage and gives it meaning. – That’s what we try to do.
We try to really have soul. Chicago is a very blue
collar city, so, you know, we wanna be like for the working person. – That’s even better. It’s got soul. – Yeah Justin, this is our workshop room. So day to day, usually, we
have this set up as a classroom. But we have used this room
to do an activation with a movie, we’ve done it for
Chance’s charity, Social Works. – Amazing, I love it. All right man, I love the shop.
But I wanna see the rest of Chicago and I’m hungry. – All right, no problem, I’m about to take you to amazing burger. Probably the best burger in the city. – Best burger in the city? – Yup. – Best burger in the state? – Best burger in the state,
’cause all the best food is in Chicago. – All right, I believe that. Let’s go. – All right, first up, I’m taking
you to one of my favorite spots, Mini Mott. – A lot of people honking. – That’s a real Chicago thing. So, how hungry are you? – I’m pretty hungry. – OK, so we gonna do it kinda big then. I’m gonna get my man fed here. – Right on. – So we’ll order the Mott
Burger, the Bears Burger, the Everything Wings. Then we gonna order the Beast
Mode Fries. Secret item. – You’re in the know, right? – Heh heh, I the know. – Right on, can I get
a name for the order? – Vic. – Vic it is. – All right so, Mott Burger,
so y’all can see it. It’s the Mott Burger. There it is. That’s saucy. – Tzatziki sauce. – Oh, wow, that’s like a
gravy on there or somethin’. – Yeah. – That’s good. I like that
heavily melted cheese vibe. – Hey I noticed your tiger
tat, I was just in Tokyo, and those were poppin’ everywhere. – Yeah, I’m pretty much
heavily covered with tattoos. When I got one, I just started keepin’ keepin’ on going. So you know,
hopefully we’ll get tattooed with you on this trip. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – Well, I’m always down. – This is the Bears. – All right. – Got that. – This is a tasty burger,
honestly I was expecting like, here’s a cheeseburger.
That’s got some style to it. – It’s not like your everyday burger. – To me, it’s like when
I wanna taste somewhere. It’s like a special burger. There you go. – I love chocolate shakes with burgers. – Winter’s almost here, but
we gon’ drink these milkshakes like it’s summer. – So that’s the off-the-menu… – Off the menu, this is
the Beast Mode Fries. So it’s jackfruit, carnitas,
egg on top, some jalapeno, you know, cut this egg up. – Luxurious egg yolk. – Kinda let it get in there, you know. – That sauce is nice. – Mhmm. – Nice choices. – OK. These are the Everything Wings.
So it’s kinda to give it the idea of the everything bagel. – OK. – You know. I put mine in tzatziki sauce. – Oh wow, that’s good. Now I
can taste that Asian fusion. – Yeah, you see it a little
bit there with the wings. – Sup guys? – Justin. – Justin, I’m Nate. How’s everything been? Are
you having a good time? – Amazing, everything is good. – I really love, there’s little hints. You can taste fusion in it
but it’s not overwhelming, in all the food. Which I found very impressive. – Thank you, that means a lot. – What made you hop into burgers? – Yeah, so our other
restaurant is Mott Street, we randomly put a burger on the menu. Someone challenged us to make a burger. We took sauces that are
already on our menu, the hoisin, miso butter, and
we put it all on a burger and- – It’s really, really good. – Handsome Mini Mott happened. – I mean definitely onto
something, the food’s amazing. This is a different part of
Chicago that I haven’t seen. I love it. – We love hosting. We love
hosting when people get their hands dirty, their mouth dirty- – Yes. – Mustaches dirty. – Thanks guys. – Thank you. – Do you think Justin enjoyed his meal? – Uh, when you see that he
had some food in his mustache, I would think so. – Got it? – Think you got it, yup. – That mustache life. I loved it. I think the
word of the day is “nuance.” All the food had just enough
flavor to make it perfect. I’m excited to see what he has next. – So next up, I’m gonna take
Justin to a really, really cool bar. He doesn’t know it, when you go there, they do magic tricks at the bar. Can’t wait to take him there. Real cool spot, let’s check it out. – All right, good, ’cause it’s freezing. – Haha, surprise, you gotta
figure out how to get in here. – What? – Six, six, six? – Six, six, six. – No, not workin’. – I don’t know I dialed
six, six, six on the phone. But I mean, I don’t
know, I tried everything. I think I hear somebody talking. Yeah I think you hear somebody. – Justin had no clue how to get in. I think he rang the bell 107 times, thinkin’ that somebody was gonna let him in. You’re real close, ha. Oh, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa cut
that out you can’t see how to get in here. – Hey, how it going? – How’s it going? – Justin. – Welcome to Chicago Magic Lounge. Joel. – Vic. – Nice to meet you, sir. What
can I get started for you? – Look at this, pretty interesting, menu. You got How Houdini Died. What are you thinking? – I think I’m gonna go with
the Smoke and Mirrors. I know what I want, yeah. – Excellent choice. And
I’m on the search of just great Old Fashioneds. – Sure. – Yeah? Is it good here? – I gotchu, yeah. – OK. – I think he’s testing my tolerance. – Hey.
– Oh. Smoke and Mirrors. Old Fashioned. Cheers. – Chicago. – Oh, that’s smoky. – How are you guys doing? – I’m good, how are you? – I’m good, you wanna
help me with some magic? – Yes, we do. – Step right up. – And I don’t use trick cards, these are real cards.
It’s all slight of hand, all the cards are different. And keep your eye on the card. – All right, there it is. – It’s in the center, did you see it jump? Whoo. It’s under the box. – Hey, OK.
I’m gonna drink some more of this. – This truly is the devil’s playground. – It’s lost in the deck. See the box move? – Yeah I did. – It’s not underneath,
it’s inside this time. – Oh, huh.
– That’s freaky. – I’m goin’ home. – This is three, under
the cup is number four. Did you see number four? – There’s number four. If I lose this- – The billiards ball and the
silver ball that came out the cup were probably the most impressive. – I know Justin had a good
time, he’s somewhere right now, probably, still drinking his cocktail. – I have not been to a
magic place like this. I found it super cool and
unique that you can just roll into a bar, in a
speakeasy vibe, and just hang out. You got some magic, you
got some great cocktails. – Thank you, that was a
great way to start the night. – What’d you think about the bathroom? – It was freaky. I definitely
got a photo in there. So everybody come to Chicago Magic Lounge, you’ve gotta check out the bathroom. – Yeah. – It’s like freaky. OK, so I got a perfect place
to eat, drink, end the night. Let’s get it. Let’s go, you ready? – Let’s go warm up, – All right, so I’m taking
you to my spot, The Delta, in Wicker Park. We’re about
to meet two of my friend, Joe Freshgoods, Cliff Skighwalker, have some good food and drinks. – Awesome, thank you. – Let’s check it out. – Welcome to The Delta. – I’ll cheers to that. – Yeah, cheers. – Yeah, looks good to me guys. Ay! – Eye contact, eye contact. – Gotta hit the table, make it real. – Yeah so tomorrow, I
wanna try to take you to the tattoo shop, get you a tattoo. I’ma get a Detroit-style pizza, right here. – Ah, I’ll be honest,
little food cuts are dope. I’ve been to Chicago so
many times. Some of the best restaurants, not even
locally or in the country, but in the world are here. – I think this is arguably,
like, the best food city. They almost spoiled,
’cause they get to be like, they get to live here, be in this. It’s a beautiful thing. – I think we wouldn’t be
where we’re at in life if it weren’t for Chicago
keeping us grounded. And that speaks volumes
with our entrepreneurs, a lot of guys open up the
restaurants and everything, we’re like all big one family or whatever. – Oh! – Chicken and fried rice. – OK. – Chicken liver mousse with
seasoning and spicy vegetable on the side. – Don’t know what that is- – Animal-style fries with
cheese sauce, Delta as (bleep) sauce and caramelized onions. – Delta as (beep) sauce, huh? – Delta as (beep) sauce. – The Delta might be one
of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. They’ve taken everything
that is good, tamales, fried chicken, fried
green tomatoes, fries, everything they had,
normally you’d be like, I love this. They took it
and brought it up a notch. – That’s like music, sometimes with food. I like, when I eat food, it reminds me, it puts me back into a place. No matter how good I’m doing in life, how bad I’m doing in life. Days that I have really
successful days, online, or I sign a contract with something, I try to go to the spots that
I had when I was younger. That’s why I love patty melts,
my grandmother would make me some burgers and just smash
between bread ’cause she ran out of buns. – Yeah. – What did you think of the blue
drink that they brought over? – That’s a mezcal in there,
you can taste the mezcal through everything. If you like some smoky, smoky. – Oh sh*t, here we go. – Mezcal, cachaça, blue curaçao, watermelon, lime, salud, enjoy. – Freaky. We on a date now fellas. Y’all trying to make out? This looks like- – Why don’t y’all just go in like that? – Pass it around like a blunt? – Yeah we gotta pass it around like a blunt. – This my straw, I’m green, I’ma take a – Oooh, that’s got some pop to it. – There you go, get in there. – It’s smoky. – Purple is the color of royalty. – Well hey guys, thanks for joining me, thanks for having me.
Hey you could take the blue one. – Cheers with the blue one! Cheers with the- – Why are you outside without a jacket? – Oh I am? – I’m trying- I’m OK. The drinks are strong here. – I’ve been drinking, I
think I drank the fishbowl that was for four of us by myself. So I’m feeling wavy. I feel like we all hit it off, we had some good conversations. – Vic’s crushed it on the itinerary, I’m totally looking forward to tomorrow. I’m cold. I’m going back inside. – Right now we are in
Bronzeville, this the area I come up in, we going to
the Everybody’s Busy Coffee. One of my good friends, she runs it. Wake us up! Melissa, Justin, Justin, Melissa. – How are you doing? – Hey Justin, nice to meet you. – About to have some coffee. – All right. – Welcome to Everybody’s Busy. – Well I wanna test this spot out, so, I’ll definitely do some
drip, so the Kool Herk, and I will have a Pete Rock cappuccino. – Oh, OK. You know usually
on my day off, I get up early and I come over here, we chat
it up, and we just kind of hit it off when it came to just
talking about music and stuff. – I’m fusing music with
coffee, the experience, and also featuring different
roasters from different parts of the United States. It’s kind of like, a DJ setup- – I mean, it’s a great setup. – Two turntables and a microphone,
and the records rotate, which is really the
coffee roasters, they rotate. – Records and coffee go well
together. They really do. – They do. – You know all the
entrepreneurs in Chicago. – It’s a good community,
man. I feel like everybody supports each other and kinda
helps and try to lift up because we all come from a common place. – But it also helps because
everything’s so quality. – Everything is good. Amazing coffee. – And that’s the best part. – This is just a part of it.
So Friistyle helps Melissa get her thing off the ground
with Everybody’s Busy. – Corey was coming up with
this concept and he was gracious enough to just kind of
let me be a little business in a big business. Even though we make two
different types of things, potatoes, coffee- – Tying it all together. – It’s all tied together. – So let’s get some fries. – I hear them clanking around back there, that sounds great, I’m starvin’. – Coffee makes you hungry. – Yeah. – What’s up guys, how y’all doing? – Oh that looks good. – All right, – So we have creamy chicken
alfredo frite and then our wing frite, featuring out boughetto sauce,
so it’s our mild sauce. – This looks dope. So how
does a Belgian dish turn into some fusion in Chicago,
like where does this come from? – For some of our travels, we
brought it back as a concept, and we wanted to bring
the fresh fries, but then we wanted to give it a upscale,
so what we did was added a pro taste to it. So we go Chicago classics,
like the wing frite, which is our play on the
mild sauce here in Chicago, and then the creamy chicken
alfredo, which is a classic. – This is next level. – This is next level, yup. – Awesome man, thank you for having us. – All right, thank you guys, enjoy. – Thank you. – Oh dang, I’m not even a
big fan of alfredo, but… – It’s pretty good. – Really good. – Yeah, it’s definitely a cool taste. – Salmon- – Oh wow. – Then the lamb. – This jerk salmon is
probably my favorite. – Really? – Yeah. – All right, good to know. – Yeah, jerk salmon is real. – I’m down for jerk anything. – OK, jerk it. – Hey Tyler, you want some jerk salmon? – I want this one to be honest. – Chuckles. – I mean this chicken and the
salmon are cooked perfectly. – Definitely food
that’ll get you full too. – Yeah, we’ve been eating so
much, it has been so good. – But what do you guys
got to do around here? – You wanna go ice skating
in Millennium Park? – Nah, I’ve done that. – There is this one
place I’ve never been in. I always pass it, though.
And I possibly think it’s an activity that we could do,
that neither one of us has done before. Maybe we can
put a little wager on it. – Oh, I’m always down for some betting. – OK. I think we got it then. – Whoo wee. The windy apple.
The longer you’re out here, the easier it gets, I guess. – Yes, it does. But you
said you wanted to drink, do something competitive.
So how about curling? – Curling? – Yeah. – My dad’s gonna love this
one, he loves curling. – Yeah, we’re gonna have a good time. Kaiser Tiger, keeping
with the tiger theme. – There you go. All right, let’s warm up. How’s it going? – Hey, gentlemen, how you doing? I’m Pat. – Justin. – Justin? – Vic. – Vic, nice to meet you.
You guys ready to curl? – Yes, we are. – All right, just step up here. Don’t worry, you can do this
with a beer in your hand. – Oh yeah? – You’ll be fine, yeah. – Oh well then, hey. – It’s almost encouraged. – Perfect. – So how, I know it’s cold
here in Chicago, so it makes sense to have some curling
outside, but what made you hop in on this? – We have another bar called
Paddy Long’s and everyone would always get excited every four years when curling came on the Olympics. We’d all become curling experts. We had this giant beer garden,
and we thought, “How could be possibly utilize this space in the winter?” And you know, the crazier the
idea, sometimes the better. – Cheers gentlemen, good luck. – All right, thank you. – Yup. – Thank you. – Cheers. – All right, so are you
ready to be competitive? – If we’re gonna be competitive,
well we’ve been talking about tattoos so much, I feel
like the winner gets to pick the loser’s tattoo. – OK that’s easy for me,
’cause I know I’m gonna win. – Oh, hey. – Sure. – OK fine, let’s go. All right, who goes first? – Red goes first! – That’s me! Let’s go! – That might be it. Oh! – Ah! – Just kidding. – Oh. – Ay! – Tricky, tricky. Oh, that look like the one. That’s clean- – Sh*t! Sh*t! – One point blue. – Yeah. – Oh, he might have got it. – Hold on, official ruling. Red! – Red! – Ooh! – I know that we wanted to do
something kind of competitive, so me and Justin can edge
stuff out. So I think that this was a good opportunity, equal ground. – Tied game guys, three, three. This is it, last round. Winner takes all! – This is it, this is
what it all comes down to. – Hope you’re ready for that tattoo, baby! – What it comes down to. – Come on! – It’s gon’ hit the rail.
– Oh, the side first. – You lose! – Red wins. – Red wins! – Red wins! Ha ha ha! Good game. – Actually, took three points on that. – Oh! – I gotchu. – That was a good one though. – OK, that was a good game. Cheers! – I’ll take it. – First time curling is
definitely harder than it looks. But it was a good time. I
would say, curling’s equal to bowling and better
than cornhole. I said it. – You seem like you know
you’re a good sport. – A bet’s a bet. – It’s good that you’re
gonna honor the bet. – That’s the least I can do. – Yeah, the least you can do. – Hey I had fun, it was worth it. – Yeah. – So where should I get this tattoo? – I’m thinking pinky. – Oh yeah pinky? – Yeah. Something cute. – Something cute? – Yeah. – All right. – I mean, it could go
different ways, you know. I’m guessing if it’s cute,
he’s not gonna put a (bleep) on my pinky, so, I got that going for me. – Do you know what tattoo
you’re gonna make Justin get? – The poop emoji. I think it’s hilarious. So I’m gonna take Justin
to my favorite tattoo shop, Great Lakes Tattoo. One of my
great friends runs this spot. It really merges the
idea of vintage Chicago and amazing tattoo art. So it’s a beautiful place, so I can’t wait for you all to see it. – I didn’t know you curled. – Me neither. – All right. – I’m obviously great at it. My buddy Justin here lost a bet. You don’t seem excited about it. – I don’t know what I’m getting. – Uh, Justin’s getting the poop emoji. – Poop emoji? – Yeah, that would be his gift… – Oh, all right.
– Of losing. – ‘Cause he played like shit. – Wow. – Yeah. – We’re doing this. – Love ya bud. – All right man, you ready? – Let’s go. That’s a soft piece of
tissue right there. – Oh man, how to make the
best of a (bleep) situation. What was the first thing
that went through my head. – It looks very, very quaint. – Yeah, definitely cute, Justin. – What was it like watching Justin get the poop emoji tattoo? – It was hilarious. Every
time I think about it, I just laugh. But it
actually doesn’t look bad. So I feel like he got a
cool one out the way anyway. – Today I got a poop emoji on my pinky. And a pretty dope tiger
in my arm, but this was a great tattoo experience. Shop’s beautiful. – Oh, Justin’s tiger tattoo is amazing. I got one myself. Mine is
on my hand. So you know, now me and Justin are brothers. – We saw a lot of tigers on
this trip. Tiger’s a sign of strength. Chicago is a strong city. – I’m gonna smile with my eyes, OK? – Perfect. – I’m glad I got to show
Justin around, to near and dear spots to me. But also I
get to experience some new things with Justin,
so I think it’s a part of a pretty cool friendship. – Vic crushed as a gatekeeper.
I couldn’t have though of a better way to have done it. – And I’m glad you had a great time. Enjoy your poop emoji. – Power of the poop. – OK. – Safe travels. – Cheers. – I’m on my way to the airport.
Chicago is definitely a city of what you see is what you get. The community is so honest.
Everything they prove, they prove to themselves first,
so you can count on everything being quality. Vic did an awesome job
of showing me around. Took me to places that I
otherwise wouldn’t have found on my own. The weather’s
a little bit brutal, but like he said and we
experienced, it builds character. This city has definitely left
its mark on me, literally. This is “Gatekeepers,” I’ll
see you in the next city.

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