The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Denver || Gatekeepers

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Denver || Gatekeepers

– I’m a total heights junkie. Jumping from 75 feet is so exciting. How could you not love that, you know? All of that adrenaline is
making me a little hungry. – Yeah, definitely. – How do you feel about bull testicles? – Oh. Cool? All right Denver, I’m here! I’ve been to Denver hundreds of times. Super stoked to be here, but
we’re going to Castle Rock. I thought this was Denver “Gatekeepers.” – This is where she wants to meet you. – I’m assuming that Stephanie has something entertaining to do here. Maybe it’s some horseback riding? Or cow punching. Maybe we’re doing some archery? Rope some pigs? We’re going to the post
office to mail stuff. Damn we should have done a f*cking rodeo. – You’ll figure it out when you get there. – That’s what I always do. That’s the least I’ll do is figure it out. Denver, don’t let me down. – My name is Stephanie Kroll. I’m currently the marketing director for a nightlife company and I’ve lived in Denver
since I was 4 years old. I’m the gatekeeper of
Denver because I have access to all of the guest lists for
all of these clubs in the city, so if you want to be on the
guest list, you have to know me. Hey, Justin! Grab some gear and come on up! I have a huge sense of adventure.
I hope that he can hang. – Really? – Welcome to Denver! – I guess this is happening. Oh man. – You ready to do this? – It’s happening one
way or another, right? Guess it’s not happening. – I used to coach a high school dance team. – All right Justin, almost there. – I made it, I made it. Hey, Justin. – Hi, I’m Stephanie. Nice to meet you. I wanted to introduce you to
the world of extreme sports in Colorado. How about do you wanna jump,
do you wanna get right to it? – Just go straight in. – I’m a total heights junkie. I love going to the highest
point in the city all the time. – Like a Band-Aid, let’s rip it off. Let’s go. – 75 feet is really high. – Gate’s gonna be open you’re gonna take a one
step out, feet on the edge. – OK. – Just like that. Take one step off of that
right foot, turn 90 degrees. – Let’s go now. – Are you waiting for me? – No, you’re all set. One step off. Three, two, one, go for it. – Yes! That was awesome. That free fall is unbelievable. It felt wild! You’ve got to woosah it out. – F*ck. Ah man. – Let me know when you’re ready. – All right, f*ck it. – All right, I’m gonna open that gate. All right, step right up
to that edge right there. Feet on the edge and up to the shoulder. Nice and tight, just like that. All right, right foot out and just turn and face the soccer field. – F*cking F*cking Whoa. Holy sh*t! – How was that? – I feel alive. – You’re gonna get here
and be like no way. – I’m out. I’m alive. I mean it literally feels like your heart is coming out of your mouth. – I think he secretly likes it a little bit more than
he’s letting us know about. Jumping from 75 feet is so exciting. How could you not love that? So, I don’t know about you,
but all of that adrenaline is making me a little hungry. – Yeah, definitely. – So, how adventurous are you feeling? – I mean– after this, I mean I don’t
even know what’s gonna be hard but let’s keep it adventurous. – This is one of the most iconic and oldest restaurants in Denver. So, I hope you’re game. – Awesome. – This place is really
unique, just the feel, the vibe, the crazy taxidermy. There’s so many unique original
artifacts in this building. – Welcome to the Buckhorn, folks. We have over 500 mounts in the building. A couple of the more unique
mounts is the Donald Trump bird, he’s become more popular
the last couple years. It’s actually a golden pheasant, and he’s in there tweeting as we speak. Above the bear over there
is a sperm whale penis, also known as a dork. – What up, dorks? – Is there any questions I can answer about the menu this evening? – Is there anything off the
menu that we should be aware of? – We’ve got a couple of great specials, one of which is our rattlesnake queso dip, and then for dinner we
also offer what we call our cowboy steak, which is a
dry-aged buffalo tenderloin. – Let’s do both of those. – And ma’am what can I get for
you for dinner this evening? – OK, well the truth is, I’m vegan. – Ah. – So, I just don’t eat any of these. – Not a problem, we serve
vegans all the time. – Oh yeah? – They’ll be pretty much on
every plate this evening. – Ba dum tss. – Wow. Listen, this place is like a
little out of my comfort zone, so I think that you need to be a little out of your comfort zone, which is why I think you need to try
the Rocky Mountain oysters. – Ooh. – Rocky Mountain oysters are
literally bull testicles. We’ll see if he’s down, and we’ll see how I do
watching him eat it. – Tyler, are you down? – If you eat ’em, I’ll eat ’em. – OK. – Most of our customers
do go nuts over them. – Oh, ba dum tss again. Yes, we’re gonna have a ball. – You bet. – You guys, killing me. – Do you find being surrounded by all these dead animals
weird, being vegan and all? – It’s a little concerning, but the fact that they’re just
staring at us right now is a little strange. – Yeah, like we’re next. – Yeah. – Alright folks, we’ve got
the Rocky Mountain oysters in their prepared state, but I thought I’d bring in
the natural state to show you what they actually look like
before they’re prepared. – That one’s for Tyler. – Oh. – There you go buddy. – Let me get the rest of you appetizers. – Honestly disgusting. – I’ll take it out of the way. – Oh my dear, there’s like
veins and stuff in it. – OK. – How are those made? I would love to know, I would
love to know what that’s like. – They just slice ’em
while they’re frozen so they don’t get all goopy. – All right, what am I doing first here? – I mean this is all yours, so. – I’ve done weirder. – Just close your eyes. – Maybe it’s good, who knows? They are pretty good, a little salty though. – OK. – No, I’m just kidding. They’re good. Kind of a
cross between calamari meat and some type of normal meat. Apparently they’re really
nutritious for you. So, I’m eating for both of us. – Just keep going. Just keep going for it. – Some rattlesnake queso. – I bet that’s pretty good.
Don’t let it bite you though. – I will take the Rocky Mountain oysters over the rattlesnake queso dip. – Really? – I was expecting some
type of earthy taste, something a little maybe dry and dusty, but I could definitely eat a few. I mean how’d you like them? – Not bad, I’m a man of my word. – Pretty good, right? – Not terrible. I think
calamari’s a fair assessment. – Yeah. Would you order them again? – Probably not. – Get in there, Thom. – I’d put those on a
sandwich. Those are banging! – Yeah it’s like oysters. – Steph, you wanna try? – Oh no. There’s no way you
could pay me to try this. – No way? There’s not one– – No! There’s no reason why I would ever want
to put that in my mouth. – I’ve been in and out of
Denver for so many years and I had no idea this place even existed. Totally off the radar. I’m glad this is one of the spots. Well, it’s pretty impressive being a vegan and bringing me to this place. – I just wanted you to have
the authentic Denver experience and this is definitely the place to do it. – Cool, I appreciate that. – Thanks, Cesar, it worked well. She’s a vegan, she
almost f*cking threw up. – So it may seem like we’re in the middle of nowhere right now. – Definitely. – But I brought you to
Green Dragon Cannabis Co. The dispensary is down the
street, but I’m giving you exclusive access to the grow house. – Oh, love it. – Hey guys, welcome to Green Dragon. I’m Ryan Milligan. – Stephanie. – Nice to meet you, Justin. – Alex Levine. – Thanks for coming, here’s
some visitor badges for you. – Thank you. – Looking forward to showing you around. – It’s so cool that Steph
was able to get access to this grow operation. – This is not open to anybody, I mean join the very
exclusive list of people who’ve been inside of this grow, which is our employees
and that’s about it. – Props to Steph on this one. What’s more fun than a house full of weed? – It’s a typical greenhouse but with a lot of modifications
to it to make it work. – The climate is very dry so we have to supplement that with mist throughout the cycles. – And no one really grew marijuana in greenhouses in Colorado,
this was the first one. – What did people do in
Colorado before that? – Most of the grows are indoors. – Right, like in your closet? – Well… – So right now you’re looking at basically in the lifecycle of weed,
some teenagers right here. – I can breathe on them
right, that’s good? – They like it. – Oh do they? Oh they want all the CO2. – They want all the CO2 they can get. – Do you talk to all of them
one by one individually? – Play them some music, but
definitely not talking to them. – Do you give them
encouraging words every day? – Yeah, I do sometimes. – You’re like, “You’re so
beautiful, we love you.” – “Faster!” – Ready for the main event? – Yeah let’s do it. – Oh wow. – Wow. – You can smell it now. – Wow. – Welcome home. – Oh my gosh. – All that hard work leads up to this. – This is it, the final stretch here. – Man, it’s bright in here. – Smells like college. – Purple Urkle. – Purple Urkle? – Purple Urkle. – Is there a Winslow? – We’re working on it. – Not yet. – You can smell it. – You know Winslow, if you got Urkle. – Yeah, it’s kinda like smoking like a bowl of Skittles, basically. – Everyone wants sativas
but the sativas take longer, that’s kinda– – Oh really? – the challenge. – Oh hey, you hear that?
You gotta be patient. – I think Justin loved the
tour. I know he loves weed. – The smell is amazing. – Well, we’ll show you our
dispensary right down the street, so let’s suit uh… you say suit up, what’s the opposite of suit up? – Suit down. – Is that a word? – De-suit? – OK, we can do that. – Hi, good to see you here. – Hi, how are you? – Good. – So good to see you. Hi, how are you? – Justin. – Marcia, nice to meet you. – So, we checked out the grow house. – Awesome. – I think we’re interested
in buying some edibles. – Well we’ve got tons. – Chocolates, these kind
of gourmet chocolates, we’ve got the incredibles bars. Coda has these like
hand-painted chocolate truffles, you can see them in that picture there. And then between the two
edibles, we have our bud bar, which is basically a way where, you know, customers can check out the
product at their own leisure, don’t have to ask anybody. – Oh my gosh these
names are so ridiculous. Green Crack. – Green Crack is one of
our most popular strains. – Oh. – Fun fact. – It has to live up to the name. – I got a 3:1 CBD:THC pax pen and I got some double
chocolate CBD THC cookies. – Always take more, but
you can never take less. So, you always have to start out small. – Sounds like a great tip for y’all. – It’s true. – You can never eat less, so
if you haven’t done this before… – Like once it’s in you,
you can’t get rid of it. I’m gonna try this first,
and then in an hour if I’m feeling like really ambitious, then I might finish the other
half, but I just start small. – Did you get that? You weren’t recording? We’ve got to do it again? – Oh, shut up. – We’re going to go check out
some ice cream in the city at Sweet Action off of South Broadway. – What’s this? – Oh, wow. You wanna ride,
you wanna ride a bike? Where you going on that? – To the moon! Oh, hey look. – Oh, what? That’s cool! – I’m powering the trash can. – This is amazing. What? – I wonder if it’s me or the cookies? – Anything that you’d like to try today? – Can I try the donut one? – Yes. – That one’s the salted butterscotch, and then some rainbow sprinkles mixed in because why not? – What do you like better? The mint brownie or the Andes chocolate? – Let’s try them both. – Do you have anything else I can try that’s not in these cases? – I do. – OK. – I tried the golden milk ice cream. Obviously it was sold out, but they gave me a scoop
because I’m the gatekeeper. – Ginger, cinnamon, maple syrup. – Wait, this is like a super food. – It’s like ice cream
that’s good for you, right? – OK, that is phenomenal. – Yeah – That’s delicious. – And that’s it. – I guess it’s kicking in. – Want me to open this? And eat it? Wait, how do you open this? This is a crazy wrapper. OK, why is this so hard? Yum. Whoa. I’m getting a kick out of this right now. I can’t take you seriously. And then I can’t take myself seriously. – If I’m gonna make it out tonight,
I’m gonna need something a little more substantial than ice cream.
Let’s get some vegan food. – We’re here at Meta Burger, which is one of my favorite vegan spots. – Dope. – Since I already took you to a meat spot, let’s see if you can tell the difference. – Hey Michael. – Welcome back. – My friend here has never
been to Meta Burger before. – So we use a non-GMO organic soy and then we actually get
the product shipped in kinda like ground beef. We make our own patties using
our own special seasonings. We make it all in house basically. You gotta start with the Classic, with me that’s just tried and true, reminds me of my childhood. – We’ll yeah, let’s
definitely do the Classics, since that’s what your jam is– – You got it. – and I saw on here some
chili cheese French fries? – Yeah we actually won an award for Best Denver Vegan Comfort Food
for the chili cheese fries, so gotta get those too. – Amazing, that sounds dope so– – Absolutely. – That makes me even more happy. Oh, actually a friend of
mine is going to meet us here. He just got back in town,
let’s get him an Island burger. – Great choice. – I was super excited that she
was taking us to Meta Burger knowing that it was a vegan restaurant, ’cause I know from traveling that it’s really hard
to find good vegan spots. But when they’re good, they’re amazing. – How’s it going everybody? Regular fries here, with
some chili cheese fries and some regular fries here. Who’s got the gluten-free
Supernova, no tomato? Classic? – This is me. – And you must be the Island. – That’s me. – Enjoy. – That’s pretty good. How’s yours? – It’s great. – If you gave that to someone at In-N-Out, they would never know the difference. – It’s really good and it’s really spicy. – That habanero jam’s gotcha, huh? And these chili cheese fries. – These are so good. – Mhmm. – All right, I’m gonna try one. – Yeah try it. I mean, genuinely you would
never know the difference. Texture, flavor, anything. – Those are banging. – Yeah and not being able
to tell the difference. – Sorry, this is really, really hot. Oh my god, OK. Wow. Does
anyone have any water? I really need water. – Really? Are you for real? – Mhmm. You should try it, it’s so hot. – On a scale of one to
Channing Tatum, how hot is it? – Get in there my boy. – Let me bite this sh*t. Oh wow, that’s some good
vegan fast food right there. – Yeah – No wonder this place wins awards. Anyway, back to the show. – So, tonight we’re all going
to Milk bar and Bar Standard. I work for these venues and
I run the guest lists there. Hopefully he likes it. – Hey Stephanie. – Hi, good to see you. – Very good. All right. Hey welcome you guys, have fun tonight. – Thanks. – Thanks. – And I noticed that it’s one building with many different rooms. – Yeah this place is a labyrinth. – Steph, what’s up? – Hi. – What’s up man? Brandon. – Yo, Justin. – Justin, very nice to meet you. – Brandon is the GM of
Milk and Bar Standard. – Thanks for having us. – Yeah man, it’s awesome to have you guys. – And apparently you love milky beverages. – Oh yeah, let’s drink some. – Cheers. – Denver, Colorado. – Colorado. Oh that’s heavy. – That is delicious. – Since I took that shot, now you’ve got to fill me in
on all the different rooms and what’s going on over here. – Of course. This is the arcade room. Take you up to Bar Standard. We do the synthwave thing. People just get down. The next room is the Clockwork Orange room, more of an ’80s retro vibe. It’s all based around this
underground alternative culture and it’s really big out here in Denver. Maybe show you the rooftop, I dunno– – Fantastic. – Sky’s the limit. All right guys, this is the last space I
kinda want to show you. It’s a rooftop, it’s obviously closed
this time of the year. – Hey, great to meet you. Thank you. – Holler. – Bye. – This is an epic view. – Yeah, this is easily one of the best rooftops
in the entire city. – Well, thank you for
showing me around Denver. Cheers. – Cheers. – To Denver.
– To Denver. – It was great to visit Denver. I mean actually visit it. I’m usually here for work,
so I don’t get to explore. – I think I proved my
worth as a gatekeeper. I like to stay humble so, you know, I don’t want to think
I did too good of a job, but I think I gave Justin
the VIP experience here. – She did a great job,
a genuine gatekeeper. Definitely went to some places
that I didn’t expect to. Especially jumping off that
75 foot, f*cking platform. F*cking. Whoa. You do that. So, unfortunately I’m on
my way to the airport. I kinda want to stay longer. Sometimes, when you get
really familiar with a place, you take it for granted. This trip has shown me that
there’s so much to experience and explore and I’ll see you all in the next city.

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