The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Philly || Gatekeepers

The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Philly || Gatekeepers

– Now, is that an Irish-Italian explosion in your mouth or no? (laughs) – Mmm… So let me break it down for you. The past 10 years I’ve
been traveling the world, tour managing artists, and
showing them the best spots. I know that anywhere you go
you need that solid connect. We’ve taken submissions
from people claiming to have the keys to their city, now
we’re traveling the country to take them up on their word. I’m Justin Lizama and this is “Gatekeepers.” So we’ve just arrived
here in Philadelphia. It’s known for cheesesteaks,
the “Rocky” steps, the Liberty Bell, the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But today, we’re going to do none of that. We’re going to meet a radio personality named Natalie Egenolf. Hopefully she can show me
what’s up on a local’s level. – My name’s Natalie Egenolf, born and raised in Philadelphia. This is my city, this is where I was born, this is where I was raised. I’m the person that everybody comes to when they need advice
on something in Philly or how to deal with Philadelphians. Sometimes their passion, I
think, gets lost in translation. We’re just a bunch of
lovers here, I swear. After a day or two, Justin
will fit in just fine, and by the end he’ll be
sold, I’m sure of that. – Hey, what’s up? – Hi! – Justin, good to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. Welcome to the Wells Fargo Center. – Excited to be here. – So this is the heart of the Philadelphia’s sport community. The Sixers play here,
the Flyers play here. Phillies play next
door, Eagles play across the street at the Link. This is where the entire city comes to cheer on their teams. – Amazing. I think the last time I was here was for a Katy Perry concert. – Really? – Yeah. – Why? – I’ve visited Philly a lot. It’s a little more
on the aggressive side. – I wouldn’t call it aggression,
I’d call it passion. – When was the last time
the Flyers were good? All I’m thinking is cheesesteak, cheesesteak, cheesesteak. – No, no, no, no, no. Thank you. – Aw, man. – I’ll take you around the city and show you where my favorite spots are. – I’m looking forward to it. – I got their knuckles. – I know there’s so much debate any time you hear Philadelphia and any time that you hear cheesesteaks,
but I’m going to take you to my favorite cheesesteak spot. Steve’s Prince of Steaks. Now, do you know how
to order a cheesesteak? – Today let’s pretend like I’ve never had cheesesteak before. – OK. – See if you can impress me. – So, the reason I love
Steve’s is that it’s just a classic cheesesteak
and they do it the best. I’m a Whiz with girl. So I get Whiz with onions. – Okay. – Whiz is kind of
indigenous to Philadelphia. – Right. – It’s that thick,
yellow, delicious cheese. – How’re you doing? – Hi, guys. Good, how are you? – Good. – Steve! – Steve himself. How are you? – That’s Steve, the man himself. – Guys, so you came to the right place for the true Philadelphia
cheesesteak experience. – That’s what I told him! – What can we do for you today? – All right, I’m going to do
Whiz with, then a cherry soda. – OK, no problem. – Which is the best. – OK, I’ll do the American. I think I saw some like hot and spicy French fries somewhere. – We have that. – I think that’s a great start. – Yeah. – I’m looking forward to the simplicities of this cheesesteak. – Yes! Then we can get all of our toppings. They’re so good. – I could go in on those hot peppers. – Yeah. – Hope you guys like hot peppers because I love hot peppers. – So excited, yay! All right, you ready to dive in? – Looks like a pretty good spread. Cheers! – Cheers! – That’s a tasty cheesesteak. – Now, the reason I like Steve’s so much, I prefer the slabs of meat
rather than the chopped. I think it holds the
cheese better actually. Do you want to try it with the Whiz? – Thanks. The Whiz might even be better. The cheese can double as mustache wax. Steve, so, did he have a
cult following with people or was it more of a local thing? – It was the local thing and then it kind of became a cult following. So we’re all loyal subjects
of Steve’s Prince of Steaks. – Right. – Yes. – So then who’s the king? – Pat is the King of Steaks. – OK. – Pay Olivieri is the man who invented the cheesesteak
in 1937, so he is the king. And when I opened about
40 years ago I thought, well, if he’s the king, I’ll be the prince. And after 40 years, everywhere I go everybody knows I’m
the Prince of Steaks. – That’s a nice angle right there. – Yep. – Amazing, thank you so much. – And I’ll see you soon,
– Oh, for sure! – Yes!
– Absolutely, in the neighborhood! – Yep!
– Thank you! – He’s just super
passionate about his steaks. Philly can be mistaken
as an aggressive city, but it’s also more so a passionate spot. – Yeah, and loyal. – Loyal. – So everybody who has their cheesesteak, they have their cheesesteak spot. – Right. – You’ve had your cheesesteak, now let’s go do some other fun stuff. – Looking forward to seeing what Philly has to offer beyond these. – Are you sweating? – Yeah, I got a hot one. – (laughs) – That one was really, really good. – I know you said you didn’t
want to eat a cheesesteak and you didn’t want to do anything cliche, but you can’t come to
Philly without seeing the first first of our dear country. Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center, the nation’s first pizza museum. – The nation’s first pizza museum? – We’re known for a lot
of firsts here in Philly. – Hey, this is Justin. He’s from New York. – Nice to meet you, man. Eric. – Eric, good to meet you. – So I know New Yorkers
are a little finicky about their pizza, but I
told him if there’s one place that he has to come in Philly, it’s here. – Yeah. – And what’s up with pizza and Philly? I mean, it’s more of a
cheesesteak town, no? – I guess you could say that. I feel like we’re kind
of a different kind of branch of pizza here. We’re not just a mom and pop store. We really try to push the limits on like what can go on a pizza and
what can be considered a pizza. If you’re thinking something
a little more off the wall, I’d recommend the Kira Tierston. It’s Brussels sprouts
and bacon, then we put brown sugar over it once it comes out. – Wow. – I love Brussels sprouts. – All right, we’ll do it all. – I think you’re in for a real treat here. – All right, guys, here you go! – This is the Patrick
Maxwell, it’s going to be brisket, mozzarella,
provolone, cherry peppers, and caramelized onions. – Wow! – I hope you enjoy it, it’s our ode to the Philadelphia cheesesteak. – Looks pretty good. – This looks great. – Wow. – This is the Queenie,
it’s portabella and shiitake mushrooms, goat cheese, fontina, mozzarella, garlic, and rosemary. – The Queenie. – Here’s the Forbes, it’s
the most popular pizza here. It’s our pepperoni, smoked
pepperoni from Vermont, fontina, mozzarella, and fresh basil. – The name Fishtown comes from the fact that all of the fish used to be imported on Delaware Ave. it was always
a working class neighborhood. – Traditional hipsters,
artists come into an area, see the opportunity and then it just kind of grows from there. – That’s exactly what happened here. People started realizing how
awesome the neighborhoods were. So now we have people
from all over the country who are moving to Philly
just to live in Fishtown. – And how does the rest of
Philly feel about Fishtown? – There are people who
hate it, but it’s such a good thing for the city that it’s been, as somebody who was born
and raised in this area, in the Fishtown-Kensington
area, it’s been so cool to see. – This is going to be the Kira Tierston: Brussels sprouts, bacon,
red onions, mozzarella. – My favorite slice would
be the Kira Tierston, the bacon, Brussels sprouts, just because A) I love bacon and Brussels sprouts, B) I’ve never had it on a pizza, something very unique and
special about this spot for sure. Philly can do pizza, but
not at that New York level. – So this is the newest
thing to do in Philly, it’s ax throwing. – Seems like it suits Philly pretty well. – (laughs) – Hi guys! – Hi! – We just
need you to sign waivers, we’ll check your IDs and
get you all checked in, get you throwing. – Is this a Philly thing? – So, Philly was the first in the US. – OK. – We actually have
several locations across the US right now. Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Durham; and then we have Boston
and Cincinnati coming soon. – How does one come to want to throw axes? – I mean, everyone wants
to throw axes, I think, really deep down, they
just don’t know it yet. – (laughs) – True. – A little rocking motion, right? You just lean in forward and backwards. You’re neutral, weight on both feet, all your weight forward,
as you come back you come directly over your head,
as far back as you can, as you come forward you’re going to let go right in front of your
eyes, it’s going to fly right into that bullseye,
you follow down through back behind you. – Oh! – This is the most important part, I can’t recommend it enough, all right? – Hey! – There it is, you’re getting it. – All right, so, we’re going
to play a match now, right? You’ve got to win out of the
three total rounds, all right? So this is the way the points work, blue to red is one point, red to black is three points, black and in is five points, all right? The two up here are called the clutch, the clutch is worth seven. – Wow! – You can only go for the clutch on the fifth throw of each round. You’ve got to call it if
you want it, all right? It’s like your eight ball in pool. – Right. – And that’s the game. – All right, team, let’s go. I believe in both of you, let’s see some good throws out there, let’s get some points on the board. Let’s do it! – There is it, that’s a point. – That’s three. – Ax throwing in a downtown environment in Philadelphia is pretty mental. – I don’t believe that
this is his first time. I feel like he’s done this before, and he’s just hiding it. I’m definitely the underdog here. – Just like Philly. – Yep! – The chalk was a little
obnoxious and unnecessary. I don’t know if he really
needed all that chalk. – Woo! – OK, you’re good at
ax throwing, Justin. – Clutch! – Clutch. – Ohhhh. Natalie, one point to tie. – One point to tie. – Three to be our winner. – That’s it, Justin’s our champion! – Number one, I’d like to thank
my family for supporting me and letting me be out here. I’d like to thank my dog for being a dog. – Congratulations.
– Good shot, Philly. I’d like to thank my
hands for being amazing. – What did you think
of Natalie’s throwing? – Natalie was exceptional. Unexpected, just like Philadelphia. – Justin’s been skeptical
of a lot of my choices. Now I’m going to take
him somewhere that is probably going to blow his mind. This is our next stop, now
we’re in my neck of the woods. Lots of local people,
born and raised in Philly come and hang out here, but
what’s so unique about it? The chef, Francesco, he’s
from Italy and he makes the best pasta that you’ve
ever had in your life. – So an Irish bar that
serves Italian food? – Yes, exactly! – OK. – Don’t, just don’t question it. – A little confusing,
but let’s check it out. – We’ll go with it. – All right. – I want him to have the
authentic Philly experience, again that nobody knows happens here. – The chef’s recommendations. This one is fried burrata,
so it’s a burrata breaded and then lightly fried. And that’s his invention. And this is new gurney shrimp. – Awesome. – Where is the chef from? – Polia. – All right, fantastic. – Awesome, wow. – This looks beautiful. – Right, this is as authentic as it gets. – Still, in an Irish bar. – Yep. – I’m freaking out. – Are you OK? You will be. – I’ll be OK. – You will be. – Whoa! – There you go. – This looks pretty luxurious. Again, Philly is pretty aggressive. I’m going to say fried burrata is pretty next-level aggressive. Wow. – Aggressive but delicious? – Aggressive but very delicious. – So as a local how do you
find a place like this? Do you know about it from your family, did you find it out your own? – So, this place just because it’s been in Fishtown forever,
it’s been locally owned. And then once Francesco
took over the kitchen, it went from just being
one of the corner bars to being one of the better places to eat in the neighborhood. And then you kind of just get sucked in because why would you go
anywhere else when you have food this good right in your neighborhood? – Right.
– Yeah. – Vibes.
– Yeah. – If I lived in Philly,
I’d probably be here about once a week. – I told you, I’ve got you covered. So this is the Murph’s pasta. This is the, again, another
one of Francesco’s inventions. It’s infused with Irish beer and bacon. – Still freaking me out. – In a pasta dish. I know, one step at a time here. And then here’s the
manicotti, there we go. – Can’t say I’m a huge fan of manicotti, but I’m going to try this and
see if it changes my mind. – It’s a seafood smorgasbord in a pasta. – I can get behind this. – You have to try this. – Wow. – Now, is that an Irish-Italian explosion in your mouth or no? (laughs) – I don’t know, but it’s pretty good. – You think of Italian
food in Philly you think of south Philly, but right here
in Fishtown in an Irish pub. – This Murph’s Bar is a very
comfortable place to be. – It is. – But at the same time, super
unique, very interesting. – So now I have a rack
of lamb and tagliolini with black truffles, fresh black truffles. – That’s my personal favorite. – So, Lisa, how did you end up here? – Well, I’m the chef’s wife. – Oh, wow. – Yeah, so I brought
him with me back home. – So does he cook like this at home? – He used to, but now he
cooks here all the time. – Aw, man. – So, yeah, he’s a busy man. – So the Philadelphia passion
even reflects in the food. – I’d love to spend a
day back there with him and see how he does this all by himself. – Mm-hmm. – Through all of the years
of coming to visit here and seeing how Philly has
developed over that time period then coming across the bar
like this that you’ve shown me that has amazing Italian
cuisine and you can still get a shot of Jameson is pretty sweet. Philly has definitely jumped up a bunch of notches up my chart. – It’s a special place and soon the rest of the world will know. – Finding a place like
this, like Murph’s Bar, that’s very unassuming, going in, Irish pub, but having a
top-shelf, straight from Italy dinner is still freaking me out. The profiteroles are one of
my favorite all-time desserts, so I wanted to see what an
Irish pub Italian restaurant could do with a French dessert. – And I died. – Still trying to wrap my head around it, trying to understand the whole thing. Whoa. – I’m pretty stuffed. I haven’t eaten that much pasta or lamb or dessert in a really long time, but there’s always room for alcohol. – So this is our last spot, this is Bob and Barbara’s. They’re the home of the Citywide. This is the OG special place. – This is Justin. – Hey Justin. – Justin’s from New York,
so I had to bring him to Bob and Barbara’s because
I had to show him the special. – The special, which is also
called the Citywide special, is a can of Pabst Blue
Ribbon and a shot of Jim Beam and it was started by Rick D. Rick used to book the music here, one night he just said to
me, “Hey, do you sell Jim Beam?” I said, “No,” he said, “Well
get a bottle of Jim Beam and get a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and sell like the little shot of Jim Beam with the can of Pabst and charge $3 and just say that’s the special.” And the first night we sold out of them, the second night we
sold out of them again. And then we just started
buying more and more. And now we sell herds of specials. – Amazing. – Yes. – Amazing. – OK, enjoy! – All right, thank you! So thank you, Justin,
for coming into my city. I hope I changed your
mind about what people think about Philadelphia. – I believe in Philadelphia. – Do you? – I believe in it. – Mission accomplished! – I believe in Philadelphia. Can I be, like, an adopted Philadelphian? – Yes, you’re officially a Jawn. – A Jawn? A hoagie mouth Jawn? – A hoagie mouth Jawn. – I don’t think I’ve actually
run the steps before. I think I’ve been here enough but I don’t think I’ve actually run them. Visiting Philly this time, I realized that the approach of how to visit the city is as important as what it has to offer. Giving it a chance and being open minded. You know, once you wrap
your head around it and have that mindset to
coming here, it gives you the ability to enjoy it to the fullest. And the food’s amazing,
the people are cool, they really love what they
do, they love their town. Oh man, I was saying I
wasn’t going to do that, but it’s Philly and if you come here you kind of have to do that. See!

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