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(spooky music) (haunting music) – [David] I’ve heard of a
border crossing experience that turns being an illegal migrant into a tourist attraction. I want to find out what making
that journey would be like. And how realistic this tour is. President Trump campaigned
to build a wall, so I’m surprised there’s already one here. It’s more like a fence than a wall. And it’s not even finished. Surely this tour is
going to be pretty easy. Our commander takes his
role very seriously, and we nervously set off. The action starts almost as
soon as our six hour trek to the pretend border begins. (gunshot) – [Man] Whoa! Shit! – [David] I don’t know
where they’re coming from, but those gunshots sounded very authentic. (panicked Spanish) How real is this going to get? Well that’s the thing I don’t know if it’s just Mexico or the tour. I’m jittery with nerves, and I don’t know what’s going on. (gunshots) Who is shooting at us? We’re about to find out. (gunshots)
(woman screams) (urgent yelling) Apparently being robbed by criminals on your way to the border is common. (Robbers yelling in Spanish) For a split second I
forget this is a tour. Quite authentic. (Robbers yelling in Spanish) I look to our commander for guidance. Commander, what’s going on? But I should’ve kept my mouth shut. (Spanish yelling) You can take that. Oh!
(thuds) (Spanish yelling) I don’t really know how to react. This just seems nuts. (Spanish speaking) I only know English. No Spanish. It’s a weird mix of amateur
drama and violent reality. (soaring) Until now this has been a restricted area, but the government says it’s now okay for residents to return. I had to come and see for myself what a nuclear disaster looks like. Is it safe to be here? – [Yow] So ladies and gentlemen
I’m your tourist guide. – [David] Our guide for the day is Yow. So I have to be careful
with my right and left because to you it’s switched. So I have to say, “On your
right” and “On your left”. (laughs) – [David] It seems like just another walk in the radioactive park for Yow. He certainly doesn’t seem
concerned about any danger. (meter beeping) What are the levels that
you’d be concerned about, Yow? So for livin’ in the area point two zero. (beeping) Worries me. – [David] Okay. It’s funny, because it’s very hard because you are such a happy person it’s very hard to know, for me, and for us, how dangerous it is. – [Yow] I’m not growing
extra horns or extra fingers. (steady beeping) – [David] One point nine – [Woman 1] Two point three Two point eight (beeping increases) The levels keep rising. Everyone is seriously on edge. (chirping beeps) No one was expecting readings this high. Not even our own crew. So what we just experienced
was even the highest. No. So that wasn’t the hot spot. No. You know that. Well I’m probably gonna stay on the bus. – [David] Even the bus doesn’t feel like it a shield anymore. And the levels continue to get higher. – [Woman 1] Oh my god! – [Woman 2] One point eight seven (gasping)
– [Woman 1] Oh my god! (panicked talking) (meter beeping increasing) Guys, seven point one nine. – [Woman 2] Oh my God! – [David] The readings are
now about 50 times over the zero point two threshold. I don’t want to stay another minute here, and I’m not alone. – [Woman 1] I have nine
point seven one now. Scare point. – [Woman 1] Alright. – [Woman 2] We’re scared.
– [Male] We are scared, okay. – [Woman 1] We have
officially been scared. – [David] Yeah. – [Woman 1] Let’s go back. – [Woman 2] He’s say let’s go – [Woman 1] All in favor? Okay. (Passengers agreeing) Who wants to go? (Passengers murmuring agreement) (engine sputters) (chuckles) The driver just turned off the engine. (meter beeping rapidly) (passengers talking) Not the place to breakdown. (soaring)
Twenty and five. Alright so let me get you guys wristbands. (crowd chattering) Alright everybody that is coming on the Cream City
Cannibal Tour this evening could you please join us
outside in the alleyway, so we may begin this tour. (crowd talking) – [David] Natalie was spot on
about Bachelorette parties. The tour is dominated by
women in their thirties. Maybe, like the tour guides they’re all secretly
hot for Jeffry Dahmer. The ultimate bad boy. I’m just excited to finally
satisfy my bloody curiosity by getting into the graphic details. [Female Tour Guide]
Another method he used is he actually tried to create a sex slave that wouldn’t have any needs. Wouldn’t speak. Wouldn’t do much. But he still wanted them alive, so to do this he decided to drill an inch and a quarter into their skulls, and at first he poured boiling water, and then he tried
different cleaning agents. – [David] I’m into all
these disgusting bits, and I’m not the only one. He’s super interesting. Yes. ‘Cause he’s very different
than the stereotypical. But I think women also just
want to fix everybody too. I don’t think that’s Oh, way to be psychological. I know. Well it’s true.
Yeah, you tell them Lorna. I mean. Yeah. – [David] How would you affect him? What would be your methodology? (women laughing) Li’l snuggles.
(laughs) A li’l drill in the brain. (laughing) Snuggles, but not too close. (laughs) – [David] The tour takes us to Club 219 where Dahmer picked up
many of his victims. And things start to get weird. If anyone is here with us right now Can you please cross the rods? – [Woman] That’s a yes. Now can you please
uncross the rods for me? If you’re feeling low on energy you may use my energy if need be. If we are speaking to
Jeffry Dahmer currently can you please cross the rods? Does anybody have any
questions for Mr. Dahmer? That lost me Natalie. Have they lost you? Totally.
(soaring) – [David] I’ve decided
to get out of Ashgabat and its tight security. To see if things are more
relaxed outside the city walls. And what better excuse than going to a famed tourist destination? The Gates of Hell is a
spectacular flaming pit. It’s the result of a Soviet
oil drilling accident that was meant to be extinguished by setting fire to the oil. But 40 years later it’s still burning. But our plans come to a grinding halt when we board the tour bus. – [Male Friend] That would
be a bit of a problem. Yeah. I spoke to my manager and I asked [David} We’re informed the
President has closed off the entire city of
Ashgabat from the country. And journalists are not allowed out. As a consolation officials offer us a tour of the inner city. A chance to see some of the
President’s prized memorials and statues. – [Driver] Yeah you can
take video but without Without you in it. – [Driver] Yeah exactly. – [David] It turns out
we’re not even allowed to film any locals. Including our driver. – [Driver] You can take video of places. – [Male Friend] All of the
buildings here are so impressive. – [Driver] Many of our new buildings we make with white marble. – [Male Friend] White marble.
– [Driver] Yes. – [David] As well as love for white marble the President has a child-like obsession with collecting Guinness World Records. And surprisingly Ashgabat holds the record for Highest Density of Buildings
with White Marble Cladding. – [Driver] That was the TV building TV building? – [Driver] It was also,
uh, third Guinness Record. – [David] This tower won a World Record for Largest Architectural Image of a Star. – [Male Friend] It’s ridiculous. What is it? – [Driver] Like London
Eye our Turkman Eye. – [David] And again a Guinness Record for the highly contested title of World’s Largest Indoor Ferris Wheel. Was all this stuff built for
the people that live here, or? Why’s all this, oh my God Why is all this stuff built even? (cymbal clang)

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