The Worst Clothes You’re Wearing This Summer

The Worst Clothes You’re Wearing This Summer

[UPBEAT MUSIC] – Summer is around the corner. We’re here with up and coming
fashion designer and beauty expert Candace Gladstone
to discuss some hot looks for the hottest season. – Thank you for
having me, Angela. It’s great to be back. I love fashion. [LAUGHTER] – Amazing. Let’s get started. Paul here is sporting
the loosest clothing he could find in his closet
to cover his full body, third degree sunburn. – Uh oh, call the
fire department. That’s too hot! Ew! – Now ideally Paul would be
naked in a tub of ice water right now. But, unfortunately,
he has to go coach his nephew’s
terrible T-ball team! – Those kids are
not coordinated! Let’s get Paul the
hell out of here. His blisters are making me gag. – Oh, thank you, Paul. – Oh. Much better. I see Monica is wearing a
beautiful summer print maxi dress. – [LAUGHS] That’s right. Monica, who’s actually
had this little number in her closet with the price
tag still on for five years, she decided this was
finally the summer where she was going to
make dresses “her thing.” – Cute, cute, cute. I love her she clearly got
self-conscious right before she left her apartment so she
threw on an old hoodie and completely ruined the look. – Adorable. Thank you, Monica. Now what we have here, Angela,
is the classic pale man at the beach look. He’s wearing a free t-shirt
he’d got in college, swim trunks he accidentally
shrunk in the dryer, and convenience store
flip-flops that really show off the dark hairs growing out of
his pale, veiny little feet. – Oh, if I had to
guess, Candace, I’d say that man will wear
that shirt into the water. – Oh, absolutely. Now this model looks fall ready. – Oh, hello, honey. Are you are on the wrong runway? – [LAUGHS] Karen here said to
hell with summer because she looks better in fall clothes. – Mm. Just barely. Now she is going to be
regretting this decision the moment she steps outside. – Really. – What’s this, Candace? Am I seeing double? Our next model is in exactly
the same outfit as Karen. – Same outfit, but for
very different reasons. Amy is dressed for the
uncomfortable AC that blasts in the office she works in. – Brr! – Is that a space heater
she’s holding now? – It is a space heater. – Oh. She’s going to be
very uncomfortable when she gets lunch. – Freezing inside,
but boiling outside. She never gets to
be comfortable. – Never. – Never. – Never. Is that a tall little boy? Are you lost, honey? Someone call the police! – [LAUGHS] Believe it or not,
Angela, Eric is a grown man, wearing a very normal
grown man’s summer outfit. – No! – He is! – Truly? – I wouldn’t lie. [LAUGHS] – Ever? – Maybe once. I did lie once. – Oh, you naughty girl. – [LAUGHS] Stop it! – Oh! – Never call naughty! – No! – I– – Filthy! – I’ll kill you. – Oh! – [LAUGHS] Do not
call me naughty. – You tart. – [LAUGHS] – But the bright colors,
the pockets, the sandals. – Adult men have
no other options. It’s either this or they get
their [MUTED] wet everywhere. – Guess I prefer this. – [LAUGHS] We all do! – Look at all these
summer outfits! – Like most people,
they are deeply ashamed of parts of their body. So they’re desperately
trying to cover them up while maintaining a summer look. – Wow. That is depressing. If I wasn’t heavily medicated,
I would feel something. How do we stop this pattern. – [LAUGHS] Who knows? Maybe we shift the
cultural dialogue surrounding our bodies. – Shut up. – [CLEARS THROAT] [LAUGHS] – [LAUGHS] – Oh, oh! – Oh! – [HOWLING] – [HOWLING] – Hi, it’s me, child
actor Katie Marovitch. If you like college humor
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they’re identical? – How do you know
they’re identical– – When they’re invisible. – [LAUGHS] – Sign up for your
free trial today. OK. I all done. I want my mommy now. [UPBEAT MUSIC]

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  2. I just noticed; Katie could do a good Heidi Klum imitation, with that voice, looks, behaviour and stuff ?

  3. 2:58
    im pretty sure we just dont give a shit and most of us value comfort over aestetics.
    but i can only speek for myself and i just wear the same cloth layout all year long.
    also why is college humor getting so political or is it. i really cant tell coz there either pushng an agenda or takeing the piss out of those that do.

  4. You forgot the desperate girl so in need of a boyfriend she wears extremely short shorts and a bikini top all around the theme park while simultaneously being uncomfortable about creepy dads stares
    Aka me

  5. I didn’t like Lily in the first sketch I saw her in but I AM loving the chemistry between her and Katie. They work really well together here

  6. "Are you lost honey? Someone call the police"… I honestly couln't think anything else than shootings against black people, but i don't think you have sush a dark humor… So i just didn't get it

  7. YES, make it societys responsibility to change their "physical focused shamefest" instead of makeing it your own responsibility to get over such nonsense and stop living to fulfill others expactations.
    Oh no, I get it, your social standing is soooooooo important to you, but you also don't want to do work for it because why should you, but you also deserve it so it's obv. society that has to change.

  8. Her Royal Majesty Queen Katie is pillaging and decapitating my whole village with those gorgeous neck feathers and im not mad about

  9. I want Katie to voice the comic relief sidekick in the next disney movie. She could be this generation's Mushu, Olaf or ehm.. Baloo

  10. Thank you! Finally someone said it, guys have no clothing options for warm climates. All of my shorts are cargo and I hate it.

  11. OMG when Monica came out I thought it was Emily from back in the golden days of collegehumor… I was genuinely sad to see it wasn’t her.

  12. "Amy is dressed for the uncomfortable AC that BLASTS in the office she works in."


  13. Lily and Katie joking with each other while the models walk on the runaway gives me the vibes of rupaul drag race . Is it just me or ?

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