Things to Do in Los Angeles // 13 Off The Beaten Path Experiences

Things to Do in Los Angeles // 13 Off The Beaten Path Experiences

Hello. So you are ready to visit the City
of Angels otherwise known as Los Angeles
in California and today I’m going to tell you 13 things
that you can do in Los Angeles that are off the beaten path. We’re not going to talk
about Hollywood Boulevard and we’re not talking about hiking
to see the Hollywood sign. You want to do something
that is a little bit different. Let’s dip into it. You should definitely
head down to Little Ethiopia where you can find a couple blocks
of Ethiopian shops and restaurants My favorite part is going
to the restaurants. There’s quite a number of them even though Little Ethiopia is only
a few blocks of the shops and the restaurants you will definitely find it somewhere and I guarantee
that it will be very very delicious and I would recommend that you try looking
for a combo plate that has a little bit of everything because honestly Ethiopian food
is extremely delicious. There is this nifty place called
Travel town in Griffith Park and you can actually go there and pay
I think it’s about $2 to ride this tiny little
train around the park. It’s really cool because they actually have
locomotives there so they have trains that are just on display and it’s kind of like an outdoor train museum
and it’s super fun especially if you buy tickets
to go on that that little train. It’s a short ride
but it’s really fun. For this next one we are going to travel
a little bit outside of Los Angeles and visit the city of Chino Hills where you can find this Hindu temple it is called the BAPS shri swaminarayan and this is an authentic Hindu temple that was built with the help
of many many volunteers so it is a super cool different thing
to do in Los Angeles. If you’re not afraid of doing
a little bit of hiking then you should check out Murphy ranch which is located in Pacific Palisades if you go down a path
which may or may not be illegal but you can actually stumble upon a Nazi camp
which is now abandoned and it has been completely taken over
by graffiti artists and it’s a pretty cool high definitely
great photo opportunity. Whenever I have friends from out of town visiting they always want to go
to Santa Monica Pier or go to Venice Beach and I say you can shake things up a little bit by renting a bike there specifically a lowrider trike bike and you can look super cool and super fly when you are just a strolling
down the path. I think the rentals will go for
maybe seven to eight dollars and you can do that for about an hour
just ride from Santa Monica to Venice and back and it’s a super cheap and fun activity but again you’re going to look super cool. If you happen to be in Los Angeles
between the months of March and August then you are here during the grunion run season. The grunion are a specific type of fish
that come on land to mate and these are thousands and thousands of fish. My recommendation is to head down to San Pedro where you can go to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and they make a huge event out of this
and it’s super fun and there’s a lot of people there
and they organized the whole thing. It might be a little bit chilly
so definitely bring layers and bring cameras
because this is really unique activity and if you do happen to see all of these fish just know that this is very unique occurrence in nature and to be able to witness it is very cool. A lot of people seem to know about China town near downtown Los Angeles but what a lot of people
don’t seem to know about is that you can actually go there
to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If you’re visiting LA during the month of
January and February then it’s possible that you are here
during the Chinese Lunar New Year check out the central plaza in Chinatown because they hold a huge celebration there
for Chinese New Year and there’s confetti, there’s performers
and it’s a lot of fun everybody is there
just to celebrate the Chinese New Year. and it’s really a cool experience. If you are not afraid of water
and not afraid of being in closed off spaces then this next activity is going to be for you. Maybe. This next activity requires you to get into a sensory deprivation tank which means
that you will be in a room with no lights and no sound and a lot of salt water. So, if that sounds like something that you
might be into then you should check out Just Float
which is located in Pasadena and you can actually
have your first float for $40, I think. Definitely check out the website
for that information. You may have heard about sensory deprivation
tanks from a recent show called stranger things. So, if you want to be cool and tell your friends
hey I’ve done that then definitely head over there. Who knew that
you could go to Los Angeles and see the Berlin Wall. Yeah, that’s right. We actually have the longest segment
of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin and it is right across the street
from the LACMA museum So very easy to find and it’s free. You can walk around, take pictures they’ve actually allowed artists to come in and paint murals on the walls. So, now they are all colorful for you to see. If you’re visiting Los Angeles in late October then you might want to take part in the Día de los muertos
or the Day of the Dead celebrations that take place
in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. There will be many people there and so many people dress up and put on traditional Day of the Dead makeup and there are many
booths with food and clothes and there are even makeup booths
where you can get your makeup done and they have concerts
and performers there. So, it’s a really fun activity. It takes place at night which makes it really cool and spooky walking around and seeing everyone
with all their beautiful costumes. What’s even spookier is that it does take place
at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery which is one of Los Angeles’s oldest cemeteries. Speaking of October,
let’s talk about Oktoberfest. During the month of September and October. There is a little village close
to Los Angeles called alpine village which is modeled and inspired
after a little German town and they are home to Los Angeles’s
longest running celebration of Oktoberfest. There’s a lot of beer, a lot of food
and a lot of fun. For a quiet afternoon you could
head down to downtown Los Angeles home of the last bookstore No, that’s actually
the name of the place it’s called the last bookstore you might be wondering,
why are you recommending me to go to a bookstore that doesn’t
really sound exciting or off the beaten path. Last bookstore is a cool place because it has all of these mazes
and lots of books to go through and it’s actually pretty fun to just go. Lastly you should look into
the secret stairs of Los Angeles. There are secrets and not so secret stairways that are scattered
all around the Los Angeles County. Some of them are very small and easy others are kind of a little bit more
of a workout but once you get to the top
you can get some pretty nice views of the Los Angeles landscape. Those are my recommendations
for the 13 things that I think you should do in Los Angeles. Please give me a thumbs up
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  1. I loved this video, it is very informative and you mention places and festivities that are unique and not out of the tourist and very interesting to be . Wow can you imagine to celebrate the Chinese New Year or Octoberfest. El Día de los Muertos ??.Thank you for let me know new stuff to do

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