Things to do in Louisville Kentucky – 15 Best Things to do

Things to do in Louisville Kentucky – 15 Best Things to do

Being the historical administrative seat of
Jefferson County and the largest city of Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville hosts much more exciting
and worth exploring things. To pen down everything on a to-do list is
near to impossible, but in this write-up, some of the most wonderful and inevitable
things to do in Louisville, Kentucky (KY) have been highlighted. Owing to the presence of bluegrass, it is
sometimes nicknamed as the Bluegrass State. Top sights in Louisville keep its visitors
entertained for a long period of time. To explore the stunning landscape of this
mega city let’s take a look at the following points. No. 1. Looking into the Churchill Downs
Located in the southern Louisville on Central Avenue is a three tracked race course. It is famous for the annually occurring Kentucky
Derby, a thoroughbred horse race. It is home to two famous sports events one
is being Kentucky Derby and the other one is Kentucky Oaks. The Churchill Down, operated and owned by
Churchill Downs Incorporated, has by now hosted a consecutive eight world cups for the Breeders’
Cup. The most recent Breeders’ Cup competition
held in 2011. To visit the Churchill Downs and reveal certain
facts about it is a must-to-do thing in when one is on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. No. 2. Visiting the Louisville Slugger Field
This is stadium is exclusively dedicated to baseball. It was opened in 2000 and has a seating capacity
of more thirteen thousand. The design of Louisville Slugger Field is
unique as it has an old train shred at one of its entrances. The field gives a paramount view of the State
of Indiana and the Ohio River. Some parts of downtown of Louisville is also
visible the Louisville Slugger Field. The several features of the field include
a playing field for children, making the place a family favorite spot too. No. 3. Unmasking the reality behind The Kentucky
Kingdom. It is a 63-acre amusement park. Formerly, it was known as Six Flags the Kentucky
Kingdom. The park includes collections of different
things like water parks and amusement rides. It was founded on twenty-third May 1987. The park remained closed for some time but
attempts to revive this park was made from 2010 to 2012. Many investors invested in the park after
its reopening. The park has a history of its own that must
be explored and learn from it. No. 4. The Cave Hill Cemetery. Reminding the Victorian era, the Cave Hill
Cemetery is Louisville’s the largest cemetery both in contexts of number burials and area. It is also registered as one of the United
States of America’s national registered historic places. Remembering the country’s heroes, the cemetery
is a pleasantly quiet place to spend some time. The cemetery has a stream in the center and
five hundred species of different trees and plants. No. 5. Louisville Mega Cavern
Because one the United States’ mega caverns are homed here, it is called as Louisville
Mega Cavern. Historical analysis reveals that it was cavern
which was turned into a commercial storage area by mine investors in 1989. For visitors and tourist, this mega cavern
provides underground adventures as well other thrilling activities. Here, the visitor can learn much about the
subjects of geology history and mining engineering. With fun and adventure, this man-made cavern
offers much to learn for people of all ages. No. 6. The Big Four Bridge
The Big Four Bridge is over the Ohio River and it connects Louisville, Kentucky, and
Jeffersonville, which is a pretty important city and the administrative seat of Indiana’s
Clark County. The bridge constructed in 1895 and renovated
in the early 1930s. The bridge is only accessible for pedestrians,
people of Louisville and Jeffersonville use it travel between the cities. The bridge provides a much safe and scenic
way. It is one of the nicest pieces of old architecture
the country ever has. It is a highly recommended picnic spot for
the tourists and people with aesthetic sense as scenery here is much fascinating. No. 7. Knowing the Muhammad Ali Centre
Devoted to the boxing champion, Muhammad Ali Centre is a huge cultural hub and an excellent
museum. This six-story museum was opened in November
2005. This center contains many beautiful galleries,
several interactive exhibits, and a plaza. There is a mock boxing ring, recreated from
the late boxer Muhammad Ali’s Dear Lake Training Camp. A tour to this beautiful center is certainly
equal to a study tour in the sense that there is much to while paying a visit to this historic
place dedicated to the iconic personality of Muhammad Ali. No. 8. Exploring the Kentucky Science Centre
Located in the downtown of Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Science Center is worthy of paying
a special visit. As a collection of natural history, this science
museum was built in 1871. This is one the most famous tourists spot
in the United States of America, with millions of people visiting the museum annually. Tourists and visitors with an interest in
history and science must pay a visit to this extremely amazing Science Centre. No. 9. The Louisville Zoo
A beautiful mind has some intrinsic instincts, and one such instinct is an inclination towards
nature. Animals are the gift of nature. The planet earth is inhibited by an uncountable
number species. To explore such a diverse species by visiting
different landscapes of the earth is an impossible task for human beings. Here comes zoo to solve this unsolvable mystery
of knowing the unlimited species on the face of the universe. The Louisville Zoo or the Louisville Zoological
Garden exhibits more than seventeen hundred animals from different geographical regions. No. 10. Refreshing at Bard’s Town. To eat something is a biological compulsion,
but to eat something delicious is a choice. Happy mood works as an appetizer. Tours and picnics without good foods do not
bring much excitement. The Bard’s Town provides some of the most
delicious recipes to its customers. The Shakespearean themed dinner menus are
quite famous here. Specially cooked fish and St. Francis BBQ
bring the perfect taste. No. 11. Louisville Waterfront Park. Situated in the downtown area of Louisville,
the park is adjacent to the Ohio River. It is a municipal park that stretches over
an area of 85 acres. Before the park, the land had been used for
industrial purposes for many years. The Louisville Waterfront Park hosts many
interesting events, festivals, and concerts. There are many other eye-catching features. Playgrounds for adventures, Swing Garden and
Lincoln Memorial are some of many attributes of this park. Hence a visit to this would a memorable one
too. No. 12. Cherokee Park. The Louisville Cherokee Park is also a municipal
park having an area of 389 acres. The Scenic Loop, running through the forest
of the park, is one of the most prominent features of the park. Separate lanes are reserved for vans and the
pedestrians. There are also certain picnic areas, playgrounds,
and fountains. One can enjoy many activities in this park
such as playing golf, horse riding, archery, tennis, basketball, hiking and much more. No. 13. Louisville Palace. Also known as the Palace Theatre, the Louisville
Palace is the beauty of Louisville theatre district. It is a historic theatre located in the fourth
street of the theatre district. The theatre has a capacity of more than twenty-seven
hundred seats. It is beautifully decorated with sculptures
of United States’ famous and historic figure. Hence, it is registered with the U.S. National
Register of Historic Places. No. 14. Frazier History Museum. Named after Owsley B. Frazier, it has seventy-five
thousand square feet area for exhibition purpose. There is also one auditorium, three floors
and a seating arrangement for more one hundred and twenty people. The museum contains a bunch of historical
artifacts that had been collected some five years back into the history. The collection here is both from national
and international artifacts. No. 15. Mayan Café. This café serves delicious Mexican and Italian
foods with amazingly tasty cocktails and fresh healthy juices. This café is situated in the East Market
District of Louisville. The ambiance of the Mayan cafe is vibrant
enough to enjoy foods at full. The menu for food and beverages has a wide
range of choices. The chefs at the café are praiseworthy as
their hands bring magic to the foods. The city of Louisville, Kentucky is the United
States’ ninth biggest city. Owing to the presence of Ohio River, early
settlements became possible here. Historically the city was an escape point
for slaves to flee north. The city also played an important role during
the war of independence. Recently this has earned fame in the wake
of unplanned migration. The population of the city increased to an
alarming level. With so many dynamic features, this city of
Louisville offers much for people to explore, learn and enjoy. Having a knowledge of such amazing things
to do in Louisville, Kentucky (KY), the journey to this city would become a memorable one.

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