Things to do in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay

Things to do in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay

Today we’re in Odaiba It’s an area in Tokyo bay It’s actually manmade, reclaimed land There’s lots of things to do here So today I’m going to show you some of them Odaiba is spacious, futuristic & has its own feel I think it’s an interesting place to spend a day Or half a day Depending how much time you have And what you’re interested in So today I’m going to run through what there is to do There’s quite a lot At the end I’ll tell you how to get there And how to get around There’s new Japan videos on my channel every Thursday If you want to subscribe I’m also on Twitter & Instagram As Cakes with Faces I’m always posting things about Japan My designs And pictures of my hamster Odaiba isn’t always included in lists of “Top 10 things to do in Tokyo” Or things you should do on your first trip But I think it’s a really interesting place to come And I don’t know why it’s not featured I think a lot of the time it’s featured because of the giant Gundam So people say you should visit that And I don’t think you can see that anywhere else But Odaiba to me just has a really nice feel to it I don’t know if that’s just because It’s the first place we came on our first visit to Japan It seems like a strange place to pick for your first day But that’s what we did On our first day ever here It’s quite laid back Because it’s manmade and relatively modern It handles all the traffic properly It’s a bit more spacious than a lot of other places in Tokyo It looks really modern & futuristic There’s some interesting architecture around here Like the Fuji TV Building, Big Sight & a lot of other ones It’s a real contrast to the rest of Tokyo Where, somewhere like Shinjuku It’s really really cool But it’s so dense & compact It’s a mismatch of everything Which is really nice in its own way That’s what’s good about that But then you come here And it’s the complete opposite; everything’s big And wide open And that’s really nice as well There’s quite a few things to do here If you’re into shopping That’s not a thing we particularly like to do But here’s 3, 4 malls here? There’s several shopping malls Decks Tokyo Beach Diver City And Aqua City Odaiba But the most interesting one Is Venus Fort It has 3 levels One is classical European style With a fake sky ceiling It’s just like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas There’s statues, fountains & everything Once I even saw a couple there having wedding photos The giant Gundam is just outside Diver City mall Anyone can go along & have a look at it Even if you’re not into Gundam It’s still pretty cool And it really is huge Every so often it transforms And does a mini show There’s also a shop & a Gundam cafe You’ve also got the seaside park Which is nice on the beach You can’t go swimming or anything But it’s nice to stroll around Or have your lunch or something You’ve got a nice view of Tokyo across the river You can also combine going to Odaiba With going to Asakusa Or the SkyTree And that sort of area Or maybe even Akihabara Is in that area too You can get a boat going up the river Which is always nice When you’re on a trip My favourite one’s called the Himiko It was designed by an anime artist So it looks really cool & futuristic We went on that, is that in a video? Yes! So we’ll link the video to that That is really cool Especially on a nice day You cruise down the river You get to see a few things Like the Asahi Building’s right at the end of it You just get to see a bit of Tokyo I don’t think there’s anything really remarkable on the journey But it’s just a nice way to spend an hour or so As well as the Himiko There’s also two other boats called the Hotaluna & Emereldas They’re all quite similar One of them has an outdoor deck There’s also a load of other things here too Like the Science Museum, Miraikan Which is really good You can see Asimo there I dont’ know how advanced he is these days But he always was touted as a really advanced robot He’s the first one that could properly run & carry stuff upstairs He’s quite cool to see He’s Honda’s robot I’ve got a video of him From our first trip to Tokyo On my terrible camera back then That was probably half a megapixel I really enjoyed Miraikan The science museum There’s lots of robots There’s a model showing how the internet works And you can go inside a model of the space station There’s also the Digital Art Museum TeamLab Borderless There’s a temporary exhibition from them as well, at the moment Called TeamLab Planets The special thing about that one Is it’s got water So you have to take your shoes off And go wading through water And they do projections on the top of the water & things That’s nice! I really enjoyed TeamLab Borderless It’s a really different, unique experience With projection mapping And immersive, interactive displays As well as being beautiful It’s also really fun With parts you can climb through And things you can play with That aren’t just for kids There’s a video on my channel You’ve also got Toyota Megaweb Which is basically just a Toyota showroom now Showroom turned into tourist attraction They’ve got a few things you can do Like design your own car And you can go on a little test ride around I’ve never done that It’s kind of interesting, but not necessarily a reason to come here on its own You might as well have a stroll round if you’re there If you like cars There’s also the Toyota History Garage Which is a small collection of vintage cars It’s free to look round That’s in the area where there’s a giant ferris wheel That’s really tall And I’ve got a bit of a problem with heights So I don’t know if I really want to go on that or not The one we went on in Osaka was quite high I was alright with it though The ferris wheel’s 115m tall There’s views of Tokyo & the bay Apparently, on a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji It’s right next to Venus Fort And Teamlab Borderless The area it’s in is called Palette Town Which is named after an artist’s paint palette At night the ferris wheel’s lit up in rainbow colours Just like the rainbow bridge Can you go up the Fuji building? I think there’s a free observation deck in there If you walk in with enough confidence Free as in, I’m pretending to work here? We could see that We could Get a nice view of Tokyo across the bay After this we went to investigate the Fuji TV Building Unfortunately it isn’t free But there is an observation deck And it’s an interesting building to take pictures of If you like the anime One Piece There’s a themed restaurant There’s also an onsen theme park here Here? Yeah It’s called Onsen – something – Monogatari I think It’s got a lot of different themed onsen you can go round Didn’t know that Oedo Onsen Monogatari Is probably the least traditional way to experience an onsen Which is a natural hot spring bath Usually they’re in relaxing, picturesque towns in the countryside But if you’re not travelling outside Tokyo This is a way to experience one In the form of a theme park There’s several different types of traditional baths But there’s also mixed footbaths Where you can wander around in a Yukata That’s a lightweight kimono There’s a historic Edo-period themed foot court And traditional Japanese sideshow games Of course, Odaiba’s where Big Sight is Which is the main convention centre in Tokyo So if you’re going to a big event They have big cosplay events here as well Design Festa And all sorts of things It’s worth checking if anything’s on when you’re there Big Sight is where they have the big anime conventions And Comiket So if you want to see cosplayers while you’re in Japan This is where you’d see them Next, the Trick Art Museum Is so much fun You pose with optical illusions on the walls You’ll go home with hundreds of really silly photos. It’s such a unique place. There’s a video about it on my channel. A new attraction in Odaiba Is the Unko Museum Which means the poop museum It’s in Diver City Tokyo Plaza shopping mall The theme is “Max unko kawaii” Which means: maximum poop cuteness There’s games & exhibits Like poop drawn by famous people But it’s mostly made for Instagram Just like the museum of ice cream With backdrops for you to pose with And take lots of pictures With the cute poop Sega Joypolis I always want to call it Joyopolis Is an indoor theme park With simulators Rides & VR attractions The Takoyaki Museum Isn’t really a museum It’s more a collection of themed food stalls Selling different types of takoyaki Which is octopus in batter With a tasty savoury sauce There’s a small takoyaki-themed arcade And even a takoyaki shrine There’s a Madame Tussauds With waxwork models of famous people Just like all the other ones around the world Next, the Legoland Discovery Centre I can’t really tell you much about this one Because you’re only allowed in if you have a child with you It’s very unfair It’s an indoor attraction Aimed at children aged 3-10 There’s several other museums too Which I haven’t been to, so I can’t say how good they are for foreigners There’s the Tokyo Water Science Museum Which is free Mainly for kids There’s the Museum of Maritime Science Which is also free That’s about ships And carrying on the water theme There’s the sewerage museum Which is about sewers That one’s free as well Next, How to Get to Odaiba You can get there on the Rinkai or Yurikamome lines You can use your Suica card just like all the other lines The train goes over the Rainbow Bridge So you get some great views of Tokyo Bay And all the really interesting architecture on Odaiba You can also walk across the Rainbow Bridge But you’re walking alongside the traffic Or you can go by boat From the Shiodome area Or from Asakusa Finally, how to get around Odaiba Once you’re there It’s pretty easy to get around A lot of the places I’ve mentioned are walkable There’s also several stations And there’s a free Tokyo Bay shuttle bus That does a loop So if you fancy a break away from the rest of Tokyo Where everything’s really crammed in, and you want somewhere more spacious to go Odaiba’s a good place to come There’s lots more ideas for things to do in Tokyo on my channel And new videos every Thursday If you want to subscribe I’ll see you next week

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  1. Thank you ever so much for mentioning the shuttle bus, we are in Tokyo from next week and I have planned 2 full days in Odaiba, one of my kids has some mobility problems so the shuttle bus is really useful, I didn't know it existed!

  2. I was there in July and it's a very different feel to Tokyo. Very chilled and relaxed with a feeling of space. Great place just to wander about after some time feeling crowded in the rest of Tokyo

  3. I was studying abroad in Japan, a few months ago, and when I took a trip to Tokyo during one of my breaks, Odaiba was one of the places I went to. I was going to Tokyo to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, but Odaiba ended up being my favorite part of that trip. It really does have a different feel!

  4. Thanks for this we will have to go back to Odaiba because we miss half the things in this video and they look pretty good especially if it’s raining ???????????

  5. Have you done any videos on the Studio Ghibli museum or Evangelion World? Just curious as I'd love to see what those are like.

  6. ..What?! no kids = no entry at Legoland??
    ..For some reason i'm interested in the Sewerage Museum.
    ..I wonder if there's a Tomica version of Himiko?

  7. um,… I can't recommend Oedo Monogatari,… I'm kind of dating myself but it used to be clean and relaxing back in the day, now it's just a kind of grimy tourist circus (though, to be fair, the fish served there is yummy),… hmmm, if you want onsen in Tokyo there is black water bath in Kamata, um, but you'll need to speak Japanese I think …

  8. Wow – nice vid and thnx. Also, lived just north of there in Koto-ku during my college days and all of this did not exist…

  9. There are the past to the future.
    It's Odaiba.

    We must to do too much in Odaiba.
    It's very big problem.

    Please have fun !

  10. Well, that was a nice stroll down memory lane, thank you! 🙂 If folks are into Maritime History, there is also the Soya "Ice Breaker" beside the Maritime Museum. My Son and I have visited around 40 ships converted to museums, Battleships, Aircraft Carries, Sub's ect, the Soya is one of very few Ice Breakers and it's history is quite interesting. Thanks again, always enjoy your videos!

    PS: It was because of your earlier video that we took the Hotaluna 🙂

  11. Thanks Amy and Phil! We are flying to Tokyo on Tuesday and were planning to go to Odaiba on the first full day too! Love your channel. Our first trip! We have been watching you for a year. So excited!!!

  12. Great video as always, I loved that you let phil give his input as well, you guys rock ?I also had a quick question, in Odaiba, do they let you in the hot springs if you have tattoos?

  13. wow what a fun place! nice vlog! we just posted some vids from our trip to Bora Bora, would you check us out? =)

  14. Wow, great video! Completely comprehensive.
    We're in Tokyo already but haven't been out to Odaiba yet. It's coming up soon though! We'll be checking out many of the places you mentioned. Yay!

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