Things to know BEFORE you go to NEW YORK CITY in 2020 | NYC Travel Tips

Things to know BEFORE you go to NEW YORK CITY in 2020 | NYC Travel Tips

in this video I will cover all you need
to know before traveling to New York City including where all the major
attractions the best time to visit where to stay and for how long
public transportation how much things cost the best apps to use the best views
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video plus top to any things to do in New York City and multiple Maps
here are our 15 essential tips to know before you visit New York City number 15
the map of New York City the most crowded and most densely populated city
in the US is divided into five boroughs and hatton Staten Island Brooklyn Queens
and the Bronx Manhattan is surrounded by Hudson River on one side and East River
on the other for orientation let’s start with Central Park and continue all the
way to the South Central Park the most visited urban park in America and one of
the world’s most famous parks ends with 5th Avenue on the east side there you’ll
find many luxury boutiques flagship stores and museums
if you continue south on the 5th Avenue you will find the Museum of Modern Art
the Rockefeller Center famous for its top of the rock observation deck and st.
Patrick’s Cathedral from 5th Avenue you can go west to the theater district
where Broadway theatres and Times Square are located or you can go east to the
Grand Central Terminal the world-famous train station and to the nearby Chrysler
Building the impressive newer public library’s main branch building is
situated right next to the beautiful Bryant Park on Manhattan’s far west side
you’ll find the vessel one of the newest architectural marvels
in new york city located in hudson yards nearby you’ll find the popular High Line
an elevated park an urban food court as well as Chelsea Market a famous New York
City food hall from Chelsea Market let’s go back to Fifth Avenue where the iconic
triangular tower Flatiron stands next to Madison Square Park and of course we
shouldn’t forget about the buyer State Building
lower Manhattan also called downtown Manhattan or downtown New York is home
to the famous so connect to other interesting neighborhoods here are
Little Italy and Chinatown in the financial district you’ll find the World
Trade Center complex which was rebuilt after the 9/11 terrorist attacks the
complexes main building is One World Trade Center also known as the Freedom
Tower just outside the skyscraper there is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum on the
oculus and impressive transportation hub further south of the financial district
you’ll find Wall Street home to the New York Stock Exchange let’s continue to
Brooklyn Bridge crossing the East River and connecting women happy with Brooklyn
the Statue of Liberty a universal symbol of freedom and democracy but Ellis
Island a former inspection station for over 12
million immigrants to the United States are a ferry ride away from the southern
tip of Manhattan if you are in New York City between May and October
don’t miss Governors Island also located in New York Harbor normally you’ll
arrive in New York at one of the following everyone’s John F Kennedy
Airport New York’s largest airport located in Queens Newark Liberty Airport
in New Jersey and LaGuardia Airport which is also in Queens and is mainly
used for domestic flights New York is a big city to get a better sense of the
distance a two point six mile or four point one kilometer walk from one side
of Central Park to the other along upper fifth avenue takes about 15
minutes if you walk and take the metro it takes
about 20 minutes also it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk from Times
Square to the 9/11 memorial or about 25 minutes if you walk and take the matter
number 14 weather and climate New York City has a humid subtropical climate
winters are cold and damp with temperatures ranging between 27 and 52
degrees Fahrenheit or minus 3 and 11 degrees Celsius temperatures can even
drop to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 12 degrees Celsius several times during
the winter you will most likely see snow in January and February SARS are usually
hot and humid temperatures range between 64 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 and
29 degrees Celsius in spring and fall the weather is unpredictable typically
mild with low humidity but ranges between Chile and warm temperatures are
between 45 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 and 27 degrees Celsius in spring and
between 43 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 and 25 degrees Celsius in the fall
rain is very common in New York City year-round so be sure to bring an
umbrella however these are all just averages the weather and the temperature
can be different at the time of your visit so remember to check the weather
forecast before your travel number 13 best time to visit the best time to
visit New York City isn’t spring from April to June or in the fall from
September to early November when the weather is mild and the tourist crowds
are relatively small the cheapest time to visit New York is from mid-january
to the end of February but don’t worry New York City is one of the most vibrant
and exciting cities in the world so you’ll have a great time regardless of
the season and how can you figure out the best days and hours to see the
attractions just check Google to see how crowded a specific location is at a
certain time of day of course we recommend going early during the week
and in the morning number twelve land of your stay we
recommend staying in New York City for at least five days this way you’ll be
able to see most of its main attractions number eleven where to stay cost of
accommodations attractions in New York City are spread out especially in
Manhattan so basically anywhere you stay you’ll probably be close to at least one
attraction if this is your first time in the city and you want to do a lot of
sightseeing you can choose conditions somewhere in
Midtown if you want cheaper accommodations stay in the Lower East
Side for nightlife stay in the East Village for families the best
neighborhood is the Upper West Side if you want to save some money
you can stay in other boroughs such as Brooklyn or Queens however be sure to
check if there is a subway station nearby so you can easily reach Manhattan
for a hip experience stay in Williamsburg in Brooklyn another
important thing to know this is already the state of New Jersey and is not
served by New York City public transport so do have that in mind if you choose to
stay here as you have to commute to Manhattan every day rates for New York
City hotels range from reasonable to outrageous the average price of an
inexpensive hotel room is $200 and can easily go higher of course that depends
on the type of accommodation as well as the location and the season check out
our video on the best apps for booking your stay number 10 lines and crowds
with over 8 million people in a relatively small space New York City is
obviously a very crowded place even if you can’t avoid all the crowds you can
do certain things to make your trip to New York City more pleasant experience
you can avoid peak seasons avoid taking the subway during rush hours get up
early in the morning to explore the city without the crowds use Google Maps to
check how crowded a specific location is at a certain time of day
number nine transportation from aunt to the airport to get from aunt to John F
Kennedy International Airport in Queens you can use air train empty a subway and
Long Island Railroad city bus shuttle bus taxi private car limousine and fan
transfers uber or lyft and a car rental for like bar the airport in Queens you
can use city bus shuttle bus taxi private car limousine and van transfers
uber or lyft under car rental and for New York Airport in New Jersey you can
use air train New Jersey Transit PATH and Amtrak show bus taxi private car
limousine and fan transfers uber or lyft and car rentals check out our travel
guide for links and additional information on these airports arriving
by train the two main train stations in New York
City are Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station
France Central is located in midtown on the east side while Penn Station is just
below midtown on the west side many subways and bus lines serve both
stations arriving by car you can use Google Maps to get driving directions to
New York City you’ll also want to know where to park in advance an app like
spot hero will help you find and reserved parking locations in the city
getting around the city New York City is well covered with public transportation
however you still have to walk a lot so bring comfortable shoes you can use MTA
New York City’s public transportation system which includes subway and buses
it is inexpensive and a great way to see the sights throughout the five boroughs
and it operates 24/7 the cost of a single ride is three dollars or $2.75 if
you use the MetroCard the price of a weekly MetroCard is $33 there can be two
types of subway lines operating on the same track
and Express train the local train stops at every single station while Express
train skips certain stops taxi uber or lyft there are many other
transportation options in New York City such as ferry water taxi boat rides hop
on hop off buses bike rentals etc check out our travel guide for timetables
prices links and additional information number eight
general information drinking water it is totally safe to drink tap water in New
York City there are many free drinking water fountains throughout the city
toilets while there are public restrooms in your city finding one close to you
may be a little challenging however you can use the toilets and museums
department stores and coffee shops you visit there are also toilets in parks at
Grand Central Terminal and on ferries providing transportation to Liberty
Island and Ellis Island free Wi-Fi you may be surprised at just how easy you
can find many locations with free Wi-Fi for example subway stations parks coffee
shops museums tour buses etc will cover apps for finding free Wi-Fi
later number 7 for international travelers here are some other things you
should know for a nice and easy experience in New York City travel
adapters if you’re coming from outside the US you will probably need a special
u.s. travel adapter to charge your phone and other devices this is what a u.s.
bar plug looks like if you travel a lot consider buying a universal travel
adapter that you can use in other countries to always bring some cash
while most hotels stores and restaurants in New York City accept major credit
cards like Visa or MasterCard it is wise to always have some dollars in your
wallet money exchange to get the u.s. dollars you can we draw from the ATMs
you can also consider using prepaid cards that don’t charge fees for ATM
withdrawals or use a bank or a service such as revelant or you can we draw
certain amounts of money free of charge even when you’re abroad
you can of course also exchange your foreign cash for US dollars at a
currency exchange office prepaid SIM cards you can purchase a prepaid SIM
card to access the internet on your phone local carriers include t-mobile
mint mobile ultra mobile and straighttalk pocket Wi-Fi alternatively
you can consider renting a pocket Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot for more information
check out our travel guide tipping you should always tip at a
restaurant and bars in the United States and therefore also New York the normal
rates are between 15 and 20 percent pre-tax for waiters at restaurants and
one to two dollars per drink or 15 to 20 dollars of the bar tab for bartenders
you should know that servers in the US are usually paid minimum wage for less
and rely heavily on tips legal drinking age in all US states you must be at
least 21 to purchase and consume alcohol time zone New York City uses Eastern
Daylight Time or GMT – for it is 14 hours behind City and six hours behind
Paris so if it’s 8:00 a.m. in New York then it’s 10:00 p.m. in Sydney and 2
p.m. in Paris number 6 safety New York is one of the
safest big cities in the US with an overall crime rate lower than the
national average still petty theft is common given that New York City is the
most visited city in the country there are also some rough neighborhoods
that are not recommended for tourists check out our PDF guide for the list of
areas to avoid in New York City also pay attention to scammers especially the
ones on Times Square usually people dressed in costumes or someone trying to
sell you fake or overpriced show tickets etc and typical for all major cities
around the world beware pickpockets especially close to major
attractions watch your valuables and use common sense for emergency services dial
nine-one-one number five best apps to use in New York
City your phone can be your best buddy in York City here is a list of useful
apps NYC transit my transit New York City New York subway for transit subway
map etc Google Maps for Apple maps for walking public transportation driving
etc Google Maps also lets you download maps which is a great option if you
don’t want to use roaming uber or lyft for getting around the city timeout
which shows you all the latest sconce Ertz
exhibitions and events in New York City OpenTable for free restaurant
reservations sitter squat or flush for finding public restrooms in New York
City DEP to find the nearest drinking water fountain city bike for bike
locations real time availability and route planning if you want to explore
the city by bike TripAdvisor and Yelp for reviews of restaurants hotels
museums and tours with locals for it width to book an experience a tour or
dinner with locals Wi-Fi map or Wi-Fi finder which helps you find Wi-Fi
throughout New York City check out our travel guide for links to download these
apps on iOS and Android and for more AB suggestions number for free city tours
walking tours are organized by professional guides who know a great
deal about the city’s rich history some providers even offer free or pay with
Jewish tours see our travel guide for links to websites of free guided tours
and other interesting tours of New York City number 3 city passes to save money
and attractions you can purchase one of several passes such as the New York Pass
City Pass go city and others each pass offers several different bundles of
attractions make sure that the path you choose includes the attractions you want
to visit see our travel guide for links prices and more
number two food and drinks on average a coffee costs between one and two dollars
at a cheap cafe and five dollars at Starbucks
the average price of an inexpensive meal with a sandwich pizza salad or an ethnic
dish is ten to fifteen dollars if you want to sit down at a restaurant the
price can easily go up to $20.00 per person or more dinners range between 20
and 30 dollars per person glass of wine cost between four and six dollars a beer
between six and eight dollars cocktails between ten and twenty dollars and the
soda between one dollar fifty and three dollars you will pay from $1 to four
dollars for a donut the traditional plain bagel with cream cheese costs
somewhere between two and six dollars and you can get a hot dog from an iconic
hot dog cart from one to three dollars we suggest using a out or Trip Advisor
to find a near a place with good reviews to save some money avoid sitting down a
restaurant next to a major attraction such as Times Square there are also some
great cheap eats in New York City see our guide for a list of the best
inexpensive dining places such as the dollar pizza where you can have a slice
of pizza for just one dollar and loss Takas number one at Chelsea Market
number one best FREE views of the city you can enjoy several amazing previews
of New York City from Staten Island Ferry Brooklyn Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge
lookout country plazas State Park Battery Park and many others check out
our travel guide for more places with amazing free and paid views of the city
and maps to easily locate them our travel guide is a mobile-friendly PDF
document that you can store on your phone or offline use it covers stuffed
and things to do New York City plus stamp additional attractions maps links
opening hours and other information that will help make your trip to New York
City stress-free
by purchasing our trail guide you are also helping us sustain this channel so
big thank you for that and don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our
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  1. New York is great too. But for Indonesians, it is too far and expensive. LA/SFO is way better because it is closer to Asia and they
    have better attractions besides city tours, they are closer to national parks such as Yosemite National Park if you arrive from San francisco which is in fact 3 hours drive. For me though, visiting New York can be tiring especially if you're not use to fly a very long distances. I could get jet lagged for flying too long. On the flip side, I have to walk a lot.

  2. Your travel videos are the best! I love watching even if I've been to the location. I would love a video on Miami and Orlando. My top tips for NYC is to not underestimate how long it takes to get somewhere or the walking. Also recommend staying in mid-town so you are halfway between everything. I stayed at the Renaissance Times Square which had amazing service and the hotel bar overlooked the red steps of Time Squares. But Times Square is very noisy so if I went back I would stay near Herald Square which has a large metro station and great restaurants near it overlooking the Empire State Building.

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