Third Day in ADANA: Local Breakfast, Market, Traditional Street Food & Tourism

Third Day in ADANA: Local Breakfast, Market, Traditional Street Food & Tourism

In order for someone to live the life of a city, he has to walk in it’s streets and with it’s citizens. It’s Sunday, and the day starts from Souk Al Ahad (Sunday Market). Come let’s have a tour. Hello Yasine! Hi good morning my friend. I felt like I’m in a movie, I’m walking in the souk a car comes with black windows, it beeps. Ride with me, so we jumped in. And we moved. We’re going to eat? Breakfast. No hospital today. Yes hospital. Hospital night. Night hospital. Yasine doesn’t believe since yesterday that someone could eat that much! So he memorized what we ate, it caused him stress and load on his stomach. So he counted everything we ate, and he asked me if he should take me to the hotel or the hospital. That’s how the day starts, but most importantly he has a smile on his face. The vibes are great. We got to a very nice place, and I asked to have a 100% turkish breakfast. We passed by the longest brigde that has poles in the floor, on top of the lake. We got to a place that does breakfast, and we found them working! It’s great let’s go to the kitchen! The dough’s name is Sikma and later it’s called Gozleme. Which is almost like the Sage bread, its very white it doesn’t have yeast so that’s why it doesn’t blow. It’s put in a very fast speed on the Sage but it’s not curvy like ours much. It has edges so that the dough doesn’t slip or fall off. Then she begins cutting it half up and down, and she twists them well to roast. You can add cheese, she gave it to me like that, bent in half. It’s very good! Woah it’s really good, its white cheese… it has herbs, and it’s so good! It reminded me of the sandwich in the village. It’s called Gozleme. It’s very hot. The cheese is melted right, she sprays it with oil… it gets roasted on the outside. It’s dough is very good! It’s amazing, and better than the crepe. It’s better than crepe with cheese. We had breakfast at Hazalim, in a region called Topalec. And now I’m walking on the lake, they’re waiting for us to have tour on a lake. The weather is great for real! Yasine who has been with us from the beginning of the trip and who’s driving the car… He insisted that we come here to his village, I guess we had breakfast at his relatives and now we’re at his house… The sheep and cows and chicken… and this is the village, it’s Sunday mroning! Where are we? We’re in the village. Yes. Anthony… Lebanon… Plane? He want’s me to take it with me to Lebanon. We take it with us in the car then to the plane? Yes in the airplane. Then in Wings of Lebanon yes… we’ll take it with us in the car. I’ll let it sit by my side on the plane. Let’s go. I’m inviting you to have some goat milk. We’re joking, we won’t take it away of it’s parents. Okay we’ll continue, we’re going back to the city. Food, street food, gallery, tourism… but my wife asked me for something so I came to the mall… there are two malls in Adana, this is a one of them. It’s nice and big. Let’s have a look. The same bread that we had with Kabab, the meat gets grilled infront of you. The setting is very nice… The smoke goes up so the clothes wouldn’t smell. It’s a bit communion… you’d sit and have fun, you discuss, and you’d find something to enjoy. We are going to… do what we did yesterday. I will take a bit something like Labne… So that I give it juiciness and make it chill a bit more. The meat already has good amount of, pepper…. and of salt. I’ll roll it like a sandwich I enjoyed the place and the food, but now it’s time to go to the gallery and see what the guys prepared. It’s very very nice! I can’t stop looking. The colors… The design is very very nice. This is the Southern Mjaddara, the pot was full… I don’t know how this happened but what is happening is insane! I never experienced something like that. I’m proud I did it and everyone loved it. We came here at 4PM. We got a very huge pot… And the Mjadara is gone, we still have these. The question was, what will the last stop be? Is it going to be afancy restaurant or street food? Obviously, it’s street food! The best for last! We are going to walk on the street and eat a 100% traditional! On the street! Nothing better. This dish which we cook at home. Which needs time and hard work to cook. On the way you sit on the bar, and in calmness. You have the lemon, and the peppers… He opens up 2 big cookers and you start eating… Intestine, with rice inside… They’re really good! And that’s street food! Meaning, you put a plate you eat and fill up your stomach for energy… and you continue the tour. Later… there is the large intestine, it’s filled up very well with rice. It’s cooked well, and it’s peppers are simple and nice. I like it! Very nice. I enjoyed them. Let’s go Fweregh? He told me they cook it in the right way… So he did it the right way and he’s happy eating it. This is the intestine from the outside, On the inside as well, seems like it has lots of fat! He chops them. He chops them into pieces and he places them here, The bread is very soft, and roasted a bit… on the inside it’s full of meat. 4 types of spices, full of spices! We try the sandwich… It’s great! The spices are very strong, the meat is soft.. Street food at it’s finest! I really like street food, but this sandwich is delicious! One more bite. Kokoreç, Mumbai… I forgot their names! Anyways, those are the names of the street food that they eat in the evening. The guys told us that they were cooking them yesterday at 3 am! One more thing that’s famous and known, it’s the soup… You can’t find it, so the lady decided to prepare it for us in order to see it and try it. Let’s see it. We stood by the kitchen’s window, and she’s telling me what she’s doing. This is the soup. Look at the spices! Too much meat! We have a stop, because I burnt my tongue. What is it? It’s like the Fatteh of Intestine and Brain mainly the head. Turns out.. it has the brain, the head and the tongue… it has Karaein. It’s very good for the Colagen. I really liked the idea! But I can’t imagine myself eating this at 2am! and it seems after you have them, you gain back the energy after midnight! I’m so happy that I’m leaving and I have tried almost all the street food in Adana! The destiny wants me to pass on the road and see this sheep. This is cheese, I don’t know what they call it here In Lebanon it’s called Darfeyyeh Cheese, usually in Lebanon it’s white and it can be broken easily. This has a yellow color, it’s consistency is like Kashkawan, and it has a citrus taste. It’s very good and simple. Whoever likes goat cheese this is the best! Thank you so much! We had something salty now it’s sweet time! Knefeh with very well melted cheese! It has rough Farek from the bottom and the top. It’s like the Nabules Knefeh, it’s not like ours! It’s sweetness is perfect, the cheese is sweetened right. The crunch of the Fraek is very nice. It’s rough like biscuits, and here they don’t have it has breakfast like us, and they don’t add the bread definitely! Knefeh, it’s very good! A7la Balad Bel 3alam (the most beautiful country)! Hi Mister Anthony. How are you? Good evening! I hope you enjoyed here with us in Adana! It was amazing! Good. This is the most important thing! I promised you with a surprise but unfortunetly I couldn’t take a video of it. I watched the landing and the take off! it’s mind-blowing! The flight is great, it’s one of the important planes… which is Boeing 77. Super reliable, the hungarian captain has been driving this plane for 30 years! The co-pilate is Lebanese he’s Ali and he studied in England. They’re work is amazing! The travel was great and fast I really enjoyed it! 3 days I wouldn’t forget! I ate very good food and the flight was nice. They cared to the maximum! Wings of Lebanon, Nakhal thanks for making it happen! The hotel was great! and so on… I hope you enjoyed the video! We’ll meet next travel, Ciao! The bag came, I finished and I’m running to have a Labne sandwich with cucumber and tomato! With a bit of mint and black olives…

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  1. اخ طوني انته شخص رائع باااسلوبك و طريقة الاداء كلش روعه اتمنالك كل التوفيق و ايضا لما اشوف عن وطننا العربي ومنها لبنان الجميله
    الله سبحانه عطى للانسان كل هذا الجمال ليش الحروب ليش ندمر هذا الجمال والله مع الاسف
    عموما اتمنالك التوفيق واجمل تحية من العراق اخوك قيصر تحياتي

  2. ههههههه مليت من البنان بدك تصير تسافر حول العالم هههههههههههه

  3. That was actually great Anthony. i always say we are simply mediterraneans , we have so much in common in terms of food , culture, looks , traditions ..etc
    good job Hakeem

  4. كل شئ حلو… بس الموسيقى بالفيديو كانت مزعجة وما تتناسب مع أجواء تركيا

  5. Brilliant video…. Very informative, truthful, and most important is the power of positive vibes that Anthony takes with him. He's a true hero from Lebanon. Lebanese & Proud.

  6. رحلة روعه واجواء بتعئد
    thank you for sharing it with us Anthony 🙂
    welcome back to Lebanon احلى بلد بالعالم

  7. انتوني إبن بطوطه اللبناني…تحياتي لك ولكن اعتقد إنه الاكل العربي اطيب و اشهى من اي اكل اخر

  8. Antony;
    Ehlen ve sehlen….
    İnşallah memleketimi beğendin….
    Çok kısa bir zamanda bende Lübnan'a gelmek istiyorum….
    İnşallah karşılaşırız…..

  9. كتير استمتعنا .كانوا سافرنا ورجعنا.بس لو برمت كل العالم واكلت افخر الانواع.بتبقى سندويشة اللبنة المفضلة عندك

  10. Why are you visiting this fake country ? Those people are Greek- Arab wannabees. Invading Syria again.
    I don't understand Lebanese and Syrian people… You forgot history and the problems that we have today?

  11. صح مليت من لبنان بس روح على بليد مسيحي مش تركي اسلام يا عيب على كل واحداً مسيحي

  12. احلى شيء انهم سامحين لك بالتصوير بودية ..

    اول مرة اشوفك مرتاح بالتصوير ..

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