This 29-year-old quit her job in finance to travel the world for 2 years | CNBC Profiles

This 29-year-old quit her job in finance to travel the world for 2 years | CNBC Profiles

Hi, I’m Xin En. Hi, I’m Xinen too. I think only the two of us
are excited about that. Yeah, because maybe
our name is special. I’m a 28-year-old professional who decided to quit
her job two years ago to travel the world full-time. I wanted to quit my job because I didn’t want to
spend my twenties hanging out in a cubicle. I didn’t want to spend all this time worrying
about whether I could climb the corporate ladder. But I wanted to chase something that I was
really passionate about, which is traveling, and encouraging others to chase their
dreams and go down this path as well. I ended up in North America after a month,
decided to work my way down to the tip of South America in Ushuaia, and after that
I went on to Africa for three months, and then Europe for
another three months. And then I came back to Singapore,
and it was like a total of two years. Well, my parents definitely do not contribute
to a cent of my travel expenses. This entire travel experience is
funded by myself and my savings. I saved about S$50,000. It was definitely a challenge to save
that, but I feel that if you have a goal, it’s easier to find motivation
to work towards that goal. Another way that I saved that S$50,000 was to
break it up into different segments, like different quarters in the year that I would have
different mini-goals I would work towards. It’s a little bit difficult to travel hack in Singapore as
compared to people in the U.S., but it’s still possible. I travel hacked by using a few different credit
cards and I split my expenses across three different credit cards and racked up enough
points to fly around the world…twice. In four years? In four years, yeah. Every bill that I can pay, I will
pay with a credit card because it’s money that I’m already going to spend,
so I might as well make it work for me by earning some points instead
of just me withdrawing money. In Africa to save money, because it’s an
expensive continent for tourists to travel to, I spent a lot of my time
sleeping in a tent. Yes, I camped throughout Africa and people
might think, “Oh my god, that’s so crazy.” But it’s actually really comfortable because
it’s your private room, you have a mosquito net and you have all the privacy in the world
while still enjoying traveling Africa. I guess I sacrificed a little bit of comfort
in the sense of my accommodation because after recording my
expenses all around the world, accommodation is the majority
of where your money goes to. So if you can can save a little bit of money
on accommodation by staying in hostels or even in a tent, you definitely can
make your money go a long way. Interesting souvenirs don’t have to be expensive
so if you’re going drinking anyway, why not save the beer bottle labels
as souvenirs for your scrapbook? And then you can use your money
for your other travel fun. Of course, a lot of them were very like wistful
and said they would also want to do, or they wish they had done it when they were younger,
but they have lots of responsibilities. And I feel that in your twenties is the time
to take that risk and for me I have no regrets, absolutely no regrets taking the
time off to travel the world.

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  2. It's easier when you're singaporean, with one of the most powerfull passport in the world, I don't want to belittle her achievement, I'm happy for her, but my country's passport is pretty bad.

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  4. How she cover her insurance while she was traveling around the world for 2 years?
    I have interested in insurance.
    Please let me know If someone know anything.

  5. Feel so happy I got this valuable fund tips as a Singaporean, whom the protagonist is! Fee so proud of her travelling wisely as a Singaporean 🙂

  6. What an inspiring video. Thanks for the video. Another video that fuels my fire to continue the pursuant of getting paid to travel. 😏

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