This Animated Dream Vacation

This Animated Dream Vacation

So you’re looking for Alex clark are ya? You wanna know where he is? Follow me! After three weeks in hiding we tracked him to this address Enter password Utah! (robotic sounds) Access granted We know you thought he was in Utah So he went there, and met a guy who knew a dude that worked at a towel shop on an island, and that man… (elevator ding) led us here. The not-so-secret location of Alex Clark (door opens) We’re in Maui! (music) Beautiful, isn’t it? Almost fell off my chair I wish I didn’t have to wear this sweatshirt but the Sun is killing me Now, when we decided to stay in Maui, we kind of looked around at all the resorts This one kind of looked like the best It’s the Royal Lahaina and uh, let me show you around! (music) GERONIMO! (splash) Hot tub, Hot tub, swimming pool, Hot tub, swimming pool, another swimming pool That’s our room up there and I think you all know what the best part of this trip is gonna be… the b– ice cream uuuuuuuuuuuuuh No, no I’m gonna skip the ice cream today ’cause I’m on a diet (yeah, right) (music) Tennis courts, Tennis courts, tennis courts, Tennis courts, tennis courts, more tennis courts, Tennis courts, tennis courts, more tennis courts, this thing We got a tennis stadium, We got a Bocce ball and a Shuffleboard court I’m more of a Shuffleboard guy We got a lady losing her umbrella Spa Luau We’ll definitely be going to that And you might recognize that from Instagram You could literally do anything right now and be relaxed It’s beautiful! Come to Hawaii! Come to the Royal Lahaina and uh Do whatever Whatever it is… that makes you relaxed It’s not a mistake In fact, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made (giggles) (music) So we were sittin’ in our hotel room trying to figure out what to do If you’re like me you never plan for trips like this because welllll, you’re busy (tongue noises) But Pam, she’s a planner. Unfortunately all Pam’s plans were sitting 2482 miles away on a Notebook in Los Angeles. “I forgot the notebook!” And so, we had nothing to do But then this happened… It’s 7:30 in the morniiiiiiing and We’re going to go visit my friend from high school, Andrea I didn’t even remember that she lived here until after we got here. I was like, “Wait, wait!” “I think Andrea lives here,” and then I found her on Instagram Hit her up And now we’re going to go swimming with turtles. Pam: Yay! Turtles On the way to meet ‘Drea, Pam actually remembered one of the stops so, We’re going to the blowhole! Hahaha! This is Gonna be fun! It’s down HEEEEEEEERRRRREEEE (splash) WOOOOOOOOOAAAH Here WE (big splash) GOOOOOOOO (whistle) AAAAAAAAAAAAH (thump) uuuuuugh Uuuuh, I’m pretty sure as soon as I see Andrea, it’s going to be like we saw each other yesterday, so You know you have friends like that? Alex: (big gasp)
Pam: hehehe Alex: Oh my god!
Pam: Hey! Andrea: No. Nope. None of this! (Alex starts laughing) Pam: Uh oh… Andrea: Hey! Do you wanna follow me? Alex: Sure
Pam: Yeah (Alex continues laughing) That’s Andrea! So Andrea brought us to the sweet little beach, and there’s like tons of turtles over here. Check it out That’s so neat! Ive never been this- near this many turtles Just hanging out! Apparently it’s a $5000 fine if you touch one of the turtles, so, we’re going to skip that part. Pam: (inaudible)
Alex: Sure! Andrea: So, what’d you guys plan on doing while you’re here? Alex: We actually forgot our to-do list, so we’re not too sure. Andrea: I got some ideas Alex: Andrea hooked us up at Snorkel Bob’s.
Is there a website? Andrea: Alex: SNORKELBOB.COM for the best snorkel gear! They totally hook us up. Chairs, Boogie-boards, a cooler, this cool chick Alex: She got a safety belt
Pam: Yeah! (Andrea laughs) Alex: so now we’re- (Alex starts laughing)
Pam: I feel so much better Ooh! Do they have like a piece of string and there or something want to tie my gopro to my hands like Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam! Hold on to your mask! Alex Cruz, thanks Andrea Andrea from Star Kebabs Drea from Snorkel Bob’s. Only one thing left to do today. We’re going to an inactive volcano What are you guys filming? For what oh, I’ll put it on my YouTube channel. Oh Tokyo Yoga yeah, tell the people Tokyo music video check it out yeah Where’s the haleakala I said all right? The Haleakala National park in Hawaii is this the highest point in Hawaii that we’re going to? Yes On all the islands? Oh, no. I’m not sure if you can tell but we’re literally above the clouds right now All right, well it’s wet we had a great day going all around Maui now. We’re going to Casanova it’s an Italian place that andrea recommended, and I think this is kind of going to be the end of it So have a great night!

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  1. I went to Maui once after my brother graduated from High School. Aside from getting sick from sugar cane juice and not being able to parasail in the air like dad did, I had an all right time. Man, I wish I went this year instead of then that time.

  2. i went to maui around the same time to visit my aunt i just watched this for the first time and thought about how i should have looked for you!

  3. If you go to Maui again you should check out dj sweets it's a cake place up there you and Pam might like it hope you had fun on your dream vacation!


    Edit: also if u see this, when you go bac to Maui, try this place called: Sonz Steakhouse, its a bit expensive, but this yr the prices went down, and the steak is the best steak in the world (fillet mignon) or new york strip, theyre both amazing


  6. Im going here in a few months and I’ve been there once before and I loved it. Also my parents have been to Haliakula, I think that’s right idk, but they went there before sun ride with a bunch of friends in freezing weather to watch the sun rise.

  7. You know sometimes like once every 5 years it snows in Hawaii and also I would recommend Kyla bistro best restaurant in Maui

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