This Is My Favorite Meeting Every Year | Fireside Chat With 2019 Summer Interns

This Is My Favorite Meeting Every Year | Fireside Chat With 2019 Summer Interns

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    3:30 – Tasting things is the #1 strategy in your 20s, taste more
    9:30 – Everyone worries about everyone’s actions but their own
    17:15 – One big truth about VaynerMedia that not a lot of people know
    24:15 – How Gary controls his public image
    34:00 – Nobody really knows you
    41:00 – Greatest unlock in life

  2. Hey your really big and I want to know how you did it I have only 30 subs and I cant get any more I upload gaming but I'm open to other types of content

  3. GaryVee is the best creator on youtube. I actually created my own channel called think higher

    to show even MORE motivational videos – come check it out and I will always follow back!"

  4. GARYVEE IS THE MANNN, I’ve taken all of the GARYVEE advice I jumped out of my comfort zone and now, I’m on the target to get million of subscribers. I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. My next video is due soon. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace ✌️

  5. the biggest problem in our
    society right now is everybody worries
    about everybody's actions but their own
    on every side of the equation

  6. It's quite hard to hear what the questions are here. Is there any way there could be a room mic or something to get everybody's voices heard?

  7. 3:30 – Tasting things are the #1 strategy in your 20s, taste more DO MORE POSTS ABOUT THIS!
    I'm living that at this moment, soon to be 22 in 2 weeks, I've started and "failed" with 2 businesses, lived in 4 countries (USA for a year, 4 months in Sweden and 3 months in Italy) worked as an au pair, back in Buenos Aires as an administrative assistant, found Gary's content back in early 2018 and got obsessed with personal brand, schooled myself this past year and a couple of months, traveled to Sweden last October, moved to Italy and worked in a farm and now I'm back in B.A Argentina realizing how poor in our media field here and how much opportunity there is. And without the fear of failing I dm a bunch of freelancers in my area and now I'm starting to execute the plan I've been crafting.
    In 6 months I'll hopefully be starting my third business and have no fear of failing because no previous moment of my life that I felt I was failing was actually such a thing. It was a lesson and I'm so fucking grateful for having had failed.
    I lot all of my Instagram followers because I started multiple accounts not being sure how to show my life in a way that was "Instagrammable" and now I realize how silly I was and now that I've lived, traveled, met amazing people from all over the world and have the chip on my shoulder because everyone always says I'm never sticking to one thing. Now I'm starting, no pressure because nobody really expects me to follow through. You inspired me to change my perspective Gary and I fuckinnnnnnnnnnggggg looooooooove you because of that. IT'S ALL A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE and now I love that everyone expects me to drop out of the game, but baby… I'm just starting.
    Enough words anyway and I'll keep working on my thing. Once I'm all in I'll comment again. Not because of you, or the Vayner attention, I honeslty do not care if this comment gets you. I just need my accountability. You are my mentor and I just need to prove TO MYSELF that I can make me proud.


    Get the waka (very important)

    Read posts by no name on kava

    You REALLY need this


  9. @ 40:13 when you can just tell Gary is pulling this story out of thin air, kids still needed to hear it though!

  10. Hey Gary! I cannot find the articles around the kaleidoscope. Please give us more! I wanna find it!!! Thx♥️

  11. Great to see and hear what's in the minds of our younger generation moving forward. I believe multigenerational environments are one of the strongest upcoming trends we are about to experience.

  12. Fuck Gary… Your right. I NEED TO BE CLOSER TO THE SUN. I'm a video editor / Videographer, What will it take to intern?

  13. It would be really great if there were more microphones in the room or if you repeated the question after it’s asked so i can hear everyone.

  14. “I want every single one of you to think everything is your fault… without judging yourself into depression.” Sooooo good! #realtalk

  15. Sometimes I sit here like I'm at the end of the table, and just forget that I'm not part of the meeting. I react just like I would had I been an intern at the table. Shit gets real once we start listening, and realizing how much more time we've got. Learning to be patient.

  16. Hope they all paid attention. Likely the best advice many of them have received in their lives. Nice talk GV!

  17. Really needed that answer you gave to the question in 35:20, can you put out a short clip of it on insta? Wanna share it with my brother, he needs to hear that

  18. Man i disagree on instagram taking away likes. Likes has more positives than negatives to me. Likes on social media is what has disrupted the culture of gatekeepers. it has helped change the narrative about standards of beauty and a whole lotta things. without these "likes" most people would've still believed the ideals fed upon them by the gatekeepers and they wont have any reason to question or fight against it and they'd rely on the gatekeepers which is a few number of ppl most old rich white dudes to show them what the "next thing" is. The disadvantages just pales in comparison to its advantages cause these "likes" are literally putting food on ppl's tables, paying bills and people's education and you think its good to take all that away and redivert cashflow into the pockets of big media because its hurting a few people's "self esteem"?
    First of all if you seriously need likes to create art or whatever it is you are doing then am sorry to tell you but you are not passionate about that thing and its only a matter of time before you burnout.

  19. "What are we gonna do, build a time machine?" Perfect advice. Makes looking at decisions much easier, and I believe that helped this group tremendously. Bravo Gary.

  20. These videos come at the perfect timing when I really need it. Thanks Gary! Loved the part about tasting a lot of things in your 20s

  21. @garyvee Thank you so much for these valuable words, Gary Vee is full of optimism and always have the right mindset. Big respect from Serbia,hope to see you one day

  22. Gary you have a big sense of reality, you are some type of genius that inspire me, sorry for my english, i from Argentina, If you come to Buenos Aires I invited you to eat a big ASADO with friends !! My country is in crisis, but your advice is more than valid here too!

  23. "That's life, as I see it, at this moment." Love how you give advice but always remind us that no advice applies to everyone and we are allowed to change our views. GV da real MVP

  24. Lady from Dearborn, thank you for shouting out the city! I’ve got the same goal to put us on the map as well😉👌🏿👌🏿

  25. Gary. You're so on point with the way you listen to peoples questions. I notice it in your body language, you don't even blink half the time. Not ONLY do you answer the surface level question. But, you answer the emotional reason of why they asked it in the first place. Which goes back to your intent. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this. And Gary, I'm from India. And when you come here, your plane journey will be great. 😃 Thank you 🙏🏻💛

  27. really considering moving out 😅 you know have that leverage, no one can tell you shit. n just provide value and invest in myself✌

  28. I'm not in that range of an age, but I'm definitely interest on eating s*#@ and be happy about it. Thanks Gary Love it!

  29. man that started HEAVY hahaha. first question off the bat by muslim girl wanting to put islam subculture of Detroit on the map, telling Gary (a Russian jew) about it…and then Gary leads with "you just happen to be the subculture that is in the media's eye ….like the jews in 40s…african Americans in 50s… " lol man I was on the edge of my seat ….that was some scary shit Gary.

  30. Most interesting point to me was that one about not knowing the alternative. It doesn't matter and yet we waste so much time dwelling on those alternatives. Thank you I feels even lighter now

  31. Many Great Points G. Owning your loses is critical for moving forward. You look rested to bro. Good shit!

  32. Garyvee is the manifesto of spirituality (do what makes you happy, positivity, peace, truth, etc.)

    Most people are drawn to him for money because it’s their biggest goal but most people don’t know what they’re true passion is because of our culture.

    Time is Infinite, he likes losing more than winning, gain more strength by correcting your course, think long term.

    Can’t fix mistakes without accountability

  33. Mr. G.. I'm calling it now, I'll either work for "most likely" or collaborate with you @ some point..
    Its not if, but simply when..

  34. Gary Vee is a LIVING PROPHET IN OUR TIME , do not take him for granted. I apologize if this is coming off fanatical but it has to be said.

    – "When you try to 'boil the ocean' .. you don't! – Lack of patience; ideology over practicality".
    – "Im addicted to attention, not social media"
    – "Im not shitting on college, Im cheerleading for self-awareness – Theres no such thing as one-thing-works-for-everyone".
    – Accountability issues .. "I want all of you to think everything is your fault, without judging yourself into depression" – "Everything is your fault, thats a great thing, it means you are in control"

    I could type word for word what he said in this conversation and it would all be good. Thank you Gary!

  35. This video really hit home for me, Gary. It inspired me to hand in my two week resignation at a my job today. All my life, I've felt like I was living for someone else. Always so afraid of what others will think of me and trying to stay in my lane and do what is "realistic". My new goal is to become a content creator on YouTube and to build a business around it. Thank you so much for your wise words!

  36. If there’s a single video that sums up all of GaryVee, this would be it. Absolutely insane. I could actually watch it 4 times, but I got punches to take right now.

  37. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  38. Can anybody tell me the name of this podcast the woman spoke about around the 8:00 Mark? Super interested, thank you

  39. Gary start saying everything is your fault so you can fix it instead of you're in control I think it confuses some people 👍

  40. This is some very real talk from Gary, like always.
    I believe there should be a philosophy class in high school that teaches the values and truths you see in this video. Kids would be way less confused or angry while trying to navigate real life.

  41. Self awareness is key! Know what's your passion and remember that you aren't too young or too old to start anything.

  42. Been working on SELF AWARENESS. Hadn't thought about how important that is until you INSPIRED me to get on it. Thanks. I'm a 76 yr. old woman who has always painted portraits for the amazing FUN of it. ( husband of 53 yrs. has always wanted me to stay home & raise our 2 girls. YES ! raise the kids & PAINT ) NOW, I've partnering up with my 24 yr. old grandchild to sell prints of my ptgs. on social media. Love you & your brain. THANKS for the PUSH to GET TO IT.


  44. Gary v…. after watching this and consuming it and allowing it to digest for a while I was both shattered internally spiritually and mentally but also enlightened by it. I didn’t sleep for a for almost a week just thinking and b being and trying to figure out at what point will I get over my fear and the hurdle of my self and put my potential hard work and preparation to the road. And how to apply to going forward in life with these things I’ve been building. I started a company it failed, so I learned all I could from it and now comes the part of being patient it sucks and Its sometimes hard. I lost everything my house but the worst thing I lost was perspective grit and fortitude it took a year many sleepless nights and lots of internal bouts to find my way out of it. But through it all I kept searching a nd fighting and digging. Honestly I can’t believe how simple the solution is and will be thank you for this for allowing me to be stretched and really take a look at my self and to understand that the only thing that has been hindering and stopping me this whole time is me. Perspective is everything the shit you are saying is so simple yet monumental to success what ever that looks like for each person. Thank you for sharing this meeting it really put me on another level of thinking and my perception of my reality is being reformed I understand that it is up to me to accept life my choices and actions and to do what ever the fuck I want the way I want to do it with out fear of my self or others and if I continue to do that i will have have success and be rich in life and all of my endeavors and not rich so much with money but understanding. Dude this thing really messed me up in the best way possible.

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