Hi outliers welcome back to my channel
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you’re very much welcome I am thefisayo and I’m in Nigerian lifestyle and travel
blogger and vlogger, so today I’m going to giving you guys a review on a new
parking Lagos called Johnson Jakande Tinubu park but before we get into
that, if you are not already subscribedplease do so and turn on the notification button so the first thing you should know about
jjt which is the short-form for Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park is that it’s located
in the Ikeja right next to Lagos State house of assembly which means that is very
easy for anybody living on the mainland to locate, in case you do not know what I
mean, Lagos is divided into the mainland andthe island, we can get into that
in another video this park was commissioned by the
present Governor of Lagos State which is Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, to honor the previous or
past governors of Lagos State if you’re a Lagosian, you would already be
familiar with the names names of all the local governments in
Lagos so I think that this park is supposed to be a reference point for tourism in Lagos
amongst other places so number one on my list is Wifi! it
is free! We have a free Wi-Fi hey guys it’s free! so I think that is really cool
when it works, although I did not depend on it because I already had my own so I
can’t really say wherther I was it was fast enough, like I don’t know if it is sutainable enough for alot of all people to use at the same time. Number two is it’s a
great place to enjoying nature I noticed this parrots just when I was about
living the park, ****** guys I don’t speak English
come and help me, somebody help like they locked us from entering this
particular place meaning that I could only capture this birds for you from very
far point of view It is also a great place for children to come and play
because there’s a trampoline there’s a swing there’s a slide and there are many other things
for children to come there and play with so it’s a great place for you to bring
your children to come and play Oh, I forgot to mention that the enterance is
free you can enter without having to pay anything because it’s supposed to be a
form of… I don’t know what I call this it is supposed to be like a tourist
attraction for everybody around I mean do you pay to take a picture at the Central Park or do you pay to take a picture with Statue of Liberty and yh, that me trying to jump and take a nice picture, but it did not work out well but it’s fine you can also come and take fine pictures
for your Instagram or whatever it is you know I believe it’s good for
photographers to come there and perform so some magic, you can do great projects there
it’s also good for pre-wedding shoots what else did I mention on my blog, you guys
you can check out my blog I’m literally kind ofreading out what I wrote on my
blog for you guys although I’m making it more interesting because I mean, I’m
talking. The fountain, the fountain is nice my brother calls this a dry fountain you can
easily grab a bottle of drink here although I think that’s all they have, I
don’t think they have food or anything else just drinks and the bottle water.
for more information about the park I suggest you visit my blog, I wrote
explicitly on the park. My overall review on the park is that it is big, it’s great
and it’s beautiful, it is just making me happy so you guys should visit, although when you are visiting, I suggest you should with people, do not go alone, I dont think it would be that
interesting if you go there alone, unless your going there on a projects to take a picture
or do something.. yes that is it from me let me know what you guys think about this
video let me know it was informative enough and if you think you would be visiting the please let me know what you would be visiting the place for, let’s just get talking
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Stay AWESOME Stay Inspired PEACE hi guys my name is Fisayo
I am a Nigerian Lifestyle & Travel blogger & vlogger I started a campaign, for people to share their Nigeria experience, so right now I am at Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park which is in Ikeja Lagos and it’s a really
beautiful park, and… I suggest you guys should visit this place among many other places
Lagos like Lekki Leisure Lake Nike art gallery, Badagry, there are so
many places with Lagos you guys should visit If you guys have never tasted SUYA, you guys should taste suya & experience the Nigeria experience What is your Nigeria experience?


  1. Let me know if you have any more questions about the park, and make sure to join the campaign if you have visited Nigeria or if you stay in Nigeria, click here for more information >> 😘😘

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  9. Nigeria has a lot to learn about landscaping as this is lacking generally in the country. And this park is a clear example

  10. It should be JJTFA park. "F" for Fashola and "A" for Ambode. Fashola and Ambode are the best governors in Nigeria of our time.

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