This Is Why I Don’t Travel With Friends ft. @TheAMaazing

This Is Why I Don’t Travel With Friends ft. @TheAMaazing

Sultan: Those of you watching at home,
how do you eat your cereal? Sultan: Okay *stammers* it’s a- it’s
a- it’s a big conversation that a lot of people have, some people put the milk first,
some people put the cereal first. Sultan: Which one are you? Answer in the
comments below I will read it like right now but before we get to that-
Maaz: *throw up noises* Sultan: *laughs*
Maaz: *louder throw up noises* Sultan: Before we get to that; Maaz, please
tell the viewers how you eat cereal. Maaz: …What? *laughs*
Sultan: Or do you want me to do it? Maaz: No no no I’m good, no I’ll do
it. Sultan: Okay.
Maaz: …I won’t do it. Both: *laughs*
Sultan: Aight…this…sicko. Maaz: WHAT?! *laughs*
Sultan: I- I spent three weeks- Maaz: Attacked!
Sultan: *laughs* I spent three weeks with Maaz in America, watching this-
Sultan: I don’t even- Sultan: Human? I don’t know. Watching
this THING make cereal. Maaz: Brah.
Sultan: You- You put milk first. Which is-
Maaz: That’s a ‘brah’ moment. Sultan: It’s already a, like ‘mmm
I don’t know about this guy’ you know what I mean?
Maaz: Yeah, psychopath. Sultan: Right. Sultan: But then you boil water… Maaz: Oh no no no no oh no *laughs* wait
wait wait wait! Maaz: Aight I’m gonna pause you right
there… Maaz: We didn’t have a microwave. *laughs*
Sultan: Wait what do you usually do?? Maaz: *laughs* What did I do in America, tell
them first. Sultan: You freaking- you put the milk first
which was already ‘ooh, okay’. Sultan: And then you BOILED water… and put
the water in the milk. Maaz: *laughs*
Sultan: AND THEN YOU PUT CEREAL ON IT. Maaz: *laughs*
Sultan: *stammers* I don’t even know what went through your head when you did that??
Maaz: Okay, you know what went through my head? Maaz: It’s just Peppa Pig- Both: *laughs* Sultan: Peppa?
Maaz: Peppa? Sultan: What are you doing in my animation? aaah 😛 Maaz: What are you doing in my cereal?
Both: *laughs* Maaz: No so, what I usually do, alright just
to- just to defend myself a little bit. Maaz: What I usually do is… I put milk in…
and then I microwave the milk. Sultan: Mmm
Maaz: That’s what I usually do, because my teeth are sensitive-
Maaz: I’m a sensitive boy… y’know and the cold milk from the fridge-
Maaz: It hurts me okay? And so I microwave it to warm it up.
Sultan: I’m literally speechless. I have nothing to say to that.
Maaz: Just start gagging- URGH. Sultan: Can I just- I- I’mma leave. I’mma- I’mma
dip right now. Maaz: So the- you know what’s even weirder?
Maaz: So recently I was talking to my family members around the- around the table.
Maaz: And I was just telling them like ‘yeah my friends keep reacting so weird when I put
milk first’. Maaz: And then my- my brother’s like- Sultan: ‘You have friends?’ Both: *laughs*
Maaz: Dude shut the hell up dude! Maaz: But like, my brother just goes like
‘uhh what- what do you mean?’ Maaz: ‘Yeah like, you’re weird.
Maaz: And I was like ‘what like you don’t- you don’t put your milk first?’
Maaz: And my mum’s like ‘what the f- no like- we put cereal first.’
Maaz: And my dad’s like ‘dude, who’s this wack son of a b*tch like-’
Sultan: You thought it was genetic?
Maaz: No- Both: *laughs*
Maaz: Genetically being like ‘UURGHHH’ putting milk first.
Maaz: Ummm- Sultan: Look I… I think… this is something
you need to discuss with your therapist. Maaz: It literally doesn’t matter.
Sultan: *laughs* Maaz: Because- okay because for certain cereal
like ‘Coco Pops’ you- Maaz: If you put the cereal in and then milk,
it gets soggy WAY too quickly- Sultan: No I totally get it.
Sultan: I put milk first and then cereal as well, but I don’t microwave it!
Sultan: I’m not a psychopath- Maaz: YOU- SO YOU’RE- YOU’RE HERE –
Maaz: YOU’RE HERE, LITERALLY THE SAME AS ME, except with like heating, and you’re
just like Maaz: ‘You monster.’
Maaz: ‘You sicko.’ Sultan: If- If you found cereal on the floor,
like in summer like outside- Maaz: WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?!
Sultan: Would you pick that up and be like, ‘oh my god I don’t need to microwave this’
and start eating it? Maaz: WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?!
DUDE?! Sultan: No no no like it’s in the bowl-
It’s- Maaz: Oh-
Both: *laughs* Maaz: I thought you were just talking about
cereal on the ground. Sultan: Well, you know what, knowing you-
you’d probably eat it. Because it’s freaking- Maaz: I probably would.
Both: *laughs* Maaz: Just like, all fours like *gagging noises*
like licking it off the floor. Sultan: It’s gonna be ‘Sultan Sketches
and TheAmaazing talking about cereal for 10 minutes straight.’
Both: *laughs* Maaz: Dude it’s like you- immediately I
love the fact that there was no introduction. Maaz: Immediately you’re just like ‘*lip
smack* so you’re a freak.’ Both: *laughs*
Maaz: And I was like ‘okay- you don’t wanna introduce ourselves? You don’t wanna
say what we’re doing?’ Sultan: No no I just- I just wanna get straight
into the meat you know? Maaz: Alright.
Sultan: Or the- the cereal. Maaz: Okay. Sultan: There was this one time we went to…
a lookout. Maaz: A lookout?
Sultan: We went to a lookout- Maaz: Oh, the ‘Griffith Observatory’?
Sultan: The ‘Griffith Observatory’ right? Maaz: Yeah.
Sultan: And we… it took- we drove an hour up this mountain.
Sultan: We parked the car. We’re walking, for like 5 minutes.
Sultan: And then, Maaz turns around , and he looks at me and GinjaNinja and he says:
Sultan: ‘We’re on a mountain.’ Sultan: And I still think about that.
Both: *laughs* Maaz: What do you mean?
Sultan: I just don’t know- Maaz: Oh yeah- *laughs* Cause in the car-
Both: *laughs* Maaz: In the car- we were climbing up and
we were like driving up right? Maaz: And, I think somebody asked like- like
a silly question or something- they were just like: Maaz: ‘Where are we?’ And I just answered: Maaz: ‘We’re on a mountain.’ *laughs*
Sultan: You answered NOT sarcastically. Maaz: No no no we were just like: ‘We’re
on a mountain.’ Maaz: And you just start, CACKLING- You are
losing it in the back, you’re like: Maaz: ‘wE’rE oN a MoUnTaIn MaAz, We’Re
On A mOuNtAiN!’ Maaz: And Reagan’s like: ‘UrGhA- wE’rE
oN a MoUnTaIn!’ I’m like- Maaz: *stammers* What-
Sultan: *laughs* Maaz: I was being legit., you know.
Sultan: *sighs* Maaz: Why you gotta- why you gotta be mean
to me? Sultan: I don’t know I just-
Sultan: Every now and then I just see a mountain and I think:
Sultan: ‘That’s a mountain’. *laughs* Maaz: You know wh- you know- speaking about
mountains… Maaz: Have we talked about your… Sultan: STOP.
Maaz: *laughs*
Sultan: STOP. Maaz: You’re, GIGANTIC…
Sultan: *laughs* Maaz: Velumptious…
Maaz: Butt dude. Sultan: It’s NOT that big.
Maaz: So, okay, two things: First context. Maaz: Sultan will always deny like: ‘oh
stop, you know I don’t have a big butt’ Sultan: STOP.
Maaz: ‘I don’t, I don’t,’ Maaz: But then- When I travelled with him…
he will purposely wear pants that are smaller- Sultan: NO-
Maaz: And I’m just like ‘Sultan why don’t you wear a bigger one?’ He’s like:
Maaz: ‘*lip smack* It doesn’t pop as much…’ Both: *arguing*
Maaz: I was like: ‘Sultan…listen, you thicc.’
Sultan: I JUST- I have been wearing skinny jeans since I was like, 14.
Maaz: Yeah. Sultan: Anything, not skinny feels weird to
me. Sultan: That’s the reason- It’s got nothing
to do with my… Sultan: Butt. *laughs*
Maaz: Dude… Maaz: You- You were working at, like FedEx
bro- Sultan: I’m not the one who-
Maaz: You had PACKAGE. Maaz: You had- You had package. *laughs* Sultan: I wanna talk about the maid cafe.
Sultan: I really wanna talk about the maid cafe.
Maaz: Dude I- I’m ascending. My eyes have rolled back- I’m like dude I’ve been waiting
for this moment. Sultan: My eyes were rolled back the entire
time we were at the maid cafe.
Maaz: In the maid cafe? Maaz: Alright the thing is, we had gone- we- at the time of the maid cafe we had been together
in actual like- Maaz: Travelled for what, 2- 3 weeks straight?
Sultan: Right. Maaz: And it had gotten to a point, where
Sultan would look a certain way- Maaz: and I know exactly what he’s thinking.
Maaz: And I’d be the same thing- I’d just look at him in some way he’s like-
Sultan: We started finishing each other’s- Maaz: Oh. Both: *laughs*
Sultan: I was gonna say that! Both: *laughs*
Maaz: Dude we’re- we’re so in sync right now.
Sultan: Oh my god.. Sultan: The maid cafe, I lost something there. That I can never get back-
Maaz: *laughs* Your virginity. Both: *laughs*
Maaz: We’re kidding, we- you lost that ages ago.
Sultan: Shut up. Both: *laugh*
Maaz: No but like wh- like what do you mean? Sultan: *sighs*
Maaz: What did you lose- When did it start going downhill?
Sultan: When we entered. Both: *laughs*
Maaz: Why- why, what- Sultan: It was just- there- there’s one
word I can use to ex- explain the experience. Maaz: Alright what’s up?
Sultan: Sad. Maaz: JESUS.
Sultan: The whole experience was so sad, we- I just…*sighs*
Maaz: Really? Sultan: *laughs*
Maaz: For me it- for me it took a downturn, um when we sat down and kinda looked around.
Maaz: And it- we sat down though and I looked around and I realised like
Maaz: Oh yeah… we’re with all these like, y’know middle aged men-
Sultan: Basement dwellers. Maaz: JESUS- DUDE OH MY GAWD.
Sultan: I’M JUST SAYING IT HOW IT IS. Maaz: You’re being so judgmental. Look at
you hating on these- Sultan: *laughs* I don’t hate them I’m
friends with Daidus. Both: *laughs*
Maaz: You’re hating on your future self dude. Literally you in like two years.
Maaz: Literally you now. Sultan: Look anyone can do whatever they want
I have no judgement Sultan: I just felt very out of place. And
I felt- Maaz: What, you’re too cool for us?
Sultan: NO IT WASN’T EVEN THAT it was just- Sultan: It was like- it felt…derogatory
to me- Maaz: DEROGATORY?!
Sultan: I just- I hated…like… treating the maids how they wanted to be treated. Like
I hated that. Maaz: What do you mean?
Sultan: It was just weird they like- Maaz: Like do you have any specific examples,
like what do you mean? Sultan: It felt like kindergarten.
Maaz: Yeah that is true. Sultan: It felt like kindergarten.
Maaz: Yeah that’s definitely true- when the tasks started, like they were doing stuff
like- Maaz: Hey, *stammers* they touched one person
on the forehead they’re like: Maaz: ‘Do frog jumps around the table!’
And I’m like…what? Sultan: Oh my god it literally was kindergarten.
Maaz: Yeah. Sultan: Oh my god- and if you did a task wrong
they would give you a punishment- Sultan: But the punishment was just like… Maaz: Like ‘do a kit- nyan dance’. Sultan: Yeah, do like a:
Sultan: ‘Nyah.’ Sultan: Oh I’m sorry-
Maaz: Yeah- OH MY GOD. Sultan: And then there was this one point
where they were doing like the singing and the dancing- which THAT was fun. That was nice. It was- I loved the singing- Maaz: Some of the- the songs they picked were
bangers like- Sultan: OH.
Maaz: Kingdom Hearts?? Sultan: Kingdom Hearts??
Maaz: Dude when it started playing I was like, ‘Alright, I’m all in now.’
Sultan: Me, you and Alex were literally so quiet for the whole thing
Sultan: and then as soon as the Kingdom Hearts song played we all like jumped up.
Sultan: But, there was a point where they did the singing and the dancing… and they
started walking around with glowsticks. Sultan: And they gave one to me to start waving
around… and I just wasn’t feeling it man. Sultan: I had been waiting at ‘LineCon’
for like, 6- 7 hours. I’d gotten in, I’d been rushed to the maid cafe- I was just like…
not in the mood to wave a glowstick around. Sultan: And so I give it to Maaz, and then
he starts waving it around. Sultan: And then the song’s done, he gives
it back to me and I give it back to the maid and she looks at me and she goes: Sultan: ‘I- You’re just like the other girls,
like you’re not quirky.’
Both: *laughs* Sultan: But Maaz hears- Maaz had his back
to us, and he hears this and Sultan: He turns around and sees this girl
walking around with the glowstick. And he thought HE was talking about HER.
Sultan: I mean- he thought SHE was talking about HIM.
Sultan: And so Maaz, for like the remainder of America-
Maaz: I got so sad- Sultan: was telling everyone this story about
the girl who called him ‘not quirky’- Maaz: Brah I got so sad- I was like, dude
I was trying my best! And she just goes- Maaz: ‘Yo, you’re just like the other
girls. You ain’t special.’ Maaz: I’m like, dude why you gotta be like
my parents now bro like- Sultan: *laughs*
Maaz: Dissing me right then and there. Maaz: It’s like a maid cafe where we’re
meant to be with these, like girls who are tryna prep you up and she’s like-
Maaz: ‘You freaking suck.’ Sultan: Yeah- *spits*
Maaz: Yeah spits on me *laughs* Sultan: But you were telling this story for
like 2 weeks to everyone- and I was- Sultan: At the very end of the holiday I was
like: ‘Maaz I gotta tell you something..’
Maaz: Dude- Sultan: She was talking to me.
Maaz: I got played dude, I was so sad. Sultan: Alright, thanks for joining me I GUESS-
Maaz: No probs. If you wanna see uh me roast Sultan on my- if you wanna see- wha- what?
Maaz: But if you wanna see me and Sultan play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and expose each other
EVEN more, head on over to my channel and give that video a click as well.
Sultan: Yeah. Sultan: I think that’s really it- all I
had… Maaz: Are you gonna end it with an end card
or anything? Sultan: Uh…
Maaz: Should we end it? Sultan: Should we?
Maaz: We should. Sultan: I’m over it.
Maaz: You’re over it you’re done now- Sultan: Should we like, are you doing anything
tomorrow… tonight maybe y’know? Sultan: The sooner the better.
Maaz: Mmm…let’s have pros and cons first. Sultan: Pros and cons right…
Sultan: Oh, we can discuss that later- it’s fine, it’s alright. Cool.
Maaz: I’m happy to end it right now. Sultan: *laughs*
Maaz: End it now. Sultan: The video just-
Maaz::Just like cuts it’s like ‘EH- *video cuts* “I told you we finish each
other’s sentences.”

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  3. I think am in the middle. I open the ceral box and take the top off the milk, and then pour them in the bowl at the same time. Am i weird? Ever since the fight about what goes in first, I just told people am in the middle.

  4. "i don't hate them! i'm friends with daidus" IM WHEEZING someone PLEASE tell me he's seen this, omg, this is so funny

  5. Put milking in the bowl and put one cereal at a time whilst counting all of it until I reached 384 that’s what everyone do

  6. Put the weetbix first, then the honey (let it set) then the milk. Cause if you put the milk before the honey, the weetbix are all soggy by the the time the honey actually touches the weetbix. But if you put the milk before the weetbix, they just float in the bowl… like a freakin turd in the hottub.

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  8. this made me go make cereal. but my family is moving soon. so we don’t have spoons. and i’m standing in my kitchen with a bowl of cereal but no spoon 🙁

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