This is why we travel MALAYSIA – Cost For Foreigners ??

This is why we travel MALAYSIA – Cost For Foreigners ??

if you asked us for one month in langkawi we can definitely tell you right away that it is a gem of Malaysia and it’s perfect place for us as a better traveler is it not overcrowd and it’s not our prizes this cause of traveling video would break down the price for you for span of one month let’s see we would tell you everything on how much we pay for both fixed and variable cost be easy we don’t know where to start and so far we’ve found a way to stay budget-friendly with our combinations and scooter little little little little food like oh that’s fierce because inside there is no table at all it’s a TV but if you want to watch movie you have to lay in the bed and watch a movie but he had a skirt because here we got the table in case you want to get the fresh air and work outside and that is nice garden directions to an adventure good morning good Martin petrol master pill yeah only three rank it which is one dollar every three days for us so when you pay three ringgit you get about 1.3 liter of gas which is right under for the ride here from our apartment from like the middle of langkawi it’s so beautiful because on each side of the road you get like rice terrace and mountain views and they’re like fields are full of buffalo it’s really really well preserved here the atmosphere here is so nice the staff is so friendly it’s family-run so it’s not see they’re gone Padma Lau if you get the chance stick in Malaysia I would definitely check them out I highly suggest them it’s so good good evening we just arrived so it’s only on Thursdays that’s curry that’s why is one ring and now each Saturday I are she can protect her like a woman that is my favorite another so it’s one bring its peace our dinner is like five ranking our drinks are two ranges fresh-squeezed Wow amazing this uncommon it’s probably wanted to defense imply one of the best places you can absolutely see here and lock your hands down there was roof drunk so this afternoon we’re gonna do a little bit of running around I gotta get this song for my new favorites twenty-one drink it for two place actually including this law cool that’s what I love about Malaysia shadow then you can leave the helmets on here because you’re not worried about actually getting your helmets though we live in so many times it’s like this how come you forgot about me dude up dude wrenching relax on the island bro but we paid 12 ranking for that beer right then spike this whole thing is over Oh good-o five minutes we’re gonna get out of here we’re gonna grab some breakfast so yeah generally the restaurant for the food price is about five bring it on average Sara I don’t know what cut said I’m gonna give us new details oh man blending up me a smoothie right now this is Mike again with the night market taste test it’s not my mom loved their smell so bad but it tastes so good so this comes with sticky rice and coconut milk so here oh yeah it’s like soft and gooey you want to taste it now yeah so how about we put no I want to try it just like this oh it’s a lot more creamy than I thought goodbye it’s all set we had just packed up everything it’s about 5:00 or about six o’clock in the morning and we are headed to the airport to love it

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    What is the Malaysian Rhythm called / mean at the beginning of the video ? We experienced the cultural activity with local in Langkawi, they sang this one we think it is beautiful so we recorded that but we don't know the meaning hahah

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  2. hello divert, it's me again. can you search mat dan for me. it's not so important but it's for your information. that we have American Traveller that stay in pulau kapas at terengganu for 7 years and end up stay here forever, sorry for my pronounce, I'm not really good using other languages.

  3. Go for Trivago app in Malaysia, example type on Langkawi and search for your suitable accommodation.Most thank you to Jimmy & Tah for this great video and tell to the world about our Malaysia ?

  4. Hello Jimmy and Tah! You're making amazing videos, thank you for it. I want to ask you short question about Malaysia. Do you need driving license for bike rent? Cause as I know on Bali for example you don't need to have it.

  5. Well, I guess I know where to go this summer. My wife is Chinese Malaysian and we go to Malaysia once a year, but only KL and Cameron Highlands(5K foot elevation).

  6. It's cheap for Americans but expensive for Malaysians. American dollar is four times stronger. The average salary is only rm 1500 per month in Malaysia.

  7. your satay and haircut were expensive for Langkawi price. The satay should have costed 60-80 cents per stick. Food should be really cheap in Malaysia.

  8. I like you guys videos but, is it just a click bait of saying “this is why we moved to xyz?” Because just staying to a place a couple months doesn’t mean you moved there… tired of seeing you post videos saying that. It’s discouraging to people actually trying to obtain knowledge. You’re just visiting.

  9. Great video. I am thinking about catching the train into Malaysia from Hua Hin Thailand in January. Any advice you can give me?

  10. 4:32 "this is what i love about malaysia tho" … the way you said it just like malaysian slang…. people only think malaysian only use 'lah' at the end of a sentence… also we use "doh" at the end of a sentence, but only with those who close, friends etc. (teenage and young adult use it) … its similar to the use of the word 'dude'. (the direct translation is actually means 'stupid'… dont ask me why)

  11. For 275$ dollars for that junk?that is sick!! You guys sucks! You'll get better looking accommadation for that kinda price aiyooo

  12. Malaysia is gd for Budget travellers. Nice view, fully accessible with private cars. Just rent a car when u arrive at the airport. Fuel is cheap too.

  13. Thank you guys so much for this video! We are going to volunteer in Langkawi next week for about a month, and i honestly didn't know much about the island. You have given me such hope that we can afford it, and LOVE IT as well.

  14. Btw the roti canai costed too much…it should have been around rm1 but u got it for almost rm5…the guy scammed u guys

  15. Btw the roti canai costed too much…it should have been around rm1 but u got it for almost rm5…the guy scammed u guys

  16. Incredible video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we like to uncover this style of contents. We produce Travel & Food videos too, world-wide, and therefore we are continually seeking out inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

  17. I don't remember seeing pullying tea in the earlier videos am here wondering if I read wrong. Love how you covered this conclusively.

  18. You are very beautiful I adore your beautiful and wonderful and I wish I knew you from any country and I wish you friends

  19. If you live in america or whatever country you are
    And exchange your money in Malaysia,
    You can be rich already lmao no shit,
    Especially if you came from america,
    Exchange those bad bois and you can already buy a new house already lol

    (I'm not a Muslim btw)
    (But I was born here so idk anymore, my grammer sucks jfc)

  20. Hi, loved your travel videos, there are quite a number of tourist attractions here in Malaysia. If you're travelling back here again, do visit Penang Island. You'll find so many different types of local cuisine. Also, check out the mountain range here in Malaysia, namely Genting Highlands(currently under renovation by 21st Century Fox World), Fraser's Hill (British themed hill resort), Bukit Bendera Penang, Cameron Highlands (you'll find tea growing, vegetable farms and flower nurseries here), and if you're up for the challenge, Mount Kinaballu, Sabah (which stands at 13,400ft, 20th most topographically prominent summits on Earth).

    Have fun and happy travelling. Cheers. Subscribed.

  21. ماليزيا
    من اجمل البلاد في آسيا وهيا بلد تستحق الزيارة برأي كل من سافروا اليها معنا

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  23. I dont mean to be harmful or a troll,but because of your music.attitude,or showing expensive things,I would still choose Vietnam or Thailand,please do not quit your day job,if you even have one

  24. Your message in the end of the video was so touching. I'm a Malaysian and I feel like going to Langkawi for a holiday now..hmm…

  25. I want to go to kuala lumpur soon but worried about accomdation and transport. Any ideas guys, some help please?

  26. Thanks cause love Langkawi Malaysia.. I am proud being Malaysia cause Langkawi is the best place to travel?

  27. Ta, your left cheek is sticking out. ?? Haha. Guys, is it cheaper to get an AirBnB or get an apartment? What did you guys end up doing in Langkawi? Also, were you guys riding the scooter illegally or could you buy like a temporary license? Omg! All the food. I miss Malaysia so much. Thanks guys!

  28. The value you are putting is based on USD. not in MYR – Malaysian Ringgit. The prices you're all getting is foreigners prices which has been largely ballooned up. Remember the currency conversion exchange rate between USD and MYR is about 4 times the amount. So for every USD 1 its already about MYR 4.17 as per current value.

    So when you see a drink in Malaysia that cost less than USD 1.00 ? Don't be so shocked that its cheap. ITS NOT !!! its already around 4 Ringgit, and THATS already quite high for a common drink for 1 person. For about 4 Ringgit, you can already get a fresh juice or maybe so mix fruit drink or a punch.

    Generally a common drink like that Pulled tea as shown in this video, costs at an average of about MYR 1.50 or more if without ice and maybe to a max about MYR 2.60 or MYR 2.70 with ice cubes included.

    Here's a VERY important tip most Foreigners DO NOT know about Langkawi island. First up, its a Duty and Tax Free haven. So most of the tobacco and liquor alcohol found in this island is usually cheaper than getting in the city, mainly because of the FREE SST – Sales & Services Tax which is about 5 to 15% depending on the goods or outlet you go to. So things are generally already cheaper here. BUT be warned, you will get many things at Bloated prices if they KNOW you are a foriegner. SO BE WARNED !!

  29. You must have an unlimited space for your stomach to fill it with endless goodness. XD Just dont eat too much.

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