Thousand Oaks Tourism Video

Thousand Oaks Tourism Video

Thousand Oaks So White Toast Not much to do here at all The same thing…Every day Chain smoking…Go Crazy Yuppies show off stupid toys Get Ripped Off ….H.O.A.’s At the Oaks …Trophy wives Might as well drive right on by

38 thoughts on “Thousand Oaks Tourism Video

  1. hhahahaa. you have done it again. From the place where I grew up (canoga park) to the place I now work (thousand oaks). so awesome 😀

  2. I just moved from Long Beach to Portland OR.. I was getting homesick until I saw these videos. You've cured me. Nice job.

  3. So god damned true. I lived here until I was 26 then I moved back a few months ago and can't wait to leave again.

  4. Thousand Oaks is full of douchebag cops that lurk to give people speeding tickets…If you go over 80 on the 23 (North mostly) they always lurk behind the walls. At least cops in WH are chill and ignore you if you at least brake when seeing them.

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