THRIFT FLIP: SUMMER TOPS (Urban Outfitters for $0) | WITHWENDY

THRIFT FLIP: SUMMER TOPS (Urban Outfitters for $0) | WITHWENDY

You can add these channels – someone’s showing the door. I’ve seen it on The neighbor is really about their door Everyone welcome back to my channel, it’s Wendy. This is going to be a very very budget-friendly Can she DIY it? I practically did this one for free almost almost for free We’re transforming two tops to make them a little bit more fun? modern? with some Urban Outfitters Inspiration to give us some direction on which way to go. We’re gonna jump right into it! I’ve got two tops for you: first one super easy, second one a little harder but you can do it because I did it. And at the end with the techniques that I’m going to show you in this video I’m gonna give you a couple more ideas on some fun items that you can make because the techniques they’re actually pretty universal, very versatile. So let’s get into it Alright! This is the sweater that we’re working with to start. Just a plain old sweater anything you could find at a thrift store. Mine, I traded with a girl who lived across the street from me. A little bit of a semi rainbow action that I thought could work Great as a crop the first step is to cut straight across the bottom at your desired height, and then we’re gonna flip up this bottom edge to Create a casing for a string I flipped up about two centimeters, put that under the machine, and started doing a straight stitch but, before I got too carried away on this, I had the smart idea of Lining up the string that I was going to insert on the inside of this casing before I close the whole thing off So, if you have your string around to do this first that way you won’t have to weave it through later What we’re looking at here is that the back casing is pretty much completely done But before I let the strings run away on me I did pin them in place along the front middle, so that the ends of the strings would be at the front middle. Do that first then go ahead and finish off the entire casing and to make your life even easier Leave about a two inch gap where you don’t fully finish the casing that way you can reach inside and Maneuver the strings and then get everything perfect before you seal it off Let me bring you in for the close at the front middle I cut two tiny little vertical holes there about two centimeters apart And those are the two holes where we need the string to come out this is why leaving that little bit of Casing unsewn is helpful Because then you have full access to the strings to set them all up Once you pull the strings through then you can go ahead and seal off that last bit of casing You may notice that I actually swapped out the yellow shoestring for black Let me give you a tip to change the lace easily. Don’t pull out the first lace, recklessly First tie one end of the old lace to the new lace that you want to put in then when you pull on it You basically pull the new color all the way through the sweater, bring it out to the other side I think a white shoelace could have looked really good too or some kind of white cord This is such an easy transformation For any sweater that you may find and makes it cropped makes it fun gives a little sporty look. I love it! This whole time, I’ve been wearing this sweater. That is the first tutorial I’m actually going to dance class later and hopefully I will not sweat like crazy, but it’s pretty cute now Like I said, this next one is going to be a little bit harder But you can totally do it because I was scared that I couldn’t and in the end. I did take it away voiceover Wendy I hope you appreciate that I am here showing you how to transform things that you can definitely find at the thrift store Heck I dug it out of Dan’s drawer because it’s a t-shirt that he never ever wears. So let’s transform this one into something I can wear I got my cutting mat. I got my acrylic ruler The first step is gonna be to cut straight across the armpits You can use a pair of scissors, but if you have a rotary cutter, it will give you a nice satisfying straight edge This is now the tube that is going to become your top and to determine the length You can measure yourself or you can use another top that you are happy with on the length this green top is from a previous tutorial if anyone recognizes it I use that as a guiding point for how long I needed this tube to be and Cut off the bottom of the shirt with everything else that was remaining you’ll want to cut it into as many 2 centimetre strips as possible – two centimetres kind of a rough gauge doesn’t have to be exactly two But I slice this shirt like crazy to make the most of it. So, please don’t go hating on Efficiency or fabric use I’m out here trying to make the most of what we’ve got For sewing we will begin with the tube. Whip OD Flipping the entire tube so that the right side is hidden on the inside. I measured how wide I need the entire tube to be Added a row of pins and sewed that down with a straight stitch I used that same knit tank top as a guiding point for the width But you may want to be a bit conservative and just go bit by bit until you’re happy with it Keeping in mind that you can’t just literally match widths on everything That’s knit because everything that’s knit can have a slightly different amount of stretch. Once you’re done sewing that little side tube You’ll want to rotate it so that the seam is laying right down the middle of the entire top and then I flattened that Excess fabric out evenly on both sides pinned it in place This is going to become the casing for a nice little cinch that we’re gonna add to the front of the top This front cinch needs two channels And so I added two straight stitches: one to the left and one to the right both about one and a half centimetres away from that center seam, if you want to be thinking ahead like we did for the sweater You’ll want to insert a string ahead of time before you sew these two lines in because that way you’ve got a string inside and in case you want to swap out the string to anything else you’ve got An easy set up already. No need to weave it in here at the end You can see I’ve got those two strings poking out This is obviously not what I wanted to finish with for cinching. But these white strings are just holding the spot for now Taking all of those two centimeter strips. I sewed them right sides together to make one long master strip and Here I am adding a straight stitch down the side of it the entire length So that I can use that for gathering to do this use the longest stitch lengths possible on your sewing machine Just keep going down one side Make sure there’s no breakage at any point and this is going to help us to gather it up to make a cute little ruffle Are you ready for a story? I forgot to film what happened here but I’m gonna try to explain it When you hold the strings of that long stitch that we did for the ruffle and then pull on the ruffle It starts to gather it all up And so I gathered as much up as I could sewed it right sides together to this tube top that we have so far I started and ended in the front middle So that’s why there’s a gap at the top and a gap at the bottom And then once that was done it kind of stands funny So in order to make it perk up in the direction that you want I lay it down flat and added a zig zag stitch that you can see near the edge and that Helped to keep it locked into position So the main thing is do not sew over the two channels that you have created because we are about to cinch those ladies up Remember how I said to sell all the two centimeter strips into one long strip except for the bottom hem Well, this is what’s happening to the hem so hopefully you did remember but I just folded in the raw edge basically folding the whole thing in half and Added a straight stitch down the middle to turn it into a nice and pretty shoulder strap. I promise This is not an advertisement for this past tutorial of mine But again using it as a guide I cut this shoulder strap that I just made Into two pieces and pinned it following the exact same spots since I really like the placement that I had on this tank top you’ll always want to pin it to the back first so that when you try it on you can easily bring the strap over and See where it should land in the front and remember you can’t follow all of your knit pieces Exactly because knit stretch is different on every piece So just sew in the back pieces first before you decide where you want the front length to be Now if you did this like me, there should be left over still some of that 2-centimeter strip, and so with that you want to fold it right sides together sew it down with a straight stitch and then we’re going to be flipping this inside-out so that it can now be the little strip that will cinch the front of our top I Flipped this using a little safety pin. But if you have one of those really cool tube turner things you can use that too I need to get one of those anyways Flip the entire thing right side out so that now it’s nice and clean, a strap with no raw edges in sight It’s gonna take a little bit of tugging… do find yourself a good podcast If I may I will recommend my most favorite podcast of all time: mystery show however there’s only six episodes because I think it was too expensive for them to Keep making it and that’s why it’s so good. You basically just get to listen to enjoy an expensive podcast but once you have managed to flip this Completely inside out go ahead and tie it to one of the bottom strings that we had previously sewn in Tug on the free string that is not tied to anything and you will be able to pull the strap through completely Looking all good and professional unlike this little straggling white string that I was using before Remember that this was once a plain little t-shirt that I stole from my husband and now a fun little tank top The ruffles and the cinch are what upgraded a little so that you can’t tell it’s a tank top anymore and with a cinch It’s kind of fun because now there’s two ways to wear it Probably three if I tucked in the straps and really went with the tube top Maybe I’ll give this a try and post some pictures on my Instagram. But I hope you really like this transformation Yep, I’m excited to wear this in the summertime It was not my intention that both of these Were going to be gray and I’m actually trying to reduce the amount of gray in my wardrobe but Sometimes you just got to work with what you got this whole cinching thing There are so many other items that you can make using this technique I’m just going to throw a couple of pictures up here to give you some inspiration just Figure out where you want the cinch to happen and so the channel in place this one has two channels in the front as you’ve seen and Then this one one channel all the way around the waist you can add these channels So I’m showing the door. I’ve seen it on. Do you hear that? You can add them here? All right, you can use them here on the sleeves to make some gathering especially if it’s a big billowy sleeve It’s got lots of fabric for you to work with the sides of Shirts in the front of dresses it could go all the way it down to give it like a full body gather anywhere Where you need a little like on-the-go changeable gathering See if cinching is going to be the option for you I really really hope you get to apply at least one of these two ways that you can create some Cinch in your clothes. If you do make sure you attack me hashtag made with Wendy’s I can see it in the description I’ll link my entire playlist for Can She DIY It so you can see some of the fun stuff that I’ve made in the past Let me know what else you’re seeing that’s popular, some techniques that you want me to explore. If you are subscribed then I will seeYou next time. Bye-bye!

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