Thuruk – Coldest place of Assam, India | A beautiful tourist place | full story

Thuruk – Coldest place of Assam, India | A beautiful tourist place | full story

Good morning! Today, we are on our trip to Thuruk via Mualdam. I mean we have to reach first Sangbar and See this view Can you see it We have just crossed Gunjung and this is a wonderful view of Dima Hasao, that you can see from here Catch you later This is somewhere near Gunjung. We stopped at Dihangi. We are having our breakfast, chai (tea) and roti and chutney and ghugni. We are going to Sangbar in a while We have 10 minutes break Hello we are at New Sangbar now and we’re going to Mualdam. This is our sumo. We have some of our passengers and he is our driver. So, we are going to catch you soon when we reach Mualdam. Bye! Mualdam jata lekin first Khobak me rukega, na? Ha! (We are going to Mualdam but we will stop first at Khobak, right? Yes!) Pathor dekhega (We will see the stones) Stone jars Uska baad Mualdam jaiga. Sob Mualdam ka passengers hei. Bye! (After that off to Mualdam. All are passengers towards Mualdam) We are at Khobak, we stopped for some time and it’s a dry area and some of our passengers are here at the back side is the border behind I mean bordering Meghalaya and that Hey! Hema! Hello we are at Khobak stone jar Archaeological site behind me is Hema and we just came across some of the stone jars They’re almost lying in ruins and It’s difficult to see how the maintenance is going on. It’s low maintenance but then the fact is we’re getting a place to halt before reaching Mualdam and it’s a historic site this is again, one of the stone jars Which has been used previously for the…by the earliest settlers or As burial of the corpses here and then later as storage of rice beer and now they’re just lying in isolation Some more you can see So some more of it we can see Khobak’s stone jars If we come closer you see there’s nothing inside now It is interesting to see that these stone jars resemble those from The East Asian perhaps from the countries like Vietnam or Laos or Cambodia? Somewhere I have heard where there are similar structures as such indicating that the migration or the settlement must have been made by the same group of people from the East Asia to Southeast Asia towards northeast India it’s interesting that this village was I mean this region was previously inhabited by the austric, austric group of people and then later by the Kuki-Chin or rather the Biate group of people and Even these are even found in villages like Dubungling, a Dimasa village near Thanalambra in the same district So it’s interesting to see that These are still maintained but then Not properly maintained and research is still ongoing regarding the stone jars So we are at Mualdam now and you can see the bordering mountains that one the blue mountains are in Meghalaya and the ones here towards us is Assam We’re having a good time We are now walking towards Thuruk with us are our friends My informants Jessie and her brothers Both of them are studying at Haflong. Hema is moving forward We are very excited to meet our guide. Mr. C Darnei on the way. He hasn’t reached Mualdam. So we are moving ahead This place as you can see Early in the morning. They are said to be covered with frost I Really hope I would be able to see We are here at Thuruk village This is Thuruk village! Thuruk! Thuruk! Yeah, Thuruk! Thuruk! we are here finally Good evening. We are right now at the Gaonburah’s (village headman) place He is our Gaonburah, Mr. TK Dinga Lalsim and Mrs. Khuami Lalsim and we have Lily our guide Chongpuia Darnei and my friend Hema We have arrived Few minutes ago and we are sitting here for a tea break and we’ll quickly do sightseeing on the village (Chattering in Haflong Hindi) Good morning Lily and I and Hema up there, we are looking for Tiny bit of frost this morning. Yesterday, there was no frost Till day before yesterday there was frost heavy frost actually So we just noticed some tiny fractions of you know, crystals and some frost on the grass But then we are going, looking for more traces That side Hey, that’s my friend Hema Hema This is Thuruk we are at Thuruk early in the morning 6:40 Sunrise already by 6:30 Wow, that’s really ice All of the grasses the entire grass They’re all covered with Ice oh my god, these are all whitish patterns we see but they’re not just dry grass and actually ice Frost My hands are freezing now If you want to see more I can show you more this side. You see they look beautiful, but then if I just Squeeze and bring it on top what you see is like again ice So yes, this is frost in Thuruk It’s just that today. It’s light. But anyways, we’re able to see it. Oh My god, even this one you see here And here and here oh my god my My My fingers are you know aching! Here here here. I get it Ice ice ice, baby (Chattering in Haflong Hindi) We just had a look at some of the frost That we could gather from the photos and the videos from the evidences from the grass I mean and This is the early morning view, isn’t it beautiful indeed – Thuruk has ice And it absolutely is beautiful and I Mean, no doubt. It’s the coldest village of the district Ice is usually formed from December to February So we are going to blow some air now It’s cold, can you see that? Let’s try again- one two three

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  1. Nice Effort Bro !
    Keep Vlogging and never let anyone demotivate you.
    P.S – Best Wishes from one vlogger to another πŸ™‚

  2. nice video and and nice place i like it and iam very happy to see you on you tube.πŸ‘

    Jai hind.(jai aie Ashom).πŸ’

  3. Never knew u made an entire video of it. Great direction n cast πŸ˜†.Hima told me about the trip. Next time try going from Harangajao to Mualdam uphill on foot.That's the real thrill.

  4. Earlier, during 30s my grandpa and others may be close or through this area came walking from Shangpung to Jatinga via Harangajao.

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