Tia Mowry’s DIY Mason Jar Gifts For The Holidays | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So holiday gift giving can really add up, especially if you have
a big family like mine, and a lots of friends. But don’t worry because I’m gonna give you three food gift ideas
that’s fun and easy to make, and it won’t break your bank. (upbeat holiday music) So what makes these gifts
just fun and easy is we’re gonna be using mason jars. And you can just get these
jars at any grocery store and they can also be very festive because we’re gonna
decorate the mason jars. First up, I’m gonna show you guys how I make my apple spiced pancakes. And the idea of this is, I’m gonna be putting all of my dry ingredients into this mason jar and whoever gets this lovely gift, the only thing that
they’re gonna have to do is add all of the wet ingredients. Like I said, this is loads of fun, it’s very practical, and it’s easy. First up, I’m just gonna add some flour. (laughs) Some baking powder, salt. Ground ginger, ground nutmeg. I love using all of these warm spices because it just reminds
me of the holidays, and I just love the way they smell, it smells so festive. Add some cinnamon. Mmm! I love the way that cinnamon smells. It smells so good! Add some cloves, add some allspice. Again I just love the way it
smells, it smells so good! What I love about this gift is all of the ingredients,
they’re already measured out so it’s gonna be really easy for whoever you give this gift to. And then the final step, we need our pancakes to be sweet. I’m gonna add some sugar. And then I’m just gonna
mix all of this together. I’m just gonna add this lovely
mixture into this mason jar. And what I love about mason
jars is they’re very versatile. Whoever gets this gift, you know they can save it, reuse
it for something else. I like to make vegetable juices, like fresh vegetable juices and just drink out of these mason jars. ♪ It smells like the holidays ♪ Alright, so all of my dry
ingredients are in the jar. And now on to the fun part. We are gonna decorate this jar and make it really nice and festive. I have some twine here,
red and white twine and it kind of reminds
me of like candy canes. And then I’ve added a little bell, with a name tag, and a fun star. And you can get this star
and the name tag and the bell like from any craft store. I’m just gonna wrap it around, like this. Putting some fun and
decorations on a gift like this just elevates it, making it
fun and festive, and personal. And it was easy, right? So these dry ingredients,
they can last for up to three months in a cool and dark place. I’m just gonna add the sticker, to let people know what’s in it. And now I’m gonna put the instructions on how to make the pancakes right on top. Okay so, I have one gift down, my delicious apple spice
pancakes to give away. Another great food gift idea
are my peppermint brownies. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna add some flour. And this one’s really cool because I’m gonna layer the ingredients, so it’s gonna look really pretty. I find that these are all so fun to do with your kids, because
it’s like a fun DIY project. I’m gonna add some baking powder, salt. Mix it up, and then I’m gonna
add unsweetened cocoa powder. Add some sugar. That looks like snow. (laughs) I’m gonna add some chocolate chips, don’t mind me if I do. (laughs) And last, but not least, peppermint candy. You can actually find
crushed peppermint candy. Ah, look at how pretty that looks! And now we’re just gonna
make this even more festive. Add my fun decorations,
and really you can use any color twine you want. You can use red, you can use
green, you can use white. Or you can use red and
white like I have here. We want our recipient
to know what’s inside, so we’re gonna add our sticker. Voilà! And now I’m gonna add the sticker which has the instructions on how
to make the brownies on top. ♪ And we’re done! ♪ Yes! Yes! ♪ Yes! ♪ How pretty. Pretty pretty pretty! I don’t know about you guys, but absolutely love hot chocolate, especially during the holidays. It’s nice and warm, I
don’t know I just love it, and not only that, I have
to be honest with you, I’m like craving hot chocolate, I’m pregnant, you know right now. (laughs) So I’m like craving hot chocolate, so I thought that my salted
caramel hot chocolate would be perfect for these
amazing food gift jars. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add some
unsweetened cocoa powder to the mason jar. Hot chocolate, it just,
it really just puts me in a really good mood. (laughs) When I was pregnant with my son Cree, I would crave junk food. Like spicy, what is those
hot Flaming Cheetos, and Funyuns, onion chips. But this time around, I
don’t know, I don’t know, maybe I don’t know if I’m
having a girl or a boy, but I’m like craving sweet things. (laughs) I’m gonna add my sugar, and the next thing I’m gonna
add is some fine sea salt. Give it a nice stir. Okay. I’m gonna add some chocolate chips. I don’t know about you, but
chocolate just makes me happy. I’m gonna add some caramel flavored chips. Car-a-mel? Car-mel? Car-a-mel? (laughs) However you want to say it. I say car-a-mel, some
people say car-mel, right? Yeah. These smell so good too. Last but not least, I’m
gonna add some marshmallows. I love marshmallows with my hot chocolate. Alright, that’s it. Just gonna screw the top on, add my fun festive stickers. The rest of the ingredients on top. Happy Holidays! See guys, you see how fun and easy and practical that was? I hope you guys really enjoyed this. And make sure you guys subscribe, and I’ll see you next week! Bye!

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