Tia Mowry’s House Tour: Part 3 | Quick Fix

Tia Mowry’s House Tour: Part 3 | Quick Fix

– So, I’ve been having so much fun with these house tour videos and today is your special day because I am gonna be showing you the heart of our home. Check it out. (upbeat music) The family room is on of my
favorite areas in the house. This is the place where everybody just chills and lounges. We have a really nice fireplace here. We have a television where
we just like to chill and sit and watch while we’re
hanging out on the couch. What I really love about the
family room is the shelving. I love that I have all of these cool black and white family photos. These photos are from
when my husband and I, we renewed our vows, my son, Cree’s birthday party, my sister’s wedding. So these are like really
cool memorable moments in my life, really or
our life should I say. What’s also really cool
about this room is the rug. The rug is actually from Mexico and what I love about this rug is we actually sewed pieces
of different rugs together to make this rug look
really nice and relaxed. It’s like an organic feel to it. I also love the coffee table. We have really cool books on there. I have some dried flowers on there and I love decorating with dried flowers because they last forever. You don’t always have to
keep on buying new flowers. It kind of gives that organic,
raw element to the house. My favorite piece of furniture in this whole entire house is this couch. This couch that I’m sitting on. I love this couch! And I’m telling you this
couch was a little pricey. (laughing) I didn’t tell my husband. My husband does not know how much money we spent on this couch, ’cause I don’t think I would have it if I told him that. That’s all we have in here, right? That’s the only piece of furniture, so I really, really wanted it to shine. 10 people can sit on this couch and chill and just have conversations, that’s what I love about
this couch, and the pillows. My brother, Tahj, he is so funny. He’s like, if you ever
need to borrow some pillows go over Tia’s house. He’s like Tia, you got
enough pillows on this couch? But I think that’s what makes
this couch just so cool. It’s so comfortable. We have speakers in every
single room in the house and we have speakers outside. So whenever I have a party, I just have the music just blasting, whether that’s jazz music, whether that’s salsa music, whether that’s hiphop music, we just have a blast. My other favorite part of the house would definitely have to be my kitchen. I am in love with this kitchen! It is so spacious and open. And not only that, I love
that as I’m preparing meals, I can look out and see my
son hanging out on the couch, you know, watching
television or my husband. It’s so open and I’m in
love with the island. I just love that it’s really nice and big. And it also has this really
cool Calacatta marble and it’s just so beautiful. And the Calcatta that
I have in the kitchen inspired me to put ceramics and marbles throughout the rest of the house because it’s just so beautiful to me. What’s so funny is
whenever I throw parties I’m like guys, you know,
we have a media room here, we have the couch here, or you can even hangout in the dining room but everybody always,
always, always, always ends up hanging out around the island. Everybody just loves to
stand there, sit there, drink, eat and just talk and
laugh and have a great time. At my parties, I have about
maybe like 20 to 25 people and I’m not kidding you, all 25 people are hanging
out around that island. So let’s be honest here,
Calcatta is a little porous and a lot of people, when
they come over to the house they’re like oh my gosh, how do you keep this marble so clean? Well, when people are over for parties, I’m literally like a crazy woman. I’m like running all over
trying to put a coaster under everybody’s drink. It’s pretty funny. Our style is we love bringing natural elements into the house. So in the kitchen you’ll see wooden bowls, you’ll see a wooden table, you’ll see woven chairs. I just think it makes everything
look peaceful and calming. When you go out for a hike, when you’re out in nature, you feel calm, right? You feel some sort of zen. And I feel like when you bring in elements from outside into the house, that’s what you get as well. We have a chalk board in our kitchen and that is our vision board. Every year, the beginning of the years, we write out our goals and our aspirations and just what we want for the year. And I am telling you, every
single time we do this, we always check off everything. It is the weirdest thing. Even if it sounds crazy, for some reason, I’m a huge believer of the book The Secret and this movie is just all about putting your goals and your aspirations out into the universe and just
kind of speaking them out. Everyday I’m in the kitchen, right? And even when I don’t think
that I’m putting these thoughts into the universe, I am because
my brain is seeing them. Whether it’s subconscious or conscious, it’s crazy how whatever
we put on that board, it comes to pass. Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix is on that board and one of my goals was just to expand Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. It’s amazing how I’ve
created this community and this amazing, amazing group of people that looks forward to watching
an episode every week. So you guys are actually
on my vision board so whoop whoop! (laughing) Another thing that’s on the vision board is a healthy baby girl and I actually wrote that
before I got pregnant. So it was very hard for me to get pregnant and it was a goal of mine and it was up there on
that board and now look. Also on that board is
just love and happiness. I’m a true believer of unconditional love and being love and just exuding love so I wanted to put that on
the board and also happiness. I believe that happiness is a choice and if you’re constantly
looking at the word, you’ll find ways to be happy. I can sit here and tell
you all of the things that I can complain about right now, but I choose not to focus on that. I wanna focus on the positive things and focus on things that make me happy. So yes, that vision
board is really important and it’s something that everybody can see so everybody that comes into our home is apart of our journey and
what we want for the year. So when I’m cooking, I wanna know where everything is, right? So say you’re cooking an egg, if you don’t know where the spatula is or whatever you need, it might end up burning while you’re looking for that spatula. I don’t want that to happen. I like for things to be organized and put into their place, so when I’m cooking, I know exactly where everything is. I can tell you where
everything is in that kitchen. So speaking of organized,
let’s talk about my pantry. My pantry is a work of art. Now before you call me crazy, there is a method to my madness. You see in my pantry, I
have clear containers. The reason why I love
doing this is because, I’ll be able to see what I need more of. For example, Cree’s cereal. If you have it just in a cereal box, then you don’t know how full it is. You don’t know if you’re like oh my gosh, he needs more of it or
he needs less of it. That’s one of the main reasons why I like having clear containers. I found that when I didn’t do it this way, I was buying multiple things. I would buy like five packs of sugar. And I’m like oh my gosh,
Tia, you already have sugar. But now that I have everything
in these containers, I know what I need and what I don’t need. I hope that makes sense
and I hope you guys don’t think I’m crazy. (laughing) Look guys, I have a visitor. She came and just dropped in my lap while doing the house tour, right? The family room and the kitchen, it’s definitely the heart of my house and my favorite part of the house because this is where memories are made, this is where new
relationships are started. You know, friends, people
meeting new people. This is the place where I
just see people laughing and just smiling and having
a great time, people joking. Right, Cairo, right? Right, boo-boo, right? Oh my gosh, it almost
looked like she went. All right guys, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed our house tour series. I know it was a lot of
fun, right, Cairo, right? Right? (laughing) Make sure you guys follow
Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and I’ll see you next week. Bye, wanna say bye? Say, bye-bye.

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