Time Travel Subway Car

Time Travel Subway Car

Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry disrupt your evening commute, but I’m here to ask for some money I’ve invented a time machine, and I just need the funding to help complete it So if you have $5, $10, or $20, it would really go a long way towards funding my time machine. I have the technology. I’ve tried Kickstarter. I’ve tried indiegogo. I’ve tried gofundme nothing worked. Sir, Thank you so much. All the help is welcome folks. If anybody has any more money. I would greatly appreciate it anybody Thank you. Have a good day ladies and gentlemen please do not give this man any money I am from the future And I can tell you it is bleak, David I am you, oh my God, do not build the time machine You cannot build the time machine do not build the time machine [if] you do that things will happen to us bad things will happen to the lovely people on this subway Sir, please take your money back man We can’t build the time- Sara? Sara and brian Sara Sara oh my God Sara This is really crazy Wait, we’re from the future. We’re here to tell you that you cannot give this man money he’s Gonna Build a time machine and He’s Gonna Destroy the world in the process Today’s the day he gets the money to build the machine you need to get the money back Guys like a twins actor so not twins. This is not real Matthew? Matthew! Oh there, you are. This is not a joke. Oh No, do not give this man money. Oh my god! [no], we told you [Many people chattering at once] Please don’t make the machine. Please don’t make the time machine. *Chanting* “No machine no machine!” Alright, everyone shut up. I won’t build the time machine. *Sighs of relieve and cheering* What happens to all of us? Do we like disappear? These people were Asking for money for this time machine. Whatever. I just thought they were like crazy then All their twins start showing up, and I didn’t notice that they were all twins so this guy’s like wait. They’re all twins Another passenger on his way to brunch like we are and he’s like looking at twins and his twin shows up I cannot I’m done, forget about it. Well played. Thanks to audible for supporting this video and offering our viewers a free 30-day trial Go to audible.com slash everywhere and download any book free of charge like Amy Poehler’s Yes Please you get to keep it whether you decide to continue with the service or not Support from audible makes it possible to make more videos like this, so please visit audible.com/everywhere Link in the description [What a Sellout]

100 thoughts on “Time Travel Subway Car

  1. These are the single worst actors I have ever seen on the internet. If I had a time machine I would go back in time and give this project to twins that have a proper sense of good improvisation. You guys suck

  2. If they had been better actors.
    I would not be amused if my future self came to scream at me.
    I would possibly be petrified

  3. Good idea, poor execution. The present day version of themselves should've had anxiety attacks, not chuckled about it

  4. I'm glad that is a real prank and the ppl are just lauginh and not take seriously, unlicke these unreal pranks that ppl already fall for it

  5. If the acting was more realistic it would have been great, but it was still hilarious. The guy who pointed out that they were all twins, and then was part of it was good though.

  6. 1:32 that looks exactly like penguin from the show Gotham. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about cause it’s freaking me out lol.

  7. Everyone complaining about the acting, like it's easy to find 4 pairs of talented twin actors who have a sense of humor and are game for a prank…

  8. the acting wasnt that bad but this is such a good idea that would have been gold if they were acting serious but i guess they wanted to make it seem more comedic or something like it was expected to be a prank but the confusion with the twins showing up kind of made up for it idk

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  10. What if there was an actual time traveler on the train, they would've probably cringed so hard from the acting, but if they didn't know they would probably have stepped in to address they didn't recognize them from any of the time reservation factions in their respective countries/regions and also wearing the same attire doesn't assist in this.

  11. Their mistake was trying this in New York City. People saw right through it as being twins. They should have done it somewhere in the Bible Belt where the hicks would believe anything.

  12. This was boring. Not good enough for a prank and not good enough to be a funny joke. I guess it was more entertaining than watching the subways floor.

  13. I feel like they got too caught up in the performance / making people laugh. No one was even remotely tricked.

    Good idea with the twins but write out a better concept & execute better

  14. I think a simpler prank would have worked better: 1) Twin A enters from one end of the car, confederate gives him some money, 2) Twin A exits the car, 3) Twin B enters from the opposite end of the car carrying a sack of money, hands it to the confederate, thanks him for the donation, says he went back in time and invested it. Onlookers sit there wonder what the hell just happened and if they should have given him money.

  15. This is the best thing I've ever seen on a subway car. I wish I'd get something like this instead of those annoying dance groups nearly kicking me in the face.

  16. Great Idea! Poor acting – or not trying/putting in the effort to convince anyone this is real – unfortunately. Rehearsal and Practice are good tools. Maybe that wasn't even the concern. But still -Fun! – and way better to go out and do stuff like this than not. IF this group are interested in doing things like this for reasons other than killing a day doing something silly and put in the work – it could be pretty awesome. But again – at the worst – this is fun – and a great day for everyone. Hey. Go do stuff. Why not?

  17. Do you fucking stupid retarded americans know what a REAL street prank with REAL fucking clueless people around is seriously?!

  18. who falls for this seriously? as if twins don't exist. Someone sent me this and wow people are gullible. I do wish this would have fooled me if only for a second.

  19. 0:55 DO NOT BUILD THE TIME MACHINE ! bad things will happen
    " some random dude gives him money "


  20. Wouldve been funny if all the future people played dead when the guy said he will no longer build the time machine

  21. I want a remake with twins that have rehearsed the acting scene to be more serious, scared, & terrified. Also, Back To The Future soundtrack sounds. You know what I mean.

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