Time Travel Temple Shows Past & Future? Dinosaur at Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Time Travel Temple Shows Past & Future? Dinosaur at Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Hey guys, today we are going to look at this
temple called the Ta Prohm temple which means Old Brahma, you see that face there, that
is supposed to be the face of Brahma. Now, who is Brahma? Brahma is said to be the God of Wisdom who
can see the past and the future. And this temple has actual evidence of time
travel – going to the past and the future. It is going to be very exciting. Let’s go. Oh there it is, there it is, Here you can
see this amazing carving. Looks very similar to a dinosaur. And not even some type of dinosaur, it looks
very similar to a stegosaurus. There is a type of dinosaur which has these
dorsal plates, has these plates on its back. Look. 1,2,3,4,5,6. Look how this looks, looks like a dinosaur. When we look at the modern day re-creation
of a stegosaurus the similarity is quite shocking. Especially, the dorsal plates or the back
plates, we don’t have any such large animals with back plates today, these became extinct
millions of years ago. Now, scientifically, this carving should not
exist. If humans evolved in the last 100,000 years
and dinosaurs died 65 million years ago, there is no way humans saw a dinosaur while constructing
this temple. And look this is not a fossil, or a skeleton,
this is complete with all the details: skin, tail, flesh and everything, so the sculptor
must have seen a dinosaur in real life. Some may argue that ancient builders must
have re-created this by putting together fossils, bones and reconstructing the animal, but this
is very very hard to do, even today this is not easy, and requires advanced scientific
knowledge. Now, what do experts have to say about this
carving? Many experts have tried to “debunk” this,
because it flies not only in the face of mainstream science, but also goes against mainstream
history and archeology. The first thing they tried, was to claim that
this is a new carving, a hoax, carved in the last 50 years. Whenever someone find an out-of-place carving,
mainstream guys try to pretend that it is a new carving because it does not fit their
conventional model. Remember, I showed you this bicycle carved
thousands of years ago, and after my video went viral, there are hundreds of blogs claiming
this is a new carving, even though there is absolutely no evidence to prove it is a new
carving. There is no written record that it was done
recently, yet all blogs claim that it is new, because it does not fit mainstream theories. But when they tried the same tactic in this
Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia, when they tried to claim that this is a recent carving, it
actually backfired, because the Cambodian Government archeologists have actually confirmed
that this is in fact an ancient carving done in the 12th century, embarrassing mainstream
experts. There is an opposite angle to this story. While evolutionists have tried hard to “debunk”
this, creationists, the people who believe that the world and the animals & plants were
created a few thousand years ago, use this carving as proof of creation. They argue that man and dinosaur must have
coexisted which is why the carving exists. They claim that dinosaurs did not go extinct
until the last few centuries, and we merely called them dragons until the term dinosaur
was coined in 1842. Remember, what scientists know about nature
and the world is very less, because Tasmanian Tiger was thought to be extinct, but it has
been sighted this year. Coelacanth was said to be extinct 66 million
years ago, but was found again, clearly pointing out that our understanding of these things
is extremely limited. Believe it or not, a whopping 18,000 new species
were named last year. However, creationists have no answer for the
fossil evidences of dinosaurs, and the lack of human fossils around the same time, ie.,
millions of years ago. While creationists try hard to convince us
that this proves that the earth was created, evolutionists try equally hard to debunk this,
because it does not fit their theory. One approach evolutionists are trying recently,
is to disprove that this is not a stegosaurus. They take this carving, and they put a modern
day recreation of a stegosaurus and point out the tiny differences in anatomy. Even though they do look very similar, they
go into micro details and point out that the head is larger, and the carving does not show
a spiked tail. This argument really shows their desperation,
because this does not have to be the exact dinosaur species, it could be a cousin with
all these minor variations. Paleontologists agree that they will keep
discovering new species of dinosaurs for many many years, and a new one was discovered just
a few months ago. So, this argument that the anatomy does not
precisely match the stegosaurus, therefore this is not a dinosaur, is ridiculous, because
it could very well be a cousin of stegosaurus. You subconsciously know that this is a dinosaur. If you are in doubt, just show this carving
to a friend who has never seen this before, and he will immediately tell you that this
a dinosaur. So, how do we objectively process this information? As a common man, the key is to try and understanding
this, instead of arguing one way or the other, desperately trying to prove your agenda. The fact is, the dinosaur carving is very
much here, and was carved in the 12th century. However, we have enough evidence to say that
dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Both of them are true. So, how did they do this right? Some people say humans existed million years
ago and evolution is false. But in Hinduism, there is a lot of evidence
of Time Travel, right? A lot of scriptures talk about time travel. Is it possible that the sculptors are capable
of time traveling? And they were able to carve a dinosaur. They went into the past. They saw the dinosaur, came back, and carved
this dinosaur. It is a very interesting argument isn’t it? So, if the sculptors were capable of going
into the past, did they also go into the future, one thousand years ago? Look there. LOOK. The trees taking over the temples. That’s the temple and the tree growing right
on top of it. There is the temple and a tree growing right
on top of it. Here again, look, look. This is the temple entrance, and there is
a tree growing on top of it. Very large tree. What is the meaning of these carvings? Why did ancient builders carve temple towers
with trees growing on top of them? Let us go and take a look at this temple towers. The bizarre feature about the Ta Prohm temple
is that trees grow on top of the temple towers. Archeologists confirm that this temple was
built in the 12th century, but people abandoned this area 300 years later and moved out. The jungle began taking over and the trees
started to grow only 3 centuries after it was built. So how did the sculptors know, it would be
taken over by trees in the future? I don’t know why this is happening, For some
strange reason, birds also like the Ta Prohm temple. They bring seeds and put them right on top
of the tower. The seeds then start to germinate, they start
to grow roots first, and then they grow into these gigantic trees. When I explored the temple, I was shocked
because Look at my size, and look at the size of the roots of that tree. Actually it is thicker than me, and then look
at the height of that tree, I mean this is insane. This is why this temple was used in the movie
“Tomb Raider” because of this unusual tree growth in this temple. Now, If the sculptors did not do time travel,
how did the sculptors know that this temple would be taken over by trees, centuries after
they constructed it? So here you can see that these roots are completely
taking over this massive temple, exactly like what we saw in that carving done 1000 years
ago. So, it appears as though the sculptor went
into the past, saw the dinosaur, but did not stop there, but they went into the future,
and carved how the trees would completely take over this temple. Were ancient builders, especially the Hindus,
capable of Time Travel? Is this why we see pre-historic extinct animals
like the entolodont, dinosaurs and sabertoothed cats in ancient Hindu temples? Is this why we also see futuristic carvings
like people capable of flying, bicycles and other advanced devices? If time travel was not possible, how could
the sculptors accurately carve the temples being taken over by trees? They must have known somehow that this temple
would be taken over by trees in the future. I hope you guys liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, I will talk to you soon. Bye!

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  2. Could be a rare dinosaur that survived long enough to meet humans but has since gone extinct. Or maybe the ancients could contact spirits, demons, aliens, extradimensional beings or people that knew about this dinosaur.

  3. Dinosaurs lived with man, that's why they knew what they looked like, no 'aliens' or time travel. Just look at the fossil pits that have man, animals and dinosaurs all laying together. They died in the flood. Stop the assumptions instead of seeing facts right in front of you.

  4. Since our concept of time only exists in our minds, and all we have is the present, i don't believe in time travel at all. And likely, all the stories about dragons in A.D. times refer to small dragons that didn't grow much bigger than the ones on the Ica Stones of Peru.
    Giantism was a pre-flood norm, with fossils of huge creatures to prove it. And legends of giant men after the flood support their existence.
    What was the difference between them and men of our height? Giants were probably born shortly after the worldwide flood and thus had a more intact DNA. They lived longer for this reason and the slower maturation made them grow taller.
    When earth was divided (at the time of Peleg and Joktan) something happened that shortened lifespans and caused air pressure to decline rapidly. There were no longer conditions ideal for great sizes, at least for land animals and man. Add to this the less shielded sunlight (due to the destruction of a protective barrier, possibly by the time of Babel) which resulted in an increase in DNA mutation.

  5. Wow, you have evolved to become Sherlock of the archeological world. This particular video and your "connecting the dots" approach is definitely mind blowing. I believe early humans were capable of time travel using the art of meditation, because they were into it and there were no distractions. So, they might have perfected the art of communicating with the nature, with the particles. Hence, utilizing the brain power completely. We have recent incidents of time travelers, also have people with super human capabilities. We have forgotten the past, and future is full of surprises.

  6. Thank you for the super intersting vid
    Also the polygonal masonery is amazing
    Nice to see that cambodia have amazing old temples to
    I think this temple is much older than we think
    Can you visit the quary of the temple stones?
    Thank you

  7. I really like the vid and I think there is more than one way of reasoning and explanation. People are capable of esp so what if no machine/tech-based form of time travel was used but instead a type of developed time-cognition mental technique was the case? There still are means of seeing things with your mind.

  8. The trees on temples may have been seen in other older temples. Fig trees like these do grow fast. I dont have an idea re the Stegosaurus carving. But two things, 1) why would the sculptor be doing the time travel? Surly only select special people would do this ( and maybe tell artisans what to sculpt?) And if they had seen pasts and futures, then why only depict such limited examples? There are amazing unknowns here but things do need a coherent explanation. Keep searching.

  9. Great video! Something to take note of is how MASSIVE the trees are!!! Are they comparable to the other trees or have they outgrown the trees of the same age. Maybe there is a force acting on the trees on the temples? Just a thought.

  10. Hinduism was much more advanced and source of knowledge to the world. Invaders including England looted ancient Indian books, University and culture and did invention, which were already happened in Indian Ancient Books/ Research.

  11. I believe we've been separated from our real purpose on earth. People in ancient times had incredible mind powers. They maybe in my opinion very spiritual and a lot of meditations as if it were their daily activity. People were gods.

  12. No time travel Mr.Praveen , just symbolism about tree of live , there is some teaching lesson : If you dont keep your ancient sacrality of live -hinduism , you will perish in the future , the so called dinosaurs can bee the varrans of Komodo island or anything else , the humankind must civilized and descend on the reality , is no sci-fi , is just reality Praveen .

  13. You don't have to be a scientist to know that any abandoned man made structure will be taken over by nature in a matter of years. The dinosaur carving only proves that the ancient people saw this animal in the flesh alive. Sorry but no time travel here, only common sense.

  14. What looks like spines on the stegosaurus are foliage and the body is a stylized boar. There are many other common to the area animals carved at the temple with similar decorative foliage embellishments. Sometimes you have to look at similar art motifs to understand what a single stylized piece of art actually represents. Oh and Stegosaurus died off 80 million years ago.

  15. Hippopotamus still exists and walks in the near forests in Cambodia. This is not what you claimed. Thanks for improvising new discoveries

  16. That is NOT a stegosaurus. It is a hippo in front of a lotus flower. LOOK at all the other carvings, and how many lotus flowers are all over. LOOK at the shape of that hippo. LOOK at its head and tail shapes. It's common sense.

  17. Hi Praveen…U need to understand the power of yoga…. understand the last stage of aashtang yoga..which is samadhi…in that state u can leave yr body n travel anywhere n to any era….Vedas r written by the rishis…they were masters of yoga n had many siddhi….time travel is just one of the many siddhi…study n scriptures analytically in the spirit of Vedas n sanatana dharma..u will get the answers…if u try to fit those in the mould of modern day infant level n blocked minded narcissistic western science u will not get the answers n always b left with possiblities only. Just read the stories of shiva…. Hanuman….read aarti of Hanuman chalisa…Mata Lakshmi…etc etc aashta sidhi nav nidhi ke data…asvar Deen janki Mata….so my point is through yoga a human can achieve super human capabilities….which present day science seek to achieve by machinery….v had achieved these long back….but did not hold our ground through the invasions…our own people cheated n v lost our cultural heritage…my advice is to delve deep into the many Tamil, Sanskrit scriptures saved in many libraries and temples….if u really want to b able to read the Vedas in their spirit u need to imbibe the culture itself into u….wear rudraksha….do meditation on Shiva…open yr third eye..the chakra of knowledge to see through what meets the eye… surrender yrself completely to panchakshari mantra n only when u get the gift come back to make videos…..u will do wonders……much more than what u r doing now…..

  18. There are beings that are made of energy and can also manifest in physical form . Many of them are and resemble we what we call dinosaur, dragons, giants, and are demons .

  19. Your exploration is amazing! Thank for incitive to explore such contents and we also benefited from you. I think that, by following conventional archeologist, you are claiming wrong historical timeline: historical time period about Cambodian megalithic aspects. Characteristics of building pattern and tools lead to think the time period more than 1,000 years, at 3,000 years. Because based on archeological record and evidence identified tools by
    carbon dating and other methods, do not compete with with such claim. I respect your explanation and opinion, before exploring you should indepth and multidimensional study. In last in a episode, I found that you did not recite the the term for building mechanism: polygonal machinery and you was saying your own term.

  20. There are two kinds of creationists. The first is 'young earth' creationist. He says that the earth was created recently with the appearance of age. The second is the 'old earth' creationist that says the world is any number of years old. The young earth creationist believes that the great flood created most of the fossil record all at once, and has a not insignificant number of examples how this could be. The old earth creationist has a 'gap theory' that states God made the earth, then there was a gap of eons, then he made mankind as we know ourselves. To say 'creationists have no answer' is incorrect. You might disagree. But that is not the same as no answer at all. Anyway, love your channel. Keep it up!

  21. There seems to a book which is considered the old know astronomical based book in the world. If this is found we can rediscover the concept behind time travel – it may be called book of sun .

  22. Like the God sends sages,saints to give the knowledge about him/her , You are are chosen by the Gods to let everyone know the knowledge about temples

  23. There's actually people making debunking video's about this saying its a totally different animal but a person with any kind of imagination couldn't see it being anything other then a juvenile stegosaur which doesn't have spikes on its tail yet .

  24. YOU Moron it is not a sinosour it is the arvig of a boar of dahs avatar with designs behind , see the picture below it is of the tortoise which is the avatr before that

  25. sir it's a great effort from your side to discover the facts of Hinduism. Western cultures must learn from us we were not the country of snakes and ladders we were the country of time travel and the country of advanced technology

  26. An alternate theory is that the builders were already aware that abandoned temples from before their time had trees growing on top of them, and maybe those temples also had carvings of dinosaurs, maybe they were repeating history through their building.


  28. Maybe they found a fossil and just added the flesh ? After all it's not an exact copy of the dinosaur. Love your videos. You make me want to visit India.

  29. There is another explanation. Notice we visited temple. What do you do in the temple ? You pray. One of the form of prayer is meditation which is deep alternate state of consciousness. In this state your critical thinking is switched off and – in my opinion – it is when a gate or a channel between human spirit (spiritual part) and the spirit world is opened. Nowadays we can hear about so called channelers, which are people who allow a spirit to “take over they mind”. In such sessions (meditation state) a vision produced by spirit can be induced on human mind. These spirits historically would teach humans how to do various things, also how to built the temples. I would say the builders heard about such vision from “priests” who partook in meditations. I bet the temple was designed in such a way to allow trees to grow over them, or even it was a part of the design. Personally, I believe these spirits are the offspring of earthly women and angels (entities who have spiritual bodies) who died during the flood. Pre-diluvian civilization was much more advanced than ours because the visitation of spirits (angels) were very common. The stone technology was brought to the earth by those angels, who in turn saw structures in their spiritual world. During that time the dragons (dinosaurs ?) lived on the earth.
    When a priest experienced a vision meditating in this, temple a spirit could simply show him the past and tell him how to built the temple to achieve this extraordinary look. I believe Hindu people should look at this things from the perspective of spiritual world, otherwise we wouldn’t have that many temples in India or adjacent countries.

  30. Something doesn’t add up!!! What is the meaning of the part with the dinosaur? No meaning. Its made by new people from different life cycle. because the one’s who supposed did it had the technology but vanished or left the site right? This does not make sens. They see the future and puff vanish or dont fix it. There is something else to it. Better find this explanation rather than say dinosaur or bicycle they traveled the future and the past. Great video made me think so much.

  31. Many truth from our history has been hidden like bodhi dharma,Indians are not aware but Chinese worship him,
    Y don't u explore Korean Hindu temple praveen?

  32. Sorry, but this is hilarious. Anyone can see that is new repair work and not the original bas relief. These temples near Siem Reap are between 1100 and 750 years old. They were not maintained in the best of shape, especially Ta Prohm, which was specifically chosen for Tomb Raider because it was so run down and overgrown.

    Ta Prohm has been extensively rebuilt by Japanese, Swedish, German and Korean archaelogists and engineers. I'm sure the story of the Stegasaurus can even be found online and which group put it there.

    It's one thing to hold the worldview that Western science and history does not know everything, but it's another to let yourself be fooled by someone who is either too naive to tell the difference between a 50 year old and a 900 year old carving, or who is on purpose disingenuous and not pointing out that the stone is a different colour, cut differently and weathered far less.

  33. Such a beautiful place. Really interesting…who would have known this.. Thanks to you for such information and exposure.. Really impressive.. Fascinating Praveen Mohan ?

  34. The more ancient mysteries uncovered and unsolved.The more it show how mysterious is our earth.keep up the good work PraveenMohan??

  35. Don't know bout time travelling.. Persay. But I've seen doc's on specialised fore see'ers and.. Purhaps… They were a result of the Sharmen during the period of the temples construction.., gifted with this sight into the past and future..!?

  36. Idont know whether I like it or not But the vedio is intresting. In our puranas we can see many unknown animals, birds like shlabhs, chakora, chataki etc. May be we can find them in our temple carvings.

  37. Dinosaur is easy to explain, in the asian and Indian jungles some of these plant eaters may have survived till 11th 12th century. Trees taking over can be explained because ancients knew everything has a time period, must have seen what happened to other temples in peru and south america

  38. Veda

    “23. There was no day, no night, no sky, no earth, no darkness, no light, and nothing else, comprehensible by hearing and other (sensory organs), consciousness and other things, but then there was one (triad) – is protomaterial, Brahma and spirit – pums "(Vishnu Purana).


    "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness was above the abyss, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters … ”(Bible, Genesis).

    It can be seen from the text that, by functionality, the oldest name of the Lord is Brahma. This is the one described in the Bible, then in the Qur'an.

  39. Hi Paven, unfortunately you didn't show the carvings (where the dinosaur is shown) till the top. Just a question.! The very low carving shows a fish (life starts in the ocean) next carving shows a plant (life spread to land) then the dinosaur after this could be a mammal animal, the kind of monkeys and seems to be human. Is that carving actually shows us the evolution of the earth?
    Just an idea of mine. Greetings from Bali

  40. Hey buddy don’t spoke English like that you no need to be like foreigner please don’t copy others talking styles talk own your style

  41. There are many ancient dinosaurs depictions all over the world it’s not one of a kind. There is Genesis Park collection festinating. Even shows this same picture in there article, so yes there could be older cousins or maybe some relics of the past pocketed away

  42. There is ancient pottery in Peru with accurate depictions of humans riding on Dinosaurs and even one showing a human hanging from the mouth of a dinosaur.

  43. Your take on creationists are SOOOOOO flawed. So either You are lying or You simply do not know what You are talking about!

  44. Yes human and dinasours co-existed, there's video proving iit. Saw it years ago. Human saw them in person and drawed them on caves, pots etc.

  45. When you see these and when you see the works of ancient Egyptians and other cultures one can wonder that if aliens did came on earth in the past then they must have had a good relationship with the Indians ???

  46. Very inforomative……It is not Time travelling, in Hinduism it it actually called Trikala Jnana, who knows past, present and future. In Hinduism there are many Yogis/Saints are called Trikala Jnani. Pls do some research on this.

  47. Trees grow out of these temples? obviously they knew, bye having seen older buildings in there own time with trees growing through those buildings

  48. Bicycle , well the ancients knew the wheel for thousands of years…they had allot of time to experiment with it. I wonder if someone actually wrote a book or paper on the evolution and history of the wheel? In any case that looks exactly as one would hope like a dinosaur ,and bicycle !

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