Timothy DeLaGhetto on Tourist Traps That Don’t Suck || The Hit List

Timothy DeLaGhetto on Tourist Traps That Don’t Suck || The Hit List

– Gateway Arch
National Park got a 380…dollar… million dollar,
million dollar Good Lord! Traveling all over the country has definitely taught
me a few things. First off, use the
bathroom when you can. OK, because
traffic jams happen and you lose friends
if you keep peeing into that Gatorade bottle
in the backseat. Trust me, I know. Secondly, not every hyped up
attraction in the country, you can call them “tourist
traps,” actually suck. In fact, some of them
are pretty (beep) dope. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto,
one of the hosts of Thrillist’s “Send Foodz” and here are my picks for
the five tourist destinations that are actually
worth your time. And not just for
their bathrooms. Number one, Meow Wolf. Now, I don’t recommend
anyone out there use any illicit drugs, at least
I don’t when I’m on camera. Wink. But if you want a full on
trip without the aid of hallucinogens, Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return
is a 20,000-square foot, psychedelic fun house that
will (beep) with your senses without giving you a hangover. It has a full music venue, interactive works
from over 130 artists and it’s partially funded
by George R. R. Martin. Yes, the (beep) up mind that
brought us “Game of Thrones.” So you know it’s gonna
be a little wild. Khaleesi. And it’s definitely better
than that final season. You know what I’m saying? Number two, Smoky
Mountain Alpine Coaster. Once you filled up on
hot chicken in Nashville, head over to Tennessee’s
Smoky Mountains to experience the nation’s
longest alpine slide. What the (beep)
an alpine slide? It’s like a little
stripped down rollercoaster where you control the speed. This one is over a mile long and features all those
majestic mountain views you would get from hiking. But without having to
actually hike and (beep). Nighttime is the
right time to ride because there’s some super
trippy LED lights lining the entire course. And like Meow Wolf,
this’ll make you feel like you’re on a drug trip that
has gone very, very right. As long as you don’t puke. Number three, Flora-Bama. Obviously, no Thrillist
list would be complete without a giant bar where people throw dead
fish across the state line. Yes, that really happens there. So Flora-Bama was
named by Thrillist as one of the most fun
bars in the country. In part, because of their
legendary mullet toss, where drunk Southerners see how far they can
throw a dead fish. But it’s also fun
because of their Bushwacker, Alcoholic Milkshakes and their famous
lobster corn dogs. It’s always a balls
out, awesome time at this massive B-side bar
the straddles the state line between Florida and Alabama. This is America
encapsulated in a bar. It’s worth a visit, even
if you don’t remember it. ‘Cause you’re drunk. Number four, Museum of the Dog. I mean, is the name alone not
enough to get your attention? Shieet. If you don’t like dogs, you
are probably a horrible person. And if you do like dogs,
get your (beep) to NYC’s new Museum of the Dog. There’s two floors dedicated
to celebrating good boys and girls, featuring
interactive exhibits, a ton of dog themed
paintings and sculptures and they even have
a selfie kiosk, that will analyze your picture and tell you what kind
of dog you would be. I feel like, I’d be a Golden
Retriever… mixed with a pug. Number five, Gateway
Arch National Park. All right, we have
to include something that grandpa would
want to visit too. But don’t worry, the St
Louis Arch is one of the most underrated landmarks
in the country. And last year (mumbles)… And last year Gateway Arch Park
dgot a $380 million makeover. Damn! That’s a lot of million dollars! So now it’s basically one of America’s dopest national parks. You can take a tram all the
way to the top of the arch and get a crazy view of the
city and the Mississippi. And embrace your inner Mark
Twain, if that’s your thing. Huckleberry Finn and
all that (leep). You like those picsk? The last two were straight from Thrillist Travel’s 13 coolest
new attractions this year and you can find the whole list
on thrillist.com right now, including a brand new
amusement park ride from the minds behind Meow Wolf. Meow. Hey you know what, maybe my
spirit dog is actually a cat. Na. I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto
and thanks for watching. Subscribe to Thrillist so
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  1. Ohhhhh
    I thought he was real
    Until he said two out of five came from thrill.
    Ok thanks for clearing up the miscommunication

  2. You and Chia NEED to visit Meow Wolf! Probably the best places Iโ€™ve been in Sante Fe! Definitely a one of a kind ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love Tim on thrillest but this felt just a bit tooooo scripted. Not sure what happened with audio and his voice and if if these were actually his choices. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

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