Tinsel’s Travel Agency ?? Christmas ASMR RP ?? Pamela Tinsel

Tinsel’s Travel Agency ?? Christmas ASMR RP ?? Pamela Tinsel

Oh Flippin’ heck look at this lot here, it’s all over place. Oh Hang on love, you take a seat, I’ll be with you in a minute Oh, what a mess Hello, love! Look at this lot here. It’s all over. You’ve got it all over your red outfit as well It’s not snowing outside is it? Oh, I don’t know where that’s come from. Let me just pop it down. It’s all over the place as well! Oh, dear! Welcome to Tinsel’s travel my name is Pamela how can I help you today? Oh, you would like a holiday. Oh well you’ve come to the right place. Let’s have a look what we’ve got for ya! You’re looking very smart today! All in your red! You’ve got a lovely beard. It’s very nice Have you been to work or something? Oh! I see Havin’ a little lunch break. Well, nothing better than to book yourself a holiday in your lunch break, love. Okay, let’s have a look. Could you give me your first initial? ‘S’ Right, and your surname? Okay, can you spell that for me love? Okay: A-N-T-A Lovely! Okay, hang on a minute. Ok. Oh, well you’re not on the system, love, have you booked with us before? Oh, all right. Ok. Stuff’s all over my keyboard, and all! Get it off! Right, well, let’s take your address then and put you in on the system, yes? Ok, so if we can start with your address, uh, the first line of your address, please. Ok Yes, and where’s that, love? North Pole. Ok, where’s that, then? Hmm Sounds like it’s a very long way from here. D’you have to travel a lot for work, love? Oh! Sounds like a big job to me! Ok. Right. So when were you thinking of going away? January, right. Funny time to be going on holiday! Oh, Ok! If you’ve been working hard, you need to go straight away. That’s it! We’ve got lots of holidays for you that time of year! So, let’s see what we have. Ok… Right. Let’s have a look in my little books. Show you few bits and bobs. We’ve got ‘Short Breaks in the UK’. We’ve got Let’s have a look. We’ve got ‘Exotic escapes…. Um, ‘…In the Far East’ Indian Ocean, Kenya, and South Africa. That’s a long way, init? Ok, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai! Very, very posh! Where were you thinking of, love? Right Somewhere to do a bit of sunbathing. Yes, okay, bit of disco, bit of dancing? Yes Bit of karaoke? Something like that Right well you can do that anywhere, love. Thailand Ok, let’s have a look at this one, as well. This looks promising: luxury breaks, spa, golf, celebrations, and dining! D’you like food. Yeah. I thought you might. Ok. Alright, looks like this is mostly London and places like that. Bit cold, init? Scotland, freezing that place! Oh, look it’s near where I am! The north of England. Oh, you’ve got all the midlands and the northwest and the far north Oh, got it all here! But, no. We want somewhere a bit warmer. Ok. Let’s have a look at this one then, ‘Exotic escapes’. I think you should go to Thailand. Let’s have a look, let’s see Africa Indian Ocean Sri Lanka It’s not a bad choice, would it be? Maldives Right, here we go. Right, we got the ‘Lighthouse and Spa’ ‘Ideal for both families and couples.’ Will you be taking somebody with you? Right. Oh a lady! Oh! Okay, so it’s you and lady, right? um Says here the food is excellent! Tick! We’ve got fine dining! and There’s a bar and they’ve got entertainment in the bar That’s what we want, init? And your flight wouldn’t be very far, I don’t think. Right, and I can definitely do you a very, very good deal. Good prices this time of year. Ok! Let’s have a look at the availability of it. Now, what’s the code? 5-2…..7-6 Oh, lovely. They have lots of space there won’t be many people there. Is that all right for you? Ok. Okay, well, let me just check with my boss. I just have to get authorization, so that I can book you in. It’s really me husband. Hello, Robert, love. Yeah, it’s only me. I’ve got a customer here Yes, very lovely. It’s a man He’s got a lovely red outfit on. He does look very fetching! I’ll have to ask him where he got it! Yeah Ok So I’m just booking a holiday for January. I know, January! I know! now It’s for the gentleman here and a lady friend Yes and there’s plenty of availability So I’m ready to go ahead and book Yeah, just checking that it’s all right For me to go ahead Mm-hmm Alright, so the authorization code is Ok Lovely all right well, I’ll tell you what love you’re gonna get extra spuds on your dinner tonight! Yeah. Oh, while I’m thinking about it remember that thing that we were laughing at last night Yeah You know that joke, remember? in crackers Yeah Where is it, Love? I was looking for it before Ok Ok Oh, dear I know, I’d lose me head if it wasn’t screwed on, wouldn’t I? I know, never mind. I can see it now. It’s just on table Ok, alright love, see you later. Ok, bye! That’s me husband. Right. I’ll tell you that joke. Joke we found in cracker last night. We had such a laugh, couldn’t stop laughing about it. I’m gonna tell it to you in a minute. right mm-hmm And what day would you like to go? Ok. Yep, whichever day you want to is fine. Ok. Lovely. Okay, that’s all booked for ya, so we’ll send you a little bill, and then everything alright with the world! That’s it. It’s not very expensive, love. So Was gonna read you this, wasn’t I? Actually, we found two. One of them’s a bit better than the other one. It, uh, it said. Oh, we did laugh. What is the pelicans favorite TV show? Do you know what it is ‘The Bill’ It’s not that funny today. What do you do with a sick bee? Can you get it? Come on, I bet you can! Take him to the ‘WASP’ital It’s not bad. We got these out of our crackers. So, we thought we’d have a little work stew. We thought we’d have a little works party for Tinsel’s Travel. Only me and Robert, and, we thought we’d pull a couple of crackers. Just to, you know, get the party started. So, we like to have crackers. Do you have crackers on your Christmas dinner? Oh, you do, love. Well, you just pull them make a loud noise. I won’t do it now Aren’t they lovely? These ones that we had, very nice. It says ‘Let it Snow’ It’s been snowing all over you, hasn’t it? How did that happen, then? Don’t worry. D’you like our decorations? I went to town this year! I put tinsel all over the place, cuz you know we are Tinsel’s travel so we like to go and make an extra special effort this time of the year So I got me lovely tinsel in the back. Got me lovely tinsel all over me plant, me lovely plant. And I’m even wearing some He’s lovely isn’t he? This little fella. He looks a little bit like you! Can you see resemblance? It’s got the same beard Little nose like you have And he’s wearing sort of the same outfit, but a different color Are you sure you’re not related? Oh, dear. It goes up and down this one, I think. I think it’s a bit stuck at the moment. You can have him tall or short if you want. Right. Let me put me box away. And then I’ll finish off your booking. Write you a little ticket. Just as a receipt, so you know that everything’s booked, but you will receive everything, in post. Ok? So, ok, that’s the date. Have you got trunks and everything, for your swimming and that? Oh. Just had a little think, really. Cuz, I think I’ve got some trunks that you can have, as well. Just lying around, we’re not using them. I’ll give them to you in a minute. Try to be helpful when I can Customer left them the other week. Very nice ones, as well. Hate to see things go to waste. Right. That’s your dates. And your booking reference. Mm-hmm. Ok! Tear this off for you. Fold it up, nicely. There’s your booking slip, love! I’ll just pop it down there for you. Now, before I forget, Hang on a minute. Don’t know why they left them. I’ve got no idea, but you might as well have them, love, because nobody’s gonna use them around here. D’you like them? I think you’ll fit into them won’t you, love? They’ve got pockets for you to keep your goggles and stuff. And Little drawstring to keep them on you know when you dive in And a little pocket for you there. Alright? What’s that, love? No, I think they’ll be alright. You just have to try them. If they don’t fit, they don’t fit. You know? You just have to try, you never know till you try. I’ll give them to you anyway And I tell you what. If they don’t fit give them to somebody else, yeah? Ok. There’s even a towel here. Do you want this as well? Think this would really suit you, wouldn’t it? Do you know I was looking at this, this morning thinking, ‘What we’re gonna do with that?’ And I think I found what we have to do with it. I’m gonna give it to you! Just to send you on your way for your holidays. Yeah? Ok. Look at it. It’s beautiful isn’t it? lovely colors Browns, black, and cream Very fetching! You can lay this out on your sunbed in the morning, just before you go to your breakfast. Alright? Don’t forget to do that because you won’t have anywhere to lie down by pool. Alright. Reserve your bed, go for your breakfast and then you can just lie down all day long! Do a bit of swimming and have a bit of lunch, nice cup of tea. And then in evening go back to your room get yourself all jazzed up In your nice suit. I think that might might be a bit hot for you, love. Got any others to wear? Ok, oh, that’s just your work outfit. Yeah. Good. What you got, a nice, like, white suit, with a shirt and tie? Something like that, or just a t-shirt if you want and some nice smart trousers! Linens or something, yeah. Do yourself up nice go to club, to the bar, do a bit of karaoke, bit of dancing. That’s it, love. I think you’ll have a really nice time Leave those there. So, you’ve got your booking slip You got your trunks and your towel Now, before you go, Because it’s this time of year all our customers get something special from us So hold your horses while I do it for you, ok? Let’s have a look, get me pen. Ok, to: S. Anta Aw, there you are! Think you’re gonna like this. I did you a lovely Christmas card. Has Bagpuss. What we like from our childhood. What we used to watch. And he’s in his little Santa hat there And then it says here, ‘To: S. Anta’, that’s you. ‘Merry Christmas With best wishes for Christmas and the new year’, I should have put, ‘and for your holidays.’ ‘with love,’ ‘Pamela and Robert’ that’s us. There you go! We send them out every year to all of our customers, different cards each time. Write your name on it There you go, love. That’s for you. Leave that there. Oh, that stuff’s everywhere. Want me to see if I can get it off you? Hang on. There we are. It’s everywhere now. It’s melted in a little bit. Ok, love. So, thank you for booking your holiday with us, it’s been very very nice spending time with you! Now, have a wonderful time Merry Christmas, from all of us at Tinsel’s Travel! Goodbye!

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