Tips to find a job #24: If you can travel you can work

Tips to find a job #24: If you can travel you can work

Hi I’m Maria. Today we’ve got a tip for
your job search. (music) Employers love problem solvers they make great leaders and they
know how to find solutions so you may be looking for work and not considering the
opportunities based on the challenges you’ve got with travel. There could be
the job for you but if you’re limited by travel, let’s say you don’t have a
licence, you don’t have a car, you live in a regional area or away from a workplace,
what you’ve got to start doing is getting solutions focused. Remember
employers love problem solvers so think of it this way what are some solutions
to this issue? You could stay with friends, you could carpool, you could find
public transport and do some research or you can even ask your provider for more
support around how to get to work. So the more you find a way to find solutions
for the problems you have the more likely you can be employed. It’s a great
skill to grow. Thanks for watching. Make sure you check out our Instagram
account Australians at work. (music)

3 thoughts on “Tips to find a job #24: If you can travel you can work

  1. Employers don't care if you have alternate forms of transportation; they're only interested in whether or not you have your licence and your own vehicle. I've explained to many employers during interviews that I can use Translink (lived 20 minutes away), Uber, taxi's, friends, and even family members to get to work, and they simply don't care. If you don't have your licence and don't have a medical reason for not having one, get one.

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