TODAY’s Summer Of Yes: Megyn Kelly Takes Her Family Camping | TODAY

TODAY’s Summer Of Yes: Megyn Kelly Takes Her Family Camping | TODAY

67 thoughts on “TODAY’s Summer Of Yes: Megyn Kelly Takes Her Family Camping | TODAY

  1. We rented an RV once and our kids were so mad that we made them wear
    seatbelts when we were driving. Do people really need to wear seatbelts
    in an RV? It seems no one does.

  2. Harriman state park is forty miles north of NYC. Used to like Megyn but she was nasty to first husband and became nasty at fox.

  3. She looks happier since she left the Fake News channel. I never liked her political stances and outbursts, but always knew she was a great journalist. Wish you and your family the best.

  4. Firstly, I have always liked Megyn. She's a really fair journalist who normally follows a story to its genuine conclusion. Secondly, NBC is a terrible fit for her. She just isn't fake. She's obviously centre right with her own mind. NBC is for feminist/left wing morons who don't closely follow news stories…….

  5. oh yeah, this is ruffin in. $100.000 RV and a slew of helpers. why cant she just spend alone time w/her kids? it;s all about her…..

  6. Gorgeous family; so happy for them. Megyn rocks; enigmatic voice, contagious energy. Looking forward to more of her.

  7. I don't care how many family trips TODAY broadcasts to humanize Megyn, I will always remember this is the same woman who argued Santa Claus is white (spoiler alert…he can be anything you want him to be because he's not real!) and who spent years on Fox news stoking racial stereotypes. #neverforget

  8. 4:01 "I can't play the guitar very well…"
    Plays on expensive customized Gibson with an inlay of her name on the fretboard…

  9. NBC dumps Tamron Hall so Megyn could make those families of Sandyhook were reminded by the Alex Jones interview mainly due to the hype. I have nothing personally against Jones but NBC tried a hit piece via Megyn Kelly which backfired when the tapes from the interview were released. So the families of Sandy Hook has to relive a very traumatic time so NBC could get a whopping 3.5 million views well behind a 60 Minutes rerun of 5.3 Million. Those numbers are incredibly low as an estimated 60 million use antenna tv and in 2014 Direct Tv had 20.35 and Dish 13.89 and Comcast 21 million that's over 115 million homes times 2.5 viewers per home equals 288.1 Million viewers that have access to broadcast TV thru cable and satellite TV. Yes TV is dying when you consider the NFL is what consistently draws the biggest numbers at less than 20 million total.

  10. I like Megyn and my fingers are crossed for her new show, I hope her audience follows as I want her to do well but I think CBS would have been a much better fit as it's right in the centre…hopefully everything works out.

  11. Look, Today show … what you have on your hands with Megyn is someone with a childish persona who lacks true intellectual depth. About the Fonda debacle … Megyn did NOT DO HER HOMEWORK on Fonda and Redford and their creative history together (Barefoot in the Park, etc. This would have been A PERFECT ICE BREAKER, as in, "I just watched Barefoot in the Park … the chemistry between you and Mr. Redford was enchanting, etc." Fonda would have been putty in her hands at that point. Instead, Megyn brought up PLASTIC SURGERY – which, by the way, she ought to know a lot ABOUT.) She shows up to her job with having done zero preparation as to whom she is interviewing and thus – her interview questions are disconnected from her subjects. She is too interested in herself, into her blond hair, and frankly, she reminds a lot of people of the vapid, self-satisfied girls that we didn't like in high school. Not saying she's not a nice person – she probably is (don't know enough to comment on that.) However, she is VERY HIGH SCHOOL'ISH, lacks depth and refuses to RESEARCH HER SUBJECT MATTER in advance. The Putin interview REQUIRED THAT SHE RESEARCH RUSSIAN HISTORY – at least to the point where she could carry on an intelligent conversation with Putin. But, clearly, she did not, and she made herself look very foolish. When I see her, I am reminded of sitting in the high school cafeteria with the blond yakker who knows nothing of substance. This woman is pure bubble gum. Her little prom-queen hugging fest with the NBC morning people to kick off her latest show was literally unwatchable and cringeworthy. This is what the problem is. I am not sure why she's even on the air at this point. I am being brutally honest here.

  12. And these kids will be living in a country where their mother worked as a propagandist and helped destroy it.What better gift can one possibly give to their kids!

  13. She has a BEAUTIFUL family. Loved her response on how to raise happy (or healthy) kids….."you make a lot of deposits". That is a brilliant way to put parenting in writing.

  14. I never would have thought Megyn and her family would have been into camping. This is where great memories are made. My children, now adults, always tell me those were the best times. It's what they remember the most

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