Tokyo Hidden Gems that NO ONE Mentions | Tourist Trap Alternatives

Tokyo Hidden Gems that NO ONE Mentions | Tourist Trap Alternatives

in this video I wanted to take you to some of my favorite lesser-known spots in Tokyo so if you’ve seen my other Tokyo guys I’ve taken you to a lot of places that are quite popular but in this video I kind of wanted to focus on some of the lesser-known let’s turn strappy places that I like personally obviously those places like Shibuya Shinjuku Meiji Shrine since Shoji all of those places are awesome places to go but sometimes they can get a little bit crowded so I just wanted to kind of spend some time in this video to show you some places that are still equally as beautiful but let’s travel which I always appreciate and I thought you guys might appreciate it too oh and don’t forget if you want to see what I’m doing on a daily check out my Instagram and if you want to support the channel check out my Tokyo merch the link is always in the description and ji-woon have been kind enough to send me their new rebuild lab gimbal and so we’re gonna be using that for the rest of the video more about it later on in this video alright without further ado let’s do this number five comedy Kew Gardens hama rikyu is a beautiful Edo period garden hidden just beyond the show domain Shinbashi area it was originally built to serve as a feudal lords residence and was later converted to a strolling garden as well as an imperial detached palace now anyone could taken the calming Park views with a city skyscape serving as a backdrop to gently remind you that you’re still in Tokyo you do have to pay 300 yen to get in but for me it’s worth it it’s a lot less traveled by tourists when compared to the popular Shinjuku Gyoen which makes it my Tokyo Park getaway without the crowds of people yet it still offers the beautiful subtleties of what you’d expect from a Japanese garden I’m here on a Sunday and you can see it’s still a peaceful escape from the Tokyo streets when you first enter your greeted by a giant 300 year old Japanese matzo tree the tranquil pond in the centerpiece of the garden runs directly into the Tokyo Bay ocean so the bordering water gets to help maintain its level and if you get tired of walking the huge property you can even take a break at the tea house which is constructed at the center of the pond even the toilet is Edo style the park is beautiful all year round but if you come in the spring you can even catch the canola flower filled fully bloomed number four is Oh Georgie are you looking to visit a temple and get a view of Tokyo Tower then this may be your spot definitely not as impressively decorated as Sensoji in a sucks up but it’s a hundred times less crowded and it’s impressive in its own right so Georgie is one of the seven great head temples of Johto cent located in chiba park it was built in 1393 and moved to this location in 1598 so Georgie is known to be the family temple of the biggest Shogun during the Edo period and in fact is the house of six Tokugawa Shogun it’s one of the enduring features of the site is located on the side of the main building the San tanco so today Jesus a juice stand in line and cute little red hats and pinwheel smiling at you for those of you don’t know same time means a thousand bodies but in fact there’s more than a thousand year Tokyo Tower in the background and the redheaded statues make this a very Instagram Louisville spa luckily the Weeble labs new sling handle feature makes it effortless to get that low smooth sliding shot number three farmers market at you and you so we’ve been to a lot of street food spots throughout Tokyo but I wanted to take some time out in this video to highlight local farmers who don’t get a lot of that shine every weekend local farmers and food trucks gather around in the open air market it’s located in front of United Nations University just a 5-minute walk from a mother/son tow station they often have a theme like I’ve been to the coffee festival bakery festival wine and art and it’s just fun to walk around and sample fresh local food even tried the melted cheese haggis signage on this day look Michael loves it number two la Fitte and jus Galka we’re making a quick stop at this spot called novita no 1s Tokyo’s little Europe it’s perfect for a little photo shoot figured you might get bored with too much footage of temples and shrines in Tokyo so I wanted to switch it up a little to be honest though that this La Veta spot is no more than a few shops that seem to be closed most of the time so don’t get your expectations too high for this site but the two beauty of this place is the surrounding area jus Galka station station itself is definitely not as population tjuku shibuya or Akihabara comparatively but I think it’s definitely worth a visit Duke oka directly translated means freedom Hill the area started developing in the 1920s and over the years has become one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo wide open streets minimal crowds a variety shops and restaurants and only a 12 minute ride from Shibuya station makes it one of my favorite chill spots in Tokyo don’t worry I’ll be doing a full video on this place soon so don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the video and number one Kota Hidalgo shrine Meiji Jingu shrine is probably the most popular shrine in Tokyo and therefore draws the masses but in this video I wanted to show you one my favorite less known shrines kata tjuta the shrine because one not a lot of tourists know about it and two because I love how its wedged right in the middle of the drawn amman business district built in the 1600s the shrine used to be the south entrance of the edo castle you see the four animals on the torii frame they represent the four guardians of the east west south and north and I’ve never seen them all together at one shrine it signifies that this was once a very powerful site and it enshrines a strongest God in Japanese mythology on one onew no coming as well as the Emperor pseudo-code the juxtaposition of this historical site right next to this massive Tokyo skyscraper definitely makes this one of my favorite spots so if you ever make it here take a picture and tag me on Instagram to let me know alright so I hope you like some of my favorite spots in Tokyo that are lesser-known thanks again to Gian for sending me this awesome gimbal and for those of you guys who were wondering this wasn’t a paid video before I go some of the things that I really appreciate about this gimbal I actually have the crane to which it was much heavier I found this gimbal very easy to use super light the rebill was intended for mirrorless cameras but it still worked with my Canon ATD which is a heavier camera the gimbal itself can handle a three kilogram payload which is super nice and it’s perfect for running gun situations especially with this quick-release plate right here you can just pop on and off the camera when you need to one of the things I also loved about this was the way where I was able to shoot will usually get the gimbals with it just like this one handle but the sling mode attached it like this and I was able to hold the gimbal and made for easy low angle shots I also like the fact that this handle itself comes off super easily with these attachments I just clip on like that and the handle itself turns into a tripod which Mitch makes it super simple to mount the camera generally like this is gonna be my go-to gimbal every time you go on site just like perfect for traveling in fact I found it easier just to carry this thing around just in my hand with a camera mounted on it simple definitely thanks again and if you haven’t helped sabor the channel check out my Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of my guys in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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