Tokyo, Japan Travel | Mario Kart + Ichiran Ramen + Sushi Midori

Tokyo, Japan Travel | Mario Kart + Ichiran Ramen + Sushi Midori

[Music] Hellobye! Omg, the views look! The views look pretty good. We are currently in Tokyo. We just landed. We’re staying in Park Hotel Tokyo which is in between Shinbashi and Ginza. Shirley’s a bit hungry.. Let’s go get this breakfast! Ichiran Ramen, look at the sign! We’re going here for breakfast. Let’s see if there’s a line. Okay, so looks like there’s a little bit of a line, but nothing too bad. The first thing is you have to put money inside. and you will pick how many, but it’s going to be one, because we order it separately. So it’s sort of like a vending machine. And here we go. And we’re situated at number 11 and 12. Mine looks like this. Place it right there. Pick the season, which is normally all the circles that you ordered already and then we can hand it over to them. Arigato Gozaimasu(Thank you in Japanese) Now if it’s your first time visiting Japan, I would highly recommend you visiting Ichiran Ramen The broth is so rich and it flows so well together with the noodles and meat. You can literally customize your own ramen. Alright guys, guess where we are right now? Are we in Uniqlo? Yes we are in Uniqlo and this one happens to be in Ginza. It is literally one of the biggest Uniqlo stores I’ve ever been to in my life. Now there are so many shirts here as you can see I managed to pick up 4 for myself. I managed to pick up 2 mens shirt as well because I don’t find the womens as interesting as the mens. So we’re here now at Ginza at the moment, we’re about to have Sushi midori. Now i’ve been here last year and I personally believe I think its the best sushi restaurant in all of Tokyo There’s one thing about Japan is that there is a lot of Taxi. There’s a lot of colors except like .. There’s black, orange and like I can’t remember the other colors that I saw But in Hong Kong there is only 3. So Hong Kong is like Red and Green and then blue And there is one more thing I want to talk about is that there is no rubbish bins in Japan. No rubbish bins! So what we’re going to do is if we sort of eat stuff and there is rubbish, we have to put it in our bag We ordered this one 9 out of 10! Lambo Rev! Alright guys what do you think of Andrews Piano Playing skills? hopefully it wasn’t too bad. It’s been a while since I’ve played. But anyway, here we are in Ginza at the moment. And look at that stride! Simply Amazing. So if you guys like High end shopping – then this is the place. There are just so many retail stores here – it is crazy. There’s all these luxury cars here everywhere! So now we’re going to go to this place called Mega DonQuijote I think that’s how you pronounce it to get a costume. For me(Shirley)! Because we’re going to Mario Kart. I might get one as well maybe, I got one last year for Halloween. And it was for .. what did I get? Superman!!! (Shirley). That’s right I got a superman. Shirley:But I don’t know how much you spent. I think I spent about 10,000 Yen or so for that costume. So this is for Mario Kart. We’re going to be doing Mario Kart quite shortly so.. Okay, so it’s pronounced as “Donkey” “Hoteh” This place is so cool, it’s even got an Aquarium outside. WHAT?! Kit Kat Chocolate, Pocky Sticks. These Japanese snacks are literally everywhere. Let’s see what’s on the next floor. Okay, if you are planning to visit Japan. Or travel to Japan already and have not visited this store, then you definitely should! With this particular store, you must travel to Tokyo in Shibuya. Now DonQuijote has literally 7 floors and they have everything you could possibly think of. We were mainly looking at costumes for Mario Kart, so if you are preparing for Halloween Or just want to have some quirky cool costumes, for dress up events. Then you, must travel to Tokyo! Here we are in Shibuya Crossing And it’s so crowded!!! And here comes the big reveal.. What did we purchase?! This is what Shirleys got! gonna be wearing this for Mario Kart so
I’m thinking is this true thick for me is it gonna be too hard I guess there’s
only one way to find out hearse is a bit more thinner which is
pretty cool alright guys so we just made it to the Mario Kart here in Tokyo in
Shinagawa so she only is pretty excited about it I’m pretty sad about it yeah
this will be a three-hour one so definitely come to Tokyo and check this
out you guys come here you need international driver’s license passport
possible I don’t know that sort of stuff so once you get that you can check this
out is what it looks like inside the shop
[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey alright guys we just came out of the
market and whoa we actually see all parts of Tokyo we’re not all parts of
the main parts I saw Harajuku where else did you see I
saw she saw the gun in it yeah I think it’s called the golden don’t right
Rainbow Bridge home book yeah Rainbow Bridge we also went past Shibuya wind
pass to the Shibuya crossing and then Rippon jeez we are currently at the
moment walking through the streets of Shinjuku and I gotta save you have a
look at the surroundings it’s like no matter where you go it seems like
there’s always something to do even even if you don’t know what to do
it I feel as though you can walk into any store and find it interesting or
find that there’s something to do here in Shinjuku wherever you walked it was
always cool things to do like you literally stumbled across this ice cream
store and then they started performing I don’t know where [Applause] oh gosh so you just saw that crazy
performance now time to try some green tea ice cream is the best thumbs up if
you guys like green tea Oscar so right now we have finally made it to
Roppongi in one of my favorite restaurants in all of Japan and it is
called g1 so it’s basically skewers and I swear to god it is the best skewers
I’ve ever tasted in my life if you guys do visit Tokyo please come to this
particular shop and try it out for yourself it is great is the octopus and I’ll have a further enlargement come on this fucking skewers shop with where
it’s not like a sushi proper like a fancy store and they still need us to
come in and eat it’s pretty comfy because we won’t sit on a purchase this
is literally the best restaurant and what I’m here for
yakitori I know it’s a big claim you guys gotta try it out
it’s in Roppongi this is the chicas not deserving here’s
a chicken leg now this sauce is also amazing how do I even beat this I’ve got no idea
how still this place is a must try hell yeah
traveling to the fair was an amazing spoons for the both of us if you guys do
travel to Japan definitely try out Mario Kart that is a must
I still can’t believe we got to travel across that bridge like that anyway if
you enjoyed the video and would like more content from us hit that subscribe
button [Music]

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  1. maaannnnnn……………….Japan looks awesome. Just put that on the bucket list !!!!!!!

    Looking forward to the next video

  2. Just a suggestion. Maybe a talk about your life vlog? Im pretty sure Im not the only one who wants to know you guys even more

  3. Another good video from the both of you, also I used to live in Okinawa Japan, it was so beautiful. I would love for the both of you to come to Honolulu, Hawaii and do a video, plus I live in Honolulu. I'm really looking forward to your next new video because you both put a lot of enthusiasm in your video's and I love it.

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