Tokyo Tourist Traps | Japan Travel Tips

Tokyo Tourist Traps | Japan Travel Tips

[Music] so in this video I’m going to share with you some of the places I feel a little bit overrated and also give you some tips and advice for when traveling those areas and let’s set up with this one behind me Tokyo Tower and the center of Tokyo standing at 333 meters high Tokyo Tower is a popular tourist spot and also served as a broadcast antenna the structure is an Eiffel Tower inspired lettuce color and is a symbol of Japan’s post-war rebirth as a major economic power the tower central location offers an interesting view of the city however for me as you like the view of Tokyo is not complete without Tokyo Tower and the picture itself the main observatory is only a hundred and fifty meters high however there are many other buildings in Tokyo that offer a higher or similar view three such as the frontier the Tokyo Metropolitan government building offering a very high yet free view of the city co-domain also has a high view of the city however the thing I like the most is you ride to the top the Punjab Civic Center also offers a great 330 degree panoramic view of Tokyo so rather than paying money and going up to Coachella I think that’s quite enjoyable looking at Tokyo tell from afar and actually there’s a really nice spot just right next to Tokyo Tower that gives you a great view of it and you can also enjoy the nature and maybe have a picnic or something while looking at Tokyo Tower also there’s a very nice temple nearby where you can get a great view of Tokyo Tala and the traditional temple as well so all in one shot that’s really cool how it uses Turkish history is supposed to be the center of Japan’s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles however now I feel like the street has lost a lot of that culture and just become an overrated tourist spot method at foreign tourists and teens look how many people are here but if you stood here between the crepe shop and the shoe shop is a secret area we are really is still quiet this is the place I want to show you this straight here and yes dr. casselli the main street where you see heaps of people so when you compare suddenly all the people gone and there’s just lots of fancy cafes with your hidden away shop here so it’s definitely worth a check out also if you cross the road and keep going straight even though texture Street has finished this is where you’ll see cool hipster ease back streets of Harajuku such a lot of people list there are also a lot of second-hand and vintage shops here as well one of my favorite places to go when MMD how a cute area is if my only this rooftop on top of Tokyo Plaza [Music] anyways there’s a great view to see from here how jakku is not all about the pop culture so why not also explore the cultural and traditional side of Japan at meiji shrine and your Yosef high social Skytree is a television broadcasting tower and the tallest tower in japan even though it opened up a few years ago in 2012 it still has hundreds and thousands of people visited every day which means to get up to the top it can take a while so when you first come to Sky Tree you have to get one of these tickets a handout because it’s just to control how many of you can get into the top of the observatory and I came here around 1:30 and I got this ticket which is equal 336 or I can’t find my again so I definitely recommend you to preorder your tickets online and you can pre-order it I think around 2 months prior to your visit for foreign tourists you can pay extra money around $8 u.s. get a fast pass and skip you life so once it’s finally your time slot you can enter and start lining up to get your opinion so you think you are nearly dead but then you realize the lime is like a snake bag there there so I went on a weekend but I definitely recommend you guys to go on a weekday as lines will be a little bit shorter but even so I got so tired of seeing people everywhere I went now I’m not quite sure if the time and money spit into it was worth it so I’m finally here in Skytree and it took me around 45 minutes and the line finally purchased the ticket and come up here the view is really good however I feel like there are a lot of other buildings that are free and lift tourists and list busy so around the Sky Tree you also have a lot of restaurants and shops but even so this is so many people and everywhere you go is brown and they’re like five on a really nice place on the 30th floor you can get a preview of country and the whole city another tip is to take a stroll from Skytree to have sex it’s only a 15-minute walk but you can enjoy the local streets in between and get a great view of skies reform attacks as well so right now we’re at golden guy and this is a very popular place for fairness is that the only trip to Japan as you can experience Japanese nightlife and one of these small Japanese afar however there’s one thing that you have to be careful about is the cover charge so usually independent have a charge is around 300 years but in this area and go-to-guy it’s a little bit expensive and it can be a tired a thousand yen orb or golden guy does have a fun and unique atmosphere so my sympathy to go to places that have a smaller table charge or check out these other local backstreet alleys where you can get more levels and drink and therefore your whole chilled and Japanese these narrow back alleys to the slow path and restaurants are scattered all around people and it’s a great way to experience a more local side of photos [Music] another thing to avoid is when the people approach you on the street they know we approach you and say the restaurant is really really cheap and they’ll take you and give you further discounts but sometimes they ends up being more expensive and they thought sneaky charges in between now let’s go ask some foreign tourists where they found a little bit overrated in Tokyo so first we where where you guys going we’re from Indonesia Indonesia I’ve got some viewers X we call Indonesia but it’s somewhere you went to that you fell a little bit disappointed oh you until you’re gone I see thanks guys thank you why bad visa yeah outside this is so beautiful yeah yeah because maybe I thought Disney days would probably be a bit more well but was amazing I think was just line up so to get you down a little bit but let me kind of revised over character speak Japanese so started it’s very good looking boys because I had more deduce in English or was pecados how long did you guys have to wait for like arrive the long distance like society minutes or do we get to hunters I hunt urban in soy sauce ginger a little swab all clobbering I just you know I mean yeah it was fondling wrong but no one was having a decision they’re kind of like had small conversations with religious no my buddy went up ourselves now they’re like we’re just dancing together just like you know people come together Potti sathi yeah yeah I mean we’re dancing the what the girl the bin looks my right you know I could would like to guess that this their boyfriends we gotta go up a few stripes on this thing that has surprised me is that a lot of people don’t speak English but I completely respect that right and I am that we can still manage to communicate and understand what yeah I need all you know what yes importantly maybe just is their destiny I mean I’m vegan however I was the food that we had no trouble finding really delicious food oh that really that was a nice concise how did you find the shop ham is on my phone called happy cow in our catalog and then also this Facebook pages of people and they just give you advice about where the business to places up like I’ve been at fundable or feel like I’ve been eating really well so basically this video was not to discriminate against any of the places mentioned or saying you should definitely not go but it’s just to give you a heads up of what you could expect and how to make the travelers go more smoothly [Music]

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  1. The guys recruiting you to their izakaya is one i know to avoid at all cost now… although ive never been approached when speaking english so I wouldn't know if they do approach english speaking people. But a few local friends and i got talked into going to their izakaya once knowing that they will probably pull something sketchy… when we saw the bill, all my friend said was… やられた/we've been had.

  2. $8 to go up Tokyo tower is DIRT CHEAP and not an issue for anyone who spent thousands of dollars flying into and staying in Japan for fun.

  3. That old lady at the end just HAD to say she's a vegan.

    I mean, how else would people know you're a vegan if you don't slide it in every conversation?

    Why would you even be a vegan in the first place if not to tell people that you're a vegan?? Right?

  4. I'm the new subscriber of your channel and I wanna know all information about Japanese culture,language and etc."kindly don't make me leave this channel".

  5. SkyTree was a ripoff. Even though there was hardly any wait when they opened on the day I visited, most of the escalators going to the ticketing counter was closed, other than finding a hidden bank of elevators. Tokyo Tower costs less than half and looked great at night.

    Also the Robot Restaurant/Show, major tourist trap. 8000 Yen admission (or 7000 or buy two get one free if you can get a pamphlet from a hotel). The establishment constantly hawks at you with expensive concessions and alcohol.

  6. Great video I want to visit for the olympics but im already dreading the crowds, maybe I should practice standing in line

  7. Thank you so much for this! I'll be traveling with family in early fall of this year and I had no idea where to go until I came across one of your videos and I've been watching the others since then. 😄

  8. I find it hard to believe that that last lady “respects” Japan for not having a lot of English speakers. Like what do you expect? It’s Japan, therefore they speak Japanese.

    Don’t go into a foreign country and expect them to accommodate to your needs/language. Don’t expect them to speak English so things will be easier for you. You’re going to THEIR home, so you accommodate for them. You either hire a guide/translator, learn the countries language (the basics at least), or struggle on your own without complaining that no one speaks English.

    NO FOREIGN COUNTRY IS ENTITLED TO SPEAK ANOTHER FOREIGN COUNTRY’S LANGUAGE. I’m Sick and tired of Americans complaining about people not speaking English when they go on trips to Asia. Learn the language, or get a translator book.

  9. The Skytree in the evening offers an impeccable view, and coz its 360 degrees its better than the gov building in Shinjuku.

  10. Thanks for the tips! I would also like to add to this list the Fuji tv view of the city, it’s quite pricy for a day view on a bridge that is beautiful only in night time 😞

  11. If you expect another country to speak your language then you should stay home. lol

  12. I love Tokyo <3 I made a vlog of my time in Tokyo too! Check it out, I'll really appreciate it! 🙂

  13. Akihabara is overrated. I mean it's fun to explore all these stores if you like games and animes (as I do), but the products are as pricey as they are in Europe, they don't offer much more choice and they basically all sell the same things

  14. Nice insightful video!
    I have to say i never got any problems with Skytree, but it is true that it is too expensive for what it it. Btw the music in the video was 😣😣

  15. Definitely agree on the schoolgirly street in Harujuku, it was lame and just for young teenagers. I ran out of it fast. I hated Roppongi the african hustlers really got on my nerves one of them followed me for an entire block until I told him quite aggressively to get lost. I took the metro out of there first chance I could. I'm surprised the Police allow them to get away with that kind of behaviour.

  16. Please avoid the 'Miku Hatsune' trap when in Tokyo. If you are walking down the street and see a flickering Miku image coming from inside a 'store' DON'T GO IN. It's a trap! When you enter, a portcullis falls behind you and you can't get out. Then you are seized and thrown in a boiling vat of grease and spices. There is a restaurant on the other side of the building, and you are fed to unsuspecting tourists thinking they are eating 'authentic Japanese food.' Don't fall for this scam and lose your life.

  17. I remember watching this a while back and it really helped with my recent trip to Japan, thanks for all your amazing content! 🙂

  18. Golden Gai can definitely be a tourist trap, but if you are in Shinjuku I feel like it is something you should at least check out once just for the novelty of it

  19. I know that it's moved now and I never visited it before it moved, but I never understood the attraction of the Tsukiji fish market?

  20. a native english speaker(who probably speaks no other language) criticise that the japanese people speak no english… learn japanese or another language! 😉

  21. Make some effort and learn the japanese before you go there, you english speaking lazy morons, show some fucking respect to the locals, stop acting like you're the centre of the universe.

  22. We just came back from Tokyo which was amazing! We got tricked by those guys promoting the restaurants with picture folders to a restaurant called KANATA in Shibuya (DON’T go there!). They promised discounts etc. the restaurant had a hidden entree charge, double dish charges and 5% tip we didn’t know able until paying the bill. Totally ripped us off!
    Japan is awesome though and can’t wait to go back.

  23. Now, a couple of years later, the Skytree is completely manageable, at least on weekdays. I went in on a whim to see if there were any lines and seeing none, I decided to buy a ticket. I was on top a five minutes later and while there dozens of other people, it wasn't remotely enough to call crowded.

  24. I'm disappointed not a lot for people speak English, duh you in Japan, not an English speaking country. Also why do vegans always tell you their vegan when you don't ask them. They just randomly announce it. Like who cares? We're not eating right now so it has absolutely no relevance to our conversation.

  25. Went to almost all these, and had a blast. I went during the week though and it was the best options. Takeshita Street was the very last spot I visited. Cool just to be on, but meh. The side streets are so much better. In my opinion.

  26. Tokyo is the centre of Asia. I hv never seen a bunch of tourists from all over countries.

    I hope my next visit to Tokyo is going to be ok n not getting lost.

  27. The creepy lady saying she was shocked when she found out many Japanese people does not speak English… i would have escort her to the airport and kicked her out of the country!!! you are the foreigner! you should know some Japanese if you are visiting Japan not the other way around damn mummy!

  28. Great video, well done, it seems a very respectful but honest opinion on some overrated and tourist traps. Love your style, thanks 🙂

  29. Oh maan.. My husband is such a typical tourist 😖😖 his hand automatically reaches to his pocket as soon as he sees a price shield 🤦‍♀️

  30. Went to Takeshita on a Sunday… INSANE amount of people.

    It's interesting to see for a first Tokyo visit, but I'm not going to go there again.

  31. Thanks so much for these tips! As a vegan world traveler, I agree that the HappyCow app is a must-have! I'm looking forward to discovering some delicious vegan Japanese food when I go there this November.

  32. One of the best videos!! When u turned the corner by the crepe and shoe shops there was no one!! Yeeeee!

  33. It baffles me when tourist go to a foreign country they expect them to speak English, how are they going to eat with only two sticks they must bring their own knifes and forks with them i guest or do they adapt.

  34. I visited Japan. I do agree with the video but, if you don't like crowds Japan is not for you. This is not like visiting Canada where there are no people on most of the land within the Canadian border. Japan is densely populated with rich history and culture.

  35. The story and everything is good,but the music. The music is annoying. It's repetetive. At least turn the volume down when someone is talking.

  36. Australian’s
    Thanks for letting Australia down you fat cunts
    1… “We waited 90 or nearly 100 minutes”. What?
    Is that only considered an hour and a half for the rest of us?
    2…. “Everyone speaks Japanese here, and, but I totally respect that”
    So you speak Japanese in Australia!
    Far fucking out!

  37. anywhere targeted by the global communist impossible american/euro culture/heritage emulating endless growth economics armies of greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals becomes overpopulated, unaffordable, dysfunctional, and declines to the low quality existence of their home places, people, and evolved embodiments that they futilely try and escape through mindless memorization of anything they think is real romanized american/euro/western.

  38. You can go to the river next to asakusa temple .. they offer free place to sit and your view is sky tree tower. Work smart not hard

  39. Im a Japanese and I hate to say, so frustrated that still in 2019 the majority of Japanese cant speak english. I dont care about the tourists, but seriously worry that it is leading to major delay in many business and technology growth, and easier control by the media and the government..Ironicly as much as the US tourists wants Japanese to speak english, US gvmt may not:(

  40. I plan to visit Japan and I am totally NOT interested in anything like this. I want to visit the countryside and see the ancient architecture and meet people of my generation – 70s.

  41. Why doesn't Japan still apologize for its worst crimes against humanity during the Pacific War? Female sexual slavery, living humans for experiments on living, and never apologized to countries affected by the so far about the Holocaust.

  42. I enjoyed the your Video much BUT may be IF you could , make some Videos of the Parks Tokyo has to offer . I understand that Tokyo with its 36 Million Citizens is the largest City in the World but I also see a lot of CONCRETE !!!!! 👍👍👍❤❤❤

  43. Did the price of the Tokyo Tower change? It used to be around 4,000 yen to go to the top. That's why I've only gone half way up.

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