18 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Credit Cards for Travel in 2020 (US cards)

  1. Thank you for the informatin chris, but this is so complicated, wow…really tried to understand, but here in sweden 99% only use debit cards..

  2. Just be aware that Hilton Honors points aren’t as valuable as points from other cards. Usually it’s 1pt = 1 cent. Hilton points usually are valued at 0.5 cents per point.

  3. To be fair, the disclaimer should read "This video is NOT sponsored by anyone … but only includes cards that provide me with affiliate links. Therefore, even with my best friend, I won't discuss competitive cards such as the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® Card or the U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Card". #Integrity

  4. Not interested in credit cards? Watch my video on the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo Japan: https://youtu.be/GGcELLC9UKU
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  5. Thanks Chris !
    I only just found out that my Diners Club card allows me free lounge entry in certain airports 😃

  6. A couple of corrections. First of all, Priority Pass that comes with AmEx or Citi cards no longer gives you restaurant access, only lounge access at the airports. See https://thepointsguy.com/news/amex-cutting-priority-pass-restaurant-access/. Second, most of the the Capital One sign-on bonus is BS. When you have to spend $50k to get 150k points… That's essentially a spend bonus, not sign-on bonus. Many credit cards have 3x points or better on many categories, so you would definitely be leaving money on the table going that route. Third, as someone else that commented, pretty surprised Altitude Reserve didn't make it on your top 10 list. I do believe you might not understand that card rather than have hidden agenda here, you seem like a nice guy. There are two big reasons to have that card. One if 50k point sign-on bonus that's always available (after x amount of spend). But a bigger reason is 3x points earned via mobile wallet payments. If you use any sort of X Pay (like ApplePay/ChasePay/SamsungPay/etc.), you earn 3x points. Samsung Pay works on any credit card reader (they have special technology that emulates magnetic card swipe). I'm able to use it at the stores where they don't think they accept mobile pay (sometimes they have to call a manager because they are so surprised). But anyway, you can redeem those points for 50% extra if you book travel via their booking portal. That portal is powered by Connexions and has decent hotel rates (haven't tried booking other travel through that). So essentially it gives you about 4.5c in travel redemption value on everyday spend. I would take a serious look at it. Forth, I don't have Wells Fargo Propel, but I have heard many good things about it. You want to apply on the phone for the older version of that card that gives better benefits. Look on Doctor of Credit for more info on that. Anyway, thank for the good summary. I agree with most of it and learned some.

  7. Great video. I use the Chase Preferred plus the Chase Freedom which I use only for the 5% months and then transfer those points to the Preferred which adds up quickly.

  8. Great tips. I don't travel much but am going to France later this year. What Visa or Mastercard do you recommend that has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees?

  9. Thanks for sharing! But please note, AMEX no longer offers Priority Pass “restaurant” benefits (as stated @ 12:44 in the video) with any of its cards. AMEX still offer Priority Pass, but without the restaurant experience, as of mid 2019. Chase Reserve does include Priority Pass with restaurant benefits :). Very informative video!

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