Top 10 Best Family Camping Tents 2019

Top 10 Best Family Camping Tents 2019

[Intro] [Music] The Eureka Sunrise EX, The Sunrise EX Series is a hybrid dome style tent available in 3 sizes. It offers a unique shape that adds extra vertical space and a wide assortment of convenience features to make your camp even more comfortable. Windows on all sides offer 360 degree views The Sunrise EX Series is equipped with additional poles, that pop the tent walls up and out to maximize headroom so you can easily stand inside. The Sunrise EX comes with an array of comfort based features to enhance your camping experience. Tt is also compatible with the camp comfort sleep system. Bags, pads and tent floors that work together for a no slip sleep experience [Music] The Sunrise EX low profile dome design is perfect for variable weather and wind and on-the-go trips. The Eureka Sunrise EX [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] The Midori 4 and midori 6 have all the superior qualities of the smaller lightweight versions but with a base camp feel featuring two large doors with easy side entry. The Midori tents feature V3 Enhanced Venting Systems for maximum airflow and usable space in the vestibules. They are compatible with the camp comforts sleep system. bags pads and tent floors that work together for a no slip sleep experience. They also have internal pockets and a gear loft for easy access items. [Music] [Music] The Midori 4 and midori 6 ideal options for days on the trail with accommodating space for surefire comfort. [Music] The Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome is a spacious and stable dome tent, ideal for car campers or weekend trips. Quick and easy to erect the tent provides a cool and comfortable accommodation. Featuring Coleman’s rEVOlutionary Fastpitch Technology the Fastpitch Instant Dome is effortless to pitch in just 1 minute. durable fiberglass and steel poles are pre-attached to a central hub. This unique spider-like frame means the poles can be easily clicked into place and your home from home is ready to go in less than 60 seconds. Remove the tent from the bag the tent fabric will be pre attached to the poles. Lift and then the leg poles will all splay out. Lift over each of the four leg poles you’ll hear a click when we are correctly in place. Fold out the front ridge pole this is marked clearly with red and place it in the final webbed pole pocket. Lift up the central hub and extend the foreleg poles until you hear another click and the silver buttons locate in the poles. Close the door if it’s open then peg out the four corners of the tent tensioning as you go. Peg out the guidelines following the lines of the poles for correct positioning and pegging at 45 degrees per extra wind resistance. Insert the metal strips into the window channels to form the self rolling windows. These are color-coded with a dot on the metal strip that matches the channel end. Once this is done secure the velcro. Once pitched the Fastpitch Instant Dome has a large interior that is ideal for accommodating a family or group of friends. Multiple mesh windows allow plenty of light into the tent while simultaneously offering excellent airflow for a comfortable interior temperature and a reduced risk of condensation. Innovative self rolling window covers make it easy to quickly find the perfect balance of light and privacy once inside. the tent is made from durable taffeta and polyester mesh fabrics, that easily stand up to the exertions of life outdoors while a lightweight fly sheet with a 600 mm hydrostatic head provides protection from any unexpected showers A clever mesh panel under the door gusset prevents pooling of water in the event of rain. The tents advanced hybrid pole structure features lightweight fiberglass at the top and strong steel at the bottom. This offers an ideal balance of low weight and high strength in windy conditions. For extra stability the Fastpitch Instant Dome also incorporates fully adjustable guylines. The tough and durable integrated polyethylene groundsheet has welded seams to ensure a dry and bug-free interior. All ten fabrics are fire retardant for greater peace of mind. The large D-Shaped door with the peaked porch makes entering and exiting the tent effortless. While the doors double layer mesh construction enhance its airflow through the tent while simultaneously keeping biting insects at bay. Multiple storage pockets make it easy to keep the tent tidy and organized. And a light can be secured with a lighting loop. When your holiday is over setting down the tent is just as quick and easy. To set down the Fastpitch Instant Dome remove all pegs from the main structure and guy ropes depress the silver butter and retract all four leg poles. Once retracted drop the structure to the ground remove the ridge pole and fold the pole back. fold the legs up to the middle of the tent, then lift and gather it all together. Place the tent back into its carry bag. Spacious and simple to pitch The Coleman Fastpitch Instant Dome makes it easy to start your outdoor adventures in an instant. [Music] The Fastpitch Instant Dome is available in 5 and 7 person models. [Music] Roomy, Affordable and Value Pack! The Morrison 2 EVO and Morrison 4 EVO are the ideal tents for your backpacking adventures. Based on the award-winning Morrison 2 we’ve stepped it up a notch with increased living space and a more versatile design, for 3 Season weapon. The included footprint allows you to use the fast fly configuration to save weight or use the tent as a Stellar Sun shelter. To set up the Morrison EVO Tents start by spreading out the included footprint. Add the tent on top and assemble the poles. Be sure to pass the gold poles under the green brown pole sleep. Insert the tips into the grommets at the corners and then attach the clips to the poles. These clips save weight and help with breathability under the tent flap. Add the silver brow pole up top to create lots of headroom. Add the fly on top clip the corners and stake out the tent. These ventilation windows increase breathability on those hot humid nights Stay worry free with our fully seam taped and waterproof bathtub floor and rain fly. The vestibules at each door cover your extra gear at night. The two doors make it easy to get in and out and the no-see-um mesh wall panels allow for plenty of airflow. Inside the detachable ceiling loft pocket is a great place to stash your headlamp and down low the mesh storage pockets keep your reading materials handy. The neutral colors of the Moors and EVO blend in with the environment and keep the bugs at bay. These versatile highly livable tents will make a great home on your next trip into the hills. The Morrison 2 EVO and Morrison 4 EVO with footprint from Mountainsmith Hey!! Phil ahazeltine here with kelty today we’re going to talk about the award-winning Salida 2. this lightweight two person backpacking tent is durably built and sets up in a snap. Well I can’t set itself up the compact folding poles and innovative hug clips. Make this simple to pull design almost a snap to set up. With 30 square feet you can really spread out and get comfortable 360 degree mesh panels offer exceptional breathability, while 68-Denier Polyester sidewalls provide additional privacy. In case of a sudden downpour, the full coverage rain fly, is 100-percent seam taped to keep you dry and even the worst conditions. And when it’s time to head out the Salida breaks down as quickly and easily as it sets up. And fits conveniently in its cube carry bag for easy transport. Don’t weigh your adventures down instead grab the lightweight and durably built Salida 2. [Music] [Music] Hi crowdfunders!! i’m Jake and i’m the founder of CINCH! 2 years ago has been the ultimate pop up tent to have a 30 countries worldwide and the response was phenomenal. You’ve proven the crown from them is the best way to launch an innovative idea of your feedback we’ve made even more improvements. I came to you a vision for exceptional camping without compromising. You brought my dream to life. All the benefits were regular tent tons more with none of the hassle. I’m designed every singe tent so you can attach a solar power pack this captures solar energy on the roof of the tent. Channels it inside through waterproof cable into a pocket-sized power bank. which we’ve upgraded this year’s about three times the capacity of the previous model. The solar pack is so versatile. You have all of the USB powered gadgets there were two USB ports so you can power two devices at the same time. We can take the power bank with you on the move just unplug it and slip it into your pocket. The two entrances each with their own port providing lot of functionality. You can tailor to your own needs. You need to CINCH! each entrance that it’s all kind of be with attachable poles. And new 2016 it’s a super extended canopy which lets you extend your living space by next 4 square meters. All the kit that’s nearly length into the bag. This year each cinch has inside of the tent [Music] CINCH! comes in three sizes 2 3 4 person each one is the largest in its class. In a format with over 6 square meters …. .It’s a biggest pop-up tent in the world. Every tent is double skin to stop condensation. Made of fully waterproof fabric which is three times the industry standard. Give me an extra protection, in really wet conditions. You don’t want to get to a campsite and spend ages assembling your tent. Want to be able to enjoy yourself straight away and make the most of being outdoors. I came up with CINCH! after years ago into music festivals on camping trips and never find an attempt to suit my needs. I went through dozens of tents the big manufacturers always let me down. The adventure doesn’t … Sun Goes Down nighttime is just as important as day. CINCH! is fully equipped for the dark every singe is packed with LED Tent Pegs to 2 cool torches to turn into lanterns Well now made the life at the guylines glow in the dark. We designed a blackout canopy. But also regularity, it’s super easy to pour in a matter of seconds. In the morning sleeping attempt as long as you want still stare cool comfortable. Tent pitches instantly takes less than a minute to pack down to. [Music] Pop up are great, we still on space comfort good quality materials the sort of stuff you get when you spend the time and putting up a regular tent. I can’t found my ideal ten anywhere so I decided to make it myself. The criteria was non-negotiable, Light and Easy to carry with everything packed together. Lot of cool features some really serious kit underneath. Easy and fun but made from the highest quality materials and built to last In 2014 thanks to you we were able to produce CINCH! on a bigger scale than ever before. The massive success but it’s all in the beginning. That jumped on me loads about the large-scale manufacturing process. Made it clear that can go even further. The next generation CINCH! is ready to go testing is complete and I manufacturers fully briefed. We just need your help to finish biomaterials and get production underway. In return you’ll get a new improved CINCH! before anyone else in the 2017 some really cool extras just take a look at the awards see what’s an upper you have confirmed my belief that CINCH! is the ultimate pop-up tent. Let’s make the hassled comfy thing of the past give people an experience to fit the great Outdoors [Music] [Music] The Coleman Galliano is the perfect partner for festivals multi-stop holidays and weekend trips. Offering instant comfort and convenience on the campsite. Thanks to the Fastpitch pop-up structure pitched in less than one minute the Galliano’s fiberglass poles pop into shape once removed from its carry bag and elastic strap. To set up take the tent out of the bag and remove the elastic strap. Open up and the tent will pop up into the correct structure Pack down the tent using the webbing loops and then peg the adjustable guy ropes pegging at 45 degrees for stability. Once pitched the Galliano offers comfortable outdoor accommodation. Sturdy fiberglass poles combined with a stable tunnel construction ensure the tent stands strong in all weathers. Heavy rain is no match for the polyester fly sheet which boasts a hydrostatic head of two thousand millimeters as well as taped seams to keep you dry. The tents fabrics are also fire retardant for greater peace of mind For maximum airflow inside the tent, the Galliano features a removable roof panel providing multiple ventilation options From open sides to a fully open roof which is also perfect for stargazing on warmer nights. The tents double layered door also aids ventilation when required While the mesh ensures that bugs are kept outside valuables and small items can be placed in the interior pockets. Setting down the tent is equally easy, remove the pegs, gather the tent poles at the top. Lift on its end then push down and tuck in the side. Pull over the elastic strap and you’re ready to put it back in the bag The Coleman Galiano for instant comfortable accommodation [Music] Available in 2 and 4 person models [Music] When you get the chance to get outdoors make the most of it. Camping confidence and comfort in a Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent Wherever you make camp from the hot deserts to the frigid mountains be its summer or winter you can depend on a Kodiak Canvas tent to stand up to the elements. Setting up the Flex Bow Tent is quick and easy and can be done by just one person. The Flex Bow Tent has a sturdy frame made with one-inch steel tubing and solid spring rods made with high tensile spring steel [Music] All Kodiak Canvas tents use top of the line materials and components our Flex Bow Tents are made with premium grade Hydra shield 100% cotton Duck Canvas. The tight weave and silicone finished make the Canvas watertight yet breathable, minimizing condensation and mugginess. Unlike Canvas Tents of years past our Canvas will not weight water Watertight and breathable means you stay more comfortable This rugged tent will also hold up to strong winds and even snow loads Seams are double stitched and corners are reinforced for added strength. The high quality zippers will withstand demanding use and the floor is a heavy-duty puncture resistant 16-ounce vinyl that keeps water out. The solid steel 12-inch stakes are ideal for hard or even rocky ground [Music] Not only are these tents well-made they’re loaded with lots of great features. Large D-Shaped Doors front and back offer easy access, while the high ceilings and steep side walls provide stand up walk around comfort Large windows zip open or shut from the inside and allow one to really open the tent up Funnel flow vents improve airflow and ventilation helping with temperature management. Zip them open or shut the gear loft makes a handy place to store items off the floor it can be used in attic or sling mode while pocket organizers are useful to store small items. A large awning not only provide shade when it’s stormy it provides a covered entry and also allows you to open the front windows without the worry of rain getting in. When it’s time to go nothing beats the strap-and-cinch storage bag just roll the tent up then fold the bag around the tent and cinch it closed. The importance of a good shelter is often overlooked, it is one of the most crucial items of gear to ensure an enjoyable outing. If you’re serious about the outdoors. Isn’t it time you had a serious tent [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] The Coleman Sundome is a quick and easy to pitch dome tent, ideal for weekend breaks and touring camping. Combining a generously proportioned sleeping area with a peaked porch the tent provides comfortable accommodation for couples or small groups on the campsite. It’s portable construction features durable yet lightweight fiberglass poles that ensure an optimum balance of strength and stability with a low weight. The tent proven dome structure combined with fully adjustable and reflective guy ropes. Also ensures it will stand strong in windy conditions. One set up the Sun Dome offers generous head height for increased comfort. A large mesh window with adjustable cover on the back Provides excellent airflow through the tent and also gives a view of your surroundings. The large D-Shaped front door with mesh ensures easy entry and exit, while the peek over the door creates a sheltered area when entering the tent in a shower. The convenient door mat offers an ideal space for kicking off shoes and boots. The tents durable construction features large mesh panels for enhanced air circulation and a more comfortable interior temperature, for extra protection from heavy or unexpected rain showers. The sundome incorporates a protective fly sheet with a 600 millimeter hydrostatic head The tough and durable polyethylene ground sheet has welded seams to ensure a dry and bug-free interior. The peace of mind all fabrics are fire retardant To storage pockets along with lighting loops, make it easy to keep the tent tidy and organized. While the power cord vent allows you to run power inside the tent to operate some extra home comforts. Easy to pitch thanks to Coleman ring and pin pole system the sundome can be effortlessly set up in around five minutes remove from the bag. Layout the tent then loosely peg out the four corners. Assemble the fiberglass poles and insert the two long poles into the pole sleeves. The pole sleeves cross at the top of the tent. Insert the pins into the pole ends on one side, then push to form the dome and insert the pins into the other ends of the poles. Clip the tent to the poles, lay out the flysheet put the last Pole through the velcro tabs and place the ends into the webbing pockets. Take the fly sheet over the tent the back of the fly sheet is labeled Attach the flysheet velcro tabs to the poles to secure and then hook to the ring at ground level. Tension and tighten the pegs have required and then peg out the two guidelines. Finally add the door mat and secure with pegs [Music] the Coleman sundome is available in 2 3 4 or 6 person models [Music] [Music]

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  1. Love The Coleman Tent <3
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  2. Coleman Galiano Tent is amazing! Good. As advertised!!
    Easy to set up, easy to take down. So easy and makes camping more fun!

  3. Coleman tents aren't all that great… The only tents I would buy here are Kelty, Mountain Smith, Eureka…Look for last year sales for quality tent at a Coleman price. Check out my camping videos for little more quality gear… I have had many Coleman tents etc, but will no longer buy them…

  4. Love all these tents you have up here. It’s not easy choosing a good one. So many features and not all of them useful. I myself put together a top 5 list but I like yours better

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