Top 10 Best Places To Live In Ohio For 2018 – Best Cities and Towns

Top 10 Best Places To Live In Ohio For 2018 – Best Cities and Towns

Consistently ranked one of the best states
for business, Ohio offers residents many benefits too, including a low cost of living,
excellent schools and good recreational opportunities. Manufacturing and financial industries anchor
the economy in Ohio, which is the largest producer in the country
of plastics, rubber and fabricated metal. If you’re looking at areas in Ohio with
the best economic situations, where there’s lower than average crime, and a lot to do. Here are the 10 best places to consider when
moving to Ohio. 1. Dublin. Central Ohio has always been known as one
of the best places to live in the Buckeye State. Dublin is a vibrant and friendly City with
safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, numerous parks and bike paths and a variety
of community events and activities for residents to enjoy. Being the home to the “Field of Corn” and
the Dublin Irish Festival is enough to make this city stand out. The city’s strong economy and rich golf culture
is what really makes this city a nice place to live though. Dublin becomes famous each June when it hosts
golf’s annual PGA Memorial Tournament, and the community also organizes an annual
Dublin Irish Festival that is one of the nation’s largest Irish-American celebrations. The city has 40 parks and 77 miles of bike
trails, and the Scioto River with several waterfalls passes through Dublin. It is a great location to raise a family. 2. Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a collection of many amazing
neighborhoods, and all are unique and feature something that would make you want to call
it home. Families are drawn to Cincinnati for its excellent
public and private schools, and its large number of Montessori schools. Plus, Fortune 500 companies bring in national
and international talent and help keep the area’s unemployment rate low. Cincinnati is relatively affordable compared
to other large metro areas, especially those on the coasts. Still, Cincinnati’s home prices are some of
the highest in Ohio, though everyday expenses, such as groceries and transportation,
are lower than the national average. The city houses pro sports teams like the
NFL’s Bengals and the MLB’s Reds, and the University of Cincinnati is among
the largest campuses in the U.S. Cincinnati has a fairly temperate climate. Winters in Cincinnati are rainy and gray. Summers reflect Cincinnati’s nearly southern
location with hot, humid weather. 3. Akron. Known as the “Rubber Capital of the World”
for its long tire-making history, Akron features 20 distinct neighborhoods and several parks,
and the Akron Zoo is just outside the downtown district. The largest employer in Akron is Summa Health
System which provides jobs to more than 10,700 people. Another major economic contributor, and higher
education opportunity, is the University of Akron. More than 20 distinct neighborhoods are available
to residents, and attractions include Firestone Country Club and three performance halls –
including Akron Civic Theatre that opened in 1920. Major parks in Akron include Lock 3, Firestone,
Goodyear Heights. The Ohio and Erie Canal towpath is a regional
bike and hike trail that follows the canal. Akron has a humid continental climate. Winters are cold and dry but typically bring
a mix of rain, sleet, and snow with occasional heavy snowfall and icing. Summers are typically very warm and humid. 4. Upper Arlington. Upper Arlington, where you have some of the
wealthiest residents, largest homes, and some of the highest number of arts-related venues
in the state, with many beautiful homes that are listed
on the National Register of Historic Places. Upper Arlington home prices are not only among
the most expensive in Ohio, but Upper Arlington real estate also consistently
ranks among the most expensive in America. A highly regarded school system is in place,
and residents are privy to 30 public parks along with numerous walking trails. With a low crime rate and a low unemployment
rate, this Columbus suburb is a safe, prosperous place to live. 5. Bexley. Bexley is another great place to live in Ohio. As with Dublin, residents enjoy one of the
shortest commute times, even shorter at 17 minutes. Homebuyers have a slew of choices ranging
from charming craftsman-style homes, classic Colonials or regular modern townhomes,
with homes in Bexley averaging $280,000. The Alum Creek at Jeffrey Park will appeal
to nature lovers, as well as those in search of a nice picnic spot and place to stroll. Avid readers will appreciate the serenity
and wide selection offered at the Bexley Public Library,
while the Bexley Pool, for its part, is a great place for active residents to cool off. 6. Powell. Powell is a city in Delaware County. CNN once said Powell was one of the best places
to live in the United States. Great schools, beautiful scenery, peace and
quiet, easy access to popular attractions. Not only do the residents all make great livings,
there’s essentially no crime in the entire city. And the residents are very involved in the
community in Powell. Powell is the definition of quality living. At its core is a small, cute downtown with
a handful of local businesses, and just a few minutes away are dozens of
resident and visitor favorites. With 8 parks, 24 miles of bike trails, and
more than 200 programs, Powell offers plenty of cures for boredom no matter what time of
year. Powell residents have easy access to quality
education. Olentangy Local School District is one of
the top public school systems in all of Ohio. 7. Hudson. Hudson is a suburb in Summit County, Cleveland
with a population of 22,000 that places particular emphasis on education. Its school system has a perfect score of 10
on GreatSchools, and more than two-thirds of residents older than 25 have at least a
bachelor’s degree. More than that, the residents of Hudson enjoy
almost non-existent crime. Downtown Hudson has plenty of local shops
and restaurants. It has to have if it is to sufficiently cater
to the loaded households that bring in more than double the national average. Considering houses in this area go for $300,000
on average, it is not difficult to see why Ohio, as a whole,
is known to offer some of the most powerful bang for buck. 8. Mason. Next up on our list of best places to live
in Ohio is Mason, a suburb of 32,000 residents in Warren County, Cincinnati. In addition to amenities such as Kings Island
and water parks, this southwestern Ohio city is safe—and its competitive tennis is a
way of life, Mason is one of the nine stops for the ATP
World Tour Masters. Mason’s livability is a well-known secret
that has not escaped many Best Places to Live lists,
and partly what’s to love about the place is the attractive tax rates. The city has a sales tax of 6.5%, while income
tax attracts a rate of 1.12%. That is sure to leave most residents smiling
all the way to the bank. Mason’s school system scores a perfect 10
on GreatSchools, and the small town boasts as strong and diversified economy as you will
find. 9. Ottawa Hills. The city in Lucas County isn’t the most
glamorous area in Ohio. But it has more than its share of breathtaking,
affluent neighbourhoods that saw it land on the dependable list. Nestled between the University of Toledo and
Wildwood Preserve Metropark, the suburb of 5,000 is considered the wealthiest
community in the Toledo area. It has some of the highest incomes in the
statem and the highest home values whose median stands at $250,000. Ottawa Hills is a stunning area, naturally-speaking,
but it is the friendly nature of its residents who take care of their own that makes it truly
special. And it has some pretty decent schools too;
among some of the best in the state. 10. Grandview Heights. Grandview Heights is a small little city within
the greater Columbus area. Despite being so small,
it has its own police and fire departments and its own school district. There’s low crime in Grandview Heights,
and the residents here are gainfully employed. The beautiful neighborhood of Grandview Heights
is only 10 minutes away from downtown and the Short North. Without living directly in the “big” city,
the streets of Grandview are a little more low key,
but they are still exciting with a multitude of things to do. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air,
you can head to Wyman Woods Park to walk you pets or have an afternoon picnic. The relaxed ambiance invites people of all
ages to spend their days and nights entertained.

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    There is nothing about or no part of Columbus that is safe. There is murders happening all the dang time. I stop watching the news because I am sick of hearing it. Avoid the Short North straight up Ghetto. They will blow your head off over there. The campus… Ladies never walk it alone! Woman are raped all the time. Dublin, Bexley & Upper Arlington are all the same. Only Doctor, Lawyers & ext. live there. If that gives you any idea how expensive those areas are. Cincinnati never would I live there. There three C's (Columbus, Cincinnati & Cleveland) are the worse in Ohio. Gang Violence, murders on the daily, sex trafficking & of course drugs. Now Cincinnati is the worse for us. They overdose so much down there the corner gets overwhelmed & sends some of the bodies to Columbus. Sad!
    If you want to move to Ohio & afford it. Check out smaller towns with dang good schools. A good start for you is Hanover!
    You're welcome & have a nice day!

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    This is just Downtown!!!
    Where the jail casino and the courts are!!!

    For the last 10 years. "They've" been cleaning out Downtown and pushing "the problems" threw out the rest of the city. Go take a look at every neighborhood in side of Cincinnati.

    Including DOWNTOWN.

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  19. I'm from Akron and lived here my whole life. The good things about Akron is that fairly priced houses, most are in good neighborhoods but its best to check the background of the neighborhoods before buying, schools are not the best but fair. Akron has it's own college and then if it's not your choice, you still have options for Kent State or Stark State which are smaller colleges but just not within the city. Job opportunities are available via companies but better chances if you have a college degree or moderate level of experience. There are a lot of natural parks and Downtown Akron always tries to have events going on usually during the summer and fall. Fair peaceful place to live and can be boring but you can always travel to other places nearby and explore. You have Akron zoo (kinda small), you have 2 big malls available over in the Fairlawn area and North Canton area for shopping, and Akron has their own small airport in connection to Canton (for far distance traveling). You can travel up to Cedar Point with is a huge roller coaster amusement park and only about 2-3 hour drive up towards Lake Erie. If you have a passport, you can even travel up 2-3 hours to Niagara Falls National Park.

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