Top 10 Budget Destinations 2020 | MojoTravels

Top 10 Budget Destinations 2020 | MojoTravels

See the world without breaking the bank. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten budget destinations in 2020 are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to mojo travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking at a variety of destinations from around the globe that are known to be affordable, while still offering unique cultural experiences natural wonders and lots of fun number 10 Croatia Croatia has finally started to receive the international attention it so rightfully deserves here’s the thing though despite it being just across the Adriatic from Italy this utterly unique destination will cost you a fraction of what you could pay for a comparable holiday elsewhere. Seasoned backpackers can get by on as little as $35 per day but realistically fifty to seventy dollars is a lot more comfortable now because of high prices and hot spots like Dubrovnik the key to stretching your dollar is really exploring the country skip expensive islands like var in favor of less developed ones like these consider less known but nonetheless beautiful towns like Kula which has been dubbed the Tuscany of Croatia or novigrad many of Croatia’s best features like its stunning beaches are free to enjoy number 9 Bulgaria we definitely recommend southeastern Europe to those looking to stretch their dollar in Bulgaria relatively low tourism number means you’ll never feel overly crowded and the nation is very rich in history and culture there’s ample hiking opportunities at human Canyon and in the Balkan Mountains a variety of museums and historic sites like Baskerville monastery and beautiful beaches and yet hostels start at just ten US dollars while budget hotel rooms can be as cheap as twenty-five bucks per night food is also very affordable both to eat out and groceries even a dedicated adventure type trip like downhill skiing is relatively affordable compared to what you might spend for a similar experience elsewhere number eight Turkey some backpackers claim that you can comfortably get by in Turkey for under $25 per day it sounds like a bit of a stretch but with beds in hostel dorm room starting at just seven bucks per night maybe it’s not so far-fetched with private double rooms that closer to twenty four dollars per night we think you’re probably better budgeting closer to forty to fifty dollars a day for a comfortable stay which is still peanuts compared to most destinations and really there are a few countries this affordable with so much to offer despite 2019’s political developments, the landscape is diverse Istanbul boasts some truly awe-inspiring architecture Cappadocia is like something out of a dream and the entire country is replete with incredible archaeological sites number seven Philippines this island nation is technically a part of Southeast Asia but it has a noticeably different vibe compared to its neighbors for its appealing distinctions however it thankfully shares the same affordability factor as Laos Cambodia and other Southeast Asian destinations meals often cost not much more than a few bucks unless you’re dining in a tourist trap one dollar beers are commonplace and even domestic flights are cheap made up of some seven thousand six hundred and forty-one islands the Republic of the Philippines is a land of adventure where there’s always something new to discover around every corner climb Mount Apple or mount Pulag explore the beaches of Palawan and Pangasinan or boris eye island swim with whale sharks go spelunking in underground caves or simply find your own secret island hideaway number six Costa Rica Central America as a whole has a lot to offer the budget minded but Costa Rica in particular stands out by offering a whole lot for very little the key is you need to know how to navigate it because of Costa Rica’s abundance of natural beauty there are a lot of luxury experiences on offer that are targetting overstuffed wallets but by skipping the tourist traps you can experience all Costa Rica has to offer for much less but even if you’re the sort of traveler who prefers a hotel room over a hostel and likes to treat themselves on vacation a medium-range budget is still extremely reasonable at only about $60 a day that way you can save your money for getting to and from the major attractions like Arenal Volcano Manuel Antonio National Park and the Monteverde cloud forest reserve number five Georgia the Republic of Georgia is a country at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Asia and it has recently caught the eye of travelers from around the world with its unique cultural offerings Georgia is known for its eclectic cuisine and the incredible local wines there’s evidence of wine production in the area dating back thousands of years in the capital city of to be silly you can easily spend a small fortune but it’s not mandatory this picturesque city of winding cobblestones is known for its many inexpensive hidden gems in the form of shops bars restaurants and accommodations a backpacker can live comfortably on as little as $25 per day even taking taxis and eating out number 4 Mexico each region of Mexico has its own cultural peculiarities and culinary specialties with a daily budget as low as $25 per day however it’s also a land of incomparable value during your travels you can sample a wide assortment of Mexico’s flavorful dishes usually for less than five to seven dollars for a full dinner from the friendly people to the insanely diverse landscapes which range from picturesque beaches to mountains that call out to be hiked and countless historic sites Mexico is a destination that rewards travelers many times over for a truly authentic and affordable taste of Mexico check out some of the pueblos magic oohs towns throughout the country like tip oats lund that have been singled out as being particularly rich in local culture number three Argentina this South American country is actually considered to be one of the most biologically diverse in the world within this one nation you can explore the rainforest and gaze upon the famous iguazu falls visit the lowlands and the world’s tallest active volcano ojos del Salado or marvel at the glaciers of the Patagonia thankfully because travelin Argentina is so inexpensive you can take your time and really do this incredible destination justice in total it’s recommended for a frugal but comfortable experience to budget thirty to fifty dollars per day the biggest expense transportation but considering everything that you’ll get to see taste and explore during your time in Argentina the cost of getting around is well worth it number two Thailand most of Southeast Asia with the exception of Singapore is quite affordable as such we just as easily could have chosen to talk about say Malaysia or Indonesia for the century what sets Thailand apart however is that it offers perhaps the most bang for your buck especially if you’re a foodie, the street food here is incredible in terms of quality variety and price sure you can meet Pad Thai for every meal but you also need to try some time pad see you guy Todd and the endless varieties of satay, any of which is likely to cost a few bucks at most with comfortable accommodations for just five to ten dollars a night a budget of twenty to twenty-five dollars a day is easy to maintain sounds good right but then you can also consider the temples like wats rock Khao breathtaking landscapes of that–of rail a world-class beaches and national parks and you’ve got some of the best value travel on the planet number one India for those on a budget who like to truly immerse themselves in distinct cultures you’re hard-pressed to find a more fulfilling or affordable travel experience than India this wildly diverse nation might have the cheapest and best budget food on our entire list especially if you’re happy eating vegetarian an entire mix tally plate is often only about one dollar and fifty cents and accommodations are similarly cheap you can spend under five dollars per night for a room this is for basic accommodations but it gives you a starting point and considering that most attractions like temples range from free to very inexpensive it’s only about 15 dollars for the Taj Mahal your money goes very far in India 2020 should be your year to visit do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from motor travels and to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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  1. I'm Thai. I think most people might think Thailand is not cheap anymore. Mainly because of Thai Baht. It's not only get stronger, but it's the strongest currency in the world, in term of growth percentage YTD. Bloomberg even mentioned this. My forecast is it'll come down "hard" within the next 5 years. However, looking at how the country has changed throughout the past decade, the fact that things are getting more expensive is understandable. However, It still cheap compare to many countries in Asia & Europe. You just got to know where to stay & where to eat. Since I'm Thai, so it'll be very easy for me to maximize an experience while still be able to keep the budget low. For foreigners, it might be little challenge. My best advice is try to get to know Thai friends prior to your trip. They could shed some light 4 u.

  2. Glad to see Mexico on this list. In fact for any first time travelers who want to go somewhere fun, cheap and relatively safe, this should be your go to country. Flights are usually cheap and it’s visa free for most countries. You won’t regret it

  3. I would have included Sri Lanka (one of the nicest places I've ever visited) and Jordan (my favorite place in the Middle East) — possibly Malaysia (though it might be a bit pricey for budget travelers). I would be very hesitant to visit Mexico, given the state of lawlessness caused by narcotraficantes there.

  4. Iran should have been on the list. Most of what you can get there is free because people are so excited to see tourists that they will offer you food and a place to stay

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